These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 1/2/3 A Race

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jason Hess Coulee / Masters & Mentors
2 Donald Cumming Wolverine Sports Club
3 Adam York RGF Felt Bicycles / Cleveland Clinic
4 Martin Vecchio Panther / Bakehouse
5 Daniel Klein MCG / Lathrup Industires
6 Tim Finkel Wolverine Sports Club
7 Don Cameron Team Specialized
8 Rob Daksiewicz MCG / Lathrup Industires
9 Blaine Benson Michigan Youth Cycling
10 Rich Russell MCG / Lathrup Industries
11 Daniel Yankus Priority Health
12 Ray Dybowski Wolverine Sports Club
13 Rudyard Peterson Coulee / Borah
14 John Gabriel Team Velosport
15 Paul Skorupskas Cadieux / Team O2
16 Ryan Rodd Wolverine Sports Club
17 Chris Johnson Coulee / Masters & Mentors
18 Scott Hoffner Priority Health
19 Bryan Underwood Michigan Youth Cycling
20 Brent Delrosario Wolverine Sports Club
21 Kevin Dittmer Racing Greyhounds
22 Brett Beddow Wolverine Sports Club
23 Patrick Robb Wolverine Sports Club
24 John Sammut Wolverine Sports Club
25 Scott Kroske Wolverine Sports Club
26 Nicholas Raiti Pista Elite
27 Mark Cahn Cadieux / Team O2
28 Scott Claes Swami's Cycling
29 Andrew Fedewa Flying Rhino Cycling Club
30 Jerry Gase ii Cadieux / Team O2
31 Anthony Bruley Cadieux / Team O2
32 Raymond Auger Cycle Smart
33 David Wassmann
34 Bob Hockin Team Giant
35 Brian Wachlarz Ventus Cycling
36 Collin Snyder Michigan Youth Cycling
37 Jason Mulawa
38 Michael Mccullough Team CFW / Freewheelin
39 Mark Parmelee Cycletherapy
40 Terry Ritter Priority Health
41 James Ignash Cadieux / Team O2
42 Alex Corrion Michigan Youth Cycling
43 Jamie Smith Wolverine Sports Club
44 Randall Rodd Wolverine Sports Club
45 Robert Selle RBS Cycling
46 Scott Fabijanski Wolverine Sports Club

Men Cat 3/4 B Race

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Paul Gregory Michigan Youth Cycling
2 Steven Hetfield
3 Cj Brish Cycletherapy
4 Erik Krueger Racing Greyhounds
5 Matthew Hepp Revolution Racing / Midland Brewing
6 Edward Johns Revolution Racing / Midland Brewing
7 Zak Konett CFT / Sinas Dramis Law
8 Brad Legris Michigan Youth Cycling
9 William Gilboe Prestige Cycling
10 Martin Burk Revolution Racing / Midland Brewing
11 Richard Clay
12 Bob Miller Revolution Racing / Midland Brewing
13 Patrick Russell Wolverine Sports Club
14 Elliot Sarnacki Wolverine Sports Club
15 Sandy Gaulin Flying Rhino Cycling Club
16 Ryan Erxleben Priority Health
17 Michael Gardynik Flying Rhino Cycling Club
18 Alex Gonzalez KLM / Cold Stone
19 Mark Warner CFT / Sinas Dramis Law
20 Luke Mullis Wolverine Sports Club
21 Mark Caffyn MPI / Main Street Bicycles
22 John Stefanides Wolverine Sports Club
23 Enrique Jackson Wolverine Sports Club
24 Loren Simons Priority Health
25 Keith Davis Cycle Therapy
26 Jeff Plotzke Racing Greyhounds
27 Gennaro Capasso
28 Jakub Malarz Revolution Racing / Midland Brewing
29 Daniel Tierney Maumee Valley Wheelmen
30 Joe Fulsher Cadieux / Team O2
31 Ben Wright Wolverine Sports Club
32 Tom Payn KLM / Cold Stone
33 Luke Oostindie Ada East Hills
34 Pete Thompson Specialized

Men Cat 5 C Race

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jeremy Meyersieck Cadieux Bicycle Club / Team O2
2 Corey Derop Revolution Racing / Midland Brewing
3 Scott Adema Racing Greyhounds
4 Bradley Field Ann Arbor Velo Club
5 David Ladomer
6 Matthew Ronan Ann Arbor Velo Club
7 Chuck Morgan Cadieux Bicycle Club / Team O2
8 Simon Lynch Flying Rhino Cycling Club
9 Kenneth Robison
10 Ryan Harris
11 Edwin Ho Wolverine Sports Club
12 Matt Perkins
13 Wayne Harper Fraser Bicycling & Fitness
14 Matt Fill Flying Rhino Cycling Club
15 Justin Sackett Cadieux Bicycle Club / Team O2
16 Race Adams
17 Ben Hume
18 Robert Campanella Ann Arbor Velo Club
19 Jonathan Kiesel
20 Todd Doolittle Flying Rhino Cycling Club
21 Thomas Dijulio Cadieux Bicycle Club / Team O2
22 James Robertson
23 Joseph Mcgivern Revolution Racing / Midland Brewing
24 Martin Tulashie Wolverine Sports Club
25 Max Staran Wolverine Sports Club
26 Kevin Greenlees KLM / Cold Stone
27 Matthew Benkert Revolution Racing / Midland Brewing
28 Gabe Rice CMC Racing
29 Parker Robertson RBS Cycling
30 Stephen Mccrumb Wolverine Sports Club
31 Nathan Oneil Revolution Racing / Midland Brewing
32 Steven Brown Wolverine Sports Club
33 Andrew Dever Cycletherapy

Women Cat 3/4 B Race

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Danielle Mullis Jet Cycling
2 Dori Leib Wolverine Sports Club
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