These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Citizen Men 19-34

(17 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 James Pitman Skylands Cycling 37:07
2 Liam Richmond 37:08
3 Kyle Rogers 37:09
4 Benjamin Webster 38:47
5 Tyler Toporwski 38:47
6 Paul Finnegan 38:51
7 Miles Mischke 39:04
8 Timothy Paul 37:26
9 David Maryard 37:37
10 Fernando Goncalves 38:15
11 Andrew Emborsky 38:16
12 John Lee 38:48
13 Brandon Murphy 39:16
14 Jack Kane 38:47
15 Jeff Hadwin 38:49
16 Alexander Fiehl 38:55
17 Keith Lessard 37:07

Citizen Men 35-44

(14 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sonny Do Landisville, PA 38:47
2 Dale Beckwith Sidney, NY 38:49
3 Kurt Woodruff Binghamton, NY 38:49
4 Jeremy Fahey Binghamton, NY 38:51
5 Eric Scholl Sherburne, NY 38:21
6 Ed Curley cnyc 38:55
7 Todd Hertzog Port Crane, NY 37:15
8 Thaddeus Hatch Endicott, NY 37:37
9 Joseph Sepata Kirkwood, NY 37:51
10 Mitch Hendee Binghamton, NY 38:03
11 George Uhlir White Haven, PA 39:39
12 Richard Kent N.Syracuse, NY 39:39
13 Brian Diehl Endicott, NY 37:20
14 Sean Murphy Owego, NY 37:24

Citizen Men 45-54

(13 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jaipaul Mohabir Ozone Park, NY 33:05
2 Wade Heneisey Binghamton, NY 33:06
3 Edward Curley Sidney, NY 33:06
4 Jeffrey Swanson Spencerport, NY 35:03
5 Dave Crooks Binghamton, NY 33:04
6 Michael Kane Binghamton, NY 33:04
7 Michael Scahpiro Vestal, NY 33:09
8 Kurt Lucas Dundy, NY 33:28
9 Markus Smith Johnson City, NY 33:55
10 Brian Dodge Endicott, NY 34:41
11 Joseph Dunne Weston, FL 35:05
12 Don Bouquio Harpursville, NY 33:13
DNF R. Privitera Binghamton, NY st

Citizen Men 55-59

(5 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Dennis Perenyi Binghamton, NY 33:05
2 Dennis Uhlig Sidney, NY 34:22
3 Wayne Henry Brampton, ONT 33:01
4 Andrew Lake Chenango Bridge, NY 33:05
5 Don Brhel Endicott, NY 33:28

Citizen Men 60+

(8 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Bruce Lessard Endicott, NY 33:05
2 James Dix Endicott, NY 33:06
3 Jim Landis Endicott, NY 33:10
4 Ron Ferreira Markham, ONT 35:15
5 Jeff Cebula Binghamton, NY 34:17
6 Tom Rounds Binghamton, NY 35:03
7 Dewitt Brundage Binghamton, NY 33:23
8 Gary Wilde Owego, NY 34:32

Citizen Men u18

(2 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Garret Lucas Nunda, NY 32:46
2 Peter Fett Binghamton, NY 33:06

Citizen Women 19-34

(2 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ashley Edwards Corning 34:16
2 Shalene Chavez Corning 35:31

Citizen Women 35-44

(2 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Carrie Fraga CRW 33:14
2 Monjela Goudarzi Mission in Motion 35:19

Citizen Women 45-54

(4 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kathleen Rutishauser Mission in Motion 34:17
2 Laura Lamash Mission in Motion 34:17
3 Elizabeth Birch Mission in Motion 34:29
4 Susan Foster Mission in Motion 35:19

