Saturday, November 28, 2009

Temperatures in the mid-40s with whipping winds greeted racers today in Sterling, Massachusetts for the eleventh round of the Verge New England Cyclo-Cross Series. Some very impressive performances came from all sides, elite and amateur, men and women. Mary McConneloug (Kenda/Seven/NoTubes) dominated the elite women while Jeremy Powers (Cannondale/ was on top of the elite men.

The women's race shook out quickly with McConneloug, Andrea Smith (Minuteman Road Club), Rebecca Wellons (Team Plan C) and series leader Maureen Bruno Roy (MM Racing) off the front by the time they reached the horse jump only a third of a lap in. A bottleneck in the set of turns directly after the horse jump helped to make the selection, allowing the four women in the front to create an insurmountable lead. From there on, it was a game of strength with McConneloug able to extend herself beyond her chasers. Behind her Smith broke free only a few seconds behind but was never able to close the gap. In pursuit of her, Wellons and Bruno Roy matched each other on their strengths, but were never able to close down the space to Smith who ended up second. Coming into the finishing straight, Bruno Roy attempted to put some space between herself and Wellons but was unable to shake her. Wellons timed her sprint perfectly and came around for a podium finish. Despite her fourth place, Bruno Roy maintained her hold on the leader's jersey for another day.

In the elite men, last-minute registrant Jeremy Powers took control of the race quickly, starting at the front of a group containing Adam Myerson (Cycle Smart), elite series leader Dan Timmerman (Richard Sachs/RGM/Radix), and U-23 series leader Luke Keough. A bobble by Keough in front of Myerson gave Powers and Timmerman the space they needed to make this a two-horse race. Behind them formed a strong and motivated chase group of Myerson, Josh Dillon (Richard Sachs/RGM/Radix), Justin Lindine ( / Joe's Garage / IF), Will Dugan (Richard Sachs/RGM/Radix), Justin Spinelli (Svelte Cycles) and Mike Broderick (Kenda/Seven/NoTubes) at bay. Powers and Timmerman held the chase at arm's length for much of the race, despite a brutal headwind that stopped them both dead in their tracks at one point. Taking advantage of the wind, Lindine attacked his group and made contact with the two leaders. The catch was met with great enthusiasm from the crowd, but it was short-lived as Powers and Timmerman had no interest in a passenger on their train, pulling away before Lindine had a chance to recover. In a similar fashion, Powers turned on his afterburners and very slowly rode Timmerman off his wheel, little by little, Timmerman found himself alone. Powers cruised home for yet another victory on his stellar season. Timmerman maintained his second through the finish with Lindine rounding out the podium. Jerome Townsend ( / Joe's Garage / IF) fought his way up and won a four-way sprint for seventh and the U-23 victory.

The Masters 35+ race was, once again, a battle between series leader Roger Aspholm (Westwood Velo) and the Corner Cycle duo of Johnny Bold and Kevin Hines. Today, they had company in the lead group in the person of Kurt Perham ( who took the holeshot, avoiding the bottleneck on the run-up and making the selection at the front. Bold, Hines and Aspholm were able to ride tempo and away from the rest of the field, per usual, and shedding Perham. With two to go, Hines made a huge dig going into a technical set of corners with Bold on the front of the group. With his teammate unwilling to chase, he gained nearly ten seconds before Aspholm was able to counter the move. Once it came back together, Aspholm rode the group like a chess match. Coming onto the straightaway finish, Aspholm was able to hold off Bold for another series victory, with Bold in second and Hines third.

The U-19 race showed, once again, the dominance of EMD Serono/Specialized racer Evan McNeely from Kingston, Ontario. Behind him, Jesse Keough (CL Noonan/KAM/Coast to Coast) and Joshua Lehmann (Sunapee) battled for the second and third steps of the podium. McNeely's victory is his seventh in eight attempts in Verge races this season.

In the U-15 race, Peter Goguen (Minuteman Road Club) and Austin Vincent (CL Noonan/KAM/Coast to Coast) once again battled for the top. In what is proving to be one of the best competitions of the series, Goguen got the best of Vincent for the fourth time this season. Vincent, who had been a bit under the weather, managed to keep a hold on second place despite a hard rush from Joshua Anderson, who finished third in only the third bike race he's ever entered.

Racing on Sunday begins at 8:30am with the Cat4 and Cat4 35+ race. Tom Stevens's new course for the Sunday race is expected to add a number of new features and take even better advantage of the Chocksett Middle School grounds. It will be the last race before the decisive series finale next weekend in Warwick, Rhode Island.

