These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Adam Leibovitz Marian University
2 Tommy Schubert Cumberland University
3 Devin Clark Lindenwood University
4 Andrew Dillman Marian University
5 Christopher Bogedin Lindenwood University
6 Colton Barrett Marian University
7 Stephan Hirsch Marian University
8 Weston Luzadder Marian University
9 Christopher Tveter Lindsey Wilson College
10 Matthew Brandt Lindenwood University
11 Jos Chalmers Marian University
12 Ryan Sullivan Cumberland University
13 Hogan Sills Purdue University
14 Brandon Feehery Lindenwood University
15 Graham Dewart Indiana University-Bloomington
16 Johnathan Freter Lindenwood University
17 Brian Arfmann Indiana University-Bloomington
18 Clayton Omer Lindenwood University
19 Matt Gittings Marian University
20 John Becker Indiana University-Bloomington
21 Aubrey Moore Cumberland University
22 Tanner Hurst Cumberland University
23 Paul Smith Indiana University-Bloomington
24 Jason Blodgett Marian University
25 Daniel Williams Lindenwood University
26 Justin Lowe Lindsey Wilson College
27 Patrick Walle University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
28 Chad Briggs Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
29 Austin Venhuizen Indiana University-Bloomington
30 Andrew Kramer Lindenwood University
31 Nicholas Ramirez Illinois State University
32 Richard Stuart Indiana University-Bloomington
33 Joshua Johnson Marian University
34 Joe Magro University of Notre Dame
35 Vance Fletcher Marian University
36 Britton Kinnard Cumberland University
37 Steven Gordon University of Kentucky
38 Turner Duncan Indiana University-Bloomington
39 Travis Monroe Lindsey Wilson College
40 Nicholas Grigsby Lindenwood University
41 Nathan Labecki Marian University
42 David Novak Lindsey Wilson College
43 Joshua Leibowitz Washington University-St. Louis
44 Axel Voitik University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
45 Ethan Stone University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
46 Jake Brooks Ball State University
47 Douglas Ansel University of Notre Dame
48 Will Gleason DePauw University
49 Timothy Chumley Washington University-St. Louis
50 Brian Decann West Virginia University
51 Aidan Kesner Lindsey Wilson College
DNF Charles Mcclary Indiana University-Bloomington
DNF Adam Kaye University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
DNF Samuel Wright Miami University
DNF Logan Luker Cumberland University
DNF John Gracely University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
DNF Michael Wilkie Indiana University-Bloomington
DNF Luke Momper Indiana University-Bloomington
DNF Jason Blodgett Marian University
DNF Shane Feehery Northern Michigan University
DNF Jacob Read Indiana University-Bloomington
DNF Charles Mcclary Indiana University-Bloomington
DNF Kevin Henschel Ohio State University
DNF David Rose University of Kentucky

Men B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Matt Brophy Lindenwood University
2 Michael Dutczak University of Illinois-Chicago
3 Brady Kiss Lindenwood University
4 Casey Hildebrandt Lindenwood University
5 Miles Johnson Indiana University-Bloomington
6 Justin Drobish Michigan State University
7 Hendra Palisades Ohio State University
8 Miles Stepto Illinois Institute of Technology
9 Samuel Runningen Purdue University
10 Garrett Hobbs Lindsey Wilson College
11 Nick Torrance Indiana University-Bloomington
12 Sean Vig University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
13 Phil Sojka Indiana University-Bloomington
14 Corey Anderson Michigan State University
15 Clayton Monahan University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
16 Patrick Dust Lindsey Wilson College
17 Drew Coelho Indiana University-Bloomington
18 Reed Bagley Lindsey Wilson College
19 Brendan Wise Indiana University-Bloomington
20 Nick Sapp Indiana University-Bloomington
21 Tyler Lucas Indiana University-Bloomington
22 James Snitzer University of Notre Dame
23 Logan Park Marian University
24 Alex Mclaughlin Murray State University
25 John Holden Lindenwood University
26 Branden Sowers Purdue University
27 Justin Miller Purdue University
28 Kurt Tweedy Lindenwood University
29 James Calvetti Indiana University-Bloomington
DNF Christopher Day DePauw University
DNF Thomas Wimmer Indiana University-Bloomington