Master Men 35+

(40 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Eric Workowski PureEnergy ProAir HFA 57:16
2 Kyle Wolfe Unattached st
3 Brent Asumo TDT Zuck st
4 Eugene Boronow GS Mengoni USA at one lap
5 Aubrey Gordon Reading st
6 Christopher Chong-tenn CRCA/Die Hard Racing st
7 Glenroy Griffith Major Taylor st
8 Brian Campbell 545 Velo st
9 Kevin Yarde Berlin Bikes st
10 Johann Burrowes WS United st
11 Todd Scheske MVP Health Care st
12 Gerard Yeates IND st
13 Mark Gorman BikeLine/Lehigh Wheel st
14 David Osborne Artemis st
15 Larry Uhrlass CRCA/Bicycle Planet st
16 Willie Payton Unattached st
17 Lynn Murray CRCA/Dave Jordan st
18 Horace Burrowes WS United st
19 Mark Light Liberty st
20 Peter Fickinger Chester Co Velo st
21 Tim O'shea Chobani/SyracuseCycle st
22 Michael Ginghinn Target Training st
23 Nathan Sentz Paceline Sports st
24 David Fry TDT Zuck st
25 Volodymyr Spantchak New York Printing st
26 Paul Coluccio East End/Kreb Cycle st
27 Nick Price Stoudts Brewing st
28 Greg Cushing TDI-Zuck Bikes st
29 Andrew Williams Rudd Racing/TVC st
30 Ramon Benitez Antietam Velo Club st
31 David Hansen Rogue Race Team st
32 Bruce Krio TDT Zuck st
33 Leo Kolshorn Skylands Cycling st
34 Todd Lippin Infractal-QCW pb st
35 Mark Costa 3D Racing P&P
36 Marc Kingsley Inn@Cooperstown Pace P&P
DNF Cecil Bernard Team Aggress
DNF Martin Bruton CRCA/Die Hard Racing
DNF Jeff Frutchey Corning/ No Tubes
DNF Rich Rutishauser Sonnes Racing MVBC

Men 2/3

(56 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Curtis White Hot Tubes Development 1:16:06
2 Greg Ratzell Young Medalists Team st
3 Bryce Fegley Fanatik Bike Co. st
4 Collin Berry VRC st
5 Dylan Pudiak Genesee Valley Cycling st
6 Kenneth Ng Real Deal La Bicicletta st
7 Ryan Pamajeveich Team Lion of Flanders st
8 Dakota Schaeffer Young Medalists Team st
9 Hammean Walker Major Taylor Racing st
10 Jurgen Nebelung Embrocation Cycling Journal st
11 Matthew Latyszonek NCVC/United Health Care st
12 Scott Lytle Rust Belt Racing st
13 Daniel Barney Mt. Borah/Minerva Design st
14 Mike Degeorge Cycle Craft Racing st
15 Brian Campbell 545 Velo 1:16:38
16 Bruce Krip TDT Team Zuck st
17 Craig Nichols Round Here Racing st
18 Ramphy Colome Genaro Restaurant st
19 Ryan Rapolas QCW Cycling st
20 James Morrison Embrocation Cycling Journal st
21 Lynn Murray CRCA/Dave Jordan 1:16:43
22 Marc Polsinelli TDT Team Zuck st
23 John Lardino Death Row Velo 1:16:49
24 Kevin Yarde Central CT Cycling st
25 Johann Burrowes Unattached st
26 Bill Gros Integrated Sports Medicine st
27 Higinio Rodriguez Echelon Montecci st
28 Sean Rice Young Medalists Team st
29 Robert Mecea Brooklyn Velo Force st
30 Willie Payton Unattached st
31 John Olsen CRCA st
32 Gavin Robertson CRCA st
33 Glency Griffin Major Taylor Racing st
34 Zachary Semian Pure Energy-Pro Air st
35 Christopher Bushover Queen City Cyclists st
36 Ethan Suttner CRCA/CycleLife st
37 Gerard Yeates Unattached st
38 David Fry TDT Team Zuck st
39 Kyle Peppo CRCA 1:17:00
40 Patrick Ruane Sunapee Racing 1:17:13
41 Andrew Kuklis Lyon of Flanders 1:17:25
42 Jose Del rosario Unattached st
43 Brian Klotz Corning/No Tubes 1:17:38
44 Ted Horwitz Heart House CADV 1:17:58
45 Jonathan Giahn CRCA at 1 lap
46 Vlad Preoteasa Kissena Cycling Club at 1 lap
DNF Matt Brophy G2/GVCC Development
DNF Zachary Houlik Young Medalists Team
DNF Jordan Oroshiba University of Rochester
DNF Nathan Sentz Paceline Sports
DNF Ian Stanley CRCA/Major Taylor
DNF Larry Uhrlass CRCA/Bicycle Planet
DNF Andrew Williams Rudd Racing/TVC
DNF Junior Ortiz Clu Caribe
DNF Nicholas Chen CRCA
DNF Jeff Gotttesman Deno's Wonder Wheel Cycling