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the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

UCI Elite/U23 Men                                        30 starters
Place      U23  Time      First Name    Last Name        Team                                          City                     State
1               0:56:09   Jeremy        Powers           Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld                    Easthampton              MA
2               0:56:22   Dan           Timmerman        Richard Sachs/RGM Watches/Radix               Ithaca                   NY
3               0:56:38   Justin        Lindine / Joe's Garage / IF               New Salem                MA
4               0:57:01   Josh          Dillon           Richard Sachs/RGM Watches/Radix               Essex Junction           VT
5               0:57:24   William       Dugan            RICHARD SACHS - RGM WATCHES - RADIX           Bewly                    MA
6               0:57:36   Justin        Spinelli         Svelte Cycles                                 Nashua                   NH
7          1    0:57:52   Jerome        Townsend / Joe's Garage / IF               Princeton                MA
8               0:57:52   Adam          Myerson          Cycle-Smart                                   Boston                   MA
9               0:57:52   Nathaniel     Ward    / Joe's Garage / IF               Albany                   NY
10              0:57:52   Michael       Broderick        KENDA-Seven-NoTubes                           Chilmark                 MA
11         2    0:58:43   Luke          Keough           Team Champion System                          Sandwich                 MA
12              0:59:10   Alec          Donahue          Cycle-Smart / NCC                             Hadley                   MA
13              0:59:10   Peter         Bradshaw         Embrocation Cycling Journal                   Boston                   MA
14              0:59:29   Brian         Wilichoski                           Danvers                  MA
15              1:00:34   Adam          Snyder           Team Jamis                                    Westminster              MA
16              1:01:14   Damian        Schmitt          Sunnyside Sports                              Bend                     OR
17              1:01:23   Adam          Sullivan         Cycle-Smart / NCC                             North Kingstown          RI
18              1:01:34   John          Burns                                     Yarmouth                 ME
19              1:01:43   Colin         Reuter           International Bicycle/        Somerville               MA
20              1:01:57   Pete          Smith            Embrocation Cycling Journal                   Merrima                  MA
21              1:02:08   Chad          Wells            HUDZ- Subaru                                  Durango                  CO
22              1:02:28   Thierry       Laliberte        Xprezo                                        Canton De Shefford       QC
23              1:02:41   Ryan          O'Hara           Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames          Coventry                 CT
24              1:03:22   Kevin         Sweeney          International Bicycle Center                  Medford                  MA
25              1:03:41   Jeremy        Gardner          HUDZ- Subaru                                  Brooktondale             NY
26              1:04:41   Ryan          Kelly            NorEast Cycling                               Portsmouth               NH
27              lap       Hunter        Pronovost        Cheshire Cycle Racing                         Cheshire                 CT
dnf        3    dnf       Manny         Goguen  / Joe's Garage / IF               Hopedale                 MA
dnf             dnf       Michael       Rea              NorEast Cycling                               White River Junction     VT

UCI Elite Women                         22 starters
Place           Time      First Name    Last Name        Team                                          City                     State
1               0:39:42   Mary          McConneloug      KENDA-Seven-NoTubes                           Chilmark                 MA
2               0:40:07   Andrea        Smith            Minuteman Road Club                           Medford                  MA
3               0:40:33   Rebecca       Wellons          Team Plan C                                   Woburn                   MA
4               0:40:33   Maureen       Bruno Roy        MM Racing p/b Seven Cycles                    Arlington                MA
5               0:41:13   Anna          Barensfeld       Minuteman Road Club                           Brookline                MA
6               0:41:38   Amanda        Carey            Kenda/                       Victor                   ID
7               0:41:43   Ann           D'Ambruoso       Minuteman Road Club                           Waltham                  MA
8               0:42:07   Arielle       Filiberti        Dartmouth College                             Worcester                MA
9               0:42:23   Sally         Annis            Hub Racing                                    Nashua                   NH
10              0:42:40   Rebecca       Blatt            US Army/ Central Wheel                        West Hartford            CT
11              0:43:01   Anna          Milkowski / Joe's Garage / IF               Andover                  MA
12              0:43:11   Perri         Mertens          Embrocation Cycling Journal / Mad Alchemy     Norfolk                  MA
13              0:43:31   Emma          Bast             Cycle-Smart / NCC                             Hinesburg                VT
14              0:43:31   Jennifer      Maxwell          ATAC Sportswear p/b Bike Rack DC              Washington               DC
15              0:44:01   Marilyn       Ruseckas         Seven Cycles                                  Warren                   VT
16              0:44:12   Frances       Morrison         Cycle-Smart/NCC                               Northampton              MA
17              0:44:22   Christina     Tamilio          Minuteman Road Club                           Brighton                 MA
18              0:44:22   Natalia       Gardiol          Cambridge Bicycle/Igleheart Frames            Cambridge                MA
19              0:46:05   Beth          Mason            Verge Test Pilot                              West Point               NY
20              0:46:12   Allison       Snooks           Minuteman Road Club                           Framingham               MA
21              lap       Emily         Curry            Joe's Garage                                  Sturbridge               MA
22              lap       Crystal       Anthony          Minuteman Road Club                           Beverly                  MA

