These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael J. smith Cycle City Racing
2 Brian west Cycle city racing Cycle City Racing
3 Spencer Martin Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
4 Britton Kusiak Team Colavita/ Parisi Coffee
5 Justin Leopold Cycle City Racing
6 Brent Mitchell Rasmussen Bike Shop
7 Andrew Lyles Cycle City Racing
8 Kenneth Englert Bike America Racing Elite Development Team
9 Aaron Sims Cycle City Racing
10 Blake Romine Team Colavita/ Parisi Coffee
11 John Williams Team Colavita/ Parisi Coffee
12 Kevin Shaffer GP Velotek
DNF Brandon Oneal Bike America Racing Elite Development Team
DNF Vincent Delaughder Slimenundgrossen/
DNF Brett Coppage

Men 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kevin Fitzgerald KCOI Boulevard
2 Jared Ryan Team Air Assurance/Tulsa Connect
3 Lane Johnson Slimenundgrossen/
4 David Tjiptogarsono GP Velotek
5 Jon Mayfield Tailwind Cyclists
6 Adam Keck Team Colavita/ Parisi Coffee
7 James Dwyer Cycle City Racing
8 Robert Brigman University of Kansas
9 Michael Morgan Big Tree Cycling
10 Mark Earles Team Colavita/ Parisi Coffee
11 Kurt Wilson Big D Cycling
12 Gianni Deangelo
13 Patrick Orrick KCOI Boulevard
14 John Neihouse Fayetteville Wheelmen/Team Athlete Forward
15 Chip Zimmer Big D Cycling
16 Jon Riekenberg Slimenundgrossen/
17 Cole Johnson KCOI U20
18 Matt Ledbetter GP Velotek
19 Shawn Knight Big D Cycling
20 Christian Stewart GP Velotek
21 Benjamin Perkins Midwest Cycling Community NE/ KC
22 David Burrus GP Velotek
23 Alex Ardussi Santa Fe Trails Bicycle Racing
24 Chris Ralston GP Velotek
25 Bradley Albers KCOI Boulevard
26 Aaron Dougherty KCOI Boulevard
DNF William Smith Big D Cycling
DNF Adam Trunnell GP Velotek
DNF Kyle Rainey GP Velotek
DNF Matt Hall The Wheel Cycling Club/The Wheel Racing
DNF Alex Hoehn Epic Cycling Team

Men 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jeret Kusiak Team Colavita/ Parisi Coffee
2 Doug Campbell
3 Rick Pysher
4 Aaron Siebert
5 Jeff Wass Team Sho-Air KC/
6 Scott Poelzl
7 Scott Goldblatt MAPL-Elite Cycling
8 Patrick Casady
9 Dustin Burgardt
10 Brian Collins Townie Syndicate
11 Braxton Mundell Team Air Assurance/Tulsa Connect
12 Michael Fiola Big D Cycling
13 Mitchell Ranzenberger GTG Racing
14 Stephen Whalen Big D Cycling
15 Michael Somers Blue River Bicycle Club
16 Christopher Rollmann Team Air Assurance/Tulsa Connect
17 Tim Herre Big D Cycling
18 Robert Biggs GTG Racing
19 Mark Marriott Townie Syndicate
20 Joel Butner
21 John Field GP Velotek
22 Dan Turner Big D Cycling
23 Bradley Barton Team Sho-Air KC/
24 Jay Luschen Big D Cycling
25 Storry Seifert MAPL-Elite Cycling
26 Chuck Moses
27 James Kirby
28 Robert Ellis
29 Andy Ash MAPL-Elite Cycling
30 Brent Smith Townie Syndicate
31 Jeff Burge GTG Racing
32 Ken Wiebke
33 Chris Davlantes
34 Zach Moores
35 Steve Sanders Big D Cycling
36 Eric Rieckman GP Velotek
37 Todor Gounev GTG Racing
38 Greg Mckean GTG Racing
39 Brad Rodebush
40 Edward Bellamy GTG Racing
41 Caleb Rector Bicycle Shack Racing
42 Brent Peterson
43 Stephen Oneill Team Colavita/ Parisi Coffee
44 Garrett Smith Team Sho-Air KC/
45 Joseph Fairfax GP Velotek
46 Bob Waldorf
47 Frankz Jacobsen
48 Robert Avila
49 Ray Farrens MAPL-Elite Cycling
50 Ben Wolkenfeld
51 James Gann Team Air Assurance/Tulsa Connect
52 Reg Robertson GTG Racing
53 Douglas Young
54 Nile Fairfield
55 Kurt Mckinsey
56 Benjamin Huseman GTG Racing
57 Seth Ryan
DNF Matt Talley Team Air Assurance/Tulsa Connect
DNF Juan Camacho Team Air Assurance/Tulsa Connect
DNF Ben Tarwater
DNF David Whitney Big D Cycling

Men Masters 40+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jeffrey Seese KCOI Boulevard
2 Jason Rew Team Sho-Air KC/
3 Paul Aldeguer Big D Cycling
4 Stephen Songer 360 Racing
5 Paul Fancher Big D Cycling
6 Bruce Dunn Fayetteville Wheelmen/Team Athlete Forward
7 Jeremy Smith Team Colavita/ Parisi Coffee/IN-A-TUB Cycling Team KC
8 Brian Luce Kansas City Bicycle Club
9 James Clevenger Big D Cycling
10 Jaime Galvan Power Partners Racing
11 Chris Hudson Power Partners Racing
12 David Conrad Slimenundgrossen/
13 David Mathews KCBC/KCBC Racing / Kansas City Metro Bicycle
14 Mark Weitzel Team Kaos Cycling
15 Christopher Siemens Team Air Assurance/Tulsa Connect
DNF Ken Whiteside Blue River Bicycle Club
DNF William Prann Midwest Cycling Community NE
DNF John Pahlmann Blue River Bicycle Club

Mixed Juniors 10-18

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jacob marshall Kcoi u20 KCOI U20
2 Conner Rainey GP Velotek
3 Connor Stewart GP Velotek
4 Alec Jorns
5 Reed Levi KCOI U20
6 Charlie Snell KCOI U20
7 Brennan Foster Red Zone Cycling
8 Jakob Farrar GP Velotek
9 Ben Legg KCOI U20
10 William Burrus GP Velotek
11 Hannah Goldberg GP Velotek
12 Max Clark KCOI U20
13 Austin Winbigler KCOI U20
14 Charlie Marshall KCOI U20
15 Henry Marshall KCOI U20

Women 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jennifer Barr Cycle City Racing
2 Josephine Measures Big D Cycling
3 Shannon Williams
4 Jana Strait KCOI Boulevard

Women Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Erin Shaffer GP Velotek
2 Katherine Kelter GP Velotek
3 Venasa Ray Midwest Cycling Community NE/ KC
4 Lynn Wilson Big D Cycling
5 Allison Adams 360 Racing
6 Alaina Beckwith GP Velotek
7 Rochelle Schleicher Big D Cycling
8 Renae Weaver Free State Racing/Women's Free State Racing

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