These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Category 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Vincent Reydams World Cup Ski & Cycle Racing Team 1:01:33
2 William Cooper - QCW Cycling
3 Charles Arensberg Equipe Vitesse
4 Matthew Randolph Shirk's Racing presented by Trek Bikes
5 Eric Schumacher Lehigh University
6 Jeremy Hunter Thru It All Body Shop
7 Luke Lukas D3devo P/b Airgas
8 Zach Bender CRCA/Blue
9 David Ebling Altra Motion
10 Mike Barbone Equipe Vitesse
11 Brandon Knettel - QCW Cycling
12 Samuel Cowans QCW
13 Frank Lao Mineola Bike
14 Christopher Newport Philadelphia Ciclismo
16 Douglas Schiel Mason Dixon Velo/The Cycle Works
DNF Taylor Lantz Shirks presented by Trek
DNF John Clark Mid-Atlantic Junior Cycling p/b KOR Cycling
DNF John Olsen CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing
DNF Michael Black - QCW Cycling
DNF Gordon Stone Equipe Vitesse
DNF John Wilson Thru-It-All Body Shop Inc
DNF Saysana Inthavongsa Swashblucker Brewing Company/
DNF Pedro Campos Tri-State Velo / Amoroso's Racing Team
DNF Gerald Burkett Phenix Velo Club
DNF Kyle Penny Young Medalists
DNF Araron Miller Thru It All Body Shop

Men Category 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nick Sears Chester County Velo 0:44:08
3 Joseph Yacono Drexel University
4 Jeff Wolf Equipe Vitesse
5 Mike O'connor Trestle Bridge Racing
6 Gregory Zielinski Equipe Vitesse
7 Ryan Stahnke Viking Yachts / Action Wheels / Cc Evesham
8 Benjamin Strine Thru-It-All Body Shop Inc
9 Hans Mueller
10 Scott Raschke
11 John Mullen Sunnybrook Trek/Limerick Chiropractic
12 Stephen Spencer Crosshairs Cycling p/b Spy Optic
13 Lisa Staub Mason Dixon Velo/The Cycle Works
14 Jamie Cole
DNF Brett Halpern Century Road Club Assoc

Men Masters 45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Martin Mrugal PA Masters RC 0:44:38
2 Ramon Benitez
3 Robert Grimwood World Cup Ski & Cycle Racing Team
4 Keith Johnson US Military Cycling Team Fueled by FRS
5 David Grant Chester County Velo
6 Joe Hamilton PA Masters RC
7 Michael Csuy PA Masters RC
8 Peter Fickinger Chester County Velo
9 Scott Hodder Signature Cycles/Rockstar
10 John Spittal Thru It All Body Shop inc.
11 Mitch Hunt Fat Frogs Racing
12 Darren Hartman World Cup Ski & Cycle Racing Team
13 Dennis Penny Thru-It-All Body Shop Inc
14 Kevin Saint clair Main Line Cycling - Bikyle
15 Leone Pizzini first state vello sport
16 Scott Gamble Chester County Velo
DNF Gordon Stone Equipe Vitesse
DNF Mark Light Liberty Cycle
DNF Rod Myers Phenix Velo Club

Men PRO 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Adam Farabaugh UCI CT: EQUIPE GARNEAU - QUÉBECOR 1:32:46
2 Zach Hughs Garneau - Quebecor
3 Ryan Dewald Team Skyline
4 Nick Rogers p.b. Vie 13
5 Michael Chauner GARNEAU-QUEBECOR
6 Wyatt Stoup Mt Borah / Minerva Design p/b Basso
7 Guillaume Nelessen Van Dessel Factory Team
8 Lucas Wardein Lupus Racing Team
9 Brandon Spencer Mt Borah / Minerva Design p/b Basso
10 Matthew Spohn The Performance Lab p/b The Caffeinated Cyclist
11 Jamie Clinton Team Alliance Environmental
12 Steven Wentworth
13 Matthew Furlow p.b. Vie13
14 Josh Clingan Mason Dixon Velo/The Cycle Works
15 Kyle Bruley - QCW Cycling
16 John Hunter Mt Borah / Minerva Design p/b Basso
17 David Dawson The Performance Lab p/b Caffeinated Cyclist
18 John Minturn
DNF Alessandro Matteucci BH/Commedy Central - CRCA
DNF Wesley Kline D3Devo p/b Airgas Cycling Team
DNF Andrew Armstrong CRCA / FGX Racing
DNF Simon-pierre Gauthier Garneau - Quebecor
DNF Andy Johnson MasonDixon Velo/The Cycle Works
DNF Christopher Consorto Charm City Cycling LLC
DNF Timothy Manzella Tri-State Velo/Amoroso's Racing Team
DNF Keith Hatton Tri State Velo
DNF Gale Hess Thru It All Body Shop
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