Men 4/5

(42 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Thomas Goetz Unattached 1:02:35
2 Dennis Borden Queen City Cyclists st
3 Alec Ratzell Young Medalist st
4 Fred Harle Chobani/Syracuse Bicy st
5 Paul Mattison GVCC st
6 Carl Nelson Flying Ace st
7 Danny Chee Unattached st
8 Steven Gates Central New York Cycl st
9 Liam Richmond Unattached st
10 Aaron Dinoto Team ROG st
11 Jason Haight Chobani/Syracuse Bicy st
12 Bruce Camacho Dornellas Racing st
13 Leo Kolshorn Skylands Cycling st
14 Scott Sommers Dick Sonnes Racing st
15 Kenneth Reilly Pawling Cycle st
16 Desmond Griffith Unattached st
17 Peter Miner GVCC Dansville st
18 Michael Meier RUDD Racing st
19 David Hansen Rogue Race Team st
20 Christopher Jones RUDD Racing/TVC st
21 Owen Wood Team ROG st
22 Jeff Frutchey Corning/No Tubes st
23 Michael Kumiega Team Ommegang st
24 Nate Foster Corning/No Tubes 1:02:45
25 Stephen Vannostrand Once Again Nut Butter st
26 Brad Helmetsie RUDD Racing/TVC 1:03:01
27 Phillip Mccarthy Chobani/Syracuse Bicy 1:03:03
28 Jon Murray RUDD Racing/TVC 1:03:13
29 Gregg Griffo Team ROG 1:03:16
30 Dave Dimmick Once Again Nut Butter 1:03:18
31 David Prugh Corning/No Tubes st
32 Marc Kingsley Inn@Cooperstown/Pace 1:03:22
33 Charles Braman TVC st
34 Daniel Salisbury Corning/No Tubes 1:03:50
35 Andrew Piechowicz Plan 2 Peak/East Aurora 1:04:07
36 Chris Delancey Team ROG/GVCC P&P
37 Brian Paviglianti SVVC P&P
38 John Hendrickson RUUD/TVC P&P
DNF Alan Colosi Unattached
DNF Jaipaul Mohabir Unattached
DNF Anthony Sylor Once Again Nut Butter
DNF Rick Dalton Park Ave Bike Shop Multi Sport Team

Men Master 45+

(36 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Patrick Ruane Sunapee Buchika's 48:53
2 Brent Aquino TDT Team Zuck st
3 David Osborne Artemis 49:36
4 Ted Inoue Liberty Cycle st
5 Marc Polsinelli TDT Team Zuck 49:39
6 Christopher Chong-tenn CRCA/Die Hard Racing 49:41
7 Eugene Boronow GS Mengoni USA 49:43
8 Aubrey Gordon Liberty Cycle st
9 Anthony Taylor CRCA/Dave Jordan st
10 Bill Gros Integrated Sports Medicine st
11 Peter Hoag CNB/Country Malt Group st
12 Jeffrey Koontz UPMC Cycling Performance st
13 David Hoag Canandaigua Nat'l Bank st
14 Ramon Benitez Antietam Velo Club st
15 Volodymyr Spantchak New York Printing st
16 Bruce Camacho Dornellas Racing st
17 Greg Cushing TDT Team Zuck st
18 Scott Sommers Dick Sonnes/MVBC st
19 Charles Rhoades RUUD st
20 Steven Tinston Westwood Velo st
21 Cecil Bernard Unattached st
22 Howard Uhrlass CNYC st
23 Christofer Dehahn NCC st
24 Dan Fitch Team Ommegang st
25 Richard Rutishauser Sonnes/MVBC 49:51
26 Christopher Komar PK Express/Biemme 49:54
27 Cliff Six Team Syracuse Bicycle st
28 Carl Nelson Flying Ace 50:00
29 Robert Dietrick Minerva Design/GVCC 50:10
30 Mark Feher Upstate Velo P&P
31 Marc Kingsley Inn@Cooperstown/Paceline P&P
32 Michael Traxler Nalgene P&P
33 Mike Sullivan Unattached P&P
DNF Martin Bruton CRCA/Die Hard Racing
DNF Danny Chee Team Alanis
DNF Brian Gristick Cycle Craft Racing

