Beacon Cross UCI C2 MAC Series #7

Bridgeton, NJ

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Beacon Cross UCI C2 MAC Series #7 Presented by Cape Atlantic Racing Bridgeton, NJ Saturday, October 30, 2010
October 31, 2010; Conshohocken, PA, USA: The Champion System MAC invaded southern New Jersey, and it brought the Storm Troopers. After bouncing around the schedule for first half of its long life, the Beacon Cyclocross has, in recent years, developed a tradition of pairing with HPCX in central New Jersey for a UCI-sanctioned double-header on Halloween weekend. Team C3-Athletes Serving Athletes, who have exercised imperial dominance on the MAC team standings for the past three years, have a long-standing Halloween tradition of their own, as they don special-edition skinsuits for each year�s Halloween races. This year, in honor of their team slogan, �the dark side� (a tongue-in-cheek reference to their black uniforms), Laura Van Gilder and her teammates toed the starting line clad in skinsuits patterned after the Storm Troopers from the Star Wars movies. It proved prophetic as the team swept the women�s podium.

With current UCI World #1 and two-time defending Champion System MAC season title holder Laura Van Gilder on the start line, few would have bet against her firepower. But while C3-Athletes Serving Athletes� Storm Trooper skinsuits had announcers throwing around science fiction metaphors, Team Cystic Fibrosis� Kristin Gavin had a more down-to-earth metaphor of her own. �It was a yard sale out there,� said Gavin, who crashed twice during the race on the deceptively technical Beacon course. �It�s so fast here that you have to stay alert. If you make a mistake and take a wrong line, your bike might leave you.� Just after the remount following the first trip up the two-story �Amphitheater of Pain� run-up on the first lap, Van Gilder made just such a mistake and hit an exposed root with her pedal. The resultant crash took down much of the still compacted field and allowed Van Gilder�s teammates, Dee Dee Winfield and Arley Kemmerer to escape. Within minutes, Winfield was in full power mode and time trialing a huge gear all the way around the Beacon Course that is nearly unchanged since its inception nearly a decade ago. Kemmer rode with Winfield briefly, then dropped off as Gavin and her Team Cystic Fibrosis teammate Nikki Thiemann worked together in vain try to reach her. Van Gilder, near the back of the field and 45 seconds down on Winfield, started her own time trial. At each time check around the lap, Van Gilder would gain between two and four seconds.

One by one, Van Gilder worked her way through the field like a domestique through a stage race caravan, until only Winfield and Kemmerer remained. But though Kemmerer was a teammate, she wasn�t going down without a fight. But she was no match for the powerful Van Gilder, who was bleeding from a big gash on her shin suffered in the first lap race. But Van Gilder�s chase ended there as she was never able to pull back any significant time from the flying Dee Dee Winfield, who scored her first UCI win of the season. Still, Van Gilder could be satisfied in a team sweep of a UCI race podium.

A strong field of men from the U.S., Canada, Switzerland and Italy started the race, which quickly broke into several large groups. The front group consisted of over a dozen riders in the early stages of the race, before attrition whittled it down to a five-man group consisting of defending MAC champ Valentin Schertz (CYFAC/Champion System/Revolution Wheelworks), Cycle Smart�s Adam Myerson (fresh off his first UCI win), Ryan Knapp (, Adam McGrath (Thule/Van Dessel) and Canadian Craig Richey ( The group rode together, constantly shuffling the lead, but without urgency. Myerson indicated after the race that he never pulled really hard any time he came to the front. �It�s really, really hard to get away on this course because it�s so simple,� said Scherz. �I mean, it�s technical because it�s so fast. But I don�t think that even a real strong rider, someone like Tim Johnson, could get away here. It�s just not possible.�

While the lead group wasn�t exactly out for an easy cruise, they weren�t on afterburners either. Several riders bridged up to the lead group, only to almost immediately fall back again. The exception was another of the C3-Athletes Serving Athletes storm troopers, former MAC Champion Wes Schempf. Once Schempf bridged up, the composition of the six-strong lead group was complete and consisted of one rider each from Europe, Canada, New England, the Pacific Northwest, the Midwest and the Mid Atlantic. With a straight, paved finish that favored power and positioning out of the final sharp turn, it seemed a perfect scenario for Myerson, who makes his primary living as a road sprinter. Alluding to Myerson, one of the race announcers commented, �surely not all of the riders in this group think they can win this race in a sprint.�

