These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andrew Guelzo Leadout Racing
2 Max Staran Wolverine Sports Club
3 William Martin Spin Zone Racing
4 Andy Louwaert Team Clark Logic
5 Eric Mcbride Cadieux Bicycle Club
6 Jesse Kooistra Team Clark Logic
7 Kevin Collins Freewheeler Bike Shop
8 Jeremy Zeigler Ann Arbor Velo Club Inc.
9 Daniel Soltan Ann Arbor Velo Club Inc.
10 Daniel Shamburger City Hub Cyclery Race Team
11 Scott Gustafson Speed Merchants
12 Tim Panagis Ann Arbor Velo Club Inc.
13 Jonathan Nesburg Leadout Racing
14 Matthew Deighton Bissell/ABG Cycling Club
15 Joe Thomas Team Clark Logic
16 Ross Williams Hagerty Racing
17 Jeramy Duffied Bissell/ABG Cycling Club
18 Douglas Burcicki Team O2
19 Dylan Gonda Team Clark Logic
20 Kyle Schroeder Ann Arbor Velo Club Inc.
21 Matthew Hepp Revolution Racing Cycling Team
22 Harvey Elliott Ann Arbor Velo Club Inc.
23 Colin Plank
24 Brian Sullivan Spin Zone Racing
25 Kevin Baumann Clemson University
26 Don Kring Leadout Racing
27 Zachary Lysdahl Bissell/ABG Cycling Club
28 Jeffrey Johnson Freewheeler Bike Shop
29 Jerry Gase ii Cadieux Bicycle Club
30 Adam Mcintyre Bissell/ABG Cycling Club
31 Ken Tamler
32 Brian Kearns Ann Arbor Velo Club Inc.
33 Aaron Zuelke EPS Cycling Team
34 Christopher Boer EPS Security Cycling Team
35 Derrick Ubbink Leadout Racing
36 Joel Brummel Leadout Racing
37 Tom Wamsley Ann Arbor Velo Club Inc.
38 Michael Cook Spin Zone Racing
39 Jeffrey Petersen Freewheeler Bike Shop
40 Jim Braam Freewheeler Bike Shop
41 William Haig Ann Arbor Velo Club Inc.
42 Josiah Longenecker Midwest Development Cycling Inc.
43 James Gunderman Team Apex Multisport
44 Devin Winton
45 Jonathon Vibbart Ann Arbor Velo Club Inc.
46 Anthony Bertram ABD Cycling Team
DNF Camden Brown
DNF Wayne Steed I AM Racing
DNF Aaron Venema
DNF Peter Worden Hagerty Cycling

Men Cat 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ed Stein
2 John Hurn OAM NOW / Athletic Mentors
3 Marshal Evans City Hub Cyclery Race Team
4 Tim Conn Orthocare Cycling Team
5 Evan St peter
6 Nathan Kark
7 Joshua Concannon
8 Allen Gelderloos
9 Chad Lahey
10 Sheldon Little CFT-Sinas Dramis Law
11 Kyle Smith
12 Michael Eastway
13 Scott Wycoff 3rd Coast Racing
14 Ian Durand Hagerty Cycling
15 Michael Davito
16 Len Fritz
17 Nathan Huene
18 Joe Perry Freewheeler Bike Shop
19 Andrew Koning Leadout Racing
20 David Tomasik
21 Olvin Lopez
22 Christopher Ostlund
23 Ricardo Ko
24 Judah Gustafson
25 Andrew Mcbride Wolverine Sports Club
26 John Jaqua
27 Andrew Carlson
28 Benjamin Jensen
DNF Patrick Mcgettigan
DNF Frederick Wezeman

