These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Carlos Zamarripa Team Spoke Cycles p/b C. Ale House
2 Lucas Farr PTS Racing
3 Todd Berger Berger Hardware Bikes
4 Sean Holland
5 Curtis Staples The Hillsborough Elite
6 Alex Harrill Specialized Dumonde
7 Paul Gregory Cyclus Sports
8 Thomas Rodgers Benissimo
9 Sterling Swaim Benissimo
10 Jim Payne Tumult Racing
11 Ryan Edwards Cycling Club at VCU
12 Dana Braet Velo Force
13 David Tuchman Cone Health/Cycles de ORO
14 Matthew Mcnees Cyclus Sports
15 Thomas Grinnan Team Carytown Bicycle Company
16 Gary Jackson Velosports
17 John Baxter Constellation Cycling
18 Josh Payne BHB
19 Robert Eichvalds Champion System/DCX
20 Josh Cates Cyclus Sports
21 Michael Hitz Vic Chisholm Racing Inc
22 Eric Terlizzi Team Spoke Cycles p/b Carolina Ale House
DNF Dariusz Tyborowski Team Spoke Cycles p/b Carolina Ale House
DNF Jason Chapple Vic Chisholm Racing Inc./Benissimo
DNF Marc Buxbaum Team Spoke Cycles pb Carolina Ale House
DNF Stefan Rogers FSC Racing
DNF Mike Lifshotz
DNF Alec Whyte Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team p/b GCB

Men Cat4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 William Leet Charlottesville Racing Club p/b Reynolds GM/Subaru
2 Rick Williams The Hillsborough Street Elite
3 Edward Jones Nashbar Cycling Club
4 Mark Edwards Cone Health/cycles de ORO
5 Denis Kissane E3 Elite Human Performance Cycling Team
6 Benjamin Knudsen
7 Justin Parrillo Lees-McRae College Cycling Team
8 Robert Bonham
9 Brandon Squizzato Team Spoke Cycles p/b Carolina Ale House
10 Alex Winnicki Cone Health / Cycle de Oro
11 Ian Witsaman
12 Chris Guella SV/BikeSource Racing
13 Randy Cress SV/BikeSource Racing
14 Christopher Dougherty
15 Peter Kreuser Oak City Cycling Project Race Team
16 Adam Keith CU Cycling-Boulder
17 Adam Koch
18 Phillip Giampapa
19 James Reisen
20 Greg Rogers Catup Coaching
21 Keith Koontz Monster Media Racing
22 Barrett Hahn
23 Bryan Hoffman
24 R Manson Team Spoke Cycles p/b Carolina Ale House
25 Eric Winebarger SV/BikeSource Racing
26 Graham Williams Cycles de Oro
27 Jerry Muir CatUp Coaching
28 Peter Jasnoch Classic Cycling
29 Larry Gibson Generals
30 Lee Sandstead
31 Hansen Su
32 Zac Lockhart Burlington Velo Club
33 Matthew Stapleton
34 Terrence Slack Hawleys Bicycle World Race Team
35 Greg Hohn
36 Clayton Roberts
37 Thomas Woodrum
38 Brock Gabler Cycle de ORO
39 Michael Bryan Bitter Dose
40 David Weatherford fugue
41 Joseph Brown
42 Paul Kozlowski
43 Don Lichty None
44 Thomas Poole Wake Forest University
45 George Hatcher Hawleys Bicycle World Race Team
46 Sean Haglund
DNF Arthur Koch
47 John Hergert Full Spectrum Racing
DNF Max Martin Chamberlain Gang
DNF Jonathan Dubel Team Fugue Racing
DNF David Freedland
DNF Jim Casper The Spiritual Spinners

