These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Chris Swan Team Oregon
2 Seth Hosmer HPChiro/Bike n' Hike/Giant
3 Steven Beardsley Gentle Lovers
4 Jeff Bannink Team Type 1
5 Rob English Midtown Direct Racing
6 Mark Blackwelder Gentle Lovers
7 Kennett Peterson Team Oregon
8 Aaron Coker HPChiro/Bike n' Hike/Giant
9 Evan Plews Capitol Subaru Cycling
10 Kelly Ryan Portland Bicycle Studio
11 Nick Skenzick Hutch's-OIC
12 Davy Yeater River City Bicycles
13 David Oliphant Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
14 Samuel Nicoletti Gentle Lovers
15 Chris Brandt Team Dirt
16 Adam Blanchard Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
17 Doug Wilmes Portland Bicycle Studio
18 Seth Patla River City Bicycles
19 Jason Riffle HPChiro/Bike n' Hike/Giant
20 Cliff Heaberlin Guinness Cycling Team
21 Patrick Marzullo
22 Kyle Valenta HPChiro/Bike n' Hike/Giant
23 Tony Kic Gentle Lovers
24 David Pilz Gentle Lovers
25 Andrew Boone Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
26 Joshua Liberles Ten Speed Drive Racing
27 Jim Anderson Team Oregon
28 Daniel Mensher Gentle Lovers
29 Matt Willhite HPChiro/Bike n' Hike/Giant
30 Daryl Hemenway Portland Velo
31 William Warbuton Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
32 Brant Buchholz Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
33 Kyle Wuepper Bend Bike 'N Sport
34 Duncan Oliphant Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
35 Devin Zoller Veloshop
36 Mckenzie Thramer

Men 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Wessel Robin Team Oregon
2 Adrian Olmstead HUP United
3 Ethan Stehley
4 Brendan Treacy Midtown Direct Racing
5 Mike Stockton Team Oregon
6 Brent Emoff
7 Mark Krause Land Shark
8 Cort Buchholz Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
9 Derek Newell Team Oregon
10 Mike Bene Yard Dawgs Book Club
11 Joshua Creem Portland Bicycle Studio
12 Sage Freeman Team Oregon
13 David Monnig Ironclad Performance Wear
14 David Cowperthwaite Team Oregon
15 Steven Hunter Portland Bicycle Studio
16 Anthony Ohotto Yakima Bike Vigilantes
17 Jimmy Udall
18 Kevin Condron Gentle Lovers
20 Scott Hill Mob Squad
21 Richard Haight Three Rivers Racing
22 Spencer Newell Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
23 Scotty Carlile Hutch's Bend
24 Phil De la motte Team Oregon
25 Ryan Thomson Vanilla Bicycles
26 Allen Stewart Midtown Direct Racing
27 Justin La vigne Team Oregon
28 Jesse Graden Veloshop
29 Rob Anderson Team Oregon
30 Brian Austin
31 Khari Gates Yakima Bike Vigilantes
32 Anderson Folts Yard Dawgs Book Club
33 Joshua Hanselman

