These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Juniors (10-18)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Matthew Russell Tri Cities Road Club
2 Chase Martin Krystal / SCV
3 Arvin Jansen Trace Bikes
4 Heather Yost
5 Micah Russell
6 Dan Huddleston Acme MultiSports

Masters Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 William Robison SVMIC Cycling
2 Bert Hull Krystal - / SCV
3 Steven Bacon Micro Metals - Bike Zoo / SCO
4 Philippe Hanset Micro Metals - Bike Zoo / SCO
5 Mark Fleishman Team Gran Fondo
6 Ben Reed SVMIC Cycling
7 Mark Miller Cumberland Transit Cycling
8 Shawn Hirt Team Gran Fondo
9 Tony Adair SVMIC Cycling
10 Kenneth Poole SVMIC Cycling
11 Keith Knittle SVMIC Cycling
12 Michael Twigg Harper Auto / Knox Velo
13 William Ransom Micro Metals - Bike Zoo / SCO
14 Robert Dodd Team Gran Fondo
15 Steven Carpenter Hincapie Development Team
16 Ryan Jones Spring City Cycling Club
17 John Carr Cumberland Transit Cycling
18 Tony Falin Micro Metals - Bike Zoo / SCO
19 Jason Peters Friends Great Smokies (FGS Cycling)
20 Robert Gregory Team Gran Fondo
21 John Lyle Cumberland Transit Cycling
22 Jay Levy SVMIC Cycling
23 Ronald Zannini Cookeville Bicycles
24 Timothy Taylor Jackson Spokes
25 David Hoffman Team Gran Fondo
26 Timothy Tidwell Micro Metals - Bike Zoo / SCO
27 Brent Faulk Krystal / SCV
28 Thad Dehart SVMIC Cycling
29 Joseph Labonte Cirque du Velos Powered by Peddler Bike Shop
30 James Wachter Harper Auto / Knox Velo
31 Edward Mcclarty SVMIC Cycling
32 Lawrence Russell Tri Cities Road Club
33 Ellis Caldwell SVMIC Cycling
34 Tom Duncan SVMIC Cycling
35 Kevin Hinson Team Gran Fondo
36 Jack Evans Cumberland Cycles Inc.
37 Don Fields Cumberland Transit Cycling
38 Ivan Murdock Team Bikes and Moore
39 Greg Clark Acme MultiSports
40 Gregory Palevo Acme MultiSports
41 Thomas Gee St Louis Cycling Club
42 Carl Bowden Tri Cities Road Club
43 Steven Strain Global BMW-Mini / SCV
44 Philip Armbrust Cumberland Transit Cycling
45 Charles Gundlach ACME Multisports
DNF Micah Fritzinger Scheller's Racing Team
DNF Norman Els Krystal / SCV
DNF Randy Hammontree Upper Cumberland Wheelmen
DNF John Turner Micro Metals - Bike Zoo / SCO
DNF Kenneth Guidara

Men Pro/1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Dirk Pohlmann Texas Roadhouse / Kentucky Flyers
2 Stephen Bassett Team Turner / Prochain Cycling
3 Jason Jeansonne Friends Great Smokies (FGS Cycling)
4 Bradley Spears Hincapie/Green Creation
5 Travis Werts
6 Christopher Brown Litespeed-BMW
7 Michael Biegalski Harper Auto / Knox Velo
8 Nathan Moorhouse WDT-Allvoi International Cycling Team
9 Jeffrey Mcgrane Friends Great Smokies (FGS Cycling)
10 Zachary Hoover Krystal - / SCV
11 Andrew Reardon
12 Timothy Valentine Friends Great Smokies (FGS Cycling)
13 Michael Crouch Homegrown Bicycles
14 Jason Guzak
15 Jonathan Crowson Friends Great Smokies (FGS Cycling)
16 Edward Krei Cumberland Transit Cycling
17 Robert Binkley Krystal - / SCV
18 John Waggoner
19 Luke Servedio Team Sonic- Treehouse Racing
20 John Hart Friends Great Smokies (FGS Cycling)
21 David Worth
22 Kent Bostick Friends Great Smokies (FGS Cycling)
23 Joseph Ruf Spring City Cycling Club
DNF Jon Wilton Harper Auto / Knox Velo
DNF Jon Mclaughlin Scotts Bikes
DNF David Hixson Team Gran Fondo
DNF Sam Miller Team Sonic- Treehouse Racing
DNF Craig Brimer Krystal - / SCV
DNF James Delong Krystal - / SCV
DNF Eric Carlile Cookeville Bicycles