Juniors 15-18                           13 starters
Place           Time      First Name    Last Name        Team                                          City                     State
1               0:44:46   Evan          McNeely          EMD Serono / Specialized                      Kingston                 ON
2               0:46:48   Jesse         Keough           C.L. Noonan/KAM/Coast to Coast                Sandwich                 MA
3               0:46:58   Joshua        Lehmann          Sunape                                        Weare                    NH
4               0:47:12   Kiernan       Orange           Ride with Rendall                             Chelsea                  QC
5               0:47:12   Nate          Morse            CLIF BAR DevelopMt Cyclocross Team            Cohasset                 MA
6               0:47:58   Curtis        White            CLIF BAR DevelopMt Cyclocross Team            Delanson                 NY
7               0:47:58   Stuart        Wight            Hot Tubes                                     Riverview                NB
8               0:50:08   Paul          Lynch            CL Noonan/Coast to Coast/ KAM                 Colchester               CT
9               0:50:45   Andrew        Grosenbaugh      CL Noonan/Coast to Coast/ KAM                 Falmouth                 MA
10              0:52:42   Tommy         Goguen           Minuteman Road Club                           Hopedale                 MA
11              0:53:32   Oliver        Hiller           CL Noonan/Coast to Coast/ KAM                 Marion                   MA
12              lap       Brendan       Mccormack        Hot Tubes                                     Leicester                MA

Juniors 10-14                           15 starters
Place           Time      First Name    Last Name        Team                                          City                     State
1               0:27:29   Peter         Goguen           Minuteman Road Club                           Hopedale                 MA
2               0:29:19   Austin        Vincent          CLNoonan/KAM/Coast to Coast                   Simsbury                 CT
3               0:30:24   Jonathan      Anderson                                                       Topsfield                MA
4               0:31:10   Cooper        Willsey          Whites Bikes/GMBC/Catamount                   Hinesburg                VT
5               0:31:10   Nicolas       Catlin           My Way                                        Fairfield                CT
6               0:31:55   Joseph        Toth             Capital Bicycle Racing Club                   Stephentown              NY
7               0:33:48   Ian           Keough           CLNoonan/KAM/Coast to Coast                   Sandwich                 MA
8               0:36:42   Brian         Suto             Bethel Cycle                                  Oxford                   CT
9               0:37:20   Joshua        Anderson                                                       Topsfield                MA
10              0:37:48   Victoria      Gates            NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental             Fitchburg                MA
11              0:38:29   Christopher   Symonds          Minuteman Road Club                           Weston                   MA
12              0:40:11   Xavier        Koontzmiller                                                   Craftsbury Common        VT
13              lap       Kevin         Goguen           Minuteman Road Club                           Hopedale                 MA
14              lap       Greg          Gunsalus         Team FUJI                                     Dudley                   MA
15              lap       Max           Durham           ccb racing                                    Andover                  MA

