These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Junior 10 - 14 Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kara Bazley Northwest Cycling Club
2 Brian Luciano Northwest Cycling Club
3 Paige Zizka Northwest Cycling Club
4 Abby Bazley Northwest Cycling Club
5 Mya Duncan Northwest Cycling Club
6 Zaria Duncan Northwest Cycling Club

Men Cat 2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Jones VooDoo Racing
2 Enoc Ishida Dallas BIke Works
3 John Donovan Shama Cycles
4 Brady Reed
5 Aaron Wade VooDoo Racing
6 Kyle Walker Texas Tech University
7 Paul Dentel Watt Posse
8 Jason Roberts Bike World Racing
9 William martin ? Shred Monster
10 Davis Dombrowski Dallas BIke Works
11 Nathan Sheetz VooDoo Racing
12 Colin Bromley PHENOM p/b AnalySys Laboratories
13 Keith Miller Acadiana Bicycle Racing
14 Michael Wert GS Tenzing
15 Maximilian Hall Shred Monster
16 Evan Mcmanus Lake Charles Racing
17 James Day Shred Monster
18 James Dubois Bicycle Heaven / PVA
19 Abdias Benjamin hernandez
20 Meredith Bunkers Bike Barn (Texas)

Men Cat 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Krutak
2 Jeremy Schwab Shama Cycles
3 Curtis George Nick Lopez Tailoring Cycling Team
4 Joshua Gibson Northwest Cycling Club
5 Steve Brannan Team Elevate Racing
6 Hans Wright FIAT of McKinney / Bicycles Plus Racing
7 Alex Joseph Cook Ford/Bay Area Cycling
8 Preston Glace 787 Racing
9 John Yoder swcc
10 Zach Ross Bike Barn (Texas)
11 Henk Noordermeer Northwest Cycling Club
12 Jorge Munoz jr
13 James Ji Cicada Racing Inc. p/b Mark Miller Subaru
14 Drew Yoder swcc
15 Nathan Lesniewski
16 Melvin Barrios Nick Lopez Tailoring Cycling Team
17 Robert Mcdonald 787 Racing
18 Jeremy Osborn
19 Tyler Delamater Knobbies & Slicks
20 Oscar Barreto Nick Lopez Tailoring Cycling Team
21 Todd Thomas Matrix Cycling Club
22 Mark Weir GS Tenzing
23 John Wilmeth Bike Barn (Texas)
24 John martin Bikesport Bayou City Racing
25 Tom Warren A Bloc
26 Whit Somerall Team LaS'port
27 Scott Crowley Bike Barn Texas
28 Andrew Farmer DNA Racing
29 Nicholas Minnery Southern Elite/Sun & Ski Sports
30 Jon Hunter GS Tenzing
31 Eric Whitworth Team Elevate Racing
32 David Muecke Team Elevate Racing
33 Jose Hernandez
34 Jason Baker PHENOM p/b AnalySys Laboratories
35 Aaron Nelson Bicycle Heaven / PVA
36 Tobias Fiedler
37 Blake Cutherell PHENOM p/b AnalySys Laboratories
38 Keith Thompson Team Elevate Racing
39 Mikey Benes The Woodlands Cycling Club
41 Luke Gentry
42 Alex gonzalez T3multisports elite junior cycling