Men MASTERS 40+ CAT 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jeremy Grimm
2 Jason Swiatlowski
3 Jason Hess Jacks Bicycles p/b Kinetic Fitness
4 Brian Adams Lathrup Industries Cycling Team
5 Scott Laliberte Racer Sportiff / Mattamy Homes
6 Jeff Whitbrodt
7 Chris Johnson NorthStar Development
8 Craig Newell CFT-Sinas Dramis Law
9 Tom Linck Leadout Racing
10 Alan Zoltowski Sweet Bikes
11 Jason Young
12 James Bruce Lathrup Industries Cycling Team
13 Rich Russell Lathrup Industries Cycling Team
14 John Sammut Wolverine Sports Club
15 Eric Mcbride Cadieux Bicycle Club
16 Rob Daksiewicz Lathrup Industries Cycling Team
17 Dave George Freewheeler Bike Shop
18 Chad Everts Leadout Racing
20 Eric Forrester EPS Cycling Team
21 Chris Abston OAM NOW / Athletic Mentors
22 Marc Polsinelli TEAM TDI ZUCK
23 Dave Lenting Leadout Racing
24 Anthony Bruley
25 David Lewis Ft. Wayne Outfitters
26 Rick Snow NorthStar Mentors
27 Don Cameron
28 Henry Swinty Ft. Wayne Outfitters
29 Mark Freed Racer Heads Sports and Leisure Club
30 Hal Bevier Hagerty Racing
31 Frederick Anderson CFT Cycling Team/TNR Cycling Club
32 James Vehe Club Bicicletta
33 Terry Ritter OAM NOW/Athletic Mentors
34 Mark Warner
35 Greg Cushing Pedalinx-Zuck Bikes
36 Branden Lyon EPS Cycling Team
37 Mark Caffyn
38 David Hietikko EPS Cycling Team
39 Thomas Archer Lathrup Industries Cycling Team
40 David Baar EPS Cycling Team
41 Brian Wachlarz Team O2
42 Bruce Rivera Lathrup Industries Cycling Team
43 Ray Dybowski Wolverine Sports Club
44 Jimmy Mcmurray
45 Anthony Bertram
DNF Tom Bultman
DNF Mark Kline Liberty Cycle
DNF Loren Simons OAM NOW/Athletic Mentors
DNF Elgar Vaivars
DNF Michael Wyczalek OAM NOW/Athletic Mentors

Men Pro/Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Williams UCI CT: Jamis Hagens Berman
3 Nathaniel Williams BISSELL-ABG-GIANT
5 Jonathan Jacob BISSELL-ABG-GIANT
6 Mac Brennan UCI CT: Hincapie Racing Team
7 Stephan Hirsch BISSELL-ABG-GIANT
8 Benjamin Whitehead
9 Cory Stange OAM NOW / Athletic Mentors
10 Daniel Yankus OAM NOW/Athletic Mentors
11 Aaron Hamill Waterloo Cycling Club
12 William Morris EPS Cycling Team
13 Alex Vanias OAM NOW / Athletic Mentors
14 Sam Harbison Team Upland Brewing
15 Collin Snyder OAM NOW / Athletic Mentors
16 Cameron Timmer EPS Cycling Team
17 Earl Hillaker Founders Racing
18 Shane Thellman Bissell/ABG Cycling Club
19 Bryce Nuiver EPS Cycling Team
20 Niles Vaivars N/A
21 Jordan Diekema BISSELL-ABG-GIANT
22 Huy Tran Ann Arbor Velo Club Inc.
23 Jason Swiatlowski EPS Security Cycling Team
DNF Hal Bevier Hagerty Racing
DNF Peter Ehmann OAM NOW / Athletic Mentors
DNF Neal Forbes Team Upland Brewing
DNF Robert Foshag Kinetic Fitness Coaching
DNF Mark Hotchkin Leadout Racing
DNF Geoff Kuyper Leadout Racing
DNF Scott Laliberte Racer Sportiff / Mattamy Homes
DNF Drew Martin EPS Cycling Team
DNF Luke Oostindie EPS Cycling Team
DNF Jesse Siemen SBR Quantum Racing
DNF Bj Steketee Leadout Racing
DNF Sam Stone Team Upland Brewing
DNF John Woods Team Upland Brewing
DNF Andrew Gaeleo
DNF Ray Dybowski
DNF Jeremy Grimm
DNF Anthony Bruley
DNF Max Staran

Women Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Danielle Mullis Andrie Junior Development Team
2 Kristen Waite Wolverine Sports Club
3 Riley Missel
4 Heather Caputo City Hub Cyclery Race Team
5 Kathleen Ropella Ann Arbor Velo Club Inc.
6 Erin Fitzgibbon Wolverine Sports Club
7 Melissa Ryba Hagerty Racing
8 Ali Oesch Spin Zone Racing Women

WoMen Cat 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
47 Jenny Steketee OAM NOW/Athletic Mentors

Women Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jenny Steketee OAM NOW/Athletic Mentors
2 Nicole Derrick
3 Valerie Hyrman Hagerty Cycling
4 Kestin Schulz Spin Zone Racing Women
5 Julie Miller