These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Nationals Crit D1

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Joshua Johnson Marian University 1:12:29
2 Brandon Feehery Lindenwood University 1:12:29
3 Ryan Standish Fort Lewis College 1:12:31
4 Connor Brown Lindenwood University 1:12:36
5 Matthew Zimmer Lees-McRae College 1:12:40
6 Noah Granigan University of Colorado Boulder 1:12:42
7 David Lombardo Lindenwood University 1:12:50
8 Dean Haas Fort Lewis College 1:12:54
9 Taylor Warren Colorado State University 1:13:00
10 Maxwell Ackermann University of Wisconsin-Madison 1:13:01
11 Nick Bax Stanford University 1:13:02
12 Bruno Suttles University of California-Davis 1:13:02
13 Glenn Ferreira University of Delaware 1:13:03
14 Sasha Kasas Stanford University 1:13:03
15 Daniel Kosykh University of California-Davis 1:13:03
16 Bill Golembieski University of Colorado Boulder 1:13:03
17 Tanner Ward University of Arkansas 1:13:04
18 Derek Schanze University of Florida 1:13:06
19 Christopher Meacham Lees-McRae College 1:13:09
20 John Francisco University of Louisville 1:13:13
21 Sebastian Morfin University of Florida 1:13:18
22 Cole Lalomia Portland State University 1:13:20
23 Gunner Dygert Marian University 1:13:30
24 Connor Benton University of California-Berkeley 1:13:34
25 Niklas Podhraski University of New Mexico 1:13:35
26 Alexander Hershey Iowa State University 1:13:40
27 Cameron Bronstein University of California-Berkeley 1:14:00
28 Gregory Seymour Colorado State University 1:14:27
29 Michael Keller University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1:14:28
30 Emmanuel Gagne Fort Lewis College 1:14:30
31 Grant Koontz Texas A & M University
32 David Greif University of Arizona Pulled
33 Bill Ash Midwestern State University Pulled
34 Jake Cohen University of California-Santa Barbara Pulled
35 Jake Boone Texas State University-San Marcos Pulled
36 Tim Aiken Stanford University Pulled
37 Wyatt Myers Lindsey Wilson College Pulled
38 Zachary Felpel Appalachian State University Pulled
39 Colton Barrett Marian University Pulled
40 Christopher Curran Lindenwood University Pulled
41 Evan Lang Virginia Commonwealth University Pulled
42 Patrick Dust Lindsey Wilson College Pulled
43 Miles Hubbard Appalachian State University Pulled
44 Abel Fernandez University of California-Santa Barbara Pulled
45 Jos Chalmers Marian University Pulled
46 Christopher Tveter Lindsey Wilson College Pulled
47 Bill Mulligan University of Wisconsin-Madison Pulled
48 Daniel Soltan University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Pulled
49 Nathan Seaford Fort Lewis College Pulled
50 Geffrey Moy Virginia Polytechnic University Pulled
51 Ford Murphy Northeastern University Pulled
52 Nicholas Luther Clemson University Pulled
53 Leon Lyakovetsky New York University Pulled
54 Reese Levine University of California-Berkeley Pulled
55 Justin Miller Purdue University Pulled
56 Tony Wolf California State University-Fresno Pulled
57 Grant Vanhoose Colorado State University Pulled
58 Andrew Farmer University of Oklahoma Pulled
59 Colt Peterson University of Colorado Boulder Pulled
60 Sean Salazar University of Arkansas Pulled
61 Daniel Noboa University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Pulled
62 Cameron Lowery Midwestern State University Pulled
63 Douglas Torres University of New Mexico Pulled
64 Mitchell Sides The University of Texas at Austin Pulled
65 Nathan Dugan Columbia University-NYC Pulled
66 Nathan Trimble Texas State University-San Marcos Pulled
67 Sam Gross University of Arizona Pulled
68 Paul Stevenson Arizona State University Pulled
69 Chris Wood Portland State University Pulled
70 Amir Merali Lees-McRae College Pulled
71 Jason Hammond University of Delaware Pulled
72 Lucas Farr University of Virginia Pulled
73 Spencer Kruse University of Wisconsin-Madison Pulled
74 Gavin Kline Virginia Polytechnic University Pulled
75 Peter Buco Portland State University Pulled
76 Forrest Howard Appalachian State University Pulled
77 Frankie Gonzalez Ohio State University Pulled
78 Andre Szlendak University of Colorado Boulder Pulled
79 Andrew Hodges Georgia Institute of Technology Pulled
80 Maxwell Nagel Northeastern University Pulled
81 Brendan Money University of Utah Pulled
82 Wesley Kline Pennsylvania State University Pulled
83 Russell Terry Midwestern State University Pulled
84 Jonathan Taylor Appalachian State University Pulled
85 Julian Georg Syracuse University Pulled
86 Constantin Schreiber Arizona State University Pulled
87 Marcus Smith University of California-Berkeley Pulled
88 William Tourtillot Colorado State University Pulled
89 Tyler Fitzgerald University of Vermont Pulled
90 Kevin Bernstein Pennsylvania State University Pulled
91 Luke Woodard Virginia Polytechnic University Pulled
92 Max Silverstein Stanford University Pulled
93 Ahmed Zuhairy Portland State University Pulled
94 Travis Burkel University of Arizona Pulled
95 Matthew Adams West Virginia University Pulled
96 David Pavlik University of South Florida Pulled
97 Alec Cunningham University of New Hampshire Pulled
98 Matthew Fischel University of Delaware Pulled
99 Matthew Amicucci University of California-Davis Pulled
100 Cam Mancuso Lees-McRae College Pulled
101 Luke Lukas Lindsey Wilson College Pulled
102 Tyler Trask University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Pulled
103 Chas Mcfarland West Virginia University Pulled
104 Ryan Mcgiboney Virginia Polytechnic University Pulled
105 Joey Iuliano University of Arizona Pulled
106 Luke Allen Midwestern State University Pulled
107 Sam Damphousse University of Vermont Pulled
108 Christopher Rea University of California-Santa Barbara Pulled
109 Jake Contos Texas Tech University Pulled
110 Ryan Collins Georgia Institute of Technology Pulled
111 Trevor Rolette University of Wisconsin-Madison Pulled
112 Harvey Elliott University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Pulled
DNF Kyle Walker Texas Tech University DNF
DNF Matthew Bruner North Carolina State University at Raleigh DNF

