These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Phillip Short
2 Jordan Marhanka Hincapie Development team
3 Hank Booth Carolina Break
4 Paul Mesi Fast Frankie Coaching/CLR Team
5 Jacob Timmerman Duke University
6 Steven Boehm Berger Hardware Bikes
7 Camilo Restrepo Les Amis/Calder Brothers Development
8 Stephen Wagstaff NCSU
9 William Stout Unattached
10 Luis Guillen Constellation Cycling
11 Robert Glasford Winners Edge
12 Phillip Jackson Cycletherapy - Zimmer
13 Keith Handlon The Hillsborough Street Elite
14 Robert George jr CatUP Coaching
15 Rob Mchardy Mock Orange Bikes
16 Brad Veasey Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team
17 Gregory Thompson Classic Cycling / Dolce Vita Wines
18 Jonathan Crimins Duke University
19 Darrin Dexter CatUp Coaching
20 Brendan Johnson Bitter Dose Cycling
21 Oliver Dujua Team Carytown Bicycle Co.
22 Alexander Galeano Storm Racing Team
23 Steven Hill HSE Cycling Team
24 Michael Gearren ii Atomic Cycles
25 Kevin Burgess Carolina Break- U23
26 Adrian Carter Triangle Velo
27 Kevin Cooper Revolting Cogs
28 Elliott Marks Franklin Street Cycling Team
29 Jeff Bloomfield
30 Robert Butler Revolution Cycle Sports c/o Lonerider
31 Brian Sain The Hillsborough Street Elite
32 K. Shea abernethy Cycletherapy - Zimmer
33 Jamie Lytton VeloShine Cycling Team
34 David Webster FSR - Full Spectrum Racing
35 Billy Campbell McDonalds Cycling Team
36 Joseph O'callaghan Bad Cat Racing p/b Irish Cycles
37 Jacob Koczman Bad Cat Racing Project 13 p/b Irish
38 Evan St clair Giordana-Clif Bar
39 Justin Evans Appalachian State University
40 Jason Ward
41 James Whitaker Unattached
42 Kevin Sigrist Gulf Coast Velo

Men Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Dylan Lawson SV/Bike Source Racing Team
2 Forrest Howard ASU Cycling
3 Karl Barger Unattached
4 Colin Cavaliere Presby Sports Medicine/Energy Cafe.
5 Matt Hawkins Bicycle Gallery Racing
6 Jeff Dudley Asheville Bicycle Racing Club
7 Patrick Davis
8 Derek Johnson Rogues Racing
9 Cecilio Cruz Fiets Maan Racing p/b Luna Cycles
10 Conor Schunk AYC/DIY
11 Zhan Khaw Duke Cycling
12 Steven Farlow Gyros Racing Team pb Carolina Ale House
13 Jeff Erler Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster
14 Mark Zhu Rogues Racing
15 Jonathan Crawford
16 Ron Skinner Hilton cycling club
17 Daniel Gosner catUP Coaching
18 Gilbert Bollinger iii Catup Coaching
19 Christopher Moore Piggly Wiggly p/b BANa
20 Rob Osborne Cycles de Oro/ Cone Health
21 Marc Buxbaum Gyros Racing Team p/b Carolina Ale House
22 James Huckle UNC - Chapel Hill
23 David Hallen CatUp Coaching
24 Clifford Blackwell Atomic Cycles
25 Jason Moore Globalbike Racing
26 Brandon Rudin TEAM headstrong
27 Simon Jones Iscorp/intelligentsia coffee
28 Andrew Fairman ABRC/AYC JR Devo p/b DIY Music
29 Keith Crist Hawleys Bicycle World Race Team
30 Charley Dean
31 Travis King Hilton Cycling Team
32 Joshua Adams Bicycle Gallery Racing
33 Brandon Squizzato Gyros Racing Team p/b Carolina Ale House
34 Jacob Smith Massage Envy Cycling p/b
35 Eric Middleton ABRC/AYC JR Devo p/b DIY Music
36 Matthew Mcnees Greensboro Velo Club
37 Chris Haid Mojo Cycles Racing
38 Michael Roberts Hawleys Bicycle World Race Team
39 Kyle Bush Gyros Racing Team p/b Carolina Ale House
40 Jonathan Gibson Massage Envy Cycling p/b
41 Alvin Frias CatUP Coaching
42 Samuel Kophazi Les Amis / Calder Brothers Devo
43 Rand Allison Subaru - Plan X
44 Brian Porter Tumult Racing
45 Randy Cress Veloshine Cycling
46 Johnny Collins Cycleworks of Mt Airy NC
47 James Swigart Gyros Racing Team p/b Carolina Ale House
48 Stuart Whiteway CatUP Coaching
49 Dariusz Tyborowski Gyros Rasing Team p/b Carolina Ale
50 Jason Seago Gyros Racing p/b Carolina Ale House
51 Brent Dittenber Bad Cat Racing p/b Irish Cycles
52 Alexander Cowell Tricyclists Bicycle Racing Club
53 Kyle Johnston Gyros Racing Team p/b Carolina Ale House
54 Jerrold Jeske The Hillsborough Street Elite
55 Franklin Deese E3: Code One Cycling
56 Jason Kimball Team Roger C Peace
57 Julio Lopez Fiets Maan Racing p/b Luna Cycles
58 Rick Williams The Hillsborough Street Elite
59 Raul Gutierrezgarcia Cone Health/cycles de ORO
60 Christopher Smith AtOmic Cycles Race Team
61 Michael Unruh Atomic Cycles
62 Robert Bickerstaffe Gyros Racing Team p/b Carolina Ale
63 Graham Hawkes UNC-Chapel Hill
64 Richard Fish Fiets Maan Racing p/b Luna Cycles
65 Jaroslaw Kanski Rogues Racing
66 James Brigman South Main Cycles Racing
67 Ira Gallagher velo smart performance lab
68 Derek Bateson Gyros Racing Team p/b Carolina Ale House
69 Jason Epstein Berger Hardware Bikes
70 Joel Eisner Triangle Velo
71 Aaron Kellogg Specialized Dumonde Tech
72 Terrence Slifer Queen City Cycling
73 David Fairbanks Hawley's Bicycle World Racing Team
74 Cole Campbell Tumult Racing
75 John Cristiano Trysports p/b Timex

