These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Category 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Vinnie Depalma Cat P/b Pgh Elite Velo
2 Jacob Miller Hpc/list
3 Mike Degeorge Cycle Craft Racing
4 John Anthony Crca/scotto's Wood Fired Pizza
5 Thomas Detwiler Ifractal-qcw P.b.
6 Sean Groenewald Finkraft Cycling Team
7 Keith Hatton Tri State Velo
8 Richard Scaduto Tbs Racing P/b Plan2peak
9 Clint Dager Raw Talent Ranch Racing
10 Joseph Bruce Philadelphia Ciclismo
11 Graham Macbeth Crca / Setanta
12 Peter Hoag CNB-County Malt Group Cycling
13 Avery Wilson Hpc/list
14 Byron Horgash Team Traveller
15 Brett Wachtendorf Pennsylvania State University
16 Thomas Fadoul VTV Outreach Team
17 Gale Hess Thru It All Body Shop
18 Shane Scoggin Hpc/list
19 James Elliott Us Military Cycling
20 Grayson Church District Velocity Racing P/b Bicycle Pro Shop
21 Brett Houser Drexel University P/b Wade's Comic Madness
22 Steven Wentworth Guys Racing Team
23 Geoff Hughes Evolution Cycling Club P/b Long And Foster
24 Ryan Joyce Buffalo Velo
25 Oliver Donkervoet Virginia Tech/ Boca Hawaii
26 Ben Barnhardt Tbs Racing P/b Plan2peak
27 Jared Fenstermacher Spokes Bike Shop
28 Brian Rohr Tbs P/b Plan2peak
29 Christopher Newport Philadelphia Ciclismo
30 Nathan Hakken The November Bicycles Road Trip
31 Brandon Knettel Ifractal-qcw P.b.
32 Jeffrey Toth Spinteck Cycling Team
33 Frank Lao University Of Delaware
34 Michael Black Ifractal-qcw P.b.
35 Jay Downs
36 John Larson Squadra Coppi/vapiano Usa
37 Ian Forsyth Qcc / Handlebars Cycle Company
38 Alan Fody Tri-state Velo Amoroso's Racing Team
39 Scott Sanderson Mountainside P/b City Islanders
40 Greg Horrocks Spinteck Cycling Team
41 Patrick Dolan District Velocity Racing P/b Bicycle Pro Shop
42 William Pluta Spinteck Cycling Team
43 Timothy Bouchard Tbs Racing P/b Plan2peak
44 Alexander Roberts Spinteck Cycling Team
45 Ross Creed Ifractal-qcw P.b.
46 Brian Gristick Cycle Craft Racing
47 Douglas Schiel Mason-dixon Velo/the Cycle Works
48 Matthew Ammann Hpc/list
49 Frank Ortiz Pro Pedals
50 Charles Kyle Us Military Cycling Team Fueled By Frs
51 Robb Hampton Bike Doctor P/b Digisource
52 James Panagiotopoulos Hpc/list
53 Henoch Getz Crca / Scotto's Wood Fired Pizza

Men Category 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mark Austin REVEL Racing/CycleLife
2 Bryan Teter Orange Street Velo & Retul Fit Studio
3 Vincent Reydams World Cup Ski & Cycle Racing Team
4 Jeremy Hunter Thru It All
5 Adam Trost Tbs Racing P/b Plan2peak/earc
6 David Hansen Rogue Race Team
7 Aaron Mangum Crca/rockstar Games/signature Cycles
8 Thomas Goetz
9 David Hoag Canandaigua National Bank -country Malt Group
10 Lee Sobotkin Tri-state Velo
11 Todd Noonan Kutztown Cutters
12 Dirk Biemans Intergrow
13 Brian Meadowcroft Evolution Cycling Club P/b Long & Foster
14 Daniel Diem Bicycle Outfitters Racing Team/power
15 Andrew Crabb Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
16 Kenneth Klose Big Ring Velo
17 Sean Butler Ifractal-qcw P.b. Cycling
18 Thomas Weichmann TBS Racing p/b Plan2Peak
19 Matthew Fischel University Of Delaware
20 Harrison Leavens Crca/scotto's Wood Fired Pizza
21 Jeremiah White Shippensburg University
22 Darrell Engel Kutztown Cutters
23 Justin Sotdorus Nuts About Granola/keystone Velo
24 Mark Tyma Artemis
25 Richard Seward Evolution Cycling Club P/b Long & Foster
26 John Wilson
27 Barry Sternberg Tbs Racing P/b Plan2peak
28 Peter Nicolardi Crca - Rockstar Games | Signature Cycles
29 Peter Steyaert Bicycle Outfitters Racing Team
30 Russell Bogin Crca/eumaeus Asset Mgt-fuoriclasse Racing
31 David Blume Crca/scotto's Wood Fired Pizza
32 William Rigler Crca/sids Bikes Nyc
33 Todd Wenger Chester County Velo
34 David Mcginn Bicycle Therapy/ Melitta
35 Andrew Dumpleton The Bike Shop/north Towns Imaging