Men 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Matt Fox Sunnyside Sports
2 Matt Baumann Paul's Bicycle Way of Life Cycling Team
3 Abe Schafermeyer Paul's Bicycle Way of Life Cycling Team
4 Erik Hofland Artisan Family Racing
5 Joe Martin Veloce/Felt
6 Colin Mullane Land Shark
7 Tom Cordier Pacific Power Blue Sky
8 Nick Blacklock Three Rivers Racing
9 Robert Christensen Bridgetown Velo
10 Brian Mccall Veloshop
11 Azul Dahlstrom-eckman Life Cycle Bike Shop
12 Trevor O'neal
13 Scott Harris Team Oregon
14 Lou Swing Paul's Bicycle Way of Life Cycling Team
15 Jason Crago Yakima Bike Vigilantes
16 Jeff Sakacsi Wolf Creek Racing
17 Zachary Bates Team Oregon
18 Greg Warner Ten Guys Named Alex
19 Tyler Mangum Life Cycle Bike Shop
20 Olof Sohlberg
21 Steven Savich Paul's Bicycle Way of Life Cycling Team
22 Jesse Luckett Cyclepath Racing
23 Jason Hight Three Rivers Racing
24 David Dimarco
25 Shawn Cecotti
26 Guy Polson Ruination Racing/Collins Bike shop
27 Evan Piepenbink University of Oregon Cycling Club
28 Jason Zadow Nike Cycling
29 Mark Adamski
30 Isaac Sullivan Ruination Racing
31 Brady Cottle
32 Alan Ott
33 John Foulston Portland Velo
34 Peter Moe Wolf Creek Racing
35 Robert Vigeant Team Oregon
36 Jonathan Hines Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
37 Matthew s Martel Pacific Power Blue Sky
38 Christopher Ragusa CCB International
39 James Fox
40 Dave Warwick Three Rivers Racing
41 Steve Klump
42 Quinn Jackson
43 Brick Lantz
44 Jeff Spencer Three Rivers Racing
45 Ken Kenly Ruination Racing
46 Bart Qualls
47 Ile Powell OrganicAthlete
48 Ryan Everson
49 Doug Leopold
50 Douglas Cottle
51 Michael Jedlicka
52 Sam Huffman Flying Monkeys
53 Fergus Kinnell Word-RCB
54 Christopher Ragusa CCB International
55 Steven Savich Paul's Bicycle Way of Life Cycling Team
56 Murphy Mcfarland Bend Bike 'N Sport
57 Jim Hinkley Southtown Velo
58 Eric Anderson Pacific Power Blue Sky
59 Jeremy Garbellano Life Cycle Bike Shop
60 Reily Catto
61 Greg Meller Life Cycle Bike Shop
62 Marc Ditommaso
63 John Eckert one cup cafe
64 Galen Peterson

Men Masters 40+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mark Steger Nike Cycling
2 Tim Butler River City Bicycles
3 Mark Magilner Half Fast Velo
4 George Schreck Finnegans Toys/Discover Chiropractic
5 Scott Seaton Hutch's/Clear Choice/Bend Dental
6 Chris Alling Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team
7 Kent Johnston Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team
8 Michael Rosenberg Hutch's
9 Ivan Meadors Finnegans Toys/Discover Chiropractic
10 Jeff Standish Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
11 Mark Crawford Ironclad Performance Wear
12 Dickie Mallison Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop
13 Jake Rosenfeld Unattached
14 John Wilson Pacific Power Blue Sky
15 Terry Knight Team Oregon
16 Steve Yenne Capitol Subaru Cycling
17 James Cox
18 Brice Gary Paul's Bicycle Way of Life Cycling Team
19 Rick Hammel Hutch's-OIC
20 Bryan Curry Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team
21 Dan Vrijmoet Hutch's-OIC
22 Paul Mautner Team Rose City
23 Jeff Fuchs Hutch's/Clear Choice/Bend Dental
24 Tim Hittner Veloforma
25 Scott Browning ZTeam
26 Cameron Bittle Eugene Cycling Club

Women 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Lisa Turnbull Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
2 Lindsay Fox Team Oregon
3 Joanna Mensher Gentle Lovers
4 Stephanie Chase Veloforma
5 Dawn Riddle Veloshop
6 Karey Miles Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
7 Heather Hill Trek Store of St.Louis
8 Erin Playman Gentle Lovers
9 Tina Brubaker Veloforma
10 Michele Gladieux Poplollies
11 Andrea Fisk Velo Bella
12 Susan Peithman Veloforma
13 Molly Mullane Land Shark

Women 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mackenzie Madison
2 Katherine Reinhart University of Oregon Cycling Club
3 Serena Bishop Sunnyside Sports
4 Amanda Atwill Bend Bike 'N Sport
5 Eileen Kelly-foulston Portland Velo
6 Megan Sullivan
7 Sarah Tisdale Sorella Forte
8 Jennifer Schweitzer Veloforma
9 Kelly Sandow
10 Dara Gaskin

Women Masters 40+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Meg Mautner Bike Central
2 Julia Fudge Poplollies
3 Jan Moss Team Group Health

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