Cat 3 Men                               68 starters
Place           Time      First Name    Last Name        Team                                          City                     State
1               0:46:37   James         Morrison         Embrocation Cycling Journal                   Newton                   MA
2               0:47:28   Collin        Huston           CL Noonan/Coast to Coast/KAM                  Kennebunk                ME
3               0:47:28   Synjen        Marrorro         CL Noonan/Coast to Coast/KAM                  Hanson                   MA
4               0:47:28   Evan          Huff             Cycle Smart / NCC                             Russell                  MA
5               0:47:28   Michael       Wissell          BackBay Cycles                                Allston                  MA
6               0:47:28   Cary          Fridrich         Embrocation Cycling Journal p/b NIBRCC        Charlestown              MA
7               0:47:28   Scott         Rosenthal        Zanconato Racing                              Jamaica Plain            MA
8               0:47:28   Jeremy        Durrin           CycleSmart/NCC                                Fitchburg                MA
9               0:47:28   Colin         Rowan            Corner Cycle                                  Somerville               MA
10              0:48:32   Nicholas      Mashburn         Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames          Cambridge                MA
11              0:48:32   Stephen       Pierce           King Kog                                      Philadelphia             PA
12              0:48:38   Trevor        Eide             NorEast Cycling                               White River Junction     VT
13              0:48:38   Doug          Aspinwall        Joe's Garage                                  Easthampton              MA
14              0:49:00   Kyle          Smith            Embrocation Cycling Journal                   Boston                   MA
15              0:49:00   Tim           Janson           RPI Cycling                                   Troy                     NY
16              0:49:00   Greg          Burbidge         CLAREMONT CYCLE DEPOT                         Grantham                 NH
17              0:49:08   Stephen       Wright           Minuteman Road Club                           Holliston                MA
18              0:49:08   Christopher   Raymond          Colavita Racing Inc.                          Jamaica Plain            MA
19              0:49:25   Sebastien     Dumont           BackOffice Associate, Cape Cod Racing, C4     Dennis                   MA
20              0:49:25   Timothy       Young            NorEast Cycling                               Henniker                 NH
21              0:49:25   Jeffrey       Bramhall         The Geekhouse Factory Squadron pb Boston Rock Watertown                MA
22              0:49:25   William       Kenney                             Middleboro               MA
23              0:49:53   Kenny         Ambach           Zanconato Racing                              Holden                   MA
24              0:49:53   Christian     Eager            Maietta Factory Racing                        Somerville               MA
25              0:49:53   Doug          Kennedy          Minuteman Road Club                           Marlborough              MA
26              0:50:16   David         Chiu             Maietta Factory Racing                        Brookline                MA
27              0:50:26   Matt          Mitchell         545 Velo                                      Weston                   MA
28              0:50:26   Mark          Bernard          HUP UNITED p/b JH Bicycles                    Leominster               MA
29              0:50:26   Matthew       Buckley          CL Noonan/Coast to Coast/KAM                  E. Hardwick              VT
30              0:50:26   Owen          Pope                                      Burlington               VT
31              0:50:30   Matthew       Casserly         BU                                            Holliston                MA
32              0:50:30   Steven        Hopengarten      Team Wheelworks                               Lincoln                  MA
33              0:51:09   Thomas        Needham          HUP United                                    Pepperell                MA
34              0:51:12   Scott         Glowa            Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames          Providence               RI
35              0:51:12   Eric          Krivitzky        Flying Penguins                               Brownsville              VT
36              0:51:20   Matthew       Spaits           Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames!         Somerville               MA
37              0:51:24   Robert        Hale             HUP United                                    Brighton                 MA
38              0:51:24   Todd          Jakubek          Colavita Racing Inc.                          Concord                  MA
39              0:51:34   Mark          Schow                              Brockton                 MA
40              0:51:34   Matt          Aumiller         Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames          Hyde Park                MA
41              0:51:42   Thomas        Buttner          Verge Sport / Test Pilot                      Cornwall                 NY
42              0:51:42   Garett        Burke                                                          Boston                   MA
43              0:52:32   John          Menard           Zanconato Racing                              Douglas                  MA
44              0:52:32   Michael       Bennett          Minuteman Road Club                           Ashland                  MA
45              0:52:39   David         Patnaude         Minuteman Road Club                           Hopkinton                MA
46              0:53:00   Jason         Moriarty         Colavita Racing Inc.                          Stafford                 CT
47                        Ronnie        Steers           Hup United                                    Townsend                 MA
48                        Matt          Fowler           Colavita Cycling Team                         Northwood                NH
49                        Richard       Person           Minuteman Road Club                           Hudson                   MA
50                        Jason         Rabidou                                                        Worcester                MA
51                        Mark          Burns            Nantucket Velo                                Portland                 ME
52                        Patrick       Snoop            Verge Sport Test Pilot                        Monroe                   NY
53                        Seth          Davis            Cambridge Bicycle/ Igleheart Frames Dance PartCambridge                MA
54                        Jeff          Ziegler          Team Wheelworks                               Cambridge                MA
55                        Paul          Novotasky Jr.    Delta Surveying Services                      East Hartford            CT
56                        Chris         McKernan         Essex County Velo                             Beverly                  MA
57                        John          Abrahamsen       Flying Penguins                               W. Windsor               VT
58                        Paul          McMahon          Seaside Cycle / Essex County Velo             Manchester               MA
59              lap       Mark          Robson           Cycle Smart                                   Danbury                  CT
60              lap       Gerald        Harris           Team Harris                                   Peabody                  MA
61              lap       Tim           Crowley          TC2 Coaching                                  Marlboro                 MA

