These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men 3/4 (58 Miles)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Shanely Mullikin Team HFA p/b Competitive Industries
2 Andrew Moffitt Central Arkansas Velo/CARVE
3 Art Huff Walmart Cycling Team
4 Jason Mcginnis Transitions LifeCare p/b InSync Rx
5 Kirk Grynwald CARVE
6 Braxton Mundell Transitions LifeCare p/b InSync Rx
7 Karl Hanson CARVE
8 Benjamin Hasz Tulsa Wheelman/Tulsa Tough
9 Paul Jackson Team HFA competitive industry's
10 John Gillum Simplex Q
11 Jason Alvarado
12 Terry Coddington Team Athlete Forward
13 Jason Reed SimplexQ Racing
14 Robin Grunnagle Three Happy Cows Cycling Team
15 Beau Rotramel Transitions LifeCare p/b InSync RX
16 Joel Raymond Zest cycling
17 Tj Anderson Wal-Mart Baugh Financial/ Boston Mountain Cyclist
18 Ben Craig Zest cycling
19 Ryan Lange Rockwall Cycling
20 Rafael Santiago Tulsa Tough Racing pb ICEdot
21 Robert Lemaster Soundpony
22 John Kelly Central Arkansas Velo
23 Michael Kirk Three Happy Cows Cycling
24 Jacob Beers Three Happy Cows Cycling Team
25 Michael Sokol Tulsa Wheelmen
26 Roger Mcmillan Gearhead Outfitters
27 Steve Pascoe Team Athlete Forward
28 Jason Diggle
DNF Danielle Bradley guru cycles

Men 1/2/3 (68 Miles)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Evan East Hincapie Sportswear Devo
2 Zach Cobb Team Sub4
3 Duncan Warner Walmart Race Team
4 Curtis Luckett 3 Happy Cows
5 Richard Holt 3 Happy Cows
6 Jake Schneidewind Team Athlete Forward
7 Grant Najera Tulsa Wheelmen
8 Zach Shone Walmart -BMC
9 Mark Griesse Three Happy Cows Cycling
10 Levi Baker Team Athlete Forward
11 Gerald Drummond Walmart/Baugh Financial
12 Josh Estes Team Athlete Forward
13 Alex Palencia BMC

Men Master 40/50 40+ (58 Miles)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Hunter East OKC Velo
2 Charles Parmain Team Soundpony
3 Paul Komarek Fayetteville Wheelmen / Athlete Forward
4 Steven Auchterlonie 3 Happy Cows
5 Greg Mead Rockwall Cycling
6 Paul Hunt Walmart/Baugh Financial
7 Charles Varela Athlete Forward
DNF Kyle Freeman Tulsa Wheelmen
8 Jonathon Johnson 3 Happy Cows
DNF Dathan Atchison Walmart/Baugh Financial
DNF John Lawlor Leborne Development

WoMen (32 Miles)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Renae Rheingans Boston Mountain Cyclists
2 Teresa Colmenero Isocentric
3 Kim Chance Matrix Cycling Team
4 Debra Douglas
5 Chrissy Fox Dark Horse Racing
6 Sally Broadaway Gearhead Cycle House
7 Rose Heller River Valley Cycling
8 Amy Bales Team Tom's
9 Madison Gramling Gearhead Cycle House
DNF Desinee Bottorff HealthSouth Race Team/Phat Tire Cycling Club/GTSinc
10 Joanne Newbould

Women Men 4/5 (32 Miles)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Franz Walmart Cycling Team
2 Brent Grist Walmart Cycling Team
3 Adam Mccall Team Athlete Forward
4 Ben Gramling Gearhead Cycle House
5 Russell Worley Health South Race Team
6 Mark Earles Colavita Parisi Coffee
7 Robert Simmons
8 Dat Duong
9 John Neihouse Team Athlete Forward
10 Kevin Solomon CARVE
11 David Gill CARVE
12 Eric Barnes HealthSouth Racing Team
13 William Anders HeathSouth Race Team
14 David Harber
14 Bruce Schroeder Hooligans Cycling Club
15 Keith Bassham Tom's Bicycles
16 Ross Tuneberg Central Arkansas Velo/CARVE
17 Travis Truax Phat Tire - Liberty Bank
18 Scott Graves Toms Bicycles
18 Christopher Johnson Phat Tire - Liberty Bank Race Team
19 Andrew Rayburn
20 David Brand BMC
21 Wade Carpenter Gearhead Cycle House
22 Mike Manning unattached
23 Josh Hayes Team Athlete Forward/Fayetteville Wheelmen
24 Victor Gurel Health South
25 Colby Webb Athlete Forward
26 Bryan Sunday
27 Matt Millner
27 Kevin Bradley Health South Racing
28 Jeano Pelletier Team Air Assurance/ Tulsa Connect
29 Blake Kingfisher HealthSouth Race Team/Phat Tire Cycling Cluib
30 Oscar Zazueta
31 Jason Broadaway Gearhead Cycle House
32 Donald Morgan Team Soundpony
DNF Gregory Hiestand Team Athlete Forward