These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Chris Woods Cycletherapy
2 Shaun Walsh Myrtle Beach Bicycle Racing
3 Dariusz Tyborowski Team Spoke Cycles p/b Carolina Ale House
4 Alex Winnicki Greensboro Velo Club
5 Barry Woosley Clemmons Bicycle Racing
6 Lee Reavis Carolina Cycling Team
7 Brian Ring Uptown Cycles
8 Rick Williams Team Spoke Cycles p/b Carolina Ale House
9 Adam Long Constellation Cycling
10 Zach Hostetler Baylor University
11 Brandon Davis Wattage Cottage Racing
12 Raul Gutierrezgarcia Greensboro Velo Club
13 Michael Hitz Benissimo
14 Matthew Cross Tumult Racing
15 Marcus Canady Atomic Cycles
16 Charlie Putnal Crosstown Velo
17 Marcel Gutierrez Hearts Racing Club
18 Ian Broadhead Wattage Cottage Racing
19 Stephen Wilson TEAM MS p/b Herbalife/Maui Jim
20 William Harrison Clemmons Bicycle Racing
21 Joe Hutchins Cycletherapy
22 Mitchell Hopkins Cycletherapy
23 Michael Vestal Clemmons Bicycle Racing
24 Gilbert Bollinger iii Capital Cycling Club
25 David Moore Carolina Cycling Team
26 Danny Mathis
27 Bert Gutierrez Hearts Racing Club
28 Michael Berry Carolina Cycling Team
29 Sterling Swaim Benissimo
30 Jim Payne Tumult Racing
31 Clay Lanier TEAM MS p/b Herbalife/Maui Jim
32 Michael Koballa Benissimo
33 James Fender Clemmons Bicycle Racing
34 Oliver Donkervoet Blue Ridge Development
35 Kirk Port Constellation Cycling
36 Jennifer Campbell Constellation Cycling
37 Tyler Ramer University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
38 Frank Mullins Mock Orange Bikes
39 Tyler Ellis University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
40 Curtis Staples Team Spoke Cycles p/b Carolina Ale House
41 Ives Vanheule RCO National
42 Michael Byrd Race City Cycling
43 James Gallagher Triangle Velo
DNF John Adams Cycletherapy
DNF John Hain Tumult Racing
DNF Thomas Rodgers Benissimo
DNF Jason Williams Benissimo
DNF Jason Chapple Benissimo

Men Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Benjamin Wright Dire Wolf Racing
2 Chase Morris
3 Tommy Wallace Clemmons Bicycle Racing
4 Sean Herring
5 Jimmy Awad Paul's Racing/Paul's Cycling & Fitness Inc.
6 Nicholas Townes Upstate Junior Cycling
7 John Fender Clemmons Bicycle Racing
8 Brad Henry
9 David Twomley TEAM MS p/b Herbalife/Maui Jim
10 Charles Ramsbotham
11 Geoffrey Siepker US Military Cycling Team
12 Ross Handy
13 Daniel Cox Greensboro Velo Club
14 Max Kolisch
15 Jaymes Graham Tumult Racing
16 Alan White
17 Jeff Safrit SV/BikeSource Racing
18 Lee Woodall TEAM MS p/b Herbalife/Maui Jim
19 Cliff Mueller Tumult Racing
20 Chris Enloe Paul's Racing/Paul's Cycling & Fitness Inc.
21 Adam Koch
22 Randy Cress SV/BikeSource Racing
23 Dale Gilreath Cycletherapy
24 Jordan Martin TEAM MS p/b Herbalife/Maui Jim
25 Reggie Tucker Vic Chisholm Racing Inc
26 Evan Kimbro Greensboro Velo Club
27 Daniel Wilson Tumult Racing
28 Eric Winebarger SV/BikeSource Racing
29 Jacob Richard South Main Cycles Racing
30 Joel Eisner Constellation Cycling
31 Stephen Claiborne Hearts Racing Club
32 Ben Mccall
33 Chancey Sumner Cycletherapy
34 Tim Dee Hearts Racing Club
35 Ryan Edwards Virginia Commonwealth University
36 Christopher Dougherty Wattage Cottage Racing
37 Thomas Mills Dire Wolf Racing
38 Andy Sherman Greensboro Velo Club
39 Chad Chadwick TEAM MS p/b Herbalife/Maui Jim
40 George Hatcher Cross Creek Cycling Club-C4
DNF Robert Bonham
DNF Lance Borman
DNF Denis Kissane Vic Chisholm Racing Inc
DNF Bruce Stauffer Finish Strong
DNF Travis Beane Clemmons Bicycle Racing
DNF Brandon Squizzato Team Spoke Cycles p/b Carolina Ale House
DNF Tim Love
DNF Ian Witsaman Caraway Velo Club