Cat 3/4 Women                           32 starters
Place           Time      First Name    Last Name        Team                                          City                     State
1               0:28:37   Catherine     Sterling                                                       Kents Hill               ME
2               0:28:37   Julie         Lefebvre         International Bicycle/Global                  Somerville               MA
3               0:29:16   Emma          White            CBRC/Capital Bicycle Racing Club              Delanson                 NY
4               0:30:10   M�lissa       Houde            Club Sportif Bromont                          Canton De Shefford       QC
5               0:30:10   Christine     Fort             QuadCycles                                    Somerville               MA
6               0:30:20   Erin          Brennan          Linscott Real Estate Racing                   Portland                 ME
7               0:30:29   Nancy         Labbe-Giguere    Quad Cycles p/b NIBRCC                        Arlington                MA
8               0:30:44   Sally         McInnis          JRA Cycles                                    Maynard                  MA
9               0:31:03   Elizabeth     White            NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental             Bedford                  NH
10              0:31:14   Emily         Curley           Gearworks/Spinarts                            Taunton                  MA
11              0:31:24   Rebecca       Zanconato        Zanconato Racing                              Millbury                 MA
12              0:31:24   Ivy           Luhrs            Velo Bella-Ellsworth                          Minot                    ME
13              0:31:24   Cathy         Rowell           NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental             Bedford                  MA
14              0:32:04   Giulia        Righi            International Bicycle/Global                  Boston                   MA
15              0:32:13   Leah          Pappas-Barnes    Independent Fabrication                       Arlington                MA
16              0:32:13   Lauren        Tracy            Colby College                                 Schnecksville            PA
17              0:32:48   Carrie        Hansen           Specialized D4W/Bicycle Haus                  Weymouth                 MA
18              0:32:56   Jennifer      Linnane                                                        Melrose                  MA
19              0:33:09   Josee         Lamirande        Ride with Rendall                             Ottawa                   ON
20              0:33:15   Elizabeth     Lukowski         NYCROSS.COM / VO MAX / CBRC                   Albany                   NY
21              0:33:36   Joy           Stark            NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental             Dorchester               MA
22              0:35:35   Kerry         Combs            Hup United-Zanconato Racing                   Beverly                  MA
23              0:35:51   Mille         Milton           Minuteman Road Club                           Northborough             MA
24              0:36:27   Linda         Ramsdell         No-C.A.R.S.                                   Craftsbury Common        VT
25              0:37:04   Pat           Rosier           BEA                                           Pittsfield               MA
26              0:38:36   Julie         Lockhart         NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental / MCRA      Dunstable                MA
27              lap       Anna          Milton           MRC                                           Northboro                MA
28              lap       Fanning       Martha                                                         Cape Elizabeth           ME

Cat 4 Men                                                27 starters
Place      35+  Time      First Name    Last Name        Team                                          City                     State
1               0:26:20   Richard       Bardwell         CLR                                           Stonington               CT
2          1    0:26:40   Sven          Lohse            Team Wheelworks                               Westborough              MA
3          2    0:26:44   Chris         Neeb                                                           Mcfield                  MA
4               0:26:56   Tristan       Ostronic         Central Wheel/Greater Hartford Cycling Club   Waterford                CT
5          3    0:27:00   George        Lowe                                                           Newport                  RI
6               0:27:00   Kent          Hirshberg        spooky/dedham bike                            Westwood                 MA
7               0:27:00   Jason         Devarennes       NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental             Woburn                   MA
8          4    0:27:07   Jorge         Martinez         Boston Triathlon Team                         Watertown                MA
9               0:27:07   P J           McQuade          Minuteman Road Club                           Millbury                 MA
10         5    0:27:41   Kurt          Belliumeur                                                     JP                       MA
11              0:27:57   Chris         Phenix           bikeworks/hallamore                           Middleboro               MA
12         6    0:28:08   James         McCowan                                                        Poughkeepsie             NY
13         7    0:28:32   Jason         Clevenger        Boston Road Club                              Newton                   MA
14         8    0:28:56   Larry         Everett                                                        Philadelphia             PA
15              0:28:56   Andrew        Giessel          Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames          Somerville               MA
16              0:29:43   Ben           McCoy            Boston Road Club                              Somerville               MA
17         9    0:29:43   Aaron         Chidester        Scott Bicycles                                Porstmouth               NH
18         10   0:31:07   Kevin         Downey                                                         Nyc                      NY
19         11   0:31:16   Stan          Smith                                                          cormesr                  MA
20              0:31:16   Andrew        Huff             Team Wheelworks                               Cambridge                MA
21         12   0:31:43   Steven        Bird                                                           Shrewsbury               MA
22              0:31:55   Bailey        Fidler                                                         Newton                   MA
23              0:32:16   Brian         Rutledge         Team Wheelworks                               Somerville               MA
24         13   0:32:16   John          Wiese            NEBC/Cycleloft/Devonshire Dental              Waltham                  MA
25              0:32:33   Tristan       Beaulieu         Team Single Speed                             Cambridge                MA
26         14   lap       Ernie         Dickirson                                                      Hopso                    NH

