These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Cat 2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Egan Zen Masters 56:44.0
2 Eric Salzer Chester County Velo
3 Nicholas Roeder Tri-State Velo/Amoroso's Racing Team
4 David Dawson The Performance Lab p/b Caffeinated Cyclist
5 Tyler Bauer
6 Kyle Bruley
7 Thomas Schubert Tri-State Velo/Amoroso's Racing Team
8 Charles Salzer Franklin and Marshall Cycling Team
9 Kevin Fryberger The Performance Lab p/b Caffeinated Cyclist
10 Hammean Walker Major Taylor Iron Racing Racing Team
11 Colton Valentine QCW Cycling
12 Clay Fawthorp Mountain Top
13 James Guardino
14 Nick Rogers
15 John Beers Philadelphia Ciclismo
16 Nick Price Dynaflo Racing
17 Jonathan Ruiz Cycledrome
18 Michael Ciunci Human Zoom
19 Matt Swiatek Team
20 Joseph Lanza Guys Racing Club
21 Ryan Smolko Chester County Velo
22 Matthew Furlow
23 Kyle Centrella Dynaflo Racing
24 Edward Klock-mccook Human Zoom Cycling
25 Joseph Chudyk Team Fluid
26 Scott Steele Gotham Cyclists
27 Peter Reed
28 Sean Mclaughlin Human Zoom Cycling
29 Richard Ball Gotham Cyclists

Cat 35+ Women

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Tricia Carnila
2 Ruth Dickinson Pallas Athene Womens Racing team
3 Dana Hanchin Sturdy Girl Cycling
4 Cheri Fager Pallas Athene Women's Cycling Team
5 Jennifer Bollinger Team Alliance Environmental
6 Jennifer Rhodes Sturdy Girl Cycling
7 Beth Fayant Sturdy Girl Cycling
8 Aliza Karetnick
9 Philip Stanley Morgan Stanley/ Smith Barney/Markert Edge
10 Barry Free ERA Cycling

Cat 4 Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jeff Hetrick Lamprey Systems 46:47.0
2 Josh Case
3 Steve Weaber Swashbuckler Brewing/
4 Ted Horwitz Team Cosmic
5 Darren Linkin
6 Josh Carter Philadelphia Ciclismo
7 Seth Houston Pure Energy Cycling-ProAirHFA
8 Keir James
9 Eric Andreus Team Alliance Environmental
10 Michael Mchugh Central Bucks Velo
11 Eric Moon Lancaster Regional
12 Leroy Hayes
13 Samuel Cowans
14 Joseph Carew Pure Energy Cycling-ProAirHFA
15 Brandon Knettel Lehigh University
16 Alec White -IFRACTAL
17 Unknown Rider
18 Patrik Dyberg Liberty Cycle
19 Keith Plunkett kapelmuur independent
20 Unknown Rider
21 Michael Graback Liberty Cycle
22 Joshua Kasumovic Watts Up Sports
23 Daniel Fuehrer Crossfit Endurance
24 David Kates Bike Line / LWA
25 Connor Campbell
26 Ellis Kim TOMS Shoes p/b KindHuman Sports
27 Festus Aigbokhai
28 Jason Gabriel Philadelphia Ciclismo
29 Curt Junge GS Simmeria
30 Bob Carter GS Simmeria
31 Chris Peris Thru It All Body Shop
32 Byron Horgash Sunnybrook Racing/Professional Pharmacy
33 George Dietrich Lamprey Systems
34 Richard Girgis Liberty Cycle
35 Kyle Penny Lancaster Regional Cycling Team
36 John Wilson
37 Daniel Hart Century Road Club Of America
38 Timothy Day Team TOMS Shoes p/b Kind Human Sports
39 Zachary Hutchins Mid-Atlantic Cycling Club
40 Lee Sobotkin Tri-State Velo

Cat 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nelson Scott 35:56.0
2 Carter Luck
3 Frank Ingraham Lamprey Systems
4 Jason Eicholtz Philadelphia Ciclismo
5 Michael Franco Liberty Cycle
6 Unknown Rider
7 Brad Williams Bikeline LWA
8 Mike Mccaffrey Tri-State Velo
9 Hugh Mangum Pure Energy/ ProAir HFA
10 Charles Williamson Strictly Bicycles
11 Tom Haedrich
12 Todd Hudson Cyclesports
13 Cole Malin vortex
14 Patrick Zbyszewski Sunnybrook Racing
15 Mark Travers BCCC
16 Jacqueline Nemeth
17 Marc Witowski
18 David Andersen
19 Scott Daniels

Masters 35 +

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mark Light Liberty Cycle 58:37.7
2 Karl Woitas Team Alliance Environmental
3 Saysana Inthavongsa Swashblucker Brewing Company/
4 Joseph Wentzell - IFRACTAL
5 Richard Leibfried PA Masters RC
6 Nick Price Dynaflo Racing
7 Dave Grant Tri-State Velo - Amoroso Racing Team
8 Michael Miller Team Alliance Environmental
9 Michael Whitaker Lancaster Regional Cycling
10 David Iglewicz PA Masters RC
11 Ryan Mitchell PA Masters RC
12 Joe Hamilton PA Masters RC
13 Brian Cincera Lehigh Wheelmen Assoc
14 Gregory Wheeler Van Dessel Factory Team
15 Mark Gorman L'Equipe De Ville
16 Richard Ball Gotham Cyclists
17 Josh Bardige - IFRACTAL
18 Steve May Swashbuckler Brewing/
19 Michael Goret Watchung Wheelmen
20 Steve Weaber Swashbuckler Brewing/
21 Mark Valentine QCW Cycling