Men C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 John Hoopingarner Marian University
2 Steven Hess Indiana University-Bloomington
3 Justin Taylor University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
4 Wesley Ring Indiana University-Bloomington
5 John Kelley Marian University
6 Daniel Soltan University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
7 Tim Panagis University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
8 Joe Ipacs Ohio State University
9 Ethan Page Indiana University-Bloomington
10 Philip Palmon University of Notre Dame
11 Tyler Carlton University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
12 Michael Hart Lindsey Wilson College
13 William Burke Indiana University-Bloomington
14 Marcus Thompson Purdue University
15 Ian Kresnak DePaul University
16 Kenny Buchanan Indiana University-Bloomington
17 Peter Monko Illinois Institute of Technology
18 Joe Hanauer Indiana University-Bloomington
19 Caleb Douglas Indiana University-Bloomington
20 Sarun Lorhpipat Purdue University
21 Matthew Allen Purdue University
22 August Kunkel University of Notre Dame
23 Cole Smith Butler University
24 Trevor Jahn Purdue University
25 Billy Cohen Indiana University-Bloomington
26 Matthew Habel Indiana University-Bloomington
27 Ace Savarese Lindsey Wilson College
28 Henry Phillips University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
29 Ben Handy Purdue University
30 Mark Weber Ball State University
31 Nate Wolf Ohio State University
32 Joel Melby University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
33 David Takahashi Case Western Reserve University
34 Johnny Gomez Indiana University-Bloomington
35 Gage Rodriguez Lindsey Wilson College
36 Forrest Kunkel DePauw University
37 Zachary Pena Illinois Institute of Technology
38 Richard Guidry University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
39 Sean Gelson Indiana University-Bloomington
40 Andrew Gutierrez University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
41 Johnathon Giron Purdue University
DNF Ian Carr Illinois Institute of Technology
DNF Ryan Frederickson Purdue University
DNF Ian Shoup Indiana University-Bloomington

Men D

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nicholas Kehoe Michigan State University
2 Trenton Fitzgerald Mount Vernon Nazarene University
3 Brice Brookshire Indiana University-Bloomington
4 Christopher Arndt Ohio Dominican University
5 Austin Portolese Indiana University-Bloomington
6 Devin O'leary Indiana University-Bloomington
7 Ky Kiefer University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
8 Ryan Page Ball State University
9 Jeffrey Johnson Illinois Institute of Technology
10 Thomas Bolling Indiana University-Bloomington
11 Addrian Bennett Oberlin College
12 Chris Rednour Mount Vernon Nazarene University
13 William Bogantz Mount Vernon Nazarene University
14 Anthony Ott DePaul University
15 Ian Umstead Murray State University
16 Benjamin Tims Purdue University
17 Unknown Rider
18 Dylan Nash Indiana University-Bloomington
19 Neal Ward Indiana University-Bloomington
20 Robert Haight Oberlin College
21 Joe Blommel Butler University
22 Daniel Perrino Indiana University-Bloomington
23 Carl Duncan Butler University
24 Benjamin Souders Indiana University-Bloomington
25 Cody Raudebaugh Mount Vernon Nazarene University
26 Jason Koncsol University of Notre Dame
27 Ron Moore Indiana University-Bloomington
28 Edward Young Case Western Reserve University
29 Craig Kielbasa Purdue University
30 James Cannon Marian University
31 Anthony Vicino Indiana University-Bloomington
32 Garrett Sprague Case Western Reserve University
33 Michael Haley Marian University
34 Peter Swanson Indiana University-Bloomington
35 Lavelle Hatcher Lindsey Wilson College
36 Avery Cross Case Western Reserve University
37 Daniel Caluag Lindsey Wilson College
38 Matthew Swartwout Case Western Reserve University
DNF Ryan Twardzik University of Notre Dame
DNF Andrew Nishio Indiana University-Bloomington
DNF Edward Young Case Western Reserve University
DNF Jonathan Kortman Butler University
DNF Lavelle Hatcher Lindsey Wilson College
DNF Mitchel Adams Mount Vernon Nazarene University
DNF John Newman Indiana University-Bloomington

