These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men D1 Nationals TTT

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Fort Lewis men d1 Fort Lewis College 40:42.91
2 Marian Men d1 Marian University 41:16.24
3 Lindenwood Men d1 Lindenwood University 41:49.05
4 Stanford Men d1 Stanford University 42:10.60
5 Midwestern Men d1 Midwestern State University 42:13.25
6 Csu Men d1 Colorado State University 42:13.74
7 Uc-berkeley Men d1 University of California-Berkeley 42:17.42
8 Arizona Men d1 University of Arizona 42:19.63
9 Uc-davis Men d1 University of California-Davis 42:23.96
10 Cu-boulder Men d1 University of Colorado Boulder 42:59.38
11 App State men d1 Appalachian State University 43:09.80
12 Lees-mcrae Men d1 Lees-McRae College 43:14.47
13 Lindsey Wilson men d1 Lindsey Wilson College 43:18.80
14 Iu-bloomington Men d1 Indiana University-Bloomington 43:55.93
15 Ga Tech men d1 Georgia Institute of Technology 46:35.17
16 Bu Men d1 Boston University 48:52.30
17 Florida Men d1 University of Florida 49:07.16

Men D2 Nationals TTT

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Cmu Men d2 Colorado Mesa University 41:49.56
2 Mars Hill men d2 Mars Hill University 42:09.10
3 Notre Dame men d2 University of Notre Dame 43:12.55
4 Mit Men d2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 43:29.38
5 King Men d2 King University 43:35.99
6 Duke Men d2 Duke University 43:36.88
7 Usafa Men d2 US Air Force Academy 44:19.01
8 Middlebury Men d2 Middlebury College 44:33.86
9 Tufts Men d2 Tufts University 44:41.74
10 Navy Men d2 US Naval Academy 45:07.51
11 Whitman Men d2 Whitman College 45:40.11
12 Risd Men d2 Rhode Island School of Design 46:51.99
DNF Brevard Men d2 Brevard College

Women D1 Nationals TTT

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Marian Women d1 Marian University 46:42.56
2 Uc-davis Women d1 University of California-Davis 47:02.75
3 Stanford Women d1 Stanford University 47:23.50
4 App State women d1 Appalachian State University 48:34.29
5 Fort Lewis women d1 Fort Lewis College 48:37.08
6 Lindenwood Women d1 Lindenwood University 49:20.49
7 Midwestern Women d1 Midwestern State University 49:28.59
8 Lees-mcrae Women d1 Lees-McRae College 50:10.62
9 Cu-boulder Women d1 University of Colorado Boulder 50:56.84
10 Florida Women d1 University of Florida 51:07.84
11 Asu Women d1 Arizona State University 51:15.23

Women D2 Nationals TTT

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Cmu Women d2 Colorado Mesa University 48:40.61
2 Mit Women d2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 49:19.08
3 Whitman Women d2 Whitman College 50:09.25
4 Usafa Women d2 US Air Force Academy 51:23.65
5 Brevard Women d2 Brevard College 52:17.25
6 King Women d2 King University 53:21.75
7 Navy Women d2 US Naval Academy 53:37.28
8 Duke Women d2 Duke University 54:15.88
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