Masters 45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 John Spittal Thru It All Body Shop inc. 51:06.3
2 Ken Wareham Thru It All Body Shop
3 Joseph Piscitello Pa Masters rc.
4 Alessandro Matteucci Finkraft Cycling Team
5 Aubrey Gordon liberty cycle
6 Brad Ober Thru-It-All Body Shop Inc
7 John Raheb Century Road Club Association
8 Jeff Appeltans MAMBO Kings/D&Q-GoCycling
9 Nao Yamashita Cycledrome
10 Brian Wolf Team Rockstar Games / Signature Cycles
11 Robert Grimwood PA Masters RC
12 Darin Benson Thru It All Body Shop Inc
13 Joe Hamilton PA Masters RC
14 Ryan Mitchell PA Masters RC
15 Art Miller Thru-It-All Body Shop
16 James Best Cycledrome
17 Jan Felice Thru It All Body Shop
18 Scott Hodder SignatureCycles/Rockstar Games
19 Mark Bowman South Mountain Cycles
20 Thomas Nagy PA Masters RC
21 David Lowe Human Zoom Cycling
22 Michael Long International Christian Cycling Club
23 Thomas Bartolacci Bucks County Racing Club
24 Christopher Candy Tri-State Velo
25 Bryan Stahley Cycledrome
26 Bill Fleming PA Masters RC
27 Stephen Baumbach Cycledrome Bicycling Team
28 Joseph Zuppa Colavita Racing Inc.
29 Michael Fink Morgan Stanley/ Smith Barney/ Market edge
30 Dennis Penny Lancaster Regional Cycling Team
31 Chris Rassekh ChamRakh Cycling
32 Patrik Dyberg Liberty Cycle
33 Doug Morris Guy's Racing
34 Timothy Hancock Mainline Cycling
35 James Maino PA Masters RC
36 Vladimir Borovkov SignatureCycles/Rockstar Games
37 Walter Risse Mid Atl Masters Bicycle Org
38 Jay Downs ChamRakh Cycling
39 Theodore Inoue Liberty Cycle
40 Karl Turek Lehigh Valley Wheelmen
41 Bill Strickland Kapelmuur Independent
42 Linford Weaver International Christian Cycling Club

Masters 55+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Charles Carnila Mid Atl Masters Bicycle Org
2 Jay Gaunt MainLine Cycling-BiKyle/Mazur Coaching
3 Bob Kehl Guy's Racing Club
4 Richard Steele Tri-State Velo - Amoroso Racing Team
5 Scott Butler bikelin/lwa
6 Art Mchugh
7 Andrew Buchanan Skylands Cycling
8 Patrick Gellineau Team Squiggle
9 Tom Kellogg Amoroso / Tri-State Velo
10 Martin Lorenz Guy's Racing Club
11 Joseph Kenas Guys Racing Club
12 John Hamilton Main Line Cycling-BiKyle/Mazur Coaching
13 David Frankford Main Line Cycling - BiKyle/Mazur Coaching
14 Robert Turner Thru It All Body Shop
15 Peter Sleeman Bikeline/LWA
16 Jay Hoffman Tri State Velo
17 Gregory Ruch Tri State Velo
18 Gerry Ryerson Cycle Craft Inc
19 Kevin Breckenmaker ERA CYCLING
20 John Miller
21 William Care ERA Cycling
22 Peter Swan NCVC/UnitedHealthCare
23 Michael Shapanka Watchung Wheelmen
24 Fred Miller Gotham Cyclists
25 Michael Karr Montclair Cyclists
26 Philip Senechal Verducci Breakaway Racing

women 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Birgit Reeves Finkraft Cycling Team 42:35.0
2 Renee Engelhardt CRCA/NYVelocity Women's Racing Team
3 Lara Marek Sturdy Girl Cycling
4 Sara Brams-miller Sturdy Girl Cycling
5 Jacqueline Mcclure

Women Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kimberly Zubris Team RaceMenu/mix1 42:35.0
2 Dana Walton Chester County Cycling Foundation
3 Jessica Chong Morgan Stanley Cycling Team
4 Jennifer Kraut Team TBB/Deep Blue
5 Lisa Jellett Verducci/Breakaway Racing
6 Michelle Mighdoll Pallas Athene Women's Cycling
7 Kaitlyn Lawrence Specialized - Rising Stars p/b Bicycling Mag
8 Cheryl Wolf Team Rockstar Games/Signature Cycles
9 Jennifer Bollinger Team Alliance Environmental
10 Kelley Bethaney pallas Athene Womens Racing team
11 Ruth Dickinson Pallas Athene Womens Racing team
12 Dana Hanchin Sturdy Girl Cycling
13 Cherri Fager Pure Energy
14 Jory Wamsley Team Alliance Environmental
15 Nonnie Howard Human Zoom Cycling
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