Men Cat 5 35+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Carlos Zamarripa ATC RACING
2 Hampton Howell
3 Barry Wood Cycletherapy-Zimmer
4 Chris Guella SV/BikeSource Racing
5 Roddy Macleod
6 Shane Naber AtOmic Cycles
7 Werner Vandamme Rouges Racing
8 Dennis Gunson Unattached
9 Daniel Kearns caraway velo club
10 R Manson
11 Greg Beasley na
12 Eric Terlizzi Cycles Veloce-Team Simple Green/Bike Religion
13 Tony Ivey fague racing
14 Harry Jansen
15 Rick Finnin Full Spectrum Racing
16 David Weatherford Fugue Racing
17 Daniel Travieso Full Spectrum Racing - The Bicycle Shop
18 Mike Troster Hawleys Bicycle World Racing Team
19 Russell Weaver Full Spectrum Racing
20 Ziyu Jin catUP Coaching
21 Bob Burdon SV/Bike Source Racing
22 Mark Yunker Velo Smart Performance Lab
23 Jason Pressley SV/Bikesource Racing
24 John Deaton Atomic Cycles
25 Tom Armour Fugue Racing
26 Steve Shankin unattached
27 Ronald Chrastina Massage Envy Cycling p/b
28 Victor Neill SV/BikeSource Racing
29 Justin Gingrich Full Spectrum Racing
30 Marc Eckard
31 Eric Rood catUP Coaching
32 Tom Hewitt AtOmic Cycles
33 Mike Thomas Hawleys Bicycle/Cross Creek Cycling Club
34 Jeffrey Souter Full Spectrum Racing
35 Mark Lorence
36 Rob Drawbaugh
37 Craig Funderburk
38 Jeffrey Walk The Bicycle Gallery
39 Adam Baker
40 George Hatcher Hawleys Bicycle World Racing Team
DNF John Tardy Dire Wolf Racing

Men Cat 5 Jan-34

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Josh Cates Greensboro Velo club
2 Benjamin Alford SV/BikeSource Racing
3 Aaron Beaver SV/BikeSource Racing Team
4 Aaron Motley Dire Wolf Racing
5 Darrin Dereu
6 Sean Holland
7 Adam Stewart Hillsborough Street Elite
8 Matthew Kutilek Bicycle Gallery
9 Brian Levy
10 Terrence Slack Hawley's Bicycle World Racing Team
11 Kevin Mcdonnell Duke University Cycling
12 Jim Fernandes
13 Richard Johns
14 Tyranius Simmons
15 James Coffee JSOC GEOINT

