These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 1/2/3/4 Masters 50-99

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Matt Howley EMC2 / Elmhurst Masters
2 Don Lowe Team Mack Racing
3 Alfonso Reyes Bloomington Cycle
4 Marc Zionts Enzos
5 Phil Painter Tower Racing
6 William Feiges SCVelo
7 Brian Nash PSIMET Racing
8 Andrew Tschampa Pact Dish Network
9 George Lambros Flatlandia
10 Gregory Barrett ABD Cycling Team
11 Bisi Tubic Unattached
12 Jerzy Trzeciak Plus
13 Gary Rulo ABD Cycling Team
14 Mark Swartzendruber ScarletFire Racing

Men Cat 1/2/3/4 Masters 55-99

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Thomas Doughty ScarletFire Racing
2 Mike Farrell ABD Cycling Team
3 William Heffernan Village Verdigris
4 Mike Vonnahmen Midwest Masters
5 Robert Hawco ABD Cycling Team
6 Gary Kula ABD Cycling Team
7 John Craychee Bicycle Heaven
8 Benjamin West ScarletFire Racing
DNF Tom Palzer WZ Racing

Men Cat 2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Richard Breininger Bloomington Cycling
2 Michael Zellmann ScarletFire Racing
3 Nate Iden Burnham Racing
4 Christopher Mosora ScarletFire Racing
5 Trevor Rolette South Chicago Wheelmen
6 J Timothy radcliff EMC2 / Elmhurst Masters
7 Matthew Kelley South Chicago Wheelmen
8 Michael Wilkie ABD Cycling Team
9 Chris St. peter XXX Racing
10 Daniel Solomon South Chicago Wheelmen
11 John Villena Rhythm Racing
12 Edwin Bagley Rhythm Racing
13 Brett Bohanan DogFish Racing
14 Rich Steinbrecher Bicycle Heaven
15 Andres Echeverri Play It Again Sports Cycling
16 Richard Arnopol Club Audi
17 Shane Feehery South Chicago Wheelmen
18 Adam Kaye Astellas Oncology p/b ABD
19 Michael Berman Team TATI
20 Howard Smith Van Wagner Racing
21 Brandon Diffenderfer Spidermonkey Cycling
22 Matthew Nichols Dartmouth College
23 Weston Martin Rhythm Racing
24 Eric Blankinship Rhythm Racing
25 Hunter Davis Team TATI
26 Andrew Zens Rhythm Racing
27 Tim Speciale Enzos Cycling
28 Gareth Reeves EMC2 / Elmhurst Masters
29 Konrad Witt ABD Cycling Team
30 Brian Karlow Enzo-S
31 Yong Qi Bike Heaven
32 Brian Kulak
33 Jared Rogers xXx Racing
34 Richard Lenski PSIMET
DNF Nicholas Gierman Burnham Racing
DNF Michael Zail ABD Cycling Team
DNF Luke Seemann xXx Racing
DNF Ben Demong ABD Cycling Team
DNF Stanley Trzeciak PLUS
DNF Bob Bryant Spin Doctors Cyclewerks
DNF Rich Delgado Village Verdigras
DNF Mackenzie Dupuy ABD Cycling Team