Men Nationals Crit D2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Brendan Rhim
2 Nolan Tankersley
3 Andrew Hemesath
4 Johnny Mitchell
5 Charlie Hough
6 Chad Young
7 Mauro Rato
8 Ty Mechling
9 Nick Jowsey
10 Sam Fritz
11 Alan Royek
12 Jacob King
13 Jack Kisseberth
14 Jules Goguely
15 Cyrus Pearo
16 Zachary Valdez
17 Phillip Kearns @1 lap
18 John Pratt @1 lap
19 James Snitzer @1 lap
20 Zack Lavergne @1 lap
21 Chad Capobianco @1 lap
22 Kit Recca @1 lap
23 Devon Wright @2 laps
24 Zachary Ulissi @2 laps
25 Brady Reed @2 laps
26 Sam Morkal williams @2 laps
27 Forrest Russell @2 laps
28 Spencer Oswald @2 laps
29 Michael Simecek pulled
30 Alberto Santosdavidson pulled
31 Jacob Miller pulled
32 Corey Davis pulled
33 Nicolas Jimenez pulled
34 Jack Drake pulled
35 Emerson Glassey pulled
36 Andrew Flegge pulled
37 Carter Harris pulled
38 Grayson Brookshire pulled
39 Patrick Sumrell pulled
40 Kaleb Naegeli pulled
41 Ian Umstead pulled
42 Mark Johnson pulled
43 Wyatt Briggs pulled
44 Benjamin Peterson pulled
45 Quint Berkemeier pulled
46 John Hain pulled
47 Alexander Gaidis pulled
48 David Berg pulled
49 Blake Adams pulled
50 Jeffrey Farner budarz pulled
51 William Gleason pulled
52 Richard Rainville pulled
53 Alex Breakstone pulled
54 Billy Raynor pulled
55 Ryan Munko pulled
DNF William Guillen
DNF Nate Morse
DNF Thomas Barnett
DNF Andrew Daniels

