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28th Annual Exeter Hospital Criterium

Exeter, NH

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

28th Annual Exeter Hospital Criterium Exeter, NH June 29, 2010

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These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Men Pro/1/2                                         80 Starters                                                                                      30 Miles
1     470       Shawn           Milne               Team Type 1                                                            Beverly            MA     57:43
2     475       Jonathan        Page                Planet Bike                                                            Northfield         NH     st
3     408       Eric            Schildge            Mtn Khakis                                                             Romson             NJ     st
4     476       Jake            Hollenbach          AXA Equitable/CRCA                                                     Winooski           VT     st
5     479       Mark            McCormack           Fuji/Clif Bar                                                          Foxboro            MA     st
6     473       Robbie          King                Team ORA p/b IF                                                        Brentwood          NH     st
7     894       Ward            Solar               Wheelhouse / NCC                                                       Belmont            MA     st
8     860       Thom            Coupe      / Cannondale                                               Plymouth           NH     st
9     469       Dylan           McNicholas          CCB                                                                    Stratham           NH     st
10    876       Ted             King                                                               Brentwood          NH     st
11    866       Manny           Goguen              TEAM CF                                                                Hopedale           MA     st
12    401       Skip            Foley               ATA Cycles                                                             Harvard            MA     st
13    867       Patrick         Goguen              TEAM CF                                                                Hopedale           MA     st
14    881       James           Morrison            Embrocation Cycling Journal                                            Newton             MA     st
15    863       Ryan            Fleming             MetLife p/b groSolar                                                   Exeter             NH     st
16    897       Steve           Stockwell           Sunapee Racing Team                                                    Hopkinton          NH     st
17    887       Christopher     Raymond             Colavita Racing Inc.                                                   Jamaica Plain      MA     st
18    857       Kirk            Carlsen                                                                                    Tucson             AZ     st
19    875       Nicholas        Keough              Kenda Pro Cycling p/b GEARGRINDER                                      Sandwich           MA     st
20    849       Joshua          Bartlett                                                                                   Windham            NH     st
21    850       Jon             Bernhard            CCB/Wheelworks                                                         Newburyport        MA     st
22    885       Ryan            O'Hara              NorEast Cycling                                                        Vernon             CT     st
23    468       Chris           Coutu               Met Life                                                               Upton              MA     st
24    890       Michael         Sabatini            Svelte Cycles                                                          Hingham            MA     st
25    846       Joseph          Ackerman            Cycle Loft                                                             Woburn             MA     st
26    417       Brian           Wilichoski          CCB                                                                    Danvers            MA     st
27    852       Peter           Bradshaw            Embrocation Cycling Journal                                            Boston             MA     st
28    874       Ryan            Kelly               NorEast Cycling                                                        Dover              NH     st
29    400       Josh            Austin              NorEast Cycling                                                        Exeter             NH     st
30    864       Luke            Fortini                                                                                    Kingston           MA     st
31    898       Landen          Wark-Acebo          NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental                                      Waltham            MA     st
32    474       Brad            Sheehan             MetLife p/b groSolar                                                   Bow                NH     st
33    416       Vinny           Scalia              ORA P/B IF                                                             Qby                NY     st
34    848       Tristan         Baldwin             TEAM CF                                                                Amherst            NH     st
35    847       Erick           Anderson            Sunapee-Revolution cycles-continental paving                           Durham             NH     st
36    404       John            Peterson            Bike Barn Racing                                                       Easton             MA     st
37    185       J. Alain        Ferry               Team Race Menu/Mix 1                                                   Boston             MA     st
38    478       Harrison        Harb                Sunapee U23 Team                                                       Hopkinton          NH     st
39    891       Kurt            Schmid              SALEM CYCLE-COMPREHENSIVE RACING/FELT/RUDY PROJECT                     Marblehead         MA     st
40    872       Collin          Huston              CLNoonan/BayHillCapital p/b CornerCycle                                Kennebunk          ME     st
41    856       Keith           Cardoza             Green Line Velo                                                        Somerville         MA     st
