These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Robert Whittier xXx Racing-Athletico
2 Aaron Baker xXx Racing - Athletico
3 Andres Alvear Bonkers Cycling
4 Tim Holt Tenspeed Hero/J.P. Graziano
5 Jeremy Arnold Bonkers Cycling
6 Anthony Ott DePaul Cycling
7 Jorge Canales
8 Justin Taylor Bonkers Cycling
9 Kevin Whitford xXx Racing-Athletico
10 Kris Chambers
11 Karson Glass Johnny Sprockets
12 Nick Wright Half Acre Cycling
13 James Yoo Half Acre Cycling
14 Tom Riley Half Acre Cycling
15 Christopher Sholl Tuxedo Thunder Cycling
16 Xingda Zhai Half Acre Cycling
17 Mike Palmer Half Acre Cycling
18 Aaron Kock
19 Peter Monko Spidermonkey Cycling
20 Joe Berlyoung Johnny Sprockets
21 Adam Prink xXx racing
22 Peter Cavoto Spidermonkey Cycling
23 Alexander Cheatham depaul
24 Robert Bramlette / /
25 John Castro Spidermonkey Cycling
26 John Cline PSIMET Racing
27 Tien Nguyen xXx Racing - Athletico
28 Jonathan Ortony Half Acre Cycling
29 Thomas Kehrer Bonkers Cycling
30 Sam Lefebre XXX Racing-Athletico
31 Kennen Hootman EMC2 / Elmhurst Masters
32 Solomon Treister Half Acre Cycling
33 Jakub Augustyn Half Acre Cycling
34 Joe Sullivan
35 William Meister Bonkers Cycling
36 George Keppler Half Acre Cycling
37 Freddy Bernabe
38 Tom Perotti xXx Racing - Athletico
39 Sue Wellinghoff xXx Racing - Athletico
40 Kyle Millns

Cat 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Bjoern Oppenkowski Tuxedo Thunder Cycling
2 John Polomchak Region Racing/ RegionRacing p/b Strack & Van Til
3 Matthew Mcdonough
4 Sabin West carbonLORD
5 Kris Chambers CA Technologies
6 Pawel Malecki
7 Pawel Slesinski PLUS CYCLING TEAM
8 Jason Little Jus d'orange
9 Eric Turner
10 Francesco Barba
11 Alex Itkin
12 James Phelan xXx Racing
13 Matthew Cheung
14 Kevin Corcoran xXx Racing - Athletico
15 Joseph Luniak Vision Quest
16 Andy Schumacher
17 Matt Maniscalco
18 Gabriel Kroll LifeLine Ambulance
19 Edward Gross
20 William Meister Bonkers Cycling
21 Jin Choi xXx Racing
22 John Mitchell xXx Racing-Athletico
23 Tiber Scheer XXX Racing-Athletico
24 Zhijun Liu
25 Nicholas Kohout Club de cyclisme TATI
26 Zack Bryan Verge Sport Midwest
27 Kennen Hootman Elmhurst Masters Competition Cycling
28 Brian Maslouski MOX Multisport
29 Michael Brady
30 Solomon Treister Half Acre Cycling
31 John Guentz Psimet Racing
32 Connor Carr
33 Vince Ternes
34 Ryan Cunnane
35 Chris Huffington

Women Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sarah Szefi PSIMET Racing
2 Christine Thornburg Alberto's Sport
3 Katie Casey Half Acre Cycling
4 Katie Kolon Spidermonkey Cycling
5 Michelle Moore Spidermonkey Cycling
6 Katie Oconnor Bonkers
7 Lindsey Fahey Spidermonkey Cycling
8 Jennifer Groen Half Acre Cycling
9 Carrie Smith BFF Racing
10 Kimberly Scheer XXX Racing-Athletico
11 Emily Krauklis PSIMET Racing
12 Jennah Dunham Half Acre Cycling
13 Jasmin Welter BFF Racing
14 Kim Phistry BFF Racing
15 Katherine Lindsay BFF Racing
16 Anne Brynn xXx Racing
17 Amanda Peterson XXX Racing
18 Amber Ritter BFF Racing
19 Mary Russell BFF Racing
20 April Whitworth XXX-Racing Athletico
21 Jenny Lynch Spidermonkey Cycling
22 Gia Biagi XXX Racing - Athletico
23 Katie Beck Verge Sport Midwest
24 Shuyao Sheu xXx Racing
25 Amy Dykema Half Acre Cycling
26 Kathy Austin BFF Cycling
27 Joanne Tomasello
28 Katie Christenson BFF Bikes
29 Eileen Mark Vee Pak
30 Alexandria Barnes
31 Julie Yeagle BFF Racers
32 Kelsey Phillips Spidermonkey
33 Nicole Paparozzi
34 Erika Kondo xXx Racing
DNF Michelle Edwards xXx Racing
DNF Monika Kowalska xXx Racing
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