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CAT D Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Macen Van allen Iowa State University
2 Chuangzhi Chen 42
3 George Mullinix University of Kansas
4 Warren Engles University of Oklahoma

Men CAT A Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Cory Scott Midwestern State University
2 Tim Savre University of St Thomas
3 Benjamin Stover University of Kansas
4 Anthony Olson Minnesota State University-Mankato
5 Matias Perret University of Iowa
6 William Rekemeyer Iowa State University
7 Sean Brown Midwestern State University
8 Aaron Shaw University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
9 Ricky Randall Midwestern State University
10 Brenden Hardy University of Iowa
11 Jordan Haffener Kansas State University
12 Jesse Leonard Iowa State University
13 Kyle Olson University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
14 Samuel Croft Midwestern State University
15 Alexander Matson University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
16 Karl Schuchard University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Men CAT B Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Collin Buerger Midwestern State University
2 Alex Vogt Texas State University-San Marcos
3 Luke Sykora University of Nebraska-Lincoln
4 Matthew Vermeersch Iowa State University
5 Dylan Postier Oklahoma State University
6 Alexander Hershey University of Northern Iowa
7 Joshua bradley ? Oklahoma State University
8 Daniel Burross Midwestern State University
9 Caleb Uerling University of Nebraska-Lincoln
10 Joshua Peter University of Northern Iowa
11 Noah Wilson University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
12 Brian Metz Oklahoma State University
13 Kendall Wiebe Kansas State University
14 David Barrett Midwestern State University
15 Andrew Casburn University of Nebraska-Lincoln
16 Austin Lear University of Kansas
17 Jared Corso University of Iowa
18 Calder Michienzi University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
19 Jacob Okamoto University of Minnesota
DNF Erick Goytia Midwestern State University

Men CAT C Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andrew Farmer University of Oklahoma
2 Jake Contos Texas Tech University
3 Jeremy Iverson University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
4 Preston Tyler Oklahoma State University
5 Ryan Layman University of Oklahoma
6 Brian Teed University of Oklahoma
7 Matthew White University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
8 Johnathan Hardy University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
9 Austin Simkins University of Arkansas
10 Paul Jacobson Saint Olaf College
11 Justin Hicks Southern Methodist University
12 William Oconnell University of Iowa
13 Jacob Nolte Iowa State University
14 Andrew Storm Texas Tech University
15 Ronald Steiner University of Minnesota-Duluth
16 Ryan Bailey Texas Tech University
17 Samuel Williams Saint Olaf College
18 Elias Valverde Texas Tech University
19 David Matuschak Texas State University-San Marcos
20 Robert Talley Texas Tech University
21 Austin Smith Midwestern State University
22 Dustin Morris Oklahoma State University
23 Christian Stewart University of Kansas
24 David Parrott University of Northern Iowa
25 Jason Sholly University of Northern Iowa
DNF Dillan Craig West Texas A & M University
DNF Kyle Walker Texas Tech University
DNF Hart Sanders University of Kansas

Men CAT D Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Eric Hartnett University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
2 Tobias Bothwell University of Arkansas
3 Lane Bergen University of Nebraska-Lincoln
4 Justin Tan University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
5 Scott Poelzl Kansas State University
6 Tanner Ward University of Arkansas
7 Matthew Othon University of Oklahoma
8 Alexander Blair Kansas State University
9 Blake Kelley University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
10 Michael Lee Southern Methodist University
11 Andrew Nelson University of Nebraska-Lincoln
12 Ryan Whelchel Kansas State University
13 Patrick Kimmel University of Oklahoma
14 Dillan Craig West Texas A & M University
15 James Jacob University of Arkansas
16 Sam Fuller University of Nebraska-Lincoln
17 Jared Leppert University of Northern Iowa
18 Christopher Morrow University of Arkansas
19 Aaron Fiegel University of Arkansas
20 Adam Trunnell University of Kansas
21 Nick Braunjankovich Kansas State University
22 David Tanner Oklahoma State University
23 Brycen Kryzer Saint Olaf College
24 Chris Timmons Oklahoma State University
25 Benjamin Harken University of Northern Iowa
26 Todd Bulver University of Northern Iowa
27 Hayden Pacl University of Arkansas
28 Ryan Grant University of Iowa
29 William Wright Saint Olaf College
30 Christian Cramer University of Oklahoma
31 Jacob Buffo University of Iowa
32 Hang Li Iowa State University
DNF Conrad Young University of Oklahoma

Women CAT A Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jessica Prinner Midwestern State University
2 Claire Routledge Midwestern State University
3 Ashley Weaver Midwestern State University
4 Rachel Plessing University of Nebraska-Lincoln
5 Karin Friberg University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
6 Judah Sencenbaugh Iowa State University
7 Alisha Shutler Oklahoma State University
8 Anna Luckow Saint Olaf College

Women CAT B Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Katherine Kelter University of Kansas
2 Marykay Marino University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
3 Emily Gotzsche Saint Olaf College
4 Angela Streadwick Midwestern State University
5 Jenny Ortman Oklahoma State University
6 Shelley Lowe University of Iowa
7 Bridget Lillethorup Saint Olaf College
8 Bethany Stebbins University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
9 Lindsey Myers Kansas State University
10 Emma Shields Texas State University-San Marcos
11 Alicia Strawder University of Kansas
12 Kylie Trunnell University of Kansas
13 Allison Aufderheide Saint Olaf College
DNF Cinthia Pedraza Texas State University-San Marcos