42    892       Kyle            Smith               Embrocation Cycling Journal                                            Boston             MA     st
43    868       Tom             Gosselin            FRANK Bikes p/b Kennebunkport Bicycle Co.                              Old Orchard Beach  ME     st
44    896       Isaac           St. Martin          Noreast Cycling                                                        Candia             NH     st
45    853       Kyle            Bruley              Green Line Velo                                                        Brookline          MA     st
46    851       James           Bolognani           Rhino Bike Works                                                       Plymouth           NH     st
47    472       David           Gray                Ridge Cycling Clug                                                     Dover              NH     st
48    893       Pete            Smith               Embrocation Cycling Journal / Mad Alchemy                              Merrimac           MA     st
49    858       David           Chiu                NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental                                      Brookline          MA     st
50    477       Dan             Greenfield          Wheelhouse / NCC                                                       N. Grafton         MA     st
51    899       Stephen         Weller     / Cannondale                                               Montague           MA     st
52    413       Chandler        Delinks             CCB/Wheelworks                                                         Ipswich            MA     st
53    883       Colin H.        Murphy              Embrocation Cycling Journal                                            Cambridge          MA     st
54    854       Jon             Bruno               Team Ora p/b Independent Fabrication                                   Boston             MA     58:13
55    466       Kevin           Wolfson             ORA P/B IF                                                             Medford            MA     st
56    877       Joshua          Lehmann             Sunapee/Continental Paving/Revolution Cyclery                          Weare              NH     58:14
57    879       Corey           Masson              MetLife p/b groSolar                                                   Newmarket          NH     58:19
58    884       Adam            Myerson             Team Mountain Khakis fueled by Jittery Joe's                           Boston             MA     st
59    895       Justin          Spinelli            Svelte Cycles                                                          Nashua             NH     58:30
DNF   402       John            Grenier             Fuji                                                                   Lewiston           ME
DNF   405       Drew            Szelia              NorEast Cycling                                                        Exeter             NH
DNF   435       Sean            Coleman             US Military                                                            Land O Lakes       FL
DNF   436       Greg            Montello            ORA P/B IF                                                             Malden             MA
DNF   467       Aaron           Ross                Team MMRW/Landry's bicycles                                            Norwood            MA
DNF   471       S.              Langford            CCB                                                                    Middleton          MA
DNF   855       Ben             Carbonetti          NorEast Cycling                                                        Vernon             CT
DNF   859       Andrew          Clemence            Sunapee Racing Team                                                    Durham             NH
DNF   861       Matt            D'Alessio           Threshold Cycling                                                      Brookline          MA
DNF   862       Scott           Fader               CCB                                                                    Hanover            MA
DNF   865       Tony            Giguere             CMCC p/b INSIGHT MRI                                                   Winslow            ME
DNF   869       Andrew          Guptill             Jamis/Sutter Home p/b Colavita                                         Charlottesville    VA
DNF   870       Derek           Harnden             Colavita Racing Inc.                                                   Castleton          ON
DNF   871       Morgan          Hiller              TEAM CF                                                                Marion             MA
DNF   873       Gregg           Izzo                Green Line Velo                                                        Boston             MA
DNF   878       Bill            Mark                NBX/Narragansett Beer p/b Apex Technology                              Wakefield          RI
DNF   880       Arthur          Moran               Green Line Velo                                                        Boston             MA
DNF   882       Tyler           Munroe              CCB/Volkswagen                                                         No. Andover        MA
DNF   886       Glenn           Peck                Cycle Lodge                                                            Peterborough       NH
DNF   888       Jay             Robbins             NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental                                      Lexington          MA
DNF   900       Jordy           Wetzel              Comprehensive Racing/ Salem Cycle                                      Salem              MA

Men Master 40+                                      96 Starters                                                                                      20 Miles
1     785       Paul            Richard             CCB Racing                                                             Amesbury           MA     40:17.3
2     182       Paul            Curley              Gearworks                                                                                 MA     st
3     770       Bill            Mark                NBX/Narragansett Beer p/b Apex Technology                              Wakefield          RI     st
4     752       Scott           Fader               CCB                                                                    Hanover            MA     st
5     758       John            Grenier             Team Fuji fueled by Clif Bar                                           Lewiston           ME     st