Men Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Fernando Barraza
2 Ben Omalley XXX Racing
3 Matthew Schweiker Quantum/Mesa
4 Jason Francia Cutters Racing
5 Dave Keil W2 Racing
6 Jack Thompson ABD Cycling Team
7 Joe Stadnik Got Wind Team
8 Robert Gauss Kenosha Velosport
9 Matt Howley EMC2 / Elmhurst Masters
10 Giordano Guagliardo W2 Racing
11 Michael Mccoy Team Bicycle Heaven
12 Bryan Froehlicher Village Verdigris
13 Arron Hampton PSIMET Racing
14 Anwar Gorham
15 Jason Addante Flatlandia Cycling Team
16 Jim Groenhof Village Verdigris
17 Rich Whitman Cycle-Smart Inc
18 Jim Rollette South Chicago Wheelmen
19 Vance Scott Vision Quest
20 Alex Rams Colavita Racing
21 Guiober Cuevas Unattached
22 Spencer Graves Peoria Bike Club
23 Jack Arnolde Team Got Wind?
24 Samuele Bianchi Chicago Velo Campus
25 Albeiro Pineda WDT-Allvoi
26 Alan Stoughton PSIMET Racing
27 Tom Palzer WZ Racing
28 Justin Lebb Team Iron Cycle
DNF Shawn Delk Project 5 Racing
DNF Jacob Schilling Team Mack Racing Assn
DNF Corey Sepanski Kenosha Velosport
DNF Michael Burns ABD Cycling Team
DNF Matthew Flaherty Team Bicycle Heaven
DNF James Reineking Team Bicycle Heaven
DNF David Pratt Team Bicycle Heaven

Men Cat 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Dominic Bosco
2 Grzegorz Monko WDT-ALLVOI
3 Hans Yeates
4 Brad Erickson Spidermonkey Cycling
5 Kurt Bentsen PSIMET Racing
6 Brian Dunlavy Bike Haven
7 Guillermo Herrera
8 Freddy Bernabe Barraza
9 Jason Silber
10 Craig Mckenzie ABD Cycling Team
11 Todd Dolezal
12 Maciej Kurka WDT-Allvoi
13 Albert Mcmillen Sammy's Bikes
14 Steve Bast
15 Robert Hocking EMC2 / Elmhurst Masters
16 Barron Gira PSIMET Racing
17 Mike Sealey
18 Raymond Sciuckas Vision Quest
19 Mark Cabase ABD Cycling Team
20 Daniel Kurowski EMC2 / Elmhurst Masters
21 Rob Jacobsen
22 Alex Koch
23 Jordan Samuels EMC2 / Elmhurst Masters
24 Tom Johnson Sammy's Bikes
25 Michael Tricoli
DNF Adam Hart Bloomington Cycle Racing Team

Men Pro/Cat 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Daniel Harm Astella Oncology p/b ABD Cycling
2 Jairo Perez suarez Team Colombia
3 Jacob Rytlewski Astella Oncology p/b ABD Cycling
4 Zach Reed Dogfish Racing
5 Camilo Ulloa Team Colombia
6 Andre Vandenberg Astella Oncology p/b ABD Cycling
7 Axel Voitik Unattached
8 Ara Oggoian Bicycle Heaven
9 Gene Tolli Enzo's-PSIMET
10 Brandon Feehery Astella Oncology p/b ABD Cycling
11 Richard Breininger Bloomington Cycle
12 Daniel Solomon South Chicago Wheelmen
13 Vic Emond M.O.B. Squad
14 Trevor Rolette South Chicago Wheelmen
15 Erik Tomlinson WDT
16 Andy Swims Bicycle Heaven
17 Wayne Simon Enzo's Cycling
18 Alfonso Reyes Bloomington Cycling
19 Zach Bergh Astella Oncology p/b ABD Cycling
20 Bob Karlow Enzo's Cycling
21 Joey Iuliano Astella Oncology p/b ABD Cycling
22 Luke Seemann xXx Racing
23 Bryan Mcvey Astella Oncology p/b ABD Cycling
24 Brett Bohanan Dogfish Racing
25 Eric Blankinship Rhythm Racing
26 Tim Speciale Enzos-PSIMET
DNF Karim Abdelkader MOB Squad
DNF Howard Smith VanWagner
DNF Scott Pearson Apache
DNF Joshua Carter Dogfish Racing
DNF Michael Necessary Unattached

Women Cat 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jessica Prinner ABD Cycling Team
2 Stacy Misora ScarletFire Racing
3 Catherine Edgar Unattached
4 Mara Baltabols Bicycle Heaven
5 Katie Isermann PSIMET Racing
6 Ramona Kuna Albertos Sport

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