Men Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Lucas Bourgoyne Shama Cycles
2 Myles Elbel PHENOM p/b AnalySys Laboratories
3 Alexander Fleming Bike Barn Texas
4 David Bettner PHENOM p/b AnalySys Laboratories
5 Jonathan Spangle Shama Cycles
6 Thomass Traxler
7 Tim Jones
8 Cesar M gomez Nick Lopez Tailoring Cycling Team
9 Carlos Barrios Nick Lopez Tailoring Cycling Team
10 Andrew Singer Matrix/RBM
11 Lucien Fuertes Bat City Cycling
12 Paul Perrone
13 Igor Jaramillo Northwest Cycling Club
14 Peter Saulino Sugar Cycles/Wholesome Sweeteners
15 Loren Graham
16 Darryl Rosenfeld Bike Barn Texas
17 Kyle Boucher Bayou City Racing
18 Grant Coultas
19 Omar Espinoza Northwest Cycling Club
20 Jose Aguilar
21 Travis Stueber
22 Shane Pavonetti PHENOM p/b AnalySys Laboratories
23 Johnny Miranda swcc
24 Chaz Mack Team West End Bikes
25 Michael Crabtree Northwest Cycling Club
26 Rhys Ivoryganja Southern Elite
27 Jesus Guerra Northwest Cycling Club
28 Lawrence Ocampo Northwest Cycling Club
29 Donald Gwartney
30 Will Sharp Southern Elite/Sun & Ski Sports
31 Juan Pena Northwest Cycling Club
32 Luis Ruiz Northwest Cycling Club
33 John Walker Northwest Cycling Club
34 Juan Rocha Team West End Bikes

Men Master 35+ Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mark Brandt Dallas BIke Works
2 Marcos Ferreyra McKinney Velo Club
3 Owen Lee Dallas BIke Works
4 Edvin Ordonez Crest/RBM Racing
5 Pascal Roberts Northwest Cycling Club
6 Brandon O'neal Northwest Cycling Club
7 Patrick Meuche Crest/RBM Racing
8 Israel Velasquez Dallas BIke Works
9 Jeff Kohn
10 Christopher Hill Team Bicycles inc
11 Freddy Cedeno Crest/RBM Cycling
12 David Roberts Northwest Cycling Club
13 Grant Woolf Bat City Cycling
14 Gerardo Morales Rock Fitness Cycling Team
15 Cody Pedigo Bike Barn Texas
16 Jan Dieleman swcc
17 Juan Rodriguez Bike Barn Texas
18 Russell Carawan Bat City Cycling
19 Fermin Flores Rock Fitness Cycling Team
20 James Ortego Southern Elite/Sun & Ski Sports
21 Daniel Corey Bike Barn Texas
22 Duane Mann
23 Mike Hogan Northwest Cycling Club
24 Philip Teitel
25 Mike Hutton Northwest Cycling Club

Men Master 40+ Cat 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Alex Vasquez Texas Pro Health Racing
2 Troy Kimball DNA Cycling p/b Austinbikes
3 John Murazak Crest/RBM Racing
4 Joel Hawks FIAT of McKinney / Bicycles Plus Racing
5 Jason Lewiss ATC Racing
6 Wallace Groda Bike Barn (Texas)
7 Daniel Piercy Violet Crown
8 Joe Gonzalez FIAT of McKinney / Bicycles Plus Racing
9 Oktay Demirdal ROL Wheels
10 Brent Turner Bike Barn (Texas)
11 John Korioth Driveway Series Racing
12 Marcus Arredondo Texas Pro Health Racing
13 Jorge Martinez ROL Wheels
14 Greg Binion Bike Barn Texas
15 Luis Acosta ROL Wheels
16 Enrique Varela 787 Racing
17 Michael Gacki FIAT of McKinney / Bicycles Plus Racing
18 Cord Offermann DNA Cycling p/b Austinbikes
19 Jason Bentley Bat City Cycling
20 John Ashe DNA Cycling p/b Austinbikes
21 Brian Hoard DNA Cycling p/b Austinbikes
22 Rich Dotson FIAT of McKinney / Bicycles Plus Racing
23 Bradley Herle FIAT of McKinney / Bicycles Plus Racing
24 David Richardson La Mancha Driveway Series Racing
25 Robert Baatz Crest/RBM Racing
26 Brandon Cunningham Gulf Coast Cycling Association
27 Glen Watson Bike Barn (Texas)
28 Todd Mitchell Cook Ford/Bay Area Cycling
29 Kevin Schaefer DNA Cycling p/b Austinbikes
30 Jon Lewis Texas Pro Health Racing
31 Matt Moore DNA Cycling p/b Austinbikes
32 Scott Boykin Texas Pro Health Racing
33 Stephen Borski Watt Posse
34 Goran Petrovski FIAT of McKinney / Bicycles Plus Racing