Cat 1-3 Masters 35+                     55 starters
Place           Time      First Name    Last Name        Team                                          City                     State
1               0:44:49   Roger         Aspholm          Westwood Velo / Trade Manage Capital          Haworth                  MA
2               0:44:49   Jonny         Bold             Corner Cycle                                  Marstons Mills           MA
3               0:45:00   Kevin         Hines            Corner Cycle                                  E. Wareham               MA
4               0:45:47   Kurt          Perham                    Brunswick                ME
5               0:46:05   Mark          McCormack        Team FUJI/Clif Bar                            Foxboro                  MA
6               0:46:05   Steve         Proulx           Stevens Racing                                Ottawa                   ON
7               0:46:05   Curtis        Boivin           Planet Bike                                   Providence               RI
8               0:46:18   Alan          Starrett                                   Portland                 ME
9               0:46:21   Dan           Staffo           Handlebars cycling company                    Farmington               NY
10              0:46:21   Rob           Hult             Gear Works Spin Arts                          Harvard                  MA
11              0:47:00   Todd          Bowden           CVC Subaru of New England                     Glastonbury              CT
12              0:47:04   Ryan          Rumsey                                    Portland                 ME
13              0:47:04   Keith         Gauvin           cyclonaut racers                              Ellington                CT
14              0:47:04   Bill          Shattuck                            Bridgewater              MA
15              0:48:08   Jeff          Molongoski       Joe,s Garage                                  Ashfield                 MA
16              0:48:08   Jeffrey       Ferraro          U.S. Army/Central Wheel-GHCC                  West Hartford            CT
17              0:48:08   John          Meerse           OA/Cyclemania/PVC                             Portland                 ME
18              0:48:08   Matthew       Myette           Zanconato Racing                              Sutton                   MA
19              0:48:08   Mike          Rowell           NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental             Bedford                  MA
20              0:48:21   John          Foley            Gary Fisher 29er Crew/Bicycle Concepts        Sturbridge               MA
21              0:48:21   Aaron         Millett          ECV                                           Amesbury                 MA
22              0:48:40   Stephan       Marcoux                                   Abercorn                 QC
23              0:49:05   Michael       Magur            Verge Sport / Test Pilot                      Cornwall                 NY
24              0:49:08   Brant         Hornberger                                   Leominster               MA
25              0:49:08   Donald        Snoop   Jr.      Verge Sport/Test Pilot                        New Windsor              NY
26              0:49:08   Adam          Whitney          Seven Cycles                                  Warren                   VT
27              0:49:08   Matthew       Domnarski        Horst-Benidorm-Property Research Corp.        Ware                     MA
28              0:49:08   Gary          David            MInuteman Road Club                           Stow                     MA
29              0:49:25   Peter         Petrillo         CVC/Subaru of New England                     Hamden                   CT
30              0:49:25   Nathan        McHugh           Green Mountain Bicycle Club                   Colchester               VT
31              0:49:35   Gary          Aspnes           Horst-Benidorm-Property Research Corp.        Rockville                RI
32              0:49:35   Kyle          Wolfe            CCC Keltic Construction / Zane's Cycles       Bethel                   CT
33              0:49:35   Ryan          Larocque         Gearworks / Spinarts                          Pepperell                MA
34              0:49:42   Wade          Summers          Horst-Benidorm-Property Research Corp         Southington              CT
35              0:50:06   Carl          Wittig                             Taunton                  MA
36              0:50:23   Scott         Brooks           Maietta Factory Racing                        Westford                 MA
37              0:50:23   Carl          Ring             NHCC- Seven Cycles                            Rumney                   NH
38              0:50:42   Steve         Roszko                                    Northampton              MA
39              0:51:01   Kevin         Buckley          Essex County Velo                             Hollis                   NH
40              0:51:01   Daniel        Coady                              Easthampton              MA
41              0:51:01   Martin        Valiquette       EnCoeur-SkiVelo                               Magog                    QC
42              0:51:01   Jerry         Chabot           Planet Bike                                   Bolton                   VT
43              0:51:17   Frank         McCormack        Team FUJI/Clif Bar                            Leicester                MA
44              0:51:54   Aron          Buterbaugh       OA/Cyclemania                                 South Portland           ME
45              0:52:06   Geoff         Williams         Planet Bike                                   Riverside                RI
46              0:52:25   James         Willsey          GMBC/Catamount                                Hinesburg                VT
47              0:53:10   Robert        Kramer           Ridley Factory Team                           Boston                   MA
48              lap       Alexis        Arapoff          BIKEMAN.COM                                   Stow                     MA
49              lap       Michael       Cole             MInuteman Road Club                           Hopkinton                MA
50              lap       Christopher   White            BOB/Shift-Stonyfield Farm-Ariza-Goodales      Windham                  NH
51              lap       Arthur        Roti             GT Dirt Coalition                             Granby                   CT
52              lap       Mike          Golay            SMCC/Gorham Bike                              Westbrook                ME

