These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Samuel Au Sakari Race Team
2 Jed Gammell Rasmussen Bike Shop
3 Ryan Van houweling Rasmussen Bike Shop
4 Jason Halfpap Rasmussen Bike Shop
5 Ryan Wisnousky Sakari Race Team
6 Michael Dixon Team Kaos/Alegent Creighton Health
7 Isaac Mcfee RDMB Junior Racing Team
8 Tyler Reynolds Jimmy John's Racing Team
9 Adam Thompson Rasmussen Bike Shop
10 Scott Lukan Rasmussen Bike Shop
11 Jason Uhlenhake Sakari Race Team
12 John Collier
13 Mark Juffernbrach
14 Rob Haaland Twisted Spokes Racing Team
15 Artur Golebiewski DMOS Racing Team
16 Steve Clark
17 Fred Brand TEAM SUB4
18 Derek Claussen DMOS Racing Team
19 Jeff Burdick Sakari Race Team
DNF Lee Current Jimmy John's Racing Team
DNF Dan Davis Zealous Racing

Men 40+ Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Steve Reynolds Jimmy John's Racing Team
2 Shawn Loomis Central Iowa Cycling Club
3 Greg Fuqua Central Iowa Cycling Club
4 Doug Klahsen Zealous Racing
5 Donald Stanner Free Flight Bike & Ski
6 David Lippold Sakari Race Team

Men 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jeremy Schwertfeger Mercy-Specialized
2 Corey Philips Sakari Race Team
3 Ian Baker
4 Roman Vald
5 Casey Dray
6 Jeff Schaub Rasmussen Bike Shop
7 Christopher Kyhl Sakari Race Team
8 Ted Longnecker
9 Sean O'brien
10 Randy Bamsey
11 Steve Tran Sakari Race Team
12 Andy Edwards
13 Andrew Call Team Kaos/Alegent Creighton Health
14 Mike Bandstra
15 Grant Simpson
16 Ryan Peterson DMOS Racing Team
17 Jeff Eisentrager
18 Austin Eide
19 James Pirolli DMOS Racing Team
20 John Mccannon
21 Jared Tee
22 Dan Rekemeyer Central Iowa Cycling Club
23 Dylan Moro
DNF Kirk Huss Team Kaos/Alegent Creighton Health
DNF James Beard
DNF David Volante Sakari Race Team

Men 50+ Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Scott Wall Central Iowa Cycling Club
2 John Brooks Violet Crown
3 Todd Toom Jimmy John's Racing Team
4 Dan Bach Des Moines Cycle Club

Men Cat P/1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Derek Cassaday Heartland Velo
2 Joshua Wandrey Heartland Velo
3 Eric Bockelman Sakari Race Team
4 Brian Eppen Iowa City Cycling Club
5 Anthony Olson Mitsubishi Laser/Grand Performance
6 Jason Anderson Sakari Race Team
7 Chris Yotter Mitsubishi Laser/Grand Performance
8 Vance Fletcher Rasmussen Bike Shop
9 Benjamin Anderson Iowa City Cycling Club
10 Brenden Hardy Atlas Cycling
11 Andrew peterson ? Iowa City Cycling Club
12 Matias Perret Mercy-Specialized
13 Tim Savre Mitsubishi Laser/Grand Performance
14 Jonathan Wait Lincoln Industries Cycling
15 Brian west Cycle city racing Heartland Velo
16 Joe Petersen Rasmussen Bike Shop
17 David Alexander DMOS Racing Team
18 Aaron Wrabek Sakari Race Team
19 Reed Rinderknecht
20 Michael Sencenbaugh Heartland Velo
21 Jared Osterloh Sakari Race Team
22 Jeff Barnes Mercy-Specialized
23 Alexander Hershey Rasmussen Bike Shop
24 Macen Vanallen Heartland Velo
25 Nick Callison Rasmussen Bike Shop
26 Kale Halder Rasmussen Bike Shop
27 Jared Mclaren Sakari Race Team
28 Kevin Patterson Zealous Racing
29 Matthew Bosman Rhythm Racing
30 Andrew Bach Rasmussen Bike Shop
31 Joshua Peter Sakari Race Team
DNF Matthew Moehn Sakari Race Team
DNF Brent Mitchell Rasmussen Bike Shop
DNF John Stonebarger New Pioneer Food Co-op
DNF Adam Ventling Heartland Velo
DNF Randy Reichardt Velo Force
DNF Lincoln Eppard Heartland Velo
DNF J Bailey Rasmussen Bike Shop
DNF Gavin Huseboe Central Iowa Cycling Club
DNF Ryan Legg Lincoln Industries Cycling
DNF Adam Kruse

Women 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ani Trane
2 Ali Young VeloRosa Cycling Team
3 Karin Wilhelm
4 Tara Coady Goosetown Racing Club
5 Dixie Wolf
6 Danielle Lin
7 Karalyn Kuhns VeloRosa Cycling Team
8 Katherine Roccasecca VeloRosa Cycling Team
DNF Rose Farver VeloRosa Cycling Team

Women Cat P/1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Vanessa Curtis Mercy-Specialized
2 Loren Uscilowski Des Moines United p/b Sakari
3 Lisa Vetterlein Des Moines United
4 Elizabeth Martin Des Moines United
5 Alijah Beatty NorthStar Development Cycling
6 Dee Mable Des Moines United
7 Sara Barber New Pioneer Food Co-op
8 Amy Collison Midwest Cycling Community NE
9 Ingrid Anderson Iowa City Cycling Club

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