These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men A

(44 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Max Korus University of Pennsylvania
2 Jeffrey Salvitti Bucknell University
3 Nicholas Reinert University of Pittsburgh
4 Lee Peters University of Vermont
5 Robert Burnett Franklin and Marshall College
6 S Charles zamastil Temple University
7 Roberto Torres-aquiar Pennsylvania State University
8 Ryan O'hara University of Connecticut
9 Kyle Wagner Lehigh University
10 Gregory Keith US Military Academy
11 Ryan Smolko Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
12 Nathan Kupperstock Boston University
13 Ross Marklein University of Pennsylvania
14 Kyle Bruley Boston University
15 Aaron Meyers Bucknell University
16 Alex Cox University of Vermont
17 Matthew Furlow University of Pennsylvania
18 Chris Rodgers Pennsylvania State University
19 Jeremy Shirock Pennsylvania State University
20 Tristan Baldwin University of Vermont
21 Tim Weileruniversity of Maryland-College Park
22 Synjen Marrocco University of Massachusetts-Amherst
23 Matthew Buckley University of Vermont
24 Joseph Pigga Lehigh University
25 Jonathan Marshall Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
26 Jacob Bolewski Cornell University
27 Jacob Bobrow University of Vermont
28 Chris Hamlin University of Vermont
29 Mark Theeman Northeastern University
30 Stephen Frattini Cornell University
31 A.j. Moran Wentworth Institute of Technology
DNF Robert Stumpf University of Pittsburgh
DNF Andrew Seitz University of Pittsburgh
DNF Timothy Manzella Drexel University
DNF Tyler Bauer Temple University
DNF Derek Harnden University of Vermont
DNF Aaron Cravez Bucknell University
DNF Wyatt Stoup Pennsylvania State University
DNF Brian Lawney Cornell University
DNF Douglass Endrizzi Yale University
DNF Samson Mchugh University of Pittsburgh
DNF Arnaud Borner Pennsylvania State University
DNF Steven Derkits Pennsylvania State University
DNF Kyle Gheres Pennsylvania State University

Men B

(29 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andrew Haughton Pennsylvania State University
2 Clint Dager University of Delaware
3 Brenden Siekman US Military Academy
4 Andrew Mitstifer Franklin and Marshall College
5 Philip Gasparovic University of Delaware
6 Michael Desmarais University of Vermont
7 Garrett Olsen Villanova University
8 Nick Garcia US Military Academy
9 Robert Abramo Villanova University
10 Drew Tyger Pennsylvania State University
11 Craig Keasler Boston University
12 Charles Salzer Franklin and Marshall College
13 James Miceli Villanova University
14 Justin Yeash Villanova University
15 Kevin Curran Bucknell University
16 Ivan Temnykh Pennsylvania State University
17 Collin Buesser Northeastern University
18 Daniel Rossi Franklin and Marshall College
19 Joseph Perez US Military Academy
20 Matthew Means Bucknell University
21 Keith Groshans Pennsylvania State University
22 Nikolai Skievaski Boston University
23 Ben Emmert-aronson Boston University
DNF Peter Abdu University of New Hampshire
DNF Harry Chen Bucknell University
DNF Jeremy May US Military Academy
DNF Matthew Holub University of New Hampshire
DNF Goran Lynch University of Pennsylvania
DNF Sean Whitehurst Cornell University

Men C

(46 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mariano Garay Pennsylvania State University
2 Alexander Sverdlov University of Pennsylvania
3 Patrick Galvin University of New Hampshire
4 James Wolf Franklin and Marshall College
5 John Farrell University of Pennsylvania
6 Nathan Oriol University of New Hampshire
7 Brian Devaney University of Vermont
8 Eliot Scymanski Franklin and Marshall College
9 Pete Lobianco Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
10 Christopher Mondiek Rochester Institute of Technology
11 Peter Bridi Lehigh University
12 Zachary Browning Rochester Institute of Technology
13 Ethan Suttner Cornell University
14 Anthony Castiglia Rochester Institute of Technology
16 Adam Cohen University of Pittsburgh
17 Matthew Ciccocioppo Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
18 Eric Adams University of Delaware
19 Brian Tino Bucknell University
20 Jason Herrling Rochester Institute of Technology
21 Dan Ipp Rochester Institute of Technology
22 Arthur Wicks University of Delaware
23 Brent Heverly Drexel University
24 Kevin Rutherford US Military Academy
25 Oliver Lutz Cornell University
26 Matthew Syska Rochester Institute of Technology
27 Nicholas Calcagni Drexel University
28 Jared Fenstermacher Bloomsburg University-Pennsylvania
29 Andrew Haggerty Millersville University-Pennsylvania
30 Benjamin Oswald Cornell University
31 Patrick Doumont US Military Academy
32 Peter Davis Bucknell University
33 Bobby Thorborg Bucknell University
34 Eric Poeltl University of Pennsylvania
35 Adam Siebert University of Pennsylvania
36 Adam Jakubowski University of Connecticut
37 Jordan Thompson Pennsylvania State University
DNF Mark Donovan Drexel University
DNF Jeffrey Buzin University of Pittsburgh
DNF James Bolognani University of New Hampshire
DNF Zachary Repp Pennsylvania State University
DNF Eric Rothrock Pennsylvania State University
DNF Zachary Delnero University of Massachusetts-Amherst
DNF Andrew Esherick Pennsylvania State University
DNF Christopher Miller Yale University
DNF Thomas Goetz Rochester Institute of Technology

