These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men's Open OT-100

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Flieg "St. Louis mountain bike camps Trek Midwe
2 Dave Otto Swim Bike Run Tri Club 13:42:02
3 Tim Tracy 13:45:19
4 Jeff Mittler Extreme Electrical 13:47:42
5 Brendan Harshman High Gear / Trek 14:08:13
6 Jeremy Powers Team QIKCOVER� 14:35:36
7 Joshua Yoder 16:20:10
8 Collin Hayes SIUE Cycling Club 17:27:49
9 Shawn Bogan 17:49:07
10 Brad Suthoff 17:49:08
11 Aaron Lackman Team Noah Foundation 20:19:03
12 Daniel Cunningham SIUE Cycling club 20:30:55
13 Ben Palmer 25:49:04
DNF Carter Kinkead
DNF Jason Kulma Momentum Racing
DNF Kevin Liggett Momentum Racing
DNF Dylan Mcewin Trek / High Gear
DNF Tim Mcgrath Little Ades 312
DNF Lee Messersmith Bike Surgeon/Continental Tire
DNF Kevin Minton Team Noah Foundation
DNF Craig Mueller
DNF Brad Raper Vektek
DNF Brian Roggeveen Momentum Racing
DNF Brian Serniak
DNF Stephen Sides
DNF Brian Thieme RMHC/Maplewood Bicycles
DNF Dave Vehige Momentum Racing
DNF Jeremy Waldrop J. A. King MTB Team
DNF Blake Young SLF Motion

Men's Open OT-50

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jered Kelley Motion Makers Bicycle Shop 5:26:09
2 Karl Stover Billy Goat Racing Team 5:33:58
3 Justin Stewart R & M Cyclery 5:43:35
4 Eric Reber 6:49:33
5 Jack Waterbury 6:57:15
6 Ben Erschen 7:22:31
7 Doug Mcdonald Momentum Racing 8:09:22
8 Steve Snyder 8:17:26
9 Mark Mueller 8:27:45
10 Stephen Holmes 8:53:29
11 Ryan Flach 9:35:29
12 Jeffrey Thieme 9:38:14
13 Mark Wickersham 9:40:14
14 Joe Sullivan 9:43:15
15 Reinaldo Barrera Big D Cycling Team 9:44:10
16 Anthony Troglio 9:49:17
17 Jason Haney 10:42:03
18 Michael Cuddihee Momentum Cycles 11:09:12
19 Roland Larice 11:21:40
DNF Patrick Doyle
DNF Matthew Fulbright Bright-Mann / Trek Stores Race Team
DNF Alvaro Gamarra Big D Cycling
DNF Richard Grabbe
DNF Christian Hon Topanga Creek Bicycles
DNF Terrence Keenan Big Shark
DNF Brad Kovach Terrain magazine
DNF Zach Myers
DNF Adolfo Uriarte

Single Speed Open OT-100

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Chris Farney Horizon Cycling 12:21:37
2 Darren Gilmore 13:43:12
3 Hunter Henry Wolf Pack Racing 13:43:25
4 Brian Brennfoerder Big Pig Racing 16:13:06
5 Arthur Wedler 16:23:29
6 Randy Vieth Momentum Racing 17:49:08
7 Timothy Nipper Big Pig Racing 18:48:05
DNF Nathan Goff Extreme Electrical Racing

Single Speed Open OT-50

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Adam Rybar TEAM SEAGAL 5:42:45
2 Nathan Jones WolfPack Racing 6:14:37
3 Phil Hilliard Team DSP 6:14:40
4 Steve Friedman Wolf Pack Racing 6:14:57
5 Drew Black TEAM SEAGAL 7:27:20
DNF Max Smith Big Pig Racing

Women's Open OT-100

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Laura Scherff Momentum Racing 14:08:12
2 Amanda Lappe Team Noah Foundation 14:14:29
3 Maria Esswein Team Noah Foundation 14:28:04

Women's Open OT-50

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Lindsey Durst Team Seagal 7:15:43
2 Amy Snyder 7:29:53
3 Christine Sai-halasz 7:43:39
4 Lauren Gottschalk 11:28:21
DNF Becky Snyder
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