Men Pro/1

(78 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kyle Wamsley Jamis Sutter Home 1:54:15
2 Travis Livermon Team Mountain Khakis st
3 Bruno Langlois Garneau- Quebec st
4 Scott Zwizanski Optum st
5 Gavriel Epstein Champion System st
6 Jeremy Powers Jelly Belly st
7 John Loehner Stan's NoTubes 1:54:20
8 Luke Keough Team Mountain Khakis 1:54:58
9 Charles Huff Jelly Belly st
10 Shane Kline Team Mountain Khakis st
11 Alexey Shmidt Team Type 1 Devo st
12 Ricardo Van der velde Jelly Belly st
13 Chris Kriek Jelly Belly st
14 Bobby Lea Pure Energy ProAir HFA st
15 Pierrick Naud st
16 Adam Farabaugh st
17 Anton Varabei Jet Fuel Coffee st
18 Isaac Howe Kenda Pro Cycling st
19 Stalin Quiterio cuello St@qui/Team st
20 Michael Woods Stevens Racing pb The cyclery st
21 Chris Monteleone Team Mountain Khakis st
22 Wacek Godycki Mt. Borah/Minerva Design st
23 Cesar Marte GS Mengoni USA st
24 Colin Jaskiewicz Champion System st
25 Mark Langlands Garneau- Quebec st
26 Demis Aleman Jamis Sutter Home st
27 Jesse Keough st
28 Bobby Bailey, jr. Green Mountain Cycling st
29 Wyatt Stoup Mt. Borah/Minerva Design st
30 Allan Rego Champion System st
31 Adam Carr st
32 Branden Russell Team Type 1 Devo st
33 Neil Bezdek Team Smart Stop st
34 Joonas Henttala Team Type 1 Devo st
35 Kenneth Ng Real Deal La Bicicletta st
36 Evan Burkhart st
37 Braydon Bourne Stevens Racing st
38 Andrew Seitz Panther pb Competitive st
39 Anthony Hall Champion System st
40 Travis Samuel Kallisto/Wheels of st
41 Andrew Mccullough Mt. Borah/Minerva Design st
42 Sean Mccarthy J.A.M. Fund/NCC st
43 Peter Hurst st
44 Edward Grystar Panther pb Competitive st
45 Chris Gruber Champion System st
46 Michael Margarite Stan's NoTubes st
47 Max Korus Kenda/5 Hour Energy st
48 John Minturn st
49 Jeremy Durrin J.A.M. Fund/NCC st
50 Clay Murfet Team Mountain Khakis st
51 Alex Hagman Jelly Belly 1:55:12
52 Brett Kielick 160 Over 90 pb Vie13 st
53 Joshua Lipka st
54 Sergio Hernadez Jelly Belly st
55 Ryan Mele Stan's NoTubes 1:55:17
56 Guido Palma Jamis Sutter Home 1:55:21
57 Zack Noonan 1:55:25
58 Nick Rogers 160 Over 90 pb Vie13 1:55:33
59 Nick Keough 1:56:06
60 Eugene Boronow GS Mengoni USA 1:56:48
61 Jean samuel Deshaies at one lap
62 Jordan Brochu P&P
63 Wesley Kline P&P
64 Horace Burrowes W.S. United P&P
65 Victor Riquelme Wonderful Pistachios P&P
66 Tim O'shea Chobani-Syracuse P&P
DNF Franklin Burgos James Vincent Bicycles
DNF Ruben Compiano Jamis Sutter Home
DNF Ryan Dewald XO Communi/Cisco
DNF Nick Friesen Stan's NoTubes
DNF Matthew Furlow 160 Over 90 pb Vie13
DNF Stephen Keeping Stevens Racing
DNF Ariel Mendez-penate Champion System
DNF Barry Miller Pure Energy ProAir HFA
DNF Anthony Taylor CRCA/Dave Jordan
DNF Geron Williams Liberty Cycles
DNF Eric Workowski Pure Energy ProAir HFA
DNF Charly Vives Garneau- Quebec

