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Men CAT A Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Burleigh University of Denver
2 Payson Mcelveen Fort Lewis College
3 Howard Grotts Fort Lewis College
4 Camilo Zambrano University of Colorado-Boulder
5 William Buick University of Colorado-Boulder
6 Matt Lyons University of Denver
7 Renan Maia Fort Lewis College
8 Dean Haas Fort Lewis College
9 Quint Berkemeier Colorado Mesa University
10 Bill Golembieski University of Colorado-Boulder
11 Stefan Zavislan US Air Force Academy
12 Brett Peters University of Colorado-Boulder
13 John Noonan University of Colorado-Boulder
14 Clinton Mitchell Colorado State University
15 Oliver Flautt University of Colorado-Boulder
16 Greg Krieger Colorado State University
17 Zebulon Hanley US Air Force Academy
18 Griffin Easter Fort Lewis College
19 Jacob Arnold Colorado State University
20 Garrett Lundberg Fort Lewis College
21 Eric Steele University of Colorado-Boulder
22 Aaron Canale Fort Lewis College
23 Trevor Brooks Fort Lewis College
24 Karl Schroeder US Air Force Academy
25 Ryan Standish Fort Lewis College
26 Lucas Elms Colorado State University
27 Sam Warford Fort Lewis College
28 Phillip Somers Colorado State University
29 Gilbert Ducournau Fort Lewis College
30 Troy Meeker Fort Lewis College
31 Jakub Valigura University of Colorado-Boulder
32 Cyrus Pearo University of Denver
33 Gabriel Vandermerwe Colorado Mesa University
34 Cullen Easter Colorado Mesa University
35 Patric Rostel Colorado Mesa University
36 Danny Hiller University of Colorado - Boulder
37 Natan Cavalca Fort Lewis College
38 Donovan Caputo Fort Lewis College
39 Jacob Koonsman Colorado State University
DNF Ben Stalker Fort Lewis College
DNF Skyler Trujillo Fort Lewis College
DNF Robbie Jones Fort Lewis College

Men CAT B Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Alex Ranum University of Colorado-Boulder
2 Michael Sampson Fort Lewis College
3 Travis Chapman University of Northern Colorado
4 Cody Cupp Fort Lewis College
5 Andrew Cady US Air Force Academy
6 Rhys Louis Colorado College
7 Joseph Chiavetta Colorado State University
8 Steven Nichols Colorado School of Mines
9 Cole Hanson Colorado Mesa University
10 Garrett Braun US Air Force Academy
11 Marcel Davidse University of Colorado-Boulder
12 Edwin Supple Colorado School of Mines
13 Evan Glowiak US Air Force Academy
14 Jeremy Besmer University of Colorado-Boulder
15 Nathanael Prewitt Colorado State University
16 Kelton Manzanares Colorado School of Mines
17 Maxwell Fogarty Fort Lewis College
18 Andrew Faturos Colorado State University
19 Jon Keyzer Colorado State University
20 Eric Gregg University of Northern Colorado
21 Tucker Brown US Air Force Academy
22 Austen Ebert US Air Force Academy
23 Cameron Brown University of Colorado-Boulder
24 Michael Toth University of Denver
25 Alex Beutel Colorado College
26 Perry Leysens Fort Lewis College

Men CAT C Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Pier Pennoyer University of Colorado-Boulder
2 Andrew James Colorado Mesa University
3 Duncan Koehn Colorado Mesa University
4 Kendal Young Fort Lewis College
5 Tyler Jones Fort Lewis College
6 Brendan Lee University of Colorado-Boulder
7 Jason Kearns University of Denver
8 Dennis Cook US Air Force Academy
9 Andrew Daniels University of Denver
10 Mubarak Alajmi Colorado State University
11 Joshua Garland University of Colorado-Boulder
12 Alex Mcwhorter Fort Lewis College
13 Andrew Giniat University of Colorado-Boulder
14 Daniel Zimnyschmitt University of Denver
15 Andrew Cunningham Colorado Mesa University
16 Joseph Esswein US Air Force Academy
17 Kevin Stewart Fort Lewis College
18 Adam Digby Fort Lewis College
19 Max Maloof University of Colorado-Boulder
20 Sasha Cucci Colorado Mesa University
21 Michael Morris Colorado Mesa University
22 Austin Eide Colorado College
23 Nash Bernik University of Colorado-Boulder
24 Mark Dennis University of Colorado-Boulder
25 Joshua Lombardi University of Colorado-Boulder
26 Spencer Crowe US Air Force Academy
27 Brandon Lofton Colorado Mesa University
28 John Barnett Colorado Mesa University
29 Bradley Tornow University of Northern Colorado
DNF Adam Digby Fort Lewis College
DNF Cooper Shanks Adams State College

Women CAT A Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Tanelle Berard University of Northern Colorado
2 Abigail Mickey University of Colorado
3 Justine Boddy Colorado State University
4 Kate Wold Colorado State University
5 Lauren Catlin Fort Lewis College
6 Christa Ghent University of Colorado-Boulder
7 Jocelyn Irwin University of Denver
8 Sofia Gomez villafane Fort Lewis College
9 Nathalie Krantz Fort Lewis College
10 Jessica Bobeck University of Colorado-Boulder
11 Lvie Crawford Fort Lewis College
12 Ariana Dittmer Colorado Mesa University
13 Madison Tuggle Colorado State University

Women CAT B Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Tess Weathers Colorado School of Mines
2 Hannah Rifkin University of Colorado-Boulder
3 Melanie Beale Colorado State University
4 Rosa Foth Colorado School of Mines
5 Lexie Millard Colorado Mesa University
6 Gretchen Carow Colorado Mesa University
7 Madeline Button Colorado State University
8 Leila Carrillo Fort Lewis College
9 Sarah Godish US Air Force Academy

Women CAT C Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Lauren Theune University of Northern Colorado
2 Kalie Plasier US Air Force Academy
3 Ashley Thrower US Air Force Academy
4 Emily Guffin Colorado College
5 Natalie Cortezlopez Colorado Mesa University
6 Brittany White Fort Lewis College
7 Vivian Krishnan Fort Lewis College