These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ruben Companioni Jamis Sutter Home
2 Steven Perezluha Guttemplan Coaching
3 Jose Navarro Unattached
4 Fredd Matute Performance Cycling B/Rossetti
5 Enrique Lopez TTR
6 Oshane Williams Galiz Cycling Team
7 Yosvany Falcon Colavita Racing Inc
8 Akil Campbell Galiz Cycling Team
9 Victor Herrera Alligator's Cycling Team
10 Israel Daniel Performance Fitness-Delfay Cen
11 Garret Moore Cycle Depot Racing Team
12 Cesar Sosa Unattached
13 Dustin Brody Interactive Metronome
14 David Pavlik Sons of SeaSucker
15 Noe Gonzalez Team Performance Fitness-Delra
16 William Cuello Unattached
17 Nelson Trujillo Panda Cycles/KTM
18 Ricardo Hernandez Palmetto Sport Cars
19 Jose Rodriguez Rossetti
20 Gunter Hermanni All 4 Cycling
21 Tomas Velez Veloce Speedwear Div.
22 Yulien Rodriguez G M Bikes
23 Luis Zayas All 4 Cycling
24 Yip Tsang Performance Cycling B/Rossetti
25 Carlos Morales Unattached
26 Allison Linnell All 4 Cycling
DNF Dave Lewis Florida Velo
DNF Jeffrey Lyon Cycle Depot
DNF Raul Bello Performance Cycling B/Rossetti
DNF Juan Carrazana Unattached

Men Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Leonardo Perez avila Elvys Trucking Corp
2 Carlos Fuentes Elvys Trucking Corp
3 Orelvis Martinez Elvys Trucking Corp
4 Rolando Moreno Sun Cycling Team
5 Alain Brizuela Unattached
6 Eduardo Lopez Unattached
7 Jose Perez Elvys Trucking Corp
8 Omelio Rufin Pro Cycling Miami
9 Yuniet Del toro Unattached
10 Juan Zambrano All 4 Cycling
11 Kevin Grimes Steady Spin
12 Osmel Cruz G M Bikes
13 Aaron Van gelder Unattached
14 Renier Suarez Unattached
15 Ytiel Navarro Unattached
16 Devendra Sahadeo Galiz Team
17 William Loheide Patches
18 Daniel Bittel ZMotion/BikeStreet
19 Fernando Fornaris Unattached
20 Alexander Palencia Unattached
21 Jean Palau Sun Cycling Team
22 Jose Babilonia Unattached
23 Abdel Osorio Andante/Mastermind Team
24 Adrian Mena Rossetti
25 Federico Lettieres Unattached
26 Sean Mow Boom Cycling Team
30 Pascal Bijnaar ZMotion/BikeStreet
31 Elvis Budhram Colavita Racing Inc
33 Manuel Trujillo Unattached
34 Humberto Pages Palmetto Sport Cars
35 Carlos Alamo Unattached
36 Jorge Rodriguez Unattached
DNF Erick Hernandez Florida Velodrome Association
DNF Miguel Aviles Unattached
37 Anthony Quintero G M Bikes
DNF Anthony Karambellas Unattached
38 Orelvys Nolasco Unattached
39 Francisco Vega ZMotion/BikeStreet
DNF Yasmani Neira Unattached
40 Juan Vargas ZMotion/BikeStreet
DNF Juan Felipe pineda ZMotion/BikeStreet
DNF Chad Mow Boom Cycling Team
DNF Santos Paulo Unattached
DNF Felipe Costa Unattached
DNF Abdel Salas Unattached
DNF Jonathan Linette Unattached
DNF Leonel Figueredo Unattached
DNF Peter Ferralls Unattached
DNF Jimmy De la luz caballero Unattached
DNF Cristian Gonzalez Andante/Mastermind Team
DNF Joseph Ladin Unattached
DNF Alexander Rodriquez Unattached
DNF Geronimo Leonardi Unattached
DNF Unknown Rider Unattached
DNF Geovany Barreiro Unattached
DNF Carlos Pagan Unattached
DNF Robert Martell Unattached

Men Open 35-49 Masters

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Luis Rios Unattached
2 Garret Moore Cycle Depot Racing Team
3 Jose Armas GS Palm Beach Garneau
4 Grant Potter Graner-Stradalli-Jaco
5 Rigoberto Ramirez City Bike Club
6 Samuel Sanchez TTR
7 Julio Cruz Panda Cycles/KTM
8 Nivio Diaz GS Palm Beach Garneau
9 Stephen Tannenbaum Cool Beans Racing
10 Nate Adler Cool Beans Racing
11 Roman Morozov Cool Beans Racing
12 Almo Cattani Outcast Racing Team
13 Arnaldo Salazar Unattached
14 Christian Viera TTR
15 Amelio Fundora Velo Masters Of Miami
16 Jorge Perez Unattached
17 Carlos Prats Unattached
18 Kurt Jambretz Faster Cycling Perf.Center
19 Edixon Rodriguez Big Wheel Sunrise
20 Paul Lincoln Bike America Racing Team
21 Rick Avendano Cycle Depot Racing Team
22 Aldo Arencibia Unattached
23 Jesus Angel Andante/Mastermind Team
24 Ricardo Romay Panda Cycles/KTM
25 Bret Whitman Cool Beans Racing
26 Pavel Fiallo Patches
DNF Azari Arrocha Patches
27 Leonard Hall Colavita Racing Inc
DNF Rodrigo Acierno Unattached
DNF Leszek Wnuk Unattached
DNF Reynaldo Pineiro Unattached
DNF Matthew Strongin Cool Beans Racing
DNF Ashton Hulscher Cool Beans Racing
DNF Andrew Teixeira Bike America Racing Team
DNF Jeffrey Lyon Cycle Depot

Men Open 50+ Masters

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andrew Macfarlane Patches
2 Brian Brown Unattached
3 Alioshka Alayeto G M Bikes
4 Alan Korhonen West Coast Cycling
5 Gus Ferrer Big Wheel Sunrise
6 Wallie Martinez Big Wheel Sunrise
7 Richard Abreu All 4 Cycling
8 Scott Wood BikeStreet USA
9 Renny Ortiz Big Wheel Sunrise
10 James Clossick Velo Masters Of Miami
11 James Woolard Unattached
12 Vicent Pedro Unattached
13 Ricardo Ortega Aerospace Engineering Group - VMG
14 Hernan Perilla Big Wheel Sunrise
15 Bruce Keno ZMotion/BikeStreet
16 Jose Maldonado ZMotion/BikeStreet
DNF Jorge Herrera South MIAMI BIKE SHOP
DNF Fitzroy Craig Team Performance Fitness-Delra
DNF Les Ryder ZMotion/BikeStreet
DNF Alberto Medero Miami Masters

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