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3-4 open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Ebling Altra Motion/Vittoria/3T
2 Daniel Lehmann Colavita Racing Inc.
3 Vincent Cintron Gotham Toga
4 Mark Hamilton cycles 54
5 Joshua Cantor - QCW Cycling
6 Sean Oreilly Guys Racing
7 Sammy Moseley Century Road Club Development Foundation
8 Eli curt Fuld Team Cosmic - Carve Systems
9 Ryan Stahnke Viking Yachts / Action Wheels / Cc Evesham
10 Alex Breakstone Colavita Racing Inc.
11 Michael Malavarca Liberty Cycle
12 Rick Tucker Lateral Stress Velo Inc.
13 Gary Kershner Rock it Riders
14 Justin Dipalma Mojo Bicycle Shop
15 Jorge Orrego Team Cosmic - Carve Systems
16 Nick Roehnert Pro Pedals
17 Bryan Berman - QCW Cycling
18 Aleksey Urusov DRV/RCS/DRISCOLL
19 Erick Goncalves Caffeinated Cyclist Racing p/b Dental Associates a
20 Sean Cunningham Caffeinated Cyclist Racing P/B Dental Assoc at Pit
21 Jesse O'donnell Team Campmor
22 Chris Wallenburg Pro Pedals/Team Express
23 Apoliner Accredo
24 John Furtak Caffeinated Cyclist Racing P/B Dental Assoc at Pit
25 Michael Black - QCW Cycling
26 Aaron White Summit Cycling Club/D&Q
27 Mark Pfeiffer Quaker City Wheelmen
28 Nick Piccone Caffeinated Cyclist Racing P/B Dental Assoc at Pit
29 Noel Johnson Team Montecci
30 Ivan Rojas Team Cosmic - Carve Systems
31 Gerald Johnston Guys Racing
32 Edward Murphy The Caffeinated Cyclist
33 Brandon Martinez
34 Ruben dario Hurtado Corazon Cafetero
36 James Rolette South Chicago Wheelmen
37 Phillip Maronilla Kissena Cycling Club
38 Juan Orrego Team Cosmic - Carve Systems
39 Greg Campi

Masters Men 35 Plus

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 John Durso Colavita Racing
2 Steven Ward Colavita Racing Inc.
3 Will Federico Van Dessel Factory Team
4 David Margolin Colavita Racing Inc.
5 Mike Degeorge Watchung Wheelmen
6 Stephan Dioslaki Five Four Sports
7 Todd Giese Pro Pedals
8 Michael Borda Heart House/CADV/CC Evesham
9 Bill Viereck Viking Yachts/Action Wheels/CC Evesham.
10 David Wilson
11 Neal Stoeckel Undici Racing / Guardian Coaching
12 John Landino DRV/RCS/DRISCOLL
13 Jerry Hine PSRacing/Masterpiece Kitchens
14 David Beaudry Pro Pedals Bike Shop
15 Daniel Hauber MAMBO Kings Racing
16 Daniel Coleman Colavita Racing Inc.
17 Unknown Rider
18 David Wilson C C Evesham
19 Aaron Essner Sonic Boom Racing
20 Stephen Moore Pro Pedals Bike Shop
21 Darin Bedle Metra/Cycles54CyclingTeam
22 Tommy Pagonis Lucarelli & Castaldi
23 Kevin Summers Viking Yachts/Action Wheels/CC Evesham
24 Scott Land Actions Wheels/Viking Yachts/CC Evesham
25 Brian Sieger Liberty Cycle
26 Adam Meirowitz Cycles 54 / Team for Autism Awareness
27 Eric Wallenburg Pro Pedals/Team Express
28 Unknown Rider
29 Paul Ziminski Metra /Cycles 54 Cycling Team
30 William Wisse DRV/RCS/DRISCOLL
31 Stephen Smith Pro Pedals
32 Sean Mooney Viking Yachts/Action Wheels
33 John Piper Viking Yachts/Action Wheels/CC Evesham
34 Brian Norling Cycles54/Team for autism awareness
35 Drew Davala Viking Yachts / Action Wheels /CC Evesham
36 Matthew Diczok Watchung Wheelmen