Men Cat 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Josh Hill
2 Christopher Mattern
3 Ben Hostetler
4 Charlie Fullwood Myrtle Beach Bicycle Racing
5 David Rieder Capital Cycling Club
6 Jonathan Dubel
7 Perry Ferrell
8 Robbie Morris
9 Joe Briscoe TEAM MS p/b Herbalife/Maui Jim
10 Willem Wambeke Les Amis/Up State Junior Cycling
11 Craig Stroup TEAM MS p/b Herbalife/Maui Jim
12 Michael Briles Greensboro Velo Club
13 Scott Bowman
14 Arthur Koch
15 Phillip Musselwhite
16 Mark Yunker
17 Joshua Eisner Constellation Cycling
18 David Burstein
19 Jacob Eisner Constellation Cycling
20 Timothy Guinard
DNF Brett Sumpter Globalbike Racing

Men Pro/Cat 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Flynn Hearts Racing Club
2 Anthony Rizzo Revolve Residential p/b
3 Nathaniel Ward Cycletherapy
4 Charkie Huegel Hearts Racing Club
5 John Wofford Hearts Racing Club
6 Paul Mesi Buffalo Bicycling Club Inc.
7 Parker Kyzer Finish Strong
8 Franklin Deese Cyclus Sports
9 Jonathan Taylor High Country Development Team
10 Michael Gearren ii
11 Richard Nance Hearts Racing Club
12 David Walls Boone Area Cyclists
13 Jacob Miller The Electric Banana Cycling Project p/b FSC Racing
14 James Good Revolve Residential p/b
15 Brad Veasey Finish Strong
16 Matthew Mcnees Cyclus Sports
17 Paul Gregory Low Country Cycling Team
18 Lucas Livermon Happy Tooth Racing
19 Jason Duval Clemmons Bicycle Racing
20 Brad Reed
21 Eric Serantoni Hearts Racing Club
22 Luis Flores Happy Tooth Racing
23 Andrew Fairman Revolve Residential p/b
24 Nate Berry Happy Tooth Racing
25 Joshua Brown Boone Area Cyclists
26 Ted Hopkins Team Spoke Cycles p/b Carolina Ale House
27 Andrew Shetler Oak City Cycling Project Race Team
28 Patrick Weddell Team Greenville Health System
29 Matthew Bruner Cycletherapy
30 Dylan Lawson North Carolina State University at Raleigh
31 Phillip Jackson Cycletherapy
32 Justin Evans Boone Area Cyclists
33 Timothy Mccollum Revolve Residential p/b
34 Jay Cox Mock Orange Bikes/ Mock Orange Racing
35 Casey Vedder Hearts Racing Club
36 Alan Tripp Cycletherapy/ Cycletherapy/Ride Fast Gear
37 Andrew Weaver Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team p/b Palmetto State Medical
DNF Hank Booth
DNF Jonathan Hamblen Hearts Racing Club
DNF Patrick Raines Hearts Racing Club

Women Pro/Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Cinthia Lehner Carolina Masters
2 Kelli Mcdowell Mock Orange Bikes
3 Jamie Botta Constellation Cycling
4 Sarah Guilbert SpokesWomen Syndicate Inc.
5 Jennifer Campbell Constellation Cycling
6 Allie Wetzel SpokesWomen Syndicate
7 Danielle Nelson Uptown Cycles
8 Sarah Maloney Happy Tooth Women's Racing