These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Brian Falkowski Northwest Tri and Bike
2 Jeffrey Reed SCCA/Starbucks Cycling Team
3 Greg Hoglund Metier
4 Jed Stremel Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
5 Bradlee Haley SCCA/Starbucks Cycling Team
6 James Hadeed Heatwave
7 Steve Sonheim SCCA/Starbucks Cycling Team
8 Joshua Simmons PC4Men
9 Nathaniel Brockert Metier Racing
10 Zach Goodin CycleU/Apex
11 Daniel Olsen Apex Racing Team
12 David Chipchase SCCA/Starbucks Cycling Team
13 Craig Hammond Automattic/
14 Jesse Nofziger SCCA/Starbucks Cycling Team
15 Sean Mcgraw Tenspeed Hero
16 Brian Hitchcock Metier Racing
17 Aaron Griffith SCCA/Starbucks Cycling Team
18 Peter Beels Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
22 Martin Vaneycke Tacoma Bike Shop
22 Pierrebernard Thiffault Ten Speed Hero
22 Jason Corbridge SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
22 Eamon Rutledge Metier Racing

Men Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Phil Conlan Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
2 Rian Rustvold HagenBerman/Society Consulting
3 Josh Adams PC4Men
4 Alexander Perry Metier Racing
5 Reid Hellekson Apex Racing Team
6 Dave Preston CycleU/Apex Racing
7 Lucas Beatty
8 Mark Watson Dyna Racing
9 Michael Masuda Metier Racing
10 Sean Bunce Metier Racing
11 Garrett George SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
12 Edgar Vanlieshout Hagens Berman-Society Consulting
13 Garrett Born CycleU/Apex Racing
14 Tri Tran Egencia
15 Gian Vito SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
16 ? Unkown
17 Miles Farrow johnson CycleU/Apex Racing
18 ? Unkown
19 Eric Guan Egencia
20 David Mullen Tacoma Rice
39 Ernesto Cabanes Tacoma Bike Racing
39 Travis Dougan SCCA/Starbucks Cycling Team
39 Scott Latimer Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
39 Dale Harless CycleU/Apex Racing
39 Ralph Plata Nemesis
39 Mathew Anderson CycleU/Apex Racing
39 Adam Loving Taco Time NW
39 Robert Falkowski
39 James Bishop CycleU/Apex Racing
39 Scott Miller Hedrick Cylces
39 Robert Rice RiceOut
39 Scott Stout Hagens Berman-Society Consulting
39 Darnell Umagat SCCA/Starbucks Cycling Team
39 David Friedt Taco Time NW
39 Kyle Lee Egencia
39 Alexander Bennett Cycle U
39 Ken Daugherty Egencia
39 James Wright Seattle Super Squadra
39 Mark Spencercoons Egencia
39 Kenneth Ramirez Machete Squad
39 Nathaniel Bean Apex Racing Team

Men Masters Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Matthew Hill Garage Racing
2 Sean Phillips Garage Racing
3 Doug Davis Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
4 Brian Clark Metier Racing
5 Dee Patterson
6 Chris Adolf Fell Swoop
7 Richie Strong SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
8 James Shimada Fell Swoop
9 Gregory Luniewski Automattic/
10 Michael Pruitt
15 Christopher Soelling Taco Time NW
15 Lane Wilkinson Automattic/
15 Bill Zimmerman Taco Time NW
15 Tim Culbertson SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
15 Michael Sanderson Automattic/

Women Cat 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Stephanie Halamek SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
2 Anne Gustafson Bikesale / Automattic
3 Hillary King Garage Racing
4 Julie Strong Northwest Tri & Bike
5 Mallory Travis Ten Speed Hero
6 Lindsay Nofziger SCCA/Starbucks Cycling Team
7 Amanda Loser SCCA/Starbucks Cycling