Masters Men 45 Plus

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andrew Singson Mid Atl Masters Bicycle Org Mambo Kings Racing
2 Scott Duprex Strictly Bicycles
3 Chris Foster PSRacing/Masterpiece Kitchens
4 Scott Steward Liberty Cycle
5 Wayne Lumkong Skylands Cycling
6 Steve Cochrane MAMBO KINGS
7 Rich Ross Mambo Kings Racing/D&Q
8 Eric Danver PSRacing/Masterpiece Kitchens
9 Chris Tarnowski FinKraft Cycling Team
10 Rick Anderson Somerset Wheelmen
11 Tim Borsetti Cycles 54 Team for Autism Awareness
12 Leonard Friedman Lucarelli & Castaldi
13 William Brunner Colavita Racing Inc.
14 David Hudson Mambo Kings Racing/D&Q
16 Tim Doherty Colavita racing
17 Romel Campbell WestWood Velo
18 Paul Rosica Team Marty's
19 Ron Short Pro Pedals Cycling Team
20 Alex Binder Cycles 54 / YSG
21 Scott Hodder Signature Cycles/Rockstar
22 David Whitney Team Somerset
23 Mark Salazar skylands cycling
24 Juan Aracena DRV/RCS/DRISCOLL
25 Joseph Yacono iii
26 Gary Cohen Guy's Racing Club
27 William Lopez Team Cosmic - Carve Systems
29 Curtis Lightburn Liberty Cycle
30 Scott Cullen PSRacing/Masterpiece Kitchens
31 Jeff Johnson Driscoll/DRV/Shimano
32 Ed Figaniak Boss Racing
33 Werner Paulus PSRacing/Masterpiece Kitchens
34 Kevin Franceschini Pro Pedals
35 Mark Russek Summit
36 Michael Obrien GS Park Ridge
37 Mark Cowin Pro Pedals Team Express
38 John Dipalo Mambo Kings Racing/D&Q
39 James Mauroff Pro Pedals Team Express
40 Kevin Brass
41 David Hussey Cycles 54 / Team for Autism Awareness
42 Scott Demarzio Heart House/CADV/CC Evesham
43 Oguz Orkan
44 Chuck Crocco Team Somerset
45 Joseph Brennan Century Road Club of America
46 John Kuhn Cranford Bike Team/CTS
47 Dan Ciano Colavita Racing
48 Thomas Cheney PSRacing/Masterpiece Kitchens

masters Men 55/65 -35/45/55 women

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Lee Mestres MAMBO Kings Racing
2 Michael Shapanka Watchung Wheelmen
3 Robin Kinney Pure Energy Racing
4 Timothy Saxon Skylands Cycling
5 Thomas Treptow Pure Energy Cycling-ProAirHFA
6 Robert Kowal Team Somerset
7 Steve Goodell Heart House/CADV/CC Evesham
8 Richard Ambacher Caffeinated Cyclist Racing P/B Dental Assoc at Pit
9 Steve Gerard Atlantic Bike Club
10 Richard Kazimir Century Road Club of America
11 Patrick Kennedy Liberty Cycle
12 Brian Murphy Summit Cycling Club
13 Doug O'Neill Deno's Wonder Wheel
14 Vincent c. Moran Westwood Velo
15 Andrew Buchanan Skylands Cycling
16 Joseph Zuppa jr Colavita Racing
17 Tom Simpson Summit Cycling / D&Q
18 Carl Demola atlantic bicycle club
19 Sidney Holzer Rock It Riders
20 Bob Jaggard Pro Pedals
21 Robert Perlee Jaeger Wheelmen
22 Jq Wade Rock It Riders
23 Frank Mayer Viking Yachts/Action Wheels/CC Evesham
24 Michael Maclaga Colavita Racing
25 Neal Grobman Summit/ D&Q
26 Brian Gristick Cycle Craft Racing
27 Steven Petouvis Liberty Cycle
28 Edward Bertucio Heart House/CADV/CC EVESHAM
29 Richard Bradley Team Altantic
30 Jim Kaeli Colavita Racing Inc

Women 35+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sarah Iepson CAWES p/b Specialized

Women 45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
2 Maryanne Caruso Team Marty's
3 Susan Moore

Women 55+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Elizabeth Tyrell Team Somerset
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