Men pro/1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Johnny Mitchell Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team
2 Robert O'gorman jr Happy Tooth Racing
3 Patrick Raines UCI CT: Team SmartStop p/b Mountain Khakis
4 Hank Booth Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team
5 Ross Bowden Oak City Cycling Project Race Team
6 Travis Livermon
7 Chris Zieman Happy Tooth Racing
8 Justin Meade Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team p/b GCB
9 Brock Denis Iron Forged Athletics p/b Yo Dude Tactical
10 Franklin Deese Cyclus Sports
11 David Walls AYC Junior Development Team
12 David Hall Myrtle Beach Bicycle Racing
13 Carter Harris UNCW
14 Seth Ray Oak City Cycling Project Race Team
15 Keith Handlon The Hillsborough Street Elite
16 Keegan Gilder greenlife subaru benefiting globalbike
17 Matthew Howe Happy Tooth Racing
18 Amir Merali
19 Conor Schunk Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team p/b GCB
20 Jonathan Crawford
21 Matthew Bruner Happy Tooth Racing
22 Cam Mancuso Sicklers Bike and Sport Shop
23 Justin Crawford PTS Racing
24 Caroline Moakley PainPathways Cycling Team
25 Kurt Massey
26 Stephen Wagstaff Happy Tooth Racing
27 Kaleb Naegeli Duke University
28 Frank Cundiff Celerity Cycling p/b Fitness Together
29 Richard Kirby Revolve Residential p/b
30 Francis Gradisher Finish Strong
31 Christopher Blake Happy Tooth Racing
32 Jonathan Phan Cutaway - Felt p/b Angus Dentistry
33 Luis Flores Happy Tooth Racing
DNF Michael Raynor HSE Cycling
DNF Ben Rickey Integrated Sports Medicine p/b Browns Subaru
DNF Dylan Lawson Revolve Residential p/b
DNF Erik Broo Happy Tooth Racing

Men 15-18 Junior15

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Aidan Pounder AYC Junior Development Race Team
2 Henry Davis Wenzel Coaching Jr Devo Team
3 Gustavo Marin Constellation Cycling
4 Jonathan Plaxton Spoke Cyclesp/b Carolina Ale House
5 Matt Slayer
6 Lawton Ives
7 Alex Casper The Spiritual Spinners
8 Jarod Nizen

Men 35+ Masters 35+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Matt Botting Carolina Cycling Team
2 Mark Jellous Team Greenville Health System
3 Jay Keim Capital Cycling Club CatUp Coaching
4 Bryan Hoy Crosstown Velo
5 Stephen Guidry Carolina Cycling Team
6 Ziyu Jin catUP Coaching
7 James Allen CatUp Coaching
8 Jamie Kovalaske RevolutionCycleSports p/b Lonerider Br
9 Allan Jacobs Cone Health/GVC
10 Joe Hathcock Carolina Cycling Team
11 Jennifer Campbell Constellation Cycling
12 Gregory Thompson Classic Cycling
13 Kirk Port Constellation Cycling
14 Adam Perez Revolution Cycle Sports p/b Lonerider Brewery
DNF Tim Giresi RevolutionCycleSports p/b Lonerider Br
DNF John Weigel Cone Health/cycles de ORO
DNF Joshua Harris

Men 45+ Masters 45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Keith Johnson AV/ Descente
2 Richard Creed Mock Orange Racing
3 Gordon Stiel Carolina Cycling Team
4 Alvin Frias catUP Coaching
5 Adrian Carter Triangle Velo
6 Tommy Jones Carolina Cycling Team
7 Daniel Gosner catUP Coaching
8 Greg Hilt CatUP Coaching
9 Robert Butler Revolution Cycle Sports c/o Lonerider
10 Stuart Whiteway CatUP Coaching
11 Todd Davis KCOI Boulevard
12 Lee Reavis Modry/Evergreen Partners
13 Jim Chopas
14 Clayton Griffin
15 Dean Hesterberg Revolution Cycle Sports p/b LoneRider Brewery
16 James Berry Spinx
17 Michael Berry Modry/Evergreen Partners
18 Gregg Fauceglia Team Simple Green/Bike Religion
19 Neil Myers N/A
20 Jeff Murray RevolutionCycleSports p/b Lonerider Br
21 Ted Hopkins Revolution Cycle Sports
22 Randy Murray Revolution Cycle Sports pb Lonerider Brewery
23 ? Charlie Inland Construction / C2
24 Brian Attis FSC Racing
25 Mitch Hunt Rogue Velo Racing
26 Greg Robitaille CatUp Coaching
DNF Randy Parker Herbalife 24 Fit
27 Steven Farlow Team Spoke Cycles pb Carolina Ale House
DNF Jerry Gala Revolution CycleSports
DNF Darrin Dexter CatUp Coaching
DNF Mark Bacon SV/BikeSource Racing
DNF James Price Tricyclists BRC
DNF Howard Harnett Revolution Cycle Sports

Men 9-14 Juniors

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Alastair Pounder AYC Junior Development Race Team
2 John Paul amalong Constellation Cycling
3 Grant Mcallister
4 Joshua Buxbaum Gyros Racing Team p/b Carolina Ale House

Women 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kristina Vrouwenvelder Spokeswoman Syndicate
2 Bethan Eynon SpokesWomen Syndicate Inc.
3 Sarah Guilbert SpokeWomen Syndicate
4 Teresa Brusadin Spiritual Spinners
5 Taylor Wells
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