These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men CAT 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andy Bracke Queen City Wheels
2 Richard Garr CES/Crankworks
3 David Mcdowell iii Wild Card Cycling
4 David Rose Commonwealth Eye Surgery pb Cra
5 William Burton Commonwealth Eye Surgery pb Cra
6 Andrew Beckman Clarksville Schwinn powered by
7 Dustyn Smith ZWS / Popsicle
8 Benjamin Richardson Team Nebo Ridge
9 James Book Clarksville Schwinn powered by
10 Jamie Klein Clarksville Schwinn powered by
11 Thomas Svenstrup Sigma Nu
12 Ryan Mcloughlin Ride On Wooster
13 David Johnson 0
14 Nick Mossing Queen City Wheels
15 Tyler Conant 0
16 Clayton Travis Waslabs
17 Dylan Rockwood ProChain Junior Cycling
18 Andrew Chandler Team Nebo Ridge
19 Shera Clark Clarksville Schwinn powered by
20 Zachary Young Pro Chain Junior Development
21 Richie Minner ZWS / Popsicle
22 Zachary Ross ProChain Junior Development
23 Mark Sobb Revolution
24 Francis Mancisco
25 Joe Fuller Clarksville Schwinn powered by
26 Patrick Arnold 0
27 Patrick Bendel Queen City Wheels
28 Darren Williams Team Athlete Forward
29 David Stanley Darkhorse Racing
30 Max Savage Prochain
31 Scott Goertemiller Queen City Wheels
32 David Matheny 0

Men CAT 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Erik Schwedland
2 David Johnson
3 Michael Prater
4 Alex Hackney
5 Tyler Conant
6 Chauncey Joyce
7 Troy Stratford
8 Terry Mcdonald
9 Benjamin Leichty
10 Patrick Bendel
11 Chad Mangeot
12 Richard Hoeting
13 Michael Szymanski
14 Gregory Nemeth
15 William Beaty
16 Clayton Travis
17 Nate Lake
18 Josh Goodman
19 Don Mckenzie
20 Daniel Tierney
21 Thomas Larson
22 Michael Emerson
23 Chase Widener
24 Brady Ramsaur

Men MASTERS 35-44 CAT 2/3/4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jason Karew Cincinnati Velo Club/Matson Mon
2 Robert Sherman Relevant Works Cycling
3 Edward Wimmer Team Dayton
4 Andrzej Banaszkiewicz ICC BISSELL ABG GIANT
5 Felipe Cardenas
6 Renato Sosa Team Dayton
7 Todd Frye Team Dayton Bicycling
8 Michael Scott Gray Goat/ RH Marlin

Men MASTERS 45-54 CAT 2/3/4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Curtis Tolson Texas Roadhouse Cycling p/b Str
2 Andy Bracke Queen City Wheels
3 Patrick Hirschfeld Team Indiebike PB IU Health
4 Jack Sells Barbasol
5 James Raddin Cycle-Logik
6 Jeffrey Chambers Schellers Racing Team
7 David Stanley Darkhorse Racing
8 John Schmitz Indiebike p/b IU Health
9 Rodney Roof ZWS / Popsicle
10 Eric Boltz ZWS / Popsicle
11 Paul Neff Team UBS/QCW Masters
12 Scott Goertemiller Team UBS/QCW Masters
13 James Dennedy Team Ghisallo
14 Chris Taylor ZWS/ Popsicle
15 David Brueggen Darkhorse Racing

Men MASTERS 55+ CAT 2/3/4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jim Creamer Team Heroes
2 Robert Westendorf Queen City Wheels
3 Dale Eads Zephyr Wheels/Bertoli
4 Tom Burridge Schellers Racing Team

Men PRO/1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Benjamin Renkema Team Finish Strong Elite Cyclin
2 Hector F. aguilar Stradalli-Safetti
3 Frank Travieso Team United HealthCare / The 70
4 Yosvany Falcon Stradalli-Safetti
5 Kyle Perry Texas Roadhouse Cycling
6 Nolan Tankersley Team Finish Strong Elite cyclin
7 Matthew Salpietro Texas Roadhouse Cycling
8 Chris Uberti Team United HealthCare / The 70
9 Juan carlos Polanco CRCA/Foundation
10 Sebastian Morfin Stradalli Cycle P/b Safetti
11 Hank Booth Finish Strong Elite Cycling Tea
12 Matt Moosa Team Finish Strong Elite Cyclin
13 Cristian Torres��� CRCA/Foundation
14 Johnny Mitchell Team Finish Strong Elite cyclin
15 Justin Meade Team Finish Strong Elite Cyclin
16 Jacob Henningsen Team Hungry*
17 Joshua Kush Clarksville Schwinn powered by
18 Alex Mclaughlin Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team
19 Timothy Nixon Cutters Cycling
20 Matt Bole Team Dayton-Relevant Works Cycl
21 Andy Prickett Relevant Works Cycling - Team
22 Cory St clair Cincinnati Velo Presented By Ma
23 Clay Murfet Astellas Cycling Team
24 Stephan Hirsch BISSELL-ABG-GIANT
25 David Hauber Texas Roadhouse Cycling
26 David Neis Team Dayton-Relevant Works Cycl
27 Timothy Hargrave Clarksville Schwinn powered by
28 Ryan Shean Texas Roadhouse
29 Sam Harbison Team Upland Brewing
30 Quinten Winkel CRCA/Foundation
31 Abel Quintana Stradalli
32 Morgan Hunter Matson Money
33 Sam Stone Team Upland Brewing
34 Jason Karew Matson Money
35 John Eisinger Texas Roadhouse
36 Chad Clemons MatsonMoney
37 Ruben Companioni Stradalli
38 Nicola La motta Cycling Dayton
39 Christopher Poptic ZWS / Popsicle
40 Jason Mott Team Hungry*
41 Jeff Joy Barbasol
42 Noah Kinney Ride On Wooster
43 Greg Tombragel UBS/QCW Racing
44 Robin Zuend Quantum Racing
45 John Puffer Texas Roadhouse cycling team
46 Ray Smith Clarksville Schwinn powered by
47 Zachary Lewis MatsonMoney

Women CAT 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Tish Kelly Florida Velo
2 Susan Sagan Team Dayton
3 Catherine Burton Commonwealth Eye Surgery pb Cra

Women PRO/1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sierra Siebenlist Scarlet Fire Racing p/b Matthew
2 Jenette Williams Jeff's Bike Shop
3 Madison Kelly Florida Velo team
4 Kayla Starr Queen City Wheels
5 Erika Bohn Women's Racing Project
6 Stephanie Breslin de sosa Team Dayton
7 Heather Cunningham Jeff's Bike Shop
8 Kelsey Devereaux Scarlet Fire Racing p/b Matthew
9 Diane Dennedy Team Dayton
10 Valarie Gossage Scarlet Fire p/b Matthews Bikes
11 Elizabeth Kieffer First Internet Bank Cycling Tea
12 Kirsten Montreuil Clarksville Schwinn powered by
13 Melissa Rucker Queen City Wheels
14 Nicole Wheeler Queen City Wheels

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