Men Masters 40+ 40+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Matthew Tebbetts Trappe Door Cycling Team
2 Ryan Jenkins
3 Gordon Stiel Carolina Cycling Team
4 Shane Martin Classic Cycling/Dolce Vita Wines
5 Walter Bixby four2one Sports
6 Stanley Dover Harris Teeter Cycling
7 Mark Jellous Mock Orange Bikes
8 Joe Hathcock Carolina Cycling Team
9 Charlie Brown
10 Luis Flores Happy Tooth Racing
11 Barrett Garner Mock Orange Bikes
12 Marcus Morgan Carolina Flyers
13 Jerry Gala Revolution Cycle Sports
14 Stephen Kefer E3: Code One Cycling
15 Mark Hill Carolina Cycling Team
16 Rodney Simpson Mock Orange Bikes
17 Tommy Jones Carolina Cycling Team
18 Shaun Walsh Massage Envy p/b
19 Thomas Ziermann Fugue Racing
20 Lars Tonnesen Modry/Evergreen Partners
21 Brian Schultz Velosports Racing
22 Dan Snedecor Velosports Racing
23 Ross Meentemeyer Giordana-Clif Bar
24 Joe Hutchins Cycletherapy - Zimmer
25 Michael Vandenheuvel Mock Orange Racing
26 Marcus Jones Crosstown Velo
27 Tim Tobbe Crosstown Velo
28 John Stewart Massage Envy Cycling p/b
29 Chris Steele Modry/Evergreen Partners
30 Doug Zell IsCorp-Intelligentsia
31 Glen Allison Subaru - Plan X
32 Randy Murray Revolution Cycle Sports pb Lonerider Brewery
33 Patrick Mulligan FUGUe RACING
34 Kerry Humphrey Carolina Cycling Team
35 Richard Kirkman Presbyterian Sports Medicine/Energy Cafe
36 Terry Lovell Celerity Cycling p/b Brooks Systems
37 Rodney Dender Trappe Door Cycling p/b POA
38 Ryan Swaim Massage Envy Cycling p/b
39 Darin Marhanka Trappe Door Cycling Team p/b POA
40 Alvin Maxwell
41 Daniel Potts Full Spectrum Racing
42 Aaron Frahm Four 2 One Sports
43 Tood Hancock Four 2 One Sports
44 Robert Watkins Chainheart Masters
45 Matthew Mason Mock Orange Racing
46 Walter Wiggins None
47 W. Staly miller Revolution Cycle Sports pb Lonerider Brewing Compa
48 Michael Ventola
49 Michael Schneider Hawleys Bicycle World Race Team
50 Eric Buechler Quick Release Hawaii
51 Ron Williams Hilton Head Cycling / Robson Forensic
52 Andrew Le beau Hilton Head Cycling
53 Unknown Rider Unattached
54 Mark Bacon SV/BikeSource Racing
55 Jefferson Parker CrossTownVelo