6     180       Fabio           Piergenelli         Bagshaw                                                                Andover            MA     st
7     737       Peter           Brennan             WH Bagshaw Precision Parts                                             Newburyport        MA     st
8     733       Charlie         Bedard              Sunapee/Continental Paving/Revolution Cyclery                          Goffstown          NH     st
9     755       Keith           Ford                Sunapee/Continental Paving/Revolution Cyclery                          Enfield            NH     st
10    751       Ron             Dunn                CMCC p/b Insight                                                       Vassalboro         ME     st
11    741       Eric J.         Carlson             Nault's Cyclery/                                             Amherst            NH     st
12    186       Sean            Coleman             US Military Cycling                                                    Land O Lakes       FL     st
13    181       John            Corriveau           BOB                                                                    Bedford            NH     st
14    788       Craig           Schaepe             NorEast Cycling                                                        Goffstown          NH     st
15    984       Jeff            Yingling            Portland Velo Club/Cyclemania                                          Brunswick          ME     st
16    797       Mark            Thompson            Sunapee/Continental Paving/Revolution                                  Nashua             NH     st
17    990       Dave            Denis               Wright MRI                                                             Fairfield          ME     st
18    773       Geoff           McIntosh            New Hampshire Cycling Club                                             Concord            NH     st
19    746       Leo             Devellian           CCB Racing                                                             Topsfield          MA     st
20    982       Christopher     White               BOB-Goodale's/Speed Merchant/Wojcik/Skofield/eInfoSystems              Windham            NH     st
21    769       Paul            Lynch               Cycle Lodge                                                            Marshfield         MA     st
22    774       Paul            McMahon             Seaside Cycle / Essex County Velo                                      Manchester         MA     st
23    989       James           English             Svette Cycles                                                          Waltham            MA     st
24    734       Alfred          Bissell             Essex County Velo                                                      Boxford            MA     st
25    787       Patrick         Ruane               Sunapee/Continental Paving/Revolution                                  Webster            NH     st
26    742       James           Carrington          Michael and the Cyclonauts                                             Haverhill          MA     st
27    789       Bruce           Schwab              Center Street Cycles                                                   Woolwich           ME     st
28    987       Keith           Button                                                                                     N. Hingham         NH     st
29    777       Paul            Moreau              Cycle Lodge                                                            Golden             CO     st
30    998       Jim             Peters              NBX/Narragansett Beer                                                  N. Kingston        RI     st
31    776       Ed              Momm                NorEast Cycling                                                        Portsmouth         NH     st
32    766       Phillip         Kenealy             Noreast Cycling Club                                                   Bedford            NH     st
33    991       Rick            Kotch               Union Velo                                                             Rehoboth           MA     st
34    739       Mieczyslaus     Burzynski           BOB-Goodale's/Speed Merchant/Wojcik/Skofield/eInfoSystems              Newburyport        MA     st
35    796       Wayde           Tardif              POSIT Studio: Dubai                                                    Stratford          CT     st
36    767       Steven          Lehmann             Sunapee/Continental Paving/Revolution Cyclery                          Weare              NH     st
37    782       Glenn           Peck                Cycle Lodge                                                            Peterborough       NH     st
38    764       Mark            Januskiewicz        Sunapee /Revolution cycle                                              Manchester         NH     st
39    761       Craig           Harrison            Sunapee/Continental Paving Racing Team                                 Bartlett           NH     st
40    996       Michael         Brier               Refunds Now                                                            Providence         RI     st
41    779       Christopher     Naimie              Sunapee/Continental Paving/Revolution Cyclery                          Bow                NH     st
42    786       Benjamin        Riordon             CycleLodge                                                             Newburyport        MA     st
43    762       Timothy         Heffner             Noreast Cycling                                                        Concord            NH     st
44    986       Christopher     Zigmont             ECV                                                                    Exeter             NH     st
45    992       Michael         Therout             Paradise Sports                                                        Claremont          NH     st
46    749       John            Dieli               BOB-Goodale's/Speed Merchant/Wojcik/Skofield/eInfoSystems              Newton             NH     st
47    784       Joseph          Reagan              NorEast Cycling                                                        Hooksett           NH     st
48    768       Michael         Lovell              sunapee/S+W                                                            Croydon            NH     st
49    736       Charles         Bourdages           Noreast Cyclling                                                       Kittery            ME     st