Women Nationals Crit D1

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Gretchen Stumhofer University of California-San Diego 1:00:44
2 Katherine Shields Lees-McRae College 1:00:55
3 Samantha Lunsky University of Colorado Boulder 1:01:02
4 Laurel Rathbun Marian University 1:01:32
5 Hannah Finchamp Lindenwood University 1:01:33
6 Sabrina David University of Colorado Boulder 1:01:34
7 Cj Karas Marian University 1:02:38
8 Amy Chandos Northern Arizona University 1:02:43
9 Melanie Beale Colorado State University @1 Lap
10 Alicia Allen The University of Texas at Austin @1 Lap
11 Frida Helena roenning Marian University @1 Lap
12 Sofia Gomez villafane Fort Lewis College @1 Lap
13 Jen Malik Ohio State University @2 Lap
14 Taylor Burdge Stanford University Pulled
15 Benedicte Christensen University of California-Santa Barbara Pulled
16 Katherine Ellis University of California-San Diego Pulled
17 Natalie Smith Purdue University Pulled
18 Chelsea Factor Florida International University Pulled
19 Hannah Ross Midwestern State University Pulled
20 Chrissy Esposito Colorado State University Pulled
21 Sydney Edmonson Fort Lewis College Pulled
22 Shiqi Fu University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Pulled
23 Grace Chuchla Stanford University Pulled
24 Maddie Chaves Fort Lewis College Pulled
25 Jessica Bobeck University of Colorado Boulder Pulled
26 Joy Franco Stanford University Pulled
27 Cinthia Lehner Appalachian State University Pulled
28 Grace Chappell University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Pulled
29 Kristina Vrouwenvelder University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Pulled
30 Emma Collins University of New Hampshire Pulled
31 Allison Crow Stanford University Pulled
32 Anastasia Yanchilina Columbia University-NYC Pulled
33 Mollie Brewer University of Colorado Boulder Pulled
34 Julia Fresne University of South Florida Pulled
35 Katy Brown University of Oklahoma Pulled
36 Kyrstin Bluhm Lindenwood University Pulled
37 Esther Walker University of California-San Diego Pulled
38 Karen Lam New York University Pulled
39 Angela Miller University of California-Santa Barbara Pulled
40 Judah Sencenbaugh Iowa State University Pulled
41 Ashley Weaver Midwestern State University Pulled
42 Emily Elbers Marian University Pulled
43 Emily Bramel Lindsey Wilson College Pulled
44 Kathleen Oneil Virginia Polytechnic University Pulled
45 Tabitha Sherwood Indiana University-Bloomington Pulled
46 Jessica Baumgardner University of California-Santa Barbara Pulled
47 Portia Cornell Harvard University Pulled
48 Kaitlyn Lawrence Lees-McRae College Pulled
49 Mackenzie Koth University of Florida Pulled
50 Sarah Muench Arizona State University Pulled
51 Allison Alterman University of Arizona Pulled
52 Dominique Shore Fort Lewis College Pulled
53 Jacqueline Denny Lindenwood University Pulled
54 Page Robertson Lees-McRae College Pulled
55 Lenore Pipes Cornell University Pulled
56 Samantha Croft Lees-McRae College Pulled
57 Sue Alschuler University of New Mexico Pulled
DNF Julia Reese University of California-Davis DNF
DNF Tess Senty West Virginia University DNF
DNF Matea Djokic University of California-San Diego DNF
DNF Erin Donohue Appalachian State University DNF

Women Nationals Crit D2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Janelle Cole Brevard College
2 Lauretta Hanson Milligan College
3 Flora Yan The University of Texas at Dallas
4 Monica Volk Penn State-Lehigh Valley
5 Allison Arensman Brevard College
6 Danielle Clark Furman University
7 Natalia Franco Colorado Mesa University
8 Lexie Millard Colorado Mesa University
9 Leslie Lupien Dartmouth College
10 Jennifer Wilson Massachusetts Institute of Technology
11 Daniela Mehech Case Western Reserve University
12 Allson Jones Warren Wilson College
13 Hannah Swan Milligan College
14 Dessie Weigel Whitman College
15 Rebecca Mellema Whitman College
16 Stephanie Cucaz Milligan College
17 India Waller Warren Wilson College
18 Julie Van der hoop Massachusetts Institute of Technology
19 Sarah Hill Brevard College
20 Anne Raymond Massachusetts Institute of Technology
21 Emily Cox King University
22 Ariane Horbach Colorado Mesa University
23 Nicole Miranda Brevard College
24 Jennifer Caicedo King University
25 Catherine Gauthier Nicholls State University
26 Corey Tucker Massachusetts Institute of Technology
26 Alexandra Christofalos Mars Hill University
28 Morgan Miller Milligan College
29 Mackenzie Stanley Whitman College
30 Maryjane Martin University of Idaho
31 Emily Freeman Mars Hill University
32 Hannah Hayes US Naval Academy
33 Gabriella Gonzalez US Naval Academy
34 Gina Turrini Duke University
35 Chelsea Richwine Duke University
37 Paige Shook Mars Hill University
38 Jennifer Munley University of Maryland-Baltimore
DNF Sara Youmans Whitman College