But no attacks were forthcoming. The final 750 meters of the Beacon lap consist of a sweeping left turn up a steep, punchy hill. This is followed by a turn and drop-in to the Amphitheater of Pain and its 24� to 28� high steps that are approached via a hairpin turn. Following the remount is the short wooded section where Laura Van Gilder crashed in the women�s race, a short drop and the tight finish corner leading to a 200 meter paved straight. Sprinter Myerson approached the section in seemingly perfect position as second wheel behind Scherz -- then lightning struck (perhaps it was �Force� Lightning?). In a classy move going up the run-up, Myerson told the group he had punctured and then moved out of the way so he wouldn�t interfere with the sprint. Heading into the final turn, Scherz led McGrath, who has become a regular at the New Jersey races because he races for New Jersey-based Van Dessel bicycles. The two had barely a bike-length gap on the rest, but it was enough to turn the fight for victory into a one-on-one duel. McGrath explained what happened next. �I can�t sprint,� he said, despite coming from behind to lose by inches in a battle of bike throws. Knapp claimed third ahead of Schempf and Richey, while Myerson stayed ahead of all the chasers to finish sixth.

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

UCI Elite Men

Place   Time         First Name       Last Name           Team                                                                                     U23
1       57:05:00     Valentin         Scherz              Cyfac-Champion System Racing Team p/b Revolution
2       57:05:00     Adam             McGrath             Thule/Van Dessel Cyclocross
3       57:09:00     Ryan             Knapp     
4       57:13:00     Weston           Schempf             C3-Athletes Serving Athletes
5       57:23:00     Craig            Richey     p/b Blue
6       57:40:00     Adam             Myerson             Cycle-Smart
7       57:59:00     Luca             Damiani             Kenda Pro
8       58:03:00     Jerome           Townsend   / Joe's Garage / Scott                                                       U23
9       58:06:00     Andrew           Wulfkuhle           C3-Athletes Serving Athletes
10      58:18:00     Daniel           Chabanov   / CBRC
11      58:38:00     Greg             Wittwer             ALAN North America Cycling Team
12      59:04:00     Steve            Fisher              Rad Racing NW / Hagens Berman LLP                                                        U23
13      59:32:00     Bobby            Lea                 Van Dessel Factory Team
14      59:40:00     Nicholas         Keough              Champion Systems p/b Keough Cyclocross                                                   U23
15      59:55:00     Patrick          Bradley             Rutgers University | Raleigh | Kim's Bike Shop                                           U23
16      59:08:00     Shaun            Adamson             Cycle-Smart
17      60:18:00     Jonathan         Sundt               El Gato
18      60:31:00     Peter            Rubijono            Embrocation Cycling Journal
19      61:11:00     Jesse            Keough              Champion Systems p/b Keough Cyclocross                                                   U23
20      62:01:00     John             Minturn             AXA Equitable - CRCA
21      64:53:00     Anthony          Grand               Cyfac-Champion System Racing Team p/b Revolution
22      65:08:00     Mark             Broadwater          C3-Athletes Serving Athletes
23      0:00:00      Adam             Szczepanski         Wissahickon
24      0:00:00      Peter            Hagerty             Rochester Institute of Technology                                                        U23
25      0:00:00      Dave             Weaver              ALAN N. America Cycling Team
26      0:00:00      Matt             Spohn               Cyfac-Champion System Racing Team p/b Revolution Wheelworks
27      0:00:00      guillaume        nelessen            Van Dessel Factory Team
DNS     0:00:00      David            Sommerville         Cyfac-Champion System P/B Revolution Wheelworks
DNS     0:00:00      Timothy          Brown               Battley Harley-Davidson/Sonoma Restaurant/Teaism
DNS     0:00:00      sloane           anderson            Pure Energy Cycling - ProAir/HFA
DNS     0:00:00      Kyle             Peppo               Cyfac-Champion System Racing Team p/b Revolution Wheelworks
DNS     0:00:00      Joseph           Dombrowski          Haymarket / SEAVS                                                                        U23