Men Cat 1/2/3 Master 35+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Patrick Odonnell Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team
2 Curtis Tolson Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team
3 Chad Burdzilauskas Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team
4 Matt Bole Merrill Lynch Cycling
5 Benjamin Weaver Zipp Factory Team
6 Tim Hall Nashville Cyclist
7 John Puffer Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team
8 Chris Richter Motion Elite/Heroes p/b First Internet Bank
9 Micah Fritzinger McDonald's Cycling Team
10 William Sherman A Cycling Team
11 Jason Young Einstein Racing
12 Andrzej Banaszkiewicz Bissell ABG Giant
13 Marc Johnson p/b Angie's List
14 Jim Creamer Team Nebo Ridge
15 Ryan Hubbs Speedway Wheelmen
16 William Hallberg Team Nebo Ridge
17 Thomas Davis Team Nebo Ridge
18 Steve Ellis p/b Angie's List
19 John Ryan
20 David Weis Merrill Lynch Cycling
21 Damianos Maggos Heroes Foundation Cycling Team
22 Rodney Roof ZWS/Bertoli
23 Allen Galloway Joe's Cycles/Cardinal Bicycle Company
24 Ryan Tragesser Team Heroes
25 John Schmitz Team Indiebike p/b Angie's List
26 Chris Dawson Fit Livin'
27 Scott Bond Speedway Wheelmen
28 Henry Swinty Fort Wayne Outfitters
29 Matt Stolle ROLLFAST
30 Norman Gwaltney Team Indiebike p/b Angie's List
31 Michael Mcshane Texas Roadhouse
32 Jim Marcero Team Nebo Ridge
33 Jon Lazard Puget Sound Cycling Club
35 Sean O'donnell Scarlet Fire Racing
36 Ramon Vasquez No Limit Racing
37 Andrew Rizzo The Weather Channel
38 Doug Robinson
39 Jerry Witham Ft outfitters

Men Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Matthew Habel unattached
2 Nick Torrance Motion Elite/Heroes p/b First Internet Bank
3 Robert Herzog ROLLFAST
4 Kenny Buchanan J's Bikes/IHOP
5 Justin Taylor University of Michigan
6 Joe Fox Gray Goat Sports
7 Corey Anderson Kids Race Sports Development
8 Thomas Wimmer Motion Elite/Heroes p/b First Internet Bank
9 Joshua Miller Colavita Racing
10 John Kelley Marian University Cycling
11 Matt Tescula No Limit Cycling
12 Justin Drobish
13 Jody Nicholson None
14 Eric Brodell DRT Racing
15 Drew Coelho None
16 Branden Sowers Racing for Riley p/b Alderfer Bergen
17 Steven Lee Scholars Inn Bakehouse
18 Patrick Hirschfeld Team Indiebike p/b Angie's List
19 David Takahashi CES Crankworks
20 Justin Sorber DRT Racing
21 Edward Fritzinger Red Zone Cycling
22 Chris Carr the Cycle Studio
23 Doug Brewer None
24 Ben Freas ISCorp/Intelligentsia Cycling Team
25 Joe Ipacs Ohio State
26 Jacob Elliott Jacob Elliott
27 Collin Brunk None
28 Neil Fortner WildCard Cycling
29 Wes Kendall J's Bike Shop
30 Greg Bauer Kirk's Bike Shop
31 Jedidiah Fritzinger Red Zone Cycling
32 Marcus Thompson Purdue University Cycling
33 Christopher Arndt Ohio Dominican University
34 Jason Gray Team Bicycle Outfitters Indy
35 Bruce Fagan ROLLFAST
36 John Ringis None
37 Vincent Vergara unattached
38 Donald Williams T3 Multisport
39 Brandon Leviton Four2One Sports
40 Andrew Nishio
41 Travis Verhoff None
42 Andy Krahulik None
43 Patrick Gordon joes cycles
44 Nicholas Salupo None
45 Tyler Carlton University of Michigan
46 Zack Raubuck None
47 Alek Minkis None
48 John Sternen Spin/LitzlerAutomation
49 David Benson Habitats for All
50 Johnny Gomez
51 Ryan Page Ball State University
52 Dan Painter Fort Wayne Outfitters
53 Ky Kiefer University of Michigan
54 Kevin Strawbridge None
55 Mark Weber Men Of Steel Racing LLC
56 Tracy Gilliland Hammerhead Racing
57 Ian Umstead Murray State University
58 Loren Anderson Nebo
59 Jeffrey Youngs Team Dayton Merrill Lynch
60 Ryan M pierce None
61 Jason Ochoada None
62 Jerod Kizer J's Bikes/IHOP
63 Angel Campos No Limit Cycling
64 Trey Shepard None
65 Brian Dawson Fit Livin
66 Samuel Stanford None
67 Anthony Elmore Outdoor Ventures
68 Edward Young None
69 Paul Boldrey None
70 Kirt Monk Bike and Hike Charleston IL
DNF Anthony Ott DePaul Cycling