Masters 45+                             62 starters
Place           Time      First Name    Last Name        Team                                          City                     State
1               0:47:49   Mark          Gunsalus         Team FUJI Clif Bar                            Dudley                   MA
2               0:47:49   Sam           Morse            Corner Cycle                                  Cohasset                 MA
3               0:48:04   Greg          Ferguson         Beacon Cycling & Fitness                      Glassboro                NJ
4               0:48:08   John          Funk    / Joe's Garage / IF               South Kent               CT
5               0:48:52   Bob           Bisson           Gear Works/Spin Arts                          Fall River               MA
6               0:49:12   John          Mosher           Team Wheel Works                              Boxboro                  MA
7               0:50:04   Paul          Curley           Gearworks/Spinarts                            Taunton                  MA
8               0:50:04   Robert        Orange           Ride with Rendall                             Chelsea                  QC
9               0:50:23   John          Grenier          Team Fuji fueled by Clif Bar                  Lewiston                 ME
10              0:50:32   Geoffrey      House            Housatonic Wheel Club                         Great Barrington         MA
11              0:50:49   David         Belknap          Bicycle Link/MBRC                             Dedham                   MA
12              0:50:49   Mitchell      Medeiros         scottee's westport bicycle                    New Bedford              MA
13              0:50:49   Paul          Nyberg           Horst-Benidorm-Property Research Corp.        Avon                     CT
14              0:50:49   Edward        Hamel            Joe's Garage                                  Southampton              MA
15              0:51:13   Kevin         Callahan         Bicycle Link/MBRC                             Norwell                  MA
16              0:51:24   Tim           Groesbeck        CCB                                           Sharon                   NH
17              0:51:24   Jonathan      Tarbox           Expo WheelM-Superior Energy                   Windsor                  CT
18              0:51:35   Christopher   Burke            Providence Velo Club/Planet Bike              Pawtucket                RI
19              0:51:38   Jeffrey       Corish                                                         Franklin                 MA
20              0:52:00   Don           Seib             BIKEMAN.COM                                   Byrant Pond              ME
21              0:52:00   Robert        Naser            NBX/Narragansett Beer p/b Apex Technology     Dedham                   MA
22              0:52:00   unknown       rider
23              0:52:10   Chip          Baker            HUP United                                    Needham                  MA
24              0:52:10   Eric J.       Carlson          Nault's Cyclery/                    Amherst                  NH
25              0:52:18   David         King             CCB/Volkswagen                                Boxford                  MA
26              0:52:18   Wayne         Cunningham       Team Wheelworks                               Wayland                  MA
27              0:52:40   George        Gagnon           Naults Cyclery/                     Merrimack                NH
28              0:52:59   Keith         Button           noreast cycling                               Nottingham               NH
29              0:53:45   Brian         McInnis          JRA Cycles                                    Maynard                  MA
30              0:53:45   James         Carrington       Michael and the Cyclonauts                    Haverhill                MA
31              0:53:52   Ken           Coleman          Housatonic Wheel Club                         Sheffield                MA
32              0:55:56   Tom           Stevens          Gear Works/Spin Arts                          Bolton                   MA
33              0:54:28   Jean          Valiquette                                                     Outremont                QC
34              0:54:28   James         McDonald                                                       Northampton              MA
35              0:54:28   Peter         Crowley          NCC/Northampton Cycle Club                    Pelham                   MA
36              0:54:54   Michael       Keough           Corner Cycle                                  Sandwich                 MA
37              0:54:54   Michael       Brier            Refunds Now                                   Providence               RI
38              0:54:54   Donald        Catlin           My Way                                        Fairfield                CT
39              0:55:21   Andrew        Durham           CCB/Volkswagon                                Andover                  MA
40              0:56:13   Paul          Weiss            OA/Cyclemania  Cycling Team/Portland Velo     Cumberland               ME
41              0:56:16   Bill          Doonan           Millwork One Racing                           Blackstone               MA
42              0:56:16   Joe           Rapuano          SEASIDE CYCLE/ECV                             Atkinson                 NH
43              0:56:16   Todd          Savage           Minuteman Road Club                           Westboro                 MA
44              0:57:01   Jay           Mongillo         Keltic Construction / Zanes Cycles            Westbrook                CT
45              0:57:01   Theo          Kindermans                           Waltham                  MA
46              0:57:12   Derek         Griggs           Recycled Sports                               Seabrook                 NH
47              lap       Mike          Jinks            BikeWorks Racing                              Stafford                 VA
48              lap       Stuart        Beaulieu         Essex County Velo                             Salem                    MA
49              lap       David         Leedberg         GearWorks / Spin Arts /           North Chelmsford         MA
50              lap       Pascal        Sauvayre         CRCA/Pacifico-Hincapie Sportswear             New York                 NY

Masters 55+                             23 starters
Place           Time      First Name    Last Name        Team                                          City                     State
1               0:51:46   William       Sawyer           Gearworks - Spinarts                          Arlington                MA
2               0:51:59   Robert        Desforges        Sherbrooke                                    Montreal                 QC
3               0:53:08   David         Rath             Corner Cycle                                  Williston                VT
4               0:53:28   Phil          Bannister        Putney/West Hill                              Putney                   VT
5               0:53:48   Garabea       Miriasia         BCB cycling                                   Nashua                   NH
6               0:53:54   Dave          Beals            NYCROSS.COM / VO Max / CBRC                   Niskayuna                NY
7               0:53:54   Gary          Passler          Essex County Velo (ECV) /Trifit Training      Amesbury                 MA
8               0:54:54   David         Goodwin          Northampton Cycling Club                      Amherst                  MA
9               0:55:16   Barry         Doubleday        Mass Bay Road Club                            Plympton                 MA
10                        Steven        Abbott           cyclonauts                                    Willington               CT
11                        Jerry         White            Naults Cyclery/                     Bedford                  NH
12                        Michael       McCusker         Northampton Cycling Club                      Buckland                 MA
13                        Bob           Ludecke          laurel bike club                              Milldale                 CT
14              lap       Ron           Mner             NEBC/ Cycle Loft /Devonshire Dental           Brookline                NH
15              lap       Tom           Doucette         NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental             Stow                     MA
16              lap       Gary          Toth             Capital Bicycle Racing Club                   Stephentown              NY
17              lap       David         Holmander        NAULTS CYCLERY/                    Epsom                    NH
18              lap       Robert        Beaulieu                                                       N. Scituale              MA
19              lap       Bill          Hart                                                           Dalton                   MA
dsq             dsq       James         Owers            NHCC                                          Concord                  NH