Men Masters 50+ 50+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Leduc Atlantic Velo
2 Scott Miner United CHS Racing
3 Kirk Port Constellation Cycling p/b Inland Construction
4 James Mead Giordana Clif Bar
5 Dean Hesterberg Revolution Cycle Sports p/b LoneRider Brewery
6 Adam Pinkston Chainheart Cycling Studio
7 Keith Johnson Atlantic Velo p/b Walts Racing
8 Steve Simet Celerity Cycling p/b Brooks System
9 John Adams Lonerider
10 Richard Creed Mock Orange Racing
11 Terrence Lanier Unattached
12 Jeff Murray RevolutionCycleSports p/b Lonerider Br
13 Jay Beam Modry/Evergreen Partners
14 Cameron Crawford E3: Code One Cycling
15 Douglas Engel Modry Evergreen Racing
16 Greg Morgan Spinx Bike Race Team
17 Thomas Mcguire Modry/Evergreen Partners
18 Kevin Sigrist Gulf Coast Velo
19 Greg Hilt CatUp Coaching
20 Guenter Heyen Unilin MDF racing team
21 Allen Walker Revolution Cycle Sports
22 Gary Jackson Velosports Racing
23 Charles Eller Carolina Bicycle Company
24 James Berry
25 Michael Berry Modry/Evergreen Partners
26 Greg Robitaille Capital Cycling Club
27 Lee Reavis Modry/Evergreen Partners
28 Steve Leonard Gyros Racing P/ b Carolina Ale House
29 William Goley Modry Evergreen
30 Randall Maddox Team headstrong
31 Brian Jones Racerheads Sports and Leisure Club
32 Philip Hatcher Constellation Cycling
33 Michael Chappell Unattached
34 Robert Moody Tricyclists BRC
35 Terry Forrest
36 Peter Leousis Revolution Cycle Sport p/b Lonerider Brewing Co.
37 Chris Dietrich Modry/Evergreen Partners
38 Lawrence Ruggiero Team HEADSTRONG
39 Thomas Fenig
40 Robert Eichvalds Garneau Custom
41 Joseph Gallagher Team Headstrong
42 Todd Thornton inland construction
43 Robert Land Team MS p/b Snowbird Farms/
44 Randy Parker Herbalife 24 Fit
45 Dean Lyons Boone Velo
46 Gary Blackington Apex Autoworks p/b Trek Raleigh
47 Paul Steagall SV/BikeSource Racing Team
48 David Moore Modry/Evergreen Partners
49 Jon Limbird TEAM headstrong
50 Eric Beatty CatUp Coaching
51 Patrick Tighe Giordana-Clif Bar
52 Bill Brewer Hilton Head Cycling - Robson Forensic p/b Subaru o
53 Dan Mcnamara Team Headstrong
54 Tom Hewitt AtOmic Cycles
55 Gregg Fauceglia Team Simple Green/Bike Religion
56 Doug Shaw Crosstown Velo
57 Barney Baxter Mock Orange Bikes
58 Michael Hufham Revolting Cogs
59 Gregory Combs Velo smart Performance Lab
60 Joe Nix Hilton Head Cycling/Robson Forensic - Su
61 Denis Finnin James Vincent Bicycles/ JV Racing
62 David Holoman Unattached

Men Masters 60+ 60+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Leduc Atlantic Velo
2 Denis Finnin James Vincent Bicycles/ JV Racing
3 David Stevens Raleigh All Stars/Constellation cycling
4 Randall Maddox Team headstrong
5 Chuck Gillis Garneau Custom p/b Hutchinson
6 Robert Land Team MS p/b Snowbird Farms/
7 Jon Limbird TEAM headstrong
8 Peter Swan NCVC/UnitedHealthCare