Men Master 50+ Cat 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Ereli A Bloc
2 Michael Hall Joe's Pro Bikes
3 Jeffry Fene McKinney Velo Club
4 Herman Verhoeven Cook Ford/Bay Area Cycling
5 Robert Mccallum Northwest Cycling Club
6 W Kent snead ROL Wheels
7 Geoffrey Maguire VooDoo Racing
8 Mike Herrick Dallas Bike Works
9 Scott Munroe A Bloc
10 Rick Beckman A Bloc
11 Al Kline A Bloc
12 Jonathan Snow
13 Darrell Hull A Bloc
14 James Newsom Team Elevate Racing
15 David Bumbaugh Red's Racing
16 Patrick Dougherty Team Elevate Racing
17 Maner Shaw Team Delirium Racing
18 R Les terrill Dallas Bike Works
19 Steve Sprinkle
20 Jason Newman A Bloc
21 Sam Eells Violet Crown
22 David Bjork A Bloc
23 Matt Laughlin Team Elevate Racing
24 Charles Bippert ROL Wheels
25 Dave Hargis ROL Wheels
26 Weston Giunta Violet Crown
27 Ken Rees Team Elevate Racing
28 Clark Shaffer VooDoo Racing
29 Vernon Mcdonald Shama Cycles
30 Joe Carreon

Men Master 60+ Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 William Allen Colavita Racing, Inc.
2 Robert Hebb FRESH Racing
3 Charlie Johnson swcc
4 Val Lincecum Southwest Cycling Club Racing
5 Richard Hall 787 Reality/Mobil 1 Racing
6 Michael Haney Violet Crown

Men Pro/Cat 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Heath Blackgrove Elevate Elite Cycling Team
2 Tyler stewart Dallas bike works
3 Gabriel Baca ELBOWZ Racing
4 Emiliano Morales
5 Joshua Hudson Team LaS'port
6 Shawn Small GS Tenzing
7 Paul Carty 787 Reality/Mobil 1 Racing
8 Kenneth Day GS Tenzing
9 Tice Porterfield U23 Development Team
10 Isaac Porterfield U23 Development Team
11 Henk Calderon Nick Lopez Tailoring Cycling Team
12 Mario Arroyave Elevate Elite Cycling Team
13 Josh Oxendine PHENOM p/b AnalySys Laboratories

Women Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
2 Jeana Midgette Team West End Bikes
3 Amber smolik Shama cycles Shama Cycles
4 Estefy Gonzalez ATC Racing
5 Lori Francis Bicycle Heaven / PVA
6 Clare Gardner
7 Hillary Hayden Team West End Bikes
8 Haley Weaver PHENOM p/b AnalySys Laboratories
9 Elizabeth Gardner Colavita Racing, Inc.
10 Ashley Lesniewski FRESH Racing
11 Zuzana Baranova
13 Roxana Kouros Team West End Bikes
14 Emily Beaudoin
15 Sri Johnson

Women Master 40+ Cat 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michelle Lewis sirianni gacki Matrix/RBM
2 Darci Scott Cadence Cyclery
3 Pam Downs Colavita Racing
4 Kim Chesler Northwest Cycling Club
5 Kathy Garrett swcc
6 Christy Richbourg FRESH Racing

Women Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Leigh Ganzar Athlete Architecture
2 Mina Pizzini ATC Racing
3 Carolyn Defoore Athlete Architecture
4 Amy Miner
5 Anne Flanagan ATC Racing
6 Chelsea Smith ATC Racing
7 Melissa Ruthven ATC Racing
8 Grace Chappell Happy Tooth Women's Racing
9 Lacy Thomas FRESH Racing
10 Allison Atkinson ATC Racing
11 Christie Tracy ATC Racing
12 Marla Briley ATC Racing

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