Men Category1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Brett Kielick 160over90 P.b. Vie13/qcw
2 Scott Giles Bike Doctor P/b Digisource
3 Nick Rogers 160over90 P.b. Vie13/qcw
4 Zack Noonan / Cannondale Elite Cycling Team
5 Andrew Seitz Panther P/b Competitive Cyclist
6 Paul Mica Ncvc/unitedhealthcare
7 Nick Friesen Stan's No Tubes/axa Equitable
8 Stephen Robinson Battley Harley-davidson/sonoma Masters Racing
9 Jonathan D'alba Kelly Benefit Strategies/lsv
10 Nick Iacovelli Colavita Racing
11 Max Korus Kenda / 5-hour Energy Pro Cycling P/b Geargrinder
12 Jacob Tremblay Kelly Benefit Strategies/lsv
13 Eric Boone Abrt
14 George Ganoung Abrt
15 Ben Frederick Kelly Benefit Strategies/lsv
16 Peter Warner Bike Doctor P/b Digisource
17 Donald Brew Dc Velo Limited Clean Currents
18 Garrett Olsen Xo Communications P/b Cisco
19 Paul Lengermann Ncvc/unitedhealthcare
20 Calvin Hoops Round Here Racing
21 Peter Custer Bike Doctor P/b Digisource
22 Benjamin Foltz Round Here Racing
23 Mike Hefner Abrt
24 Justin Mauch Hpc/list
25 David Novak Integrated Sports Medicine P/b Pyramid Training Sy
26 Kyle Wolfe Unattached
27 Blair Berbert Kelly Benefit Strategies/lsv
28 Jonathan Marshall Round Here Racing
29 Matt Waller Tri-state Velo/amoroso's Racing Team
30 Michael Whitaker Orange Street Velo & Retul Fit Studio
31 Craig Polston Tbs Racing P/b Plan2peak
32 Andrew Suchocki Kelly Benefit Strategies/lsv
33 Greg Capelle Kelly Benefit Strategies/lsv
34 Ryan Rapolas Ifractal-qcw P.b.
35 Drew Karlberg Round Here Racing
36 Martin Mrugal Pa Masters Rc
37 Matthew Latyszonek Ncvc/unitedhealthcare
38 Arnaud Borner Lancaster Regional Cycling
39 Matthew Furlow 160over90 P.b. Vie13/qcw
40 Nathan Goates Mountainside P/b City Islanders
41 Manuel Caliz Round Here Racing
42 Andy Johnson Mason Dixon Velo/the Cycle Works
43 Craig Nichols Round Here Racing
44 Jeremy Wickham Corning/notubes Race Team
45 Ben Reynolds Bike Doctor P/b Digisource
46 Ranjodh Gill Bike Doctor P/b Digi Source
47 Marcus Mcmillan Round Here Racing
48 James Thompson Mvp Health Care Cycling
49 Ryan Leech Robson Forensic
50 Eric Salzer Ifractal-qcw P.b.
51 Kyle Bruley Ifractal-qcw P.b.
52 Matthew Neigh Abrt
53 Evan Janis Abrt
54 Ryan Bodge Bike Doctor
55 David Brookes Kelly Benefit Strategies/lsv Cycling
56 Robert Kelly District Velocity Racing P/b Bicycle Pro Shop
57 Brian Klotz Corning/notubes Race Team
58 Darco Lalevic Ifractal-qcw P.b.

Women Category 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jody Frank North Point Women's Racing Team
2 Lisa Staub Mason Dixon Velo/ The Cycle Works
3 Alie Giaime Crca/houlihan Lokey
4 Sara Brams-miller Cawes/ifractal P/b Specialized
5 Ida Figliuolo Sunnybrook Racing
6 Joanne Abbruzzesi Chester County Velo
7 Lucia Deng Crca/rockstar Games/signature Cycles
8 Rebecca Erb Tbs Racing P/b Plan2peak/earc
9 Lisa Mirabella Crca / Houlihan Lokey
10 Stephanie Kaplan Crca/asphalt Green Cycling Team
11 Maria Kleppe Crca
12 Siew-ching Chin Artemis
13 Patricia Betcher Tbs Racing P/b Plan2peak
14 Kirsten Brew Team Sticky Fingers/specialized
15 Lee-ann Brown Kenda
16 Lauren Peterson Ncvc/unitedhealthcare
17 Morgan Lorenz Tbs Racing P/b Plan2peak
18 Melissa Sotelo Trisports/eclipse

Women Category1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kathleen Giles Abrt
2 Kristine Wander Farm Team Elite Women's Cycling
3 Erin Silliman Mvp Health Care Cycling
4 Jenny Ives Farm Team Elite Women's Cycling Team
5 Jacqueline Mcclure Cawes/ifractal P/b Specialized
6 Katherine Klausing North Tek Gear
7 Alexis Zink Ncvc/unitedhealthcare
8 Sue Mcquiston Abrt
9 Emily Underwood Crca/rockstar Games-signature Cycles
10 Kelley Bethoney Synfit Race Team
11 Casey Kelly Mvp Health Care Cycling
12 Emily Elbers Farm Team Elite Women
13 Julia Lonchar Peanut Butter & Co. Human Zoom
14 Laurel Larsen Syn-fit Race Team
15 Dana Stryk Team Sticky Fingers/specialized
16 Aimee Layton Crca- Gennaro's
17 Sarah Neiderer Ncvc/unitedhealthcare
18 Nicole Raspa Cawes/ifractal P/b Specialized
19 Arley Kemmerer Mvp Health Care Cycling
20 Rebecca Chan Cawes/ifractal P/b Specialized
21 Lyn Mccabe Targetraining
22 Susan Myers Crca/rockstar Games- Signature Cycles