UCI Elite Women

Place  Time   First Name   Last Name    Team																									35+
1      40:02  Deidre       WINFIELD     C3 - Athletes Serving Athletes																			35+
2      0:49   LAURA        VAN GILDER   C3 Athletes Serving Athletes																			35+
3      1:04   Arley        KEMMERER     C3 - Athletes Serving Athletes
4      1:13   Kristin      GAVIN        Team Cystic Fibrosis
5      1:13   Nicole       THIEMANN     Team CF
6      1:48   JENNIFER     MAXWELL      Van Dessel Factory Team p/b Sterke Meiden																35+
7      1:59   Carolyn      POPOVIC
8      2:08   Katrina      DOWIDCHUK    Team TBB/Deep Blue																						35+
9      2:47   Rebecca      BLATT        silverbull centralwheel
10     3:11   Kristine     CHURCH       Human Zoom/ Pabst Blue Ribbon
11     3:27   Lauri        WEBBER       Secret Henry's Team																						35+
12     3:31   Andrea       LUEBBE       Human Zoom/ Pabst Blue Ribbon
13     4:00   Stacey       BARBOSSA     Montclair Cyclists																						35+
14     4:33   Christine    FENNESSY     South Mountain Cycles																					35+
15     6:31   Kathrin      SCHUMACHER   Guy's Racing																							35+
16     8:05   Amy          CUTLER       Team EPS/CSS p/b Brielle Cyclery
17     8:53   Evie         EDWARDS      Performance Bicycle Racing																				35+
LAP-1  LAP-1  Nina         SANTIAGO     Watchung Wheelmen																						U23
DNF           Erin         SILLIMAN     ALAN North America Cycling Team
DNS           Emily        THURSTON     Missing Link/ 3rd Rail
DNS           Lenore       PIPES        The Wistar Institute

Elite Master Men 35+

Place  45+  Last Name      First Name    Team
1           Kincaid        Stephan       Philadelphia Ciclismo
2           aspholm        roger         Westwood Velo
3           Bull           Edwin         Van Dessel Factory Team
4           yozell         michael       PAVALLEYS.Com
5           Elliston       Bill          Van Dessel Factory Team
6           Gamanho        Maurice       Van Dessel Factory Team
7           Magur          Michael       Verge Sport
8           Campos         Robert        GS Gotham/Toga
9           turner         glenn         Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon
10          Gorski         Andy
11          Brill          Daniel        Cape Atlantic Racing/
12     45+  Ferguson       Greg          Cape Atlantic Racing/
13     45+  Saunders       Blair         Ben's Performance Bike's/Ridley
14          Larino         Dan           Pete's Bike/Century Road Club of America
15          Langlois       Daniel        Embrocation Cycling Journal
16          Piccillo       Joseph        Evolution Racing
17          Collins        Rob           Secret Henry's Team
18          Auer           Kristopher    C3-Athletes Serving Athletes
19          Nystrom        Chris         C3 - Athletes Serving Athletes
20          Culbertson     Chad          Guy's Racing
21          Cline          Kelly         Wissahickon
22     45+  Long           Christopher   Gotham/Toga!/Autonomia Racing
23     45+  Ford           Bradley       Classic Cycling Essentials - CCE
24     45+  Appeltans      Jeff          GoCycling-D&Q/MAMBO Kings
25     45+  Reglar         Carl          Verge Sport
26          samuel         chris         Cape Atlantic Racing/
27          fryberger      kevin         Pabst Blue Ribbon/Talksoft Racing
28          vettori        marc          C3: Twenty 20 Cycling Company
29          Lazar          Jay           C3-Athletes Serving Athletes
30          Anemone        Ben           Secret Henrys Team
31          Anestad        N. Johan      Evolution Racing
32          Cutler         John          Haymarket / SEAVS
33     45+  Lowe           David         Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon
34     45+  Wahner         Paul
35          Snow           Jason         cycle safe
36          Totaro         Chad          BRC/Broadnet
37          Erndl          Charles       Watchung wheelman/High Gear cyclery
38          Magul          Martin        PA Master
39     45+  Gray           Douglass      Christiana Care PT+/FSVS
40          Wahner         Barry
41          RAHN           KARL          FinKraft Cycling Team
42     45+  Feehan         Jim           Kissena
43          Williams       Trevor        Guy's Racing Club
44     45+  Wittwer        Fred          Alan N. American Cycling Team
45     45+  