These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Karl Nelson East End/
2 John Landino DeathRow
3 Ryan Rapolas QCW Cycli
4 Alessandr Matteucci Finkraft
5 Manuel Caliz Speeddrea
6 Stefano Zanotti Eastern B
7 Michael Shinall Green Lin
8 Everhard Paredes 0
9 Drew Karlberg Phenix Ve
10 Moritz Steiner 0
11 Juan Pimentel sr. Century R
12 Todd Lippin QCW Cycli
13 Willie Payton 0
14 Dylan Gallagher 0
15 ? ? Could not
16 Michael Hughes Century R
17 Raul Galliano GS Gotham
18 Juan Pimentel jr. Century R
19 Radames Parissi Jimenez V
20 Ian Byrd Genesee V
21 Shawn Erickson 0
22 Max Thilen Orlando R
23 Herb Jimenez Jimenez V
24 Louis Donato GS Park R
25 Phil Penman Century R
26 Corey Williams Columbia
27 Donny Green 0
28 David Hussey YSG Racin
29 Benjamin Fackler Century R
30 Joshua Leibowitz Colavita
31 Peter Reed QCW Cycli
32 Jorge Orrego Team Cosm
33 Andrew Shapiro Century R
34 Jonathan Beyer Pure Ener
35 Ryan Shank QCW Cycli
36 Chris Chapman Century R
37 James Mahlmann Century R
38 Steven Persak Liberty C
39 David Anthony Century R
40 Kevin Keane Colavita
41 Edward Klock-mccook Human Zoo
42 Justin Kowalczyk Pure Ener
43 Alvin Poblacion Century R
44 Paul Coluccio East End/
45 Zebulon Nelessen Van Desse
46 Matthew Rettig Pawling C
47 Brendan Pearce GS Park R
48 Scott Steward Liberty C

Masters 45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Carl Reglar Verge Sport/Test Pilot
2 Lawrence Towner Liberty Cycle
3 Richard Kazimir Century Road Club Of America
4 Joe Straub SignatureCycles/Rockstar Games
5 Lawrence Henderson Skylands Cycling
6 Glenn Babikian SignatureCycles/Rockstar Games
7 Brian Margarum Black Bear
8 Chris Mooney Liberty Cycle
9 Marco Bonelli TriSports Cycling/Eclipse Racing
10 Brian Rafferty Deno's Wonder Wheel Cycling
11 Timothy Doherty Colavita Racing Inc.
12 Michael Gray Knapp's Cyclery Racing
13 Walter Kowalski Jaeger Wheelmen
14 Chuck Crocco Somerset Wheelmen
15 Vince Moran Westwood Velo
16 Joseph Brennan Century Road Club Of America
17 Thomas Clisby Montclair Cyclists
18 Brian Margarum Black Bear
19 Daniel Mitchell Skylands Cycling
20 Theo Spilka Century Road Club Association
21 Curtis Lightburn Liberty Cycle

Men 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Raymond Reisen Colavita Racing Inc.
2 Andrew Logiudice skylands cycling
3 Alex Binkley Century Road Club Association
4 Gregory Dorsch Tarmac Cycling
5 Christopher King Tarmac Cycling
6 Ted Horwitz Team Cosmic
7 Corey Morenz Century Road Club Association
8 James Kennedy Liberty Cycle
9 Seth Houston Pure Energy Cycling-ProAirHFA
10 Steven Taggart 0
11 Daniel Cleiman Century Road Club Association
12 Breogan Alvarez Century Road Club Association
13 John Jackson Skylands Cycling
14 Robert Price
15 Bryan Carbone Knapp's Cyclery Racing
16 Micha Ophir Century Road Club Association
17 Eric Oishi Jimenez Velo Sport
18 Keir James Hawkeye Bicycle Assoc
19 Lorenzo Grippo Team Danbury Audi/Pedal and Pump
20 Silas Clark Joyful Cycles Team
21 Nelson Cardenas Strictly Bicycles Cycling
22 James Redmond Century Road Club Association
23 Steve Kang CRCA/Breakaway Courier
24 David Sempier Jimenez Velo Sport
25 James Kelly 0
26 Brandon King Skylands Cycling
27 Vic Brown iii Threshold Cycling
28 Joshua Salit Tarmac Cycling
29 Benjamin Fackler Century Road Club Association
30 Zachary Hutchins Mid-Atlantic Cycling Club
31 Craig Blake Skylands Cycling
32 Richard Scudney Century Road Club Association
33 William Hluchan
34 Cameron Howitt 0
35 Robert Bonelli Tarmac Cycling
36 David Parker SignatureCycles/Rockstar Games
37 Craig Thaler Tarmac Cycling
38 Scott Mills Century Road Club Association
39 Adam Rosenthal Century Road Club Association
40 Matthew Vandivort Century Road Club Association
41 Paul Sulse Liberty Cycle
42 Oliver Carbonell Century Road Club Association
43 Bart Sullivan 3D Racing Team
44 Merrill Mcmullen Century Road Club Association
45 Alex Cooper Tenafly Road Dawz
46 Chris Santalucia
47 Alex Baron Westwood Velo
48 Michael Zak Team Cosmic
49 Michael Malavarca 0
50 Tim Saxon Skylands Cycling
51 Craig Blake Skylands Cycling
52 Craig Rotile 0
53 Paul Santini Century Road Club Association
54 Sean Smith 0
55 Brandon Starodub 0
56 William Blakeley Dartmouth College
57 Jonathan Moore Westwood Velo
58 Gary Fletcher Skylands Cycling
59 Andrew Mauro 0

Women cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Dawn Peterson Northampton Cycling Club
2 Anne Racioppi
3 Amy Cutler
4 Julia Lonchar
5 Aimee Layton
6 Beth Renner
7 Brittlee Bowman
8 Virginia Solomon
9 Laura Lee vo
10 Rebecca Chan
11 Colleen Conway
12 Erica Adelberg
13 Andrea Maher
14 Corinne Karmiel
15 Molly Hurford
16 Stephanie Busloff
17 Leah Oppenheimer
18 Elizabeth Tyrell
19 Barbara Shweky
20 Gabrielle Fisher
21 Emily Underwood

Women cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Danielle Kosecki Century Road Club Association
2 Renee Engelhardt Century Road Club Association
3 Carol-lynn Mills East End/Kreb Cycle
4 Katherine Amos Century Road Club Association
5 Veni Ercegovic Century Road Club Association
6 Birgit Reeves Century Road Club Association
7 Stacey Barbossa Team Cosmic
8 Victoria Gochenour Century Road Club Association
9 Lisa Mazzola Century Road Club Association
10 Victoria Boughton East End/Kreb Cycle
11 Cabello Joanne Century Road Club Association
12 Victoria Brumfield Century Road Club Association
13 Christine Ramirez Team WE Sports
14 Stephanie Kaplan Century Road Club Association
15 Andrea Brennan Riptide Cycling
16 Jodie Hein 0
17 Meghan Schloat Century Road Club Association
18 Caroline Gaynor Jimenez Velo Sport
19 Valerie Gould Riptide Cycling
20 Michal Seidenman Montclair Cyclists
21 Susan Seyboldt Riptide Cycling
22 Sara Herman Century Road Club Association
23 Lucia Deng Century Road Club Association
24 Lisa Kennish Century Road Club Association
25 Christine Feehan Elevate Cycles
26 Kristin Patchell #N/A
27 Maggie Freeman Team EPS/CSS/p/b Shebell & Shebell
28 Contact Blake
29 Jennifer Defalco Team Cosmic
30 Cathleen London Century Road Club Association

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