Women 1/2

(35 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Laura Van gilder Mellow Mushroom 1:24:25
2 Erica Allar RideClean/ st
3 Jennifer Purcell Team Tibco st
4 Lindsay Bayer XO Communications st
5 Lenore Pipes st
6 Colleen Hayduk RideClean/ st
7 Kate Veronneau Pure Energy Cycling st
8 Danielle Ruane Sunapee/Continental st
9 Patty Buerkle Edlow International st
10 Emma Bast Speedfix st
11 Cecilia Davis-hayes QCW Cycling st
12 Debbie Milne Absolute Racing st
13 Kathleen Billington Vanderkitten-Focus st
14 Erin Silliman MVP Health Care st
15 Jacqueline Mcclure CAWES/Ifractal st
16 Susan Palmer-komar PK Express/Biemme st
17 Charline Joiner Affinity Cycles st
18 Gabby Durrin Unattached st
19 Suzie Brown PK Express/Biemme st
20 Amy Mcguire FCS/Rouse st
21 Kerrin Mosher Farm Team Elite st
22 Kristen Lasasso Mellow Mushroom st
23 Sue Mcquiston ABRT st
24 Amanda Watson Edlow International 1:24:43
25 Casey Kelly MVP Health Care 1:24:48
26 Kacey Manderfield Pure Energy Cycling 1:24:52
27 Jenny Ives Farm Team Elite st
28 Natalie Koch White Mountain Road Club Landis Tre 1:25:32
29 Lindsay Myers Team Tibco 1:26:07
30 Frances Morrison Tenet Racing 1:27:15
31 Meredith Ehn Farm Team Elite st
DNF Jessica Chong Morgan Stanley Cycling
DNF Arley Kemmerer MVP Health Care
DNF Morgan Patton Team Type 1-Sanofi
DNF Becca Schepps Team Type 1-Sanofi

Women 3/4

(23 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Dori Buckthal National Velo 56:19
2 Jacqueline Paull Watchung/High Gear st
3 Danielle Kosecki Century Road Club st
4 Samantha Rynas NCVC/UnitedHealthCare st
5 Renee Englehart CRCA/Innervation st
6 Carol-lynn Mills CRCA/Houlihan Lokey st
7 Chantal Thompson Madonna Wheelers st
8 Laine Sefick Team Rog st
9 Kelly Dietrick Mac 5 Bikes/GVCC st
10 Tamara Lewis Corning/NoTubes st
11 Charity Giroux st
12 Lyn Mccabe TargetTraining st
13 Patricia Betcher TBS Racing Plan2Peak st
14 Elizabeth Tyrell Team Somerset st
15 Nancy Bailey Onondaga Cycling Club 56:28
16 Karla Eisch Mission In Motion st
17 Helene Schmid Corning/NoTubes 56:33
18 Barb Padula Mission In Motion at 3 laps
19 Karen Holm Mission In Motion at 4 laps
20 Melissa Sotelo Trisports/Eclipse at 4 laps
21 Tiffany Grygus Mission In Motion at 5 laps
22 Angela Ott Mission In Motion at 6 laps
DNF Yaina Beras Innovation Bike

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