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Brooklyn, NY

Saturday, July 18, 2009

AL TOEFIELD MEMORIAL ROAD RACE Presented by Kissena Sports Brooklyn, NY Saturday, July 18, 2009

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Al Toefield memorial Road Race - 7/18/09
Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY

First Name	Last Name	Team

Pro-1-2-3  (44 Miles)
1	Euris		Vidal
2	Melito		Heredia		Innovation
3	Jermaine	Burrowes	WS United
4	Stephen		Dioslaki	Team Metro
5	Kyle		Peppo		Adler
6	Franklin	Burgos		Western Union
7	Bryan		Borgia		CRCA
8	Will		Schneider
9	John 		Durso		Liberty Cycle
10	Thomas		Bencivengo	Sommerville Sport
11	Luis 		Perez
12	Eugene		Boronow		GS Mengoni
13	Augusto		Sanchez
14	Michea		Margole
15	Robert		Lattanzi	Westwood

Masters  (34 Miles)
1	Juan 		Pimentel	Global Locate
2	James 		Joseph		Team United
3	Frank 		Arroyo		CRCA Pacifico
4	Gary 		Steinberg	Global Locate
5	Johann		Burrowes	Team United
6	John 		Raheb		Signature
7	Lynn		Murray		Major Taylor
8	Jeffrey		Cline		East End/Kreb Cycle
9	Tim		Spence		CRCA - Axis
10	Chris 		Castaldi	Deno�s Wonder Wheel
10	Roman		Paczka

WOMEN (37 Miles)
1	Caryl		Gale		Comedy Central-Sid's Bikes
2	Donna 		McMahon		Carl Hart
3	Sarah		Sauvayre	Comedy Central-Sid's Bikes
4	Lenore 		Imhof		Team ERC

Category 4  (27 Miles)
1	Jamaul		Nichols		CRCA
2	Juan		Polanco
3	Leszek		Sniadowski	Organic Athlete
4	Sean		Barry
5	Victor		Lopez Polonia	Innovation
6	Jose		Rosario		Innovation
7	Robert		Lombardi	BVF
8	Akin		Dorsett		BVI
9	Juan		Nunez		VO Max
10	Rameshwar	Ramkissoon	

Category 5  (17 Miles)
1	Jason		Voigt
2	Dan		Kanchuretee
3	Errol		Mclean
4	Michael		Perlsberg
5	Christian	Venegas
6	Comisa		Benjamin	CRCA
7	Alex		Horton
8	Jorge		Torres		Chelsea
9	Lorenzo		Brown		Brooklyn Arches
10	Ryan		Johnston	Kissena

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