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Buffalo Cobblestone Criterium Twilight Series 2010

Buffalo, NY

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Buffalo Cobblestone Criterium Twilight Series 2010 Presented by Buffalo Bicycling Club Buffalo, NY Thursday, May 27, 2010

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

"A" Race
Place  First         Last         Team
1      Jay           Joslyn       Shickluna
2      Steven        Wells        Ingram Micro/Tom's Pro Bike
3      Joseph        Halter       Handlebars Cycle Co.
4      Mike          Bridges      Shickluna
5      Jim           Cowle        Pearl Street Cycling
s.t.   Jose Felipe   Alvergue     Shickluna
s.t.   Bryan         Bonn         Handlebars Cycle Co.
s.t.   Christopher   Bushover     Handlebars Cycle Co.
s.t.   Joe           Cooke        French Meadow Bakery/Fortistar
s.t.   John          Fabian       Tom's Pro Bike
s.t.   Scott         Farrell      Ingram Micro/Tom's Pro Bike
s.t.   Steven        Forrestel    Managed Care
s.t.   John          Garrett      Handlebars Cycle Co.
s.t.   Joe           Giovenco     Managed Care
s.t.   Frank         Grillo       Managed Care
s.t.   Mustafa       Iman         Shickluna
s.t.   Lance         Johnson      Handlebars Cycle Co.
s.t.   Corey         Knowles      ROG
s.t.   Brent         McKay        Hollyloft
s.t.   Pat           Merrick      Shickluna
s.t.   Frank         Mesi         French Meadow Bakery/Fortistar
s.t.   Brian         Rohr         Pearl Street Cycling
s.t.   Steve         Toorongian   Pearl Street Cycling
s.t.   Ben           Willis       Pearl Street Cycling

"B" Race
Place  First         Last         Team
1      Danny         Zotter       Team ROG
2      Ben           Barnhardt    Pearl Street
3      Bob           Patterson    Managed Care Network
4      Brad          Carbaugh     Ingram Micro/Tom's Pro Bike
5      Craig         Polston      Pearl Street Cycling
s.t.   Noel          Bonk
s.t.   Tim           Bouchard     Tom'sProBike/Plan2Peak
s.t.   Brenden       Conway       Death Row Velo/Team TSM
s.t.   William       Dowling      Buffalo Bicycling Club
s.t.   Justin        Gabreski     Ingram Micro/Tom's Pro Bike
s.t.   Ted           Graney
s.t.   Matthew       Hopkins      St. Catharines Cycling Club
s.t.   Richard       Krant        Managed Care Network
s.t.   Vincent       Lorenz       Pearl Street Cycling
s.t.   Patrick       McGovern     Managed Care Network
s.t.   Milosz        Nowak        Managed Care Network
s.t.   Keith         Pellerin     Pearl Street Grill & Brewery
s.t.   Jeffrey       Poulsen      St.Catharines CC
s.t.   Toby          Ring
s.t.   Thomas        Robinson     TriSpot Multi-Sports
s.t.   Cliff         Six          MaxPowercycling
s.t.   Anthony       Sylor        Livingston Cycling Club
s.t.   Tom           Tepas
s.t.   David         Thornton
s.t.   Adam          Trost        Pearl Street Cycling
s.t.   Thomas        Weichmann    Pearl Street Cycling

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