Men Pro/Cat 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Anthony Rodriguez morel Team Somerville Bicycle Shop
2 Alexander Ray
3 Matthew Bruner NCSU
4 Jeffrey Pendlebury Panther/Bakehouse
5 Matthew Howe Happy Tooth Racing
6 Patrick Raines Team SmartStop p/b Mountain Khakis
7 Stephen Smith NCSU
8 Kerry Werner u23 BMC development mtb team
9 Charlie Hough Hincapie Sportswear Development Cycling Team
10 William Guillen Happy Tooth Racing
11 Matt Moosa High Country Development Team p/b Pactimo
12 Stephen Vogel
13 Zeb King High Country Development p/b Pactimo
14 Rich Harper Cleveland Clinic RGF Cycling Team p/b Felt Bicyc
15 Benjamin Renkema Global bike
16 Elvi Rodriguez garcia Team Somerville Bicycle Shop
17 Richard Kirby
18 David Forkner Globalbike Wipes Cycling Team
19 Rafal Urzedowski Team Somerville Bicycle Shop
20 Luis Sanchez TGCR Team Greenville Cycling Racing
21 Johnny Mitchell Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team
22 Boyd Johnson Team Globalbike
23 Matt Lee mock Orange Bikes
24 Jason Spence FGS Cycling
25 Todd Hancock Specialized Dumonde Tech
26 Wyatt Briggs Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team
27 Adam Perez Revolution Cycle Sports p/b Lonerider Brewery
28 Chris Zieman Happy Tooth Racing
29 Todd Whitescarver ASU Cycling
30 Billy Jones Iscorp/intelligentsia coffee
31 Mark Warno AVC / Team Hagerstown-Washington County
32 Gilberth Gomez Valverde Team Somerville Bicycle Shop
33 David Flynn Hincapie Cycling
34 Mark Brown Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team
35 George Garvick High Country Development
36 Rodrigo Echeverri conde Team Somerville Bicycle Shop
37 Wes Douglas Unattached
38 Seth Ray Specialized Dumonde Tech
39 Sidney Mayho Madison digicel
40 Ted Hopkins RevolutionCycleSports p/b Lonerider Br
41 Christopher Blake Happy Tooth Racing
42 Parker Mcconville Unattached
43 Marcin Wojcik Team Somerville Bicycle Shop
44 Brandon Freyer High Country Development p/b Pactimo
45 Trey Miller Globalbike Wipes Cycling Team
46 Patrick Weddell High Country Devlopment p/b Pactimo
47 Dylan Knutson Mitsubishi Laser Grand Performance
48 John Hart Friends Great Smokies (Team FGS)
49 Simon Bennett Globalbike Wipes
50 Carlos Norena Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team
51 John Jay Happy Tooth Racing
52 Jeffrey Mcgrane Friends Great Smokies - FGS
53 Christopher Calder Athletix cycling team benefiting Globalbike
54 Paul Price jr Globalbike Wipes Cycling Team
55 Michael Raynor HSE Cycling
56 Buddy Spafford
57 Brian Ellison Mitsubishi Laser Grand Performance
58 Geri Mewett Veloshine
59 Joshua Whitmore Globalbike Wipes
60 Isaac Enderline University of North Carolina at Charlotte
61 Lucas Livermon Unattached
62 Darren Fuller Hincapie/Green Creations Cycling Team
63 Matthew Zimmer Mitsubishi Laser Grand Performance
64 Curtis Staples Hincapie Sports / Green Creations
65 Baird Sills High Country Devo pb/ Pactimo
66 Christopher Harkey VeloShine Cycling Team
67 Scottie Weiss Veloshine cycling team
68 David Lee Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Caroline Moakley Pepper Palace Pro Cycling
2 Katherine Shields PainPathways Cycling Team
3 Kelley Bethoney Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster
4 Emily Shields PainPathways Cycling Team
5 Ashlyn Woods ExergyTWENTY16
6 Suzanna Dupee UNC Cycling
7 Julie Kuliecza Pepper Palace Pro Cycling
8 Nicole Overeem RevolutionCycleSports p/b Lonerider Br
9 Susan Jones - morgan Team Zoom
10 Wendy Ulmer Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster
11 Anne Moore Team Zoom
12 Jocelyne Belanger Queen City Cyclists - NC
13 Adormarie Martinez adorno
14 Amy Alexander Asheville Bicycle Racing Club
15 Sarah Kraxberger Spokeswoman Syndicate p/b Par Cycles
16 Deb Sweeney whitmore Athelix benefiting Globalbike


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nicole Overeem RevolutionCycleSports p/b Lonerider Br
2 Kelli Mcdowell
3 Gabriele Hauck Team Alderman/ OSP
4 Amie Krasnozon Capital Cycling Club
5 Grace Chappell Spokeswomen Syndicate/Parcycles
6 Becky Woodruff Spokeswomen Syndicate
7 Amy Hill Massage Envy Cycling p/b
8 Ericka Malow UNC
9 Melissa Leto Alderman/OSP
10 Stacie Ricciardi Alderman-OSP
11 Trudi Franzel Savannah Wheelman/Alderman
12 Melissa Mcdonald Global Bike
13 Sarah Kraxberger Spokeswoman Syndicate p/b Par Cycles
14 Jill Mcnamara Team Headstrong
15 Kayla Edington
16 Dory Diavelone Alderman/osp
17 Christina Maddox Team headstrong
18 Jean Toth Alderman - OSP
19 Stephanie Cole Giordana-Clif Bar
20 Leanna House VeloRiot!
21 Bethan Eynon
22 Naomi Gallagher
23 Ohara Osorio-mckenna SV/BikeSource Racing
24 Allison Foil Giordana-Clif Bar
25 Mandy Midgett
26 Shawna Bland Atomic Cycles
27 Karen Montgomery Dire Wolf Racing
28 Mandy Gallagher SpokesWomen Syndicate