Cat 4 Masters 35+                       47 starters
Place           Time      First Name    Last Name        Team                                          City                     State
1               0:26:07   John          McGrath          NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental             Westford                 MA
2               0:26:07   Brian         Medeiros         Scottee's Westport Bicycle                    Acushnet                 MA
3               0:26:26   Geoff         McIntosh         New Hampshire Cycling Club                    Concord                  NH
4               0:26:34   Michael       Brier            Refunds Now                                   Providence               RI
5               0:26:41   Christopher   Owen                                                           Leverett                 MA
6               0:26:50   Matt          Williams                                                       Somerville               MA
7               0:27:08   John          Buchheit         QuadCycles                                    Somerville               MA
8               0:27:21   John          Smith            Minuteman Road Club                           Acton                    MA
9               0:27:21   Richard       Tobin            union velo                                    Franklin                 MA
10              0:27:46   Fran          Boudreau         NHCC Team NH                                  Hudson                   NH
11              0:27:46   Ron           Hines            QuadCycles                                    Lexington                MA
12              0:27:56   Scott         Wilson           Comprehensive Training                        Methuen                  MA
13              0:27:56   Daniel        Donovan          Essex County Velo                             Ipswich                  MA
14              0:27:56   Al            Curtis           Bethel Cycle                                  New Milford              CT
15              0:27:56   Kenneth       Hamel            cyclonauts racers                             Coventry                 RI
16              0:27:56   Gregory       Wright           Corner Cycle Cape Cod                         Brewster                 MA
17              0:28:29   Eli           Levine           HUP United !                                  Andover                  MA
18              0:28:29   Paul          Jobin            NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental             Merrimack                NH
19              0:28:29   Kevin         Brant                                                          Bellingham               MA
20              0:28:29   Kevin         Murphy           NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental             Winchester               MA
21              0:28:29   Art           Baril            Minuteman Road Club                           West Roxbury             MA
22              0:28:29   John          Plump            Minuteman Road Club                           Arlington                MA
23              0:28:51   Michael       Olbrys           Minuteman Road Club                           Wellesley                MA
24              0:28:56   Jake          Bridge           Seven Cycles                                  Lowell                   MA
25              0:28:56   Pascal        Sauvayre         CRCA/Pacifico-Hincapie Sportswear             New York                 NY
26              0:28:51   Marc          Tatar            Bikeworks/Hallamore                           Providence               RI
27              0:29:10   Lester        Bethel           NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental             Acton                    MA
28              0:29:19   Jamie         Waldinger        NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental             Andover                  MA
29              0:29:39   Thomas        Goodman          F4:13                                         Sterling                 MA
30              0:29:39   Ryan          Hough            Fitchburg Cycling Club                        Clinton                  MA
31              0:29:49   Robert        Hendry           Northampton Cycling Club                      Northfield               MA
32              0:29:49   Todd          Prekaski         Minuteman Road Club                           Brookline                MA
33              0:29:49   Anthony       Szczesiul        NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental             Lowell                   MA
34              0:30:07   William       Dron                                                           Medfield                 MA
35              0:30:07   Fred          Delgrosso        Quad Cycle                                    Burlington               MA
36              0:30:16   Kurt          Maw              Comprehensive Racing / Salem Cycle            Salem                    MA
37              0:30:29   Paul          Nixon            Mass Bay Road Club/Bicycle Link               Plymouth                 MA
38              0:30:29   John          Torrey           cyclonauts racers                             Feeding Hills            MA
39              0:30:35   John          Sales            545 VELO/Powered by C.O.D.                    Framingham               MA
40              0:31:06   Doran         Abel             minuteman road club                           Natick                   MA
41              0:31:16   Ron           Grandchamp       Cyclonauts Racers                             Woonsocket               RI
42              0:31:16   Patrick       McCue            Minuteman Road Club                           Cumberland               RI
43              0:31:33   Paul          Lussier          Cyclonauts Racers                             Feeding Hills            MA
44              0:33:15   Ron           Hadar            545 Velo                                      Done                     MA
45              0:35:01   Harding       Bush                                                           Auburn                   ME
46              lap       David         Rudnick          Landry's Bicycles                             Canton                   MA