These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Brendon Gallant Guinness Cycling Team
2 Christian Tresser Cyclepath Racing
3 Benjamin Miller Guinness Cycling Team
4 Duncan Oliphant Therapeutic Associates Cycling/GENR8
5 John Mitchem Guinness Cycling Team
6 Cliff Heaberlin Guinness Cycling Team
7 James Bender Beaverton Bicycle Club
8 Jeff Harwood Ironclad Performance Wear
9 Mark Crawford Ironclad Performance Wear
10 Scott Harman HPC/Scott's Cycles
11 Mark Ginsberg HPC/Scott's Cycles
12 Alex Lightman Word-RCB
13 John Leonard Rapha Racing
14 Scott Jones Portland Velo
15 Joe Martin Veloce Racing
16 Richard Ensworth Sunset Cycles
17 Ryan Thomson Embroication
18 Andrew Willis Ironclad Performance Wear
19 Thomas Cody Rapha Racing
20 David Root Therapeutic Associates Cycling/GENR8
21 Eddie French Guinness Cycling Team
22 Craig Hamilton Rapha Racing
23 Wessel Robin Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing
24 Rob Thompson Dolce Vita Cycling
25 Bernardo Nella Bicycles Direct
26 Nole Studley Team Roary Mouse
27 Bret Berner River City Bicycles
28 Drew Russell RRHOMES.COM
29 Joshua Berry Ouch-Bahati Foundation
30 Christopher Hamilton Rapha Racing
31 Adam Edgerton Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing
32 Alexander Clemens Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing
33 Tom Simon Specialized River City Bicycles
34 Chris Wright Rapha Racing
35 Brent Casady Existential Velo
36 Richard Desmond Upper Echelon Fitness
37 Dickie Mallison Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop
38 Al Vannoy Rapha Racing
39 David Hemming Rapha Racing
40 Zach Bowden Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team
41 Brent Emoff BRIHOP
42 Mitch Lee Portland Velo
43 Peter Gutwald Therapeutic Associates Cycling/GENR8
44 Todd Littlehales Rapha Racing
45 Brian Ratliff Portland Velo
46 Casey Patton Unattached
47 Sean Thielen Portland Velo
48 Nate Magaret Rapha Racing
49 Emiliano Jordan Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing
50 Jim Anderson Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing
51 Michael Lujan Specialized River City Bicycles
52 Drew Tracy Rubicon-ORBEA Benefiting the Lance Armstrong Found
53 Yann Blindert Isabel - Bike Gallery
54 Chris Alling Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team
55 Brian Abers Bike Central
56 Emily Charbonneau BRIHOP
57 Paul Macri Unattached
58 John Grochau Rapha Racing
59 Mindy Simmons Hammer Velo
60 David Klipper Guinness Cycling Team
61 Heather Vanvalkenburg Rubicon-ORBEA Benefiting the Lance Armstrong Found
62 Derek Stallings BendBroadband/
63 Jessica Kaplan Therapeutic Associates Cycling/GENR8
64 John Browning Echelon Gran Fondo/ZteaM
65 Emile De rosnay Organic Athelete
66 Amy Shepard BRIHOP
67 Brant Buchholz Cyclesoles/Sagebrush Cycles

Cat 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kyle Brown Team Bike Tires Direct
2 Brandon Macemon Unattached
3 Ricardo Medina Hammer Velo
4 Tony Dirks Mountain View Cycles
5 Cliff Thompson Beaverton Bicycle Club
6 Chris Deardorff BRIHOP
7 Brad Whetstone Colorado state
8 Erik Bakker GRTC Excelsior (Netherlands)
9 Thomas Morgan
10 Brian Schiller Guinness Cycling Team
11 Johannes ... Weber Ironclad Performance Wear
12 Scott Springer Portland Velo
13 Shaun Conley Ironclad Performance Wear
14 Christian Deaton Unattached
15 Cal Stone Unattached
16 Jack Rising Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing
17 Mathew Aumiller Cambridge Bicycle/Igleheart
18 Don Joling Tireless Velo
19 Mike Van hoose Team Bike Tires Direct
20 Kyle Bush Team Bike Tires Direct
21 Jason Weinstein Unattached
22 Alexander Birman Beaverton Bicycle Club
23 Larry Hiday Liberty Cycle
24 Hasan Zuhairy Portland State University
25 Greg Estes
26 Edward Reagan Guinness Cycling Team
27 Jeff Laviolette Unattached
28 Tony Curtis North River Racing
29 Corinne Prevot Unattached
30 Daniel Lopez Guinness Cycling Team
31 Dave Aldersebaes Ironclad Performance Wear
32 Scott Harris Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing
33 David Mccasker Portland Velo
34 Ryan Smith Ironclad Performance Wear
35 Steve Holmes Team Bike Tires Direct
36 Nick Blacklock Team Bike Tires Direct
37 Eddie Wang River City Bicycles
38 Andrew Thomson Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing
39 Erik Spillman Portland Velo
40 Ryan Van dusen Ironclad Performance Wear
41 Brian Barker Ironclad Performance Wear
42 Mary Ross NoMad Sports Club
43 Ben Hickman Beaverton Bicycle Club
44 Matthew Rider Team Bike Tires Direct
45 Greg Sanders Ironclad Performance Wear
46 Jon Gornick Unattached
47 Aubrey Edwards
48 Dave Groner Unattached
49 Alissa Maglaty Early Bird Women
50 Mike Resnier NoMad Sports Club
51 Andrew Hayes Mountain View Cycles

Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Chris Matteri Unattached
2 Edward Reagan Guinness Cycling Team
3 Steve Holmes Team Bike Tires Direct
4 Trevor Schmidt Close2myart
5 Ian Mastenbrook Unattached
6 Matthew Rider Team Bike Tires Direct
7 Lance Pugh Beaverton Bicycle Club
8 Matthew Studer Unattached
9 Thomas Royce Unattached
10 Billy Holcomb Unattached
11 Ahmed Zuhairy Unattached
12 Andy Barczak Unattached
13 James Webb Beaverton Bicycle Club
14 Zack Phillips Unattached
15 Josiah Zukowski Unattached
16 Grant Mcelroy Beaverton Bicycle Club
17 Eric Pool Unattached
18 Bill Valenta Unattached
19 Jesse Trigg Unattached
20 David Austin Unattached
21 Emerson Webb Beaverton Bicycle Club
22 Duane Nelson Close2myart
23 Liz Cartwright Beaverton Bicycle Club
24 Joe Cadwell Bike City Racing
25 Ryan Bush Team Bike Tires Direct
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