Men Cat Pro/1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Adam Leibovitz Texas Roadhouse $$$
2 Nicolai Brochner BisselABGGiant
3 Ryan Knapp Panther p/b Bakehouse Granola
4 Devin Clark Qdoba p/b Bushwhacker
5 Ryan Sullivan The 706 Project
6 Tanner Hurst
7 Christopher Tveter
8 Steven Gordon Team WHAYNE
9 Andrew Dillman
10 Dustin Morici Burnham Racing
11 Christopher Bogedin McDonald's Cycling Team
12 Matthew Light Alderfer Bergen
13 Tommy Schubert Amoroso's Racing Team
14 Ryan Shean Team Upland Brewing
15 Alex Wieseler Bissell-ABG-Giant
16 Paul Smith Motion Elite/Heroes p/b First Internet Bank
17 Justin Lowe
18 Jonathan Atwell Panther f/b Bakehouse Granola
19 Kevin Depasse BISSELL ABG GIANT
20 Harry Clark Racing for Riley p/b Alderfer Bergen
21 Nicholas Ramirez Texas Roadhouse P/B Korbel
22 Christopher Curran Bloomington Cycle Racing Inc
23 John Woods Team Upland Brewing
24 Jason Fowler Bissell-ABG-Giant
25 Chris Moore Sammy's
26 Jordan Marhanka Hincapie Sportswear Development Team
27 David Novak Kelley Benefit Strategies
28 Chad Burdzilauskas Texas Roadhouse Cycling
29 Mark Alford Joe's Cycles/Cardinal Bicycle Co. Racing
30 Jordan Diekema BISSELL ABG GIANT
31 Rob Smallman Scholars Inn Bakehouse p/b Panther
32 Mitchell Kersting Texas Road House Cycling Team
33 Matt Bole Merrill Lynch Cycling
34 Jos Chalmers Gateway Harley-Davidson
35 Hogan Sills Purdue University
36 Darin Marhanka master cycling systems llc
37 Charles Crouse Alderfer Bergan
38 David Hauber Texas Roadhouse Cycling
39 Isaiah Newkirk None
40 John Becker Motion Elite
41 Graham Dewart BISSELL ABG GIANT
42 Patrick O'donnell Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team
43 Sam Harbison Team Upland Brewery
44 Richard Stuart Texas Roadhouse Cycling p/b Korbel
45 Ethan Stone Scarletfire
46 Axel Voitik University of Illinois
47 Weston Luzadder Bissell - ABG - Giant
48 Aubrey Moore Cycles Veloce
49 Britton Kinnard Sonic Cycling
50 Patrick Walle u of m cycling
51 Jonathan Jacob BISSELL ABG GIANT
52 Johnathan Freter
53 John Puffer Texas Road House
54 Nolan Mcqueen McDonalds Cycling Team
55 Eric Blankinship Sammy's Bikes
56 Ian Mcshane
57 Tim Hall
58 Timothy Nixon Team Upland Brewing
59 Andrew Boyd Team WHAYNE
60 Chris Kroll Team Upland Brewing
61 Turner Duncan Indiana University
62 Dustin Jones Team Indiebike p/b Angie's List
63 Phil Sojka Scholars Inn Bakehouse
64 Austin Venhuizen Motion Elite/Heroes
65 Charles Dell Team Upland Brewing
66 Luke Momper Indiana University
67 Spencer Petrov Pro Chain
68 Jack Mccann ProChain
69 Will Mcdermott Team Indiebike p/b Angie's List
70 Nick Sapp Scholars Inn
71 Sven Gartner WDT-Allvoi International Cycling Team
72 David Morse Indiebike
73 Andrew Kramer Off The Front
74 Samuel Wright Zephyr Wheel Sports
75 Ryan Hubbs Speedway Wheelmen
76 Logan Luker Tulsa Bone and Joint
77 Ivy Audrain Marian University Cycling
78 Hendra Palisades Ohio State University Cycling Team
79 Samuel Runningen Motion Elite/Heroes p/b First Internet Bank
80 James Snitzer Notre Dame
81 Todd Henriksen Team Dayton Merrill Lynch Cycling
82 David Rose Team WHAYNE
83 Brad Demott Gray Goat Sports
84 Jeffrey Meade Team Upland Brewing
85 Jake Brooks Ball State University
86 Andrew Zens Rhythm Racing
87 John Balmer Century Road Club of America
88 William Sherman A Cycling Team
89 Nathan Keck Marian University
90 Joshua Kush Team Indiebike p/b Angie's List
91 Sean Vig Speedfix Racing
92 Alex Mclaughlin Team WHAYNE
93 Chad Briggs Southern Illinois University
94 Matthew Hohn Team Upland Brewing
95 Chris Pfeiffer Team Upland Brewing

