These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men 35-44 Masters

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Julio Rojas GS Palm Beach Garneau
2 Jose Frank rodriguez All 4 Cycling
3 Patrick Sansbury Recio Racing
4 Antonio Quintero Team Velo Masters
5 Amir Wexler CPO BIKES
7 Dan Valdes Cool Beans Racing
8 Roman Morozov Cool Beans Racing
DNF Ashton Hulscher GS Palm Beach Garneau

Men 45-54 Masters

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Victor Herrera Alligator's Cycling Team
1 Ambre Levy CPO BIKES
2 Steven Mlujeak Interactive Metronome
2 Jeanine Seeger Pink Panther
3 Ransford Robinson Cycle Depot
3 Adormarie Martinez Unattached
4 Carlos Ortiz Ghost Riders
4 Romina Mok Unattached
5 Glenn Schneider CPO BIKES
6 Javier Ortiz Ghost Riders
7 Greg Cousins Morgan Stanley Cycling
8 Leonel Rodriguez Ghost Riders
9 William Fell Treasure Coast Cycling Associa
10 Wallie Martinez Big Wheel Sunrise
11 Rolando Moreno Big Wheel Sunrise
12 Mark Lim Performance Fitness-Delfay Cen
13 Kevin Abbate CPO BIKES
14 Edixon Rodriguez Big Wheel Sunrise
15 Leonardo Perez avila Big Wheel Sunrise
16 Hugo Rendon Patches
17 Andrew Teixeira Cycle Depot
18 Brent Lucas Hollywood Big Wheelers
19 Israel Vera Veloce Speedwear Div.
20 Cesar Ramirez Big Wheel
21 Jose Armas CPO BIKES
DNF Francisco Montes Treasure Coast Cycling Associa

Men 55+ Masters

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Gus Ferrer Big Wheel Sunrise
2 Steven Kurth Trasure Coast
3 Mauricio Mosquera Big Wheel Sunrise
4 Paul Lincoln Bike America Racing Team
5 Hernan Perilla Big Wheel Sunrise
6 Francisco Vasquez Big Wheel Sunrise
7 Jorge Leon Velo Masters Of Miami
8 Renny Ortiz Big Wheel Sunrise
9 Jerzy Pileszczak Big Wheel Sunrise
DNF Fitzroy Craig Team Performance Fitness-Delra

Men Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nelson Trujillo Unattached
2 Jake Silverberg Astellas Pro Cycling
3 Enrique Lopez All 4 Cycling
4 Jose Frank rodriguez All 4 Cycling
5 Steven Mlujeak Interactive Metronome
6 Chad Mow Boom Cycling Team
7 Diego Ramirez Unattached
8 Yip Tsang Performance Cycling B/Rossetti
9 Rodny Minier Fenix
10 Nelson Rolo Mega Cycle
11 Jose Armas CPO BIKES
12 Francisco Ruiz Unattached
13 Samuel Sanchez Unattached
14 Alfredo Pineda Outcast Racing Team
DNF Harrison Leavens 32 NCSI P/B VTV

Men Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Carlos Fuentes Elvys
2 Harvey Perez Unattached
3 Eric Zugor Bike Nerds
4 Renato Mu Boom Cycling Team
5 Alexis Cespedes Velo Masters Of Miami
6 Quenni King Unattached
7 Sean Mow Boom Cycling Team
8 Andrew Geffner Steady Spin
9 Marco Monteverde Patches
10 Edwin Placeres PFN
11 Eduardo Lopez Unattached
12 Jose Babilonia Trek Bikes Florida
13 Dawson Morton L5flyers
14 David Hahn Steady Spin
15 Cristian Gonzalez No Bounderies
16 Ivan Castillo Unattached
17 Kevin Grimes Steady Spin
18 Fabian Garcia Bike Nerds
19 Santiago Bedoya Galiz Cycling Team
20 Javier Bomnin Velo Masters Of Miami
21 Jason Montalvo PFN
22 Jose Travieso F2 Performance
23 Federico Lettieres Velo Masters Of Miami
24 Randy Caraballo Neighborhood Courier
24 Brett Sheridan Steady Spin
26 Reynaldo Brito Unattached
27 Geovany Barreiro Unattached
28 Rolaudo Martinez Unattached
29 Bienvenido Suero Steady Spin
DNF Eddy Chacon Unattached
DNF Locksley Vassell Galiz Cycling Team
DNF Eligio Motalvo Unattached
DNF Stelio Herrera Unattached
DNF Nicholas Tabares Boom Cycling Development Team
DNF Rolando Moreno Big Wheel Sunrise
DNF Alex Supik Interactive Metronome
DNF Stephen Hunter Unattached
DNF Jason Delgado PFN

Women Cat 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ambre Levy CPO BIKES
2 Jeanine Seeger Pink Panther
3 Adormarie Martinez Unattached
4 Romina Mok Unattached