Senior Men Category 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Thomas Peloton Sports Group
2 Robert Berghel Krystal / SCV
3 Jon Siccardi Team Sonic- Treehouse Racing
4 Brian Rejack Harpeth Bicycles Racing
5 Max Gander Tristar - BazaarVoice
6 Mark Horne Harpeth Bicycles Racing
7 David Bradbury Team Gran Fondo
8 Bob Tuma Moab/Middle Tennessee Velo
9 Joe Grubbs Team Bikers Choice
10 Kurt Maxberry Team Bikes and Moore
11 William Welborn Cumberland Transit Cycling
12 Nicholas Stone Cookeville Bicycles
13 Kevin Ray Team Bikers Choice
14 Daniel Price Krystal / SCV
15 David Hack Team Bikes and Moore
16 Caleb Wilson Calfkiller Cycling Team
17 Thomas Baggenstoss Krystal / SCV
18 Benjamin Webster Calfkiller Cycling Team
19 David Ferguson Ohio Valley Velo-Elite Development Team
20 Noah Hendrix Calfkiller Cycling Team
21 Fenton Scruggs Krystal / SCV
22 Matthew Thompson
23 Craig Hoyme Tri Cities Road Club
24 Eric Lovins Team Bikes and Moore
25 Spencer Whittier Krystal / SCV
26 Daren Rogers Krystal / SCV
27 Ryan Allen Krystal / SCV
28 Stephen Wilham Krystal / SCV
29 Rip Clayton Cumberland Transit Cycling
30 Tracy Terpstra Krystal / SCV
31 Michael Weber Harper Auto / Knox Velo
32 Johnathon Cousin
33 Victor Franklin Team Traveller
34 Jeff Ingle Krystal / SCV
35 Ian Fraser Cumberland Transit Cycling
36 Kevin Cleveland Cumberland Transit Cycling
37 Christopher Beres Cumberland Transit Cycling
38 Jason Moore
39 Jeff Henson Harpeth Bicycles Racing
DNF Matthew Brown Krystal / SCV
DNF Mark Peet Harper Auto / Knox Velo
DNF Steven Ragle Cumberland Transit Cycling
DNF Patrick Towns Team Bikers Choice

Senior Men Category 5 (35+)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Christopher Palk Calfkiller Cycling Team
2 Hartono Tanuwidjaja Harpeth Bicycles Racing
3 Ronnie Obryan River City Racing- KY
4 Rick Curvin Cookeville Bicycles
5 Jacob Hendrix Calfkiller Cycling Team
6 Harry Roberts River City Racing- KY
7 Nick Bartelt
8 Kevin Zirkle Micro Metals - Bike Zoo / SCO
9 Brian Haynes River City Racing
10 Ty Webb
11 Rob Frazee
12 Marvyn Hortman
13 Bain Carpenter Harpeth Bicycles Racing
DNF Thomas Boyle Moab/Middle Tennessee Velo
DNF Greg Geer
DNF Michael Rawdon
DNF Joe Hallums

Senior Men Category 5 (u35)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Micaiah Rockwell
2 Jason Labonte
3 Will Montgomery Harpeth Bicycles Racing
4 Jacob Williams Harper Auto / Knox Velo
5 Lee Carmichael Calfkiller Cycling Team
6 David Wilson Calfkiller Cycling Team
7 Derek Lewis Harpeth Bicycles Racing
8 Nathan Kerr
9 Brad Stinson Harper Auto / Knox Velo
10 Gregory Garcia
11 Adam Dunn
12 Nathaniel Bankhead Harper Auto / Knox Velo
13 Derek Harris River City Racing
14 Jason Tant Team Gran Fondo
15 Richard Brookover Calfkiller Cycling Team
16 William Bauman
DNF Eric Polino Krystal / SCV

Senior Women Category 1-4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Robyn Wilham Mystique Cycling Team / SCV
2 Jessica Owings SVMIC Cycling
3 Amanda Ragle Cumberland Transit Cycling
4 Katie Ryan SVMIC Cycling
5 Jennifer Delong Mystique Cycling Team / SCV
6 Allison Greening Cumberland Transit Cycling
7 Kathy Mead SVMIC Cycling
8 Marsha Williams Cumberland Transit Cycling
9 Sandra Talavera SVMIC Cycling
10 Amy Christian Mystique Cycling Team / SCV
11 Rachel Bartlett Mystique Cycling Team / SCV
12 Stephanie Bleecher SVMIC Cycling
13 Olga Weeks SVMIC Cycling
14 Megan Rogers Mystique Cycling Team / SCV
15 Rebecca Jackson Mystique Cycling Team / SCV
DNF Mindy Yarberry
DNF Susie Isaac
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