Men Juniors Juniors

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ian Mcshane Clarksville Schwinn/Rapid Transit
2 Justin Bird RedZone Cycling
3 Victor Popov MOB SQUAD
4 Corbin Schmitz Midwest Devo
5 Tim Huber
6 Caleb Swartz Brazen Dropouts
7 Jackson Mcnear Red Zone Cycling
8 Cameron Fisk Red Zone Cycling
9 Jacob Hoggard ROLLFAST

Women A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kaitlin Keough Marian University
2 Rachel Byus Lindenwood University
3 Allie Dragoo Marian University
4 Coryn Rivera Marian University
5 Ashley James Lindenwood University
6 Ivy Audrain Marian University
7 Hannah Hayduk Lindsey Wilson College
8 Jacqueline Kurth Marian University
9 Yesica Mendoza Lindenwood University
10 Tate Devlin University of North Carolina-Wilmington
11 Lindsey Durst Lindenwood University
12 Nikki Ditsch University of Kentucky
13 Melissa Moeller Indiana University-Bloomington
14 Tiana Row Lindenwood University
15 Amber Vredenburg Lindenwood University
16 Ashley Rethemeyer Lindenwood University
17 Emily Elbers Marian University
18 Emily Palmer Indiana University-Bloomington
19 Elizabeth Engwis Marian University
20 Mariasol Johannes Lindenwood University
21 Emma Caughlin Indiana University-Bloomington
22 Sarah Lukas Lindenwood University
23 Mikayla Lyman Lindsey Wilson College
24 Morganne Endicott Cumberland University
25 Stephanie Torres Marian University
26 Kyrstin Bluhm Cumberland University
27 Jacqueline Denny Lindenwood University

Women B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Cj Karas Marian University
2 Kristen Arnold Ohio State University
3 Catherine Hollibaugh Marian University
4 Jane Gregg University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
5 Ashton Dehahn Indiana University-Bloomington
6 Jess Bunchek Purdue University
7 Carolyn Mccann University of Notre Dame
8 Riley Missel Marian University
9 Tessa Perez University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
10 Daniela Mehech Case Western Reserve University
11 Lindsey Minor Mount Vernon Nazarene University
12 Jennifer Munley Purdue University
13 Alexandria Reasoner Mount Vernon Nazarene University
14 Sadie Powell DePauw University
15 Kristen Cochran #N/A
16 Sarah Bushatz Mount Vernon Nazarene University
17 Lindsay Rosa Butler University
18 Hilary Hancy University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
19 Heather Hardman Ohio Dominican University
20 Amy Czerwonka Marian University
DNF Alexandria Reasoner Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Women Cat 1/2/3/4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Coryn Rivera Marian University Cycling
2 Kaitlin Keough exergy TWENTY16
3 Jacqueline Kurth Team Colavita/Fine Cooking
4 Emily Elbers Marian University Cycling
5 Briana Kovac Racing for Riley p/b Alderfer Bergen
6 Sierra Siebenlist Team Indiebike p/b Angie's List
7 Melissa Moeller Racing for Riley P/B Alderfer Bergen
8 Lynn Coy Team Nebo Ridge
9 Shera Clark McDonald's Cycling Team
10 Tate Devlin UNCW
11 Janelle Renschler Speedway Wheelmen
12 Shea Rankin Nebo Ridge
13 Jess Bunchek Motion Elite/Heroes p/b First Internet Bank
14 Whitney Burdzilauskas Team Nebo Ridge
15 Emma Swartz Junior Dropouts
16 Carolyn Mccann ProForm Cycling Team
17 Rebecca Lieland Nebo Ridge
18 Jane Gregg University of Michigan
19 Emily Palmer Scholars Inn Bakehouse Team Tortuga
20 Kristen Arnold Team Six One Four
21 Tessa Perez University of Michigan
22 Emma Caughlin Scholars Inn Bakehouse Team Tortuga
23 Rebecca Zink A Cycling Team
24 Catherine Hollibaugh Marian University Cycling
25 Ekaine Reed Team Nebo Ridge
26 Claudia Witzig SpinZone Racing
27 Mackenzie Green Lionhearts Junior Racing
28 Karen Elmore Outdoor Ventures
29 Emily Neice Spin Zone Racing
DNF Nikki Ditsch University of Kentucky