Men D

(65 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 John Churan Indiana University-PA
2 Steven Brewer Indiana University-PA
3 Taylor Smith University of New Hampshire
4 Joe Pawelczyk Villanova University
5 Ben Civiletti University of Vermont
6 Ernie Lehman Pennsylvania State University
7 Roddy Gibbs Indiana University-PA
8 Keith Toombs University of Massachusetts-Amherst
9 William Alger Yale University
10 George Weiler University of Delaware
11 Matthew Conroy Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
12 Zachary Zerby University of Pittsburgh
13 Nicholas Mueller Cornell University
14 Tod Gentry Cornell University
15 Nicholas Ferra Franklin and Marshall College
16 Max Rome University of Massachusetts-Amherst
17 James Fisk University of Massachusetts-Amherst
18 Tim Ford Boston University
19 Matthew Mosca Franklin and Marshall College
20 Thomas Devane US Military Academy
21 Ross Mason Pennsylvania State University
22 Carl Smith University of Vermont
23 Spencer Staley Colgate University
24 Kevan Orear US Military Academy
25 Andrew Pezzimenti University of Connecticut
26 Burton Levine Pennsylvania State University
27 Patrick Matsinko Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
28 David Garguilo Boston University
29 Brian Freilich University of Pennsylvania
30 Brett Houser Drexel University
31 John Kissock Bucknell University
32 James Petersen University of Massachusetts-Amherst
33 Logan Cawley Pennsylvania State University
34 Jonathan Gallis Pennsylvania State University
35 Jacob Rubin University of Delaware
36 John Blank Indiana University-PA
37 Lee Burwasser University of Pennsylvania
38 Joshua Kurtz Bucknell University
39 Kevork Chertavian Franklin and Marshall College
40 Zachary Robinson US Military Academy
41 Andrew Janos Drexel University
42 Paul Kuehnel Pennsylvania State University
43 Ian Mcphail Syracuse University
44 Nicholas Pacchioli Syracuse University
45 Trevor Manders Syracuse University
46 John Jackson University of Pittsburgh
47 James Stanat Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
48 David Wilson Rutgers University-New Brunswick/Piscataway
49 Nickolas Kirkner Drexel University
50 Jonathan Yunas Indiana University-PA
51 Max Smith US Military Academy
52 Lucas Harris Hamilton College
53 David Dewitt Yale University
54 Gil Erlich Bucknell University
55 Mike Driscoll Bucknell University
56 Stephen Poirier Syracuse University
57 Adam Bulter Pennsylvania State University
58 Chris Langer Rochester Institute of Technology
59 Will Eagan Hamilton College
60 Chatura Atapattu Drexel University
DNF Andrew Walker University of Delaware
DNF Thomas Staskowski Pennsylvania State University
DNF Christopher Comer University of Pittsburgh
DNF Joe Weiss University of Massachusetts-Amherst
DNF William Roper Colgate University

Men Intro

(7 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Colby Samstag University of Pennsylvania
2 Christopher Townsley Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
3 Anthony Altimore University of Pennsylvania
4 Sean Barry Rutgers University-New Brunswick/Piscataway
5 Brian Tang Yale University
6 Benjamin Davidson Rochester Institute of Technology
7 Michael Heffner Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

Women A

(8 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Lara Kroepsch Yale University
2 Lauren Shirock Pennsylvania State University
3 Katy Applin Northeastern University
4 Rebecca Chan University of Pennsylvania
5 Maggie Sullivan Northeastern University
6 Kelsey Hassin US Military Academy
7 Morgan Farnsworth Pennsylvania State University
8 Stephanie Stambaugh University of Pittsburgh

Women B

(14 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sarah Bowman Yale University
2 Jena Greaser University of Connecticut
3 Molly Hurford Rutgers University-New Brunswick/Piscataway
4 Kimberly Zubris Boston University
5 Amy Schwarzenberg University of New Hampshire
6 Elske Straver University of Pennsylvania
7 Karina Demair Rutgers University-New Brunswick/Piscataway
8 Rebecca Wolski Boston College
9 Amelia Siani Yale University
10 Sinead Odwyer Bucknell University
11 Stefanie Sydlik Massachusetts Institute of Technology
12 Kelly Desharnais Bucknell University
13 Rebekah Morris Bucknell University
14 Emily Daniels Bucknell University

Women C

(21 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kaelin Proud Temple University
2 Rebecca Carew University of Pennsylvania
3 Allison Hugi Yale University
4 Abbe Hamilton Syracuse University
5 Gina Dinunzio Rutgers University-New Brunswick/Piscataway
6 Courtney Gregor Franklin and Marshall College
7 Molly O'neill Lehigh University
8 Allison Gehnrich University of New Hampshire
9 Shauna Henley University of Vermont
10 Sonja Butler US Military Academy
11 Katherine Ridge Temple University
12 Lauren Heiliger US Military Academy
13 Jamie Ervin US Military Academy
14 Frances Sayler Hamilton College
15 Constance Chang Yale University
16 Tiahna Harris University of Massachusetts-Amherst
DNF Amy Dzura University of Pittsburgh
DNF Amanda Delshad New York University
DNF Carolyn Zelenetz Lehigh University
DNF Jacqueline Morris University of Pennsylvania
DNF Carolyn Carlstrom Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Women Intro

(10 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Raeanne Napoleon Boston University
2 Terri Monserrat Millersville University-Pennsylvania
3 Christina Chnaider Boston University
4 Rachel Kurchin Yale University
5 Rebekah Hupp Bucknell University
6 Jacqueline Sussman Boston University
7 Sara Wollmacher Yale University
8 Emma Kantrov University of Vermont
9 Natalie Becerra Cornell University
10 Sarah Wolf Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania