These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Justin Taylor
2 Stephen Sodergren ISCorp Cycling Team
3 Andres Alvear Play It Again Sports Cycling
4 Peter Cavoto Spidermonkey Cycling
5 Andre Odendaal Colavita Racing
6 Patrick Brock BELGIANWERKX
7 Giordano Guagliardo W2 Racing
8 Bernd Hosey Team UPB /
9 Jeremy Arnold
10 Ken Krebs Sammy's Bike
11 Joe Berlyoung Johnny Sprockets
12 Paul Krahn
13 John Rodriguez
14 James Barclay xXx Racing
15 Seyamack Afzali
16 Alan Stoughton PSIMET Racing
17 Eric Paulos Michael's Cycles Team
18 Thomas Rodriguez
19 Ben Freas ISCorp Cycling Team
20 Shawn Laplante Michael's Cycles Team
21 James Obrien
22 Brian Piotrowski xXx Racing
23 Jack Arnolde Team Got Wind?
24 Michael Murphy
25 Michael Burns
26 Nick Pomella PSIMET Racing
27 Albeiro Pineda
28 Michael Stodden W2 Racing
29 Nick Diedrich Team UPB /
30 Kurt Bentsen PSIMET Racing
31 Jason Holly Colavita Racing
DNF Nicolas Bordenave
DNF Frederick Suddkum
DNF Stuart Nelsen Team UPB /
DNF Ryan Hospelhorn Bloomington Cycle Racing Team
36 Daniel Mackey

Men 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Rick Schopp
2 Paul-brian Mcinerney Roscoe Village Bike Racing
3 Jesus Barraza
4 Brian Dunlavy Bike Haven Race Team
5 Robert Whittier xXx Racing
6 Jonathan Ortony
7 Nathan Schneeberger
8 Eamon Oreilly
9 Thomas Ferguson
10 Freddy Bernabe
11 Sean Luedke
12 Jay Bowles EMC2 / Elmhurst Masters
13 Michael Arends South Chicago Wheelmen
14 Michael Kerr
15 Dave Weckerlin
16 Matthew Goelzer
17 Nicholas Andriano
18 Keith Miller
19 Micah Ariel
20 Michael Brady
21 Anthony Otero Village-Verdigris Cycling Team
22 Kevin Arft
23 Anthony Ott DePaul University
24 Eric Hogenboom
25 Joe Sullivan
DNF Luther Gulseth Roadkill
DNF Huey Lewis xXx Racing
DNF Jesse Bleemel
DNF Sean Haggerty Michael's Cycles Team
DNF Tom Nikodem
DNF Karson Glass Johnny Sprockets
DNF Mike Ferger
DNF Bryan Hughes

Men Cat 1/2/3 Masters 35+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Eric Knuth Trek Midwest Team
2 Gene Tolli Team Velocause
3 Bob Karlow ENZO'S Cycling
4 Michael Seguin Beverly Bike/VeePak
5 Howard Smith
6 John Whipple
7 Fred Schuler xXx Racing
8 Doug Zell
9 Andrew Rizzo Club Bicicletta
10 Michael Meteyer Trek Midwest Team
11 Herman Johnson Leopard-Sapporo Team
12 Brian Leatherman Team Velocause
13 Christan Griego Team Velocause
14 Robert Schrank Type One United
15 Marc Moeller Bicycle-Heaven
16 Wayne Simon ENZO'S Cycling
17 Nathan Troia
DNF Mark Swartzendruber Scarlet Fire

Men Cat 2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Chris Moore
2 Andy Swims ABD Cycling Team
3 Antonio Valenti Racers Against Childhood Cancer
4 John Wolters
5 Richard Arnopol Ravenna Capital Management
6 Dustin Morici Sammy's Bike
7 Ara Oggoian Bicycle Heaven
8 Mackenzie Dupuy ABD Cycling Team
9 Christopher Sodergren Racers Against Childhood Cancer
10 Ben Rudolph University of Southern California
11 Edwin Bagley Rhythm Racing
12 Eric Blankinship Sammy's Bike
13 Tom Driver Burnham Racing
14 Peter Behm St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
15 Jake Buescher xXx Racing
16 Daniel Solomon South Chicago Wheelmen
17 Arron Hampton PSIMET Racing
18 Michael Wilkie ABD Cycling Team
19 Alexandor Dorschner ISCorp Cycling/NCSF
20 Jack Thompson
DNF Andrew Zens Rhythm Racing
DNF Brandon Berish Vision Quest
DNF Benjamin Stengel KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin
DNF Ezra Wardpackard
DNF Maxx Hall ISCorp Cycling Team
DNF Kyle Mindick xXx Racing
DNF Herman Johnson Leopard-Sapporo Team
DNF John Berberich Michael's Cycles Team
DNF Josh Weis Colavita Racing, Inc.
DNF Jason Fergurson Chicago Cuttin Crew
DNF James Gunter VeloBrew Cycling Club
DNF Brian Arfmann ABD Cycling Team
DNF Evan Fader Pepper Palace Pro Cycling
DNF Ian Kresnak Spin Zone Racing
DNF Robert Ringle Trek Midwest Team
DNF Karl Schuchard University of Minnesota Cycling - Twin C
DNF Zach Nehr ISCorp Cycling/NCSF
DNF Tristan Petsch-horvath LAPT CC

Men Cat 3/4 Masters 35+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Brian Karlow
2 Andrzej Krzysiak Pact- DISH Network Cycling
3 Anthony Rienks Beverly Bike/VeePak
4 Joseph Berenyi ABD Cycling Team
5 Pat White Village-Verdigris Cycling
6 George Luft
7 Steven Sarver Team Velocause
8 Robert Bleck Colavita Racing
9 Briant Kelly KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin
10 Christopher Knott
11 Marian Pyszczek
12 Chris Patterson
13 John Walbaum South Chicago Wheelmen
14 Arron Hampton PSIMET Racing
15 Voytek Glinkowski WDT-Allvoi International Cycling Team
16 Unknown Rider
17 Patrick Meyer
18 Jason Senffner ABD Cycling Team
19 Jeffrey Elam Team Velocause
20 Bryan Cleal PSIMET Racing
21 Raj Muchhala
22 Brian Boyle
23 Ross Giese Team Velocause
24 Eric Goodwin
25 James Buckley
26 Don Janczak
DNF Bernd Hosey Team UPB /
DNF Robert Burns
DNF Chris Patterson
DNF Neil Thomas ENZO'S Cycling
DNF Paul Morrison
DNF Tedd Jacobson KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin
DNF Scott Grimshaw
DNF Nathan Phelps
DNF John Rodriguez
DNF Mark Zalewski Spidermonkey Cycling

Men Pro/Cat 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Emile Abraham Predator Cycling
2 Brandon Feehery Astellas Oncology Cycling Team
3 Calixto Bello AG Bicycles / Guttenplan Coaching
4 Jeanmichel Lachance
5 Robert White
6 Chad Hartley
7 Cole House CashCall Mortgage
8 Jonathan Toftoy Revolution Cycle/Twin Six
9 Bill Mulligan Great Dane Velo Club
10 Ryan Aitcheson
11 David Guttenplan AG Bicycles / Guttenplan Coaching
12 Anthony Olson Mitsubishi Laser/Grand Performance
13 Sean Piper Freddie Fu Cycling Team
14 Jordan Mathes Sharecare Cycling p/b Wheeland
15 Andrew Buntz Astellas Oncology Cycling Team
16 Gevan Samuel
17 Tim Savre Freewheel Bike
18 Michael Norton
19 Maxwell Ackermann ISCorp Cycling Team
20 Clayton Chase Sharecare Cycling p/b Wheeland
DNF Joshua Carter Predator Carbon Repair
DNF John Tomlinson
DNF Alexander Ray

Women Cat 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Carol-lynn Mills Houlihan Lokey
2 Bethany Sodergren ISCorp Cycling/NCSF
3 Catherine Edgar
4 Kira Maicke
5 Mollie Brewer
6 Alison Brown
7 Emily Cox University of Georgia
8 Genevieve Krahn
9 Karin Friberg Joyride
10 Natalia Rojas
11 Gracia Folkeringa Joyride
12 Jessica Helmlinger BELGIANWERKX
13 Victoria Haney Frazier Cycling
14 Tara Mccloskey
15 Joan Hanscom Project 5 Racing
16 Valerie Grimshaw Greenville Spinners Racing
17 Lynn Leroy LAPT CC
18 Kayla Doan University of Wisconsin-Platteville
19 Kaitlyn Bowden PSIMET Racing
20 Victoria Mcadams
21 Patricia Beam

Women Pro/Cat 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Theresa Cliff-ryan Fearless Femme p/b Pure Energy Cycling-Vie 13
2 Jennifer Perricone ISCorp p/b Intellgentsia Coffee
3 Jeannie Kuhajek Vanderkitten
4 Abby Ruess St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
5 Kristen Meshberg Spidermonkey Cycling
6 Sarah Rice
7 Pascale Petro
8 Sarah Fader Pepper Palace Pro Cycling
9 Leah Sanda PSIMET Racing
10 Emily Palmer Scholars Inn Bakehouse Team Tortuga
11 Jannette Rho Les Petites Victoires
12 Kimberly Gialdini Pact- DISH Network Cycling
DNF Kelly Benjamin Fearless Femme p/b Pure Energy Cycling-Vie 13
DNF Ann Koehler Modry/Evergreen Partners

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