50    772       Steve           McGrath             NorEast Cycling                                                        Portsmouth         NH     st
51    756       Dave            Geissert            NERAC Earth                                                            Columbia           CT     st
52    178       Mary            Zidek               Specialized/Mazda                                                      Billerica          MA     st
53    743       Jay             Clausen             Sunapee/Continental Paving/Revolution Cyclery                          New London         NH     st
54    793       Duane           Skofield            BOB-Goodale's/Speed Merchant/Wojcik/Skofield/eInfoSystems              Plaistow           NH     st
55    798       David           Uchenick            Arc en ciel                                                            Westford           MA     st
56    995       Pete            Sweeney             Death Row Velo                                                         Riverside          RI     st
57    999       Jay             Busse               Union Velo                                                             Oakland            RI     st
58    179       Mark            Suprennant          Team Type 1                                                            Milford            NH     st
59    757       Julian          Gent                Colavita Racing, Inc.                                                  Atkinson           NH     st
60    985       Timothy         Young               NorEast Cycling                                                        Henniker           NH     st
61    750       Lawrence        Driscoll            NorEast Cycling                                                        Rollinsford        NH     st
62    735       Bob             Bisson              Gear Works/Spin Arts                                                   Fall River         MA     st
63    783       Hank            Pfeifle             OA/Cyclemania                                                          Brunswick          ME     st
64    760       Karl            Hambrecht           CCB International                                                      West Newbury       MA     40:46.8
65    781       Armand          Pantalone           BOB-Goodale's/Speed Merchant/Wojcik/Skofield/eInfoSystems              Haverhill          MA     40:53.8
66    780       James           Nash                CCB/Wheelworks                                                         North Hampton      NH     40:58.8
67    748       Bruce           Diehl               Sunapee/Continental Paving                                             Jackson            NH     st
68    791       Timothy         Shea                BOB-Goodale's/Speed Merchant/Wojcik/Skofield/eInfoSystems              Amherst            NH     41:05.7
69    754       James           Fitzgerald          CCB/Wheelworks                                                         Georgetown         MA     41:12.3
70    795       Tom             Stevens             Gear Works/Spin Arts                                                   Bolton             MA     41:44.3
DNF   177       Lance           Coyle               Joe's Garage                                                           Billerica          MA
DNF   183       Jerry           Dezutter            545 Velo                                                               Hudson             MA
DNF   184       Josh            Hardin              545 Velo                                                               Cambridge          MA
DNF   732       Aaron           Bagshaw             WH Bagshaw Precision Parts                                             Amherst            NH
DNF   738       Tim             Buckley             Sunapee / Continental Paving / Revolution Cyclery                      Henniker           NH
DNF   740       David           Carlsen
DNF   744       Curt            Comber              Threshold Cycling                                                      Charlestown        MA
DNF   745       Steven          Crays               Cycle Lodge                                                            Cohasset           MA
DNF   747       Jerry           Dezutter
DNF   753       Jeffrey         Fisher              OA/CycleMania                                                          Durham             ME
DNF   759       Luke            Gullick                                                                                    Exeter             NH
DNF   763       Michael         Humphries           NHCC                                                                   New Boston         NH
DNF   765       Philip          Johnson             Sea Side Cycle / ECV                                                   Manchester         MA
DNF   771       Eric            Marro               BOB-Goodale's/Speed Merchant/Wojcik/Skofield/eInfoSystems              Nashua             NH
DNF   775       Timothy         Metzger             NorEast Cycling                                                        Hampton            NH
DNF   778       Tyler           Munroe              CCB/Volkswagen                                                         No. Andover        MA
DNF   790       Tom             Scontras            Category Six Cycling                                                   York               ME
DNF   792       Michael C       Sheahan             Superfast Jellyfish                                                    Somerville         MA
DNF   794       Graydon         Stevens             OA/Cyclemania                                                          Cape Elizabeth     ME
DNF   799       Peter           Vollers             Vollers Law / Start House Racing Team                                  Woodstock          VT
DNF   800       Scott           Washburn            Cycle Lodge                                                            Marshfield         MA
DNF   983       James           Wohlgemuth                                                                                 Carmel             ME
DNF   988       John            Hardin
DNF   993       Steve           Curran              MBRC                                                                   Quincy             MA
DNF   994       Martin          Lasak               Death Row Velo                                                         Cobalt             CT
DNF   997       Chris           Dale                NBX/Narragansett Beer                                                  N. Kingston        RI

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