These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Jr 16 & Under

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kyle Johnson TLC Development/Active Knowledge

Men MM45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Cale Reeder Hammer/53x11
2 Mike Engelhardt Team FITaos
3 Dan Armijo SDP/Sandia Cycles
4 Todd Ringler unattached
5 Bruce Mazur therapy solutions
6 Scott Steffen High Desert Bicycles
7 Steve Alschuler High Desert Bicycles
8 Mark Gunter Squadra Della Pista Racing
9 Charlie Drysdale RA Racing Apparel/Trek
10 George Chappell unattached
11 Silvio Menezes Sport Systems MountainTop Cycling
12 Scott Pierce Honey Stinger
13 Marcus Martinez Big Orange Cycling
14 David Mount Team FiTaos
15 Timothy Schoeny Rio Grande Racing Team / CSI
17 Pete Stilwell unattached
18 Thomas Mattsson High Desert Bicycles
19 Tony Pachelli Sports Systems MountainTopCycling
20 Mike Hunter Nero Veloce
21 Calvin Ridgeway Rio Grande Racing Team/CSI
22 Gordon Sargent unattached
23 Angel Chavez Bad Kitty Meow Phat Kat Racing
DNF John Wilger unattached
DNF Alex Ramos High Desert Bikes

Men SM123

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mark Aasmundstad
2 Greg Albright ZiaVelo Cycling
3 Christopher Brennan CRCA/Blue Ribbon
4 Cooper Shanks unattached
5 Bryan Reid Dallas Bike Works
6 Wristen Paschich N E R O V E L O C E
7 Al Senft Zia Velo
8 Ryan Szabo ZiaVelo Cycling
9 John Verheul Nero Veloce
10 Nicholas Lemke Nero Veloce
11 Roy Cuoco Sport Systems MountainTop Cycling
12 Marcel Berger ZiaVelo Cycling
13 Thomas Jones Nero Veloce
14 Kyle Martinez ZiaVelo Cycling
15 David Carlson Sabino Cycles Racing
16 Joey Iuliano Sabino Cycles Racing
17 Taylor Squillaci Nero Veloce
18 Michael Wilder Nero Veloce
19 Jonah Thompson High Desert Bicycles Racing
DNF Brendan Cusick Natural Grocers Cycling Team
DNF Pete Dahle J.M.B. Racing
DNF David Preston Natural Grocers Cycling Team
DNF Schuyler Burns Sabino Cycles Racing

Men SM4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Samuel Medina Mimmo Espresso
2 John Heck High Desert Bicycles
3 Evan Mega Colorado College
4 Philip Neis Trek Store/Olev Rapido
5 Michael French Durango Wheel Club
6 Tayne Andrade Active Knowledge
7 Bryan Vogel Nob Hill Velo
8 Abiel Lopez EP CYCLIST
9 John Vance Trek Store / Olev Rapido
10 Johnathan Benavidez Nob Hill Velo
11 Randall Bradford Trek Store/Olev Rapido
12 Kevin Quattlebaum unattached
13 Alex Mason EP Cyclsts
14 Andy Farley Durango Wheel Club
15 Noah Jacobson Nero Veloce
16 Steven Morley Nob Hill Velo
17 Douglas Torres High Desert Bicycles
18 Julio Primo EPBC
19 Adan Corona Ghost Racing Team
20 Cajer Gong Carnegie Mellon
21 Michael Abdalla Trek Store/Olev Rapido
DNF Mark Thompson High Desert Bicycles Racing
DNF Adam Brugge unattached
DNF Cole Page TLC Development Team
DNF Ryan Brown University of Arizona
26 Eric Collins Zia Velo

Men SM5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Carey unattached
2 Pj Lamariana Nob Hill Velo
3 Robert Romero NM Bike N Sport
4 Brandon Obrien Bike N Sport Racing Team
5 David Gunter Bike 'N' Sport Racing
6 Matt Piccarello unattached
7 Jose Rivera unattached
8 Jeremy Ruddell unattached
9 Jim Chiasson Nob Hill Velo
10 Eric Garcia unattached
11 Taylor Squillaci unattached
12 Oscar Nova Bike N Sport Racing Team
13 Warren Hire Nob Hill
14 Jeff Krienke USMES
15 David Deyoung unattached
16 Brian Bray unattached
17 Saul Gomez bike n sport team
18 Bryan Wenzel Llama's For Life
19 Gerhardt Ackerman Heart and Soul
20 Andrew Greene Trek Store/Olev Rapido
21 Antonio Simental unattached
22 Thomas Facey Trek Superstore / Olev Rapido
23 Jim Ostic unattached
24 Tyrel Fuchs unattached
DNF Nicholas London Ridgehead cycling
DNF William Martinez unattached

Women SW123

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sarah Lough Nero Veloce
3 Gretchen Selby unattached
4 Kelly Fitzpatrick NM Spokettes

Women SW4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Gay Gustafson Black Dog Tri
2 Dot Philp High Desert Bicycles
3 Lauren Tininenko Lobo Cycling
4 Thayla Sullivan unattached
DNF Elisa Woody Lobo Cycling
DNF Olga Sanchez Sport SystemsMountainTop Cycling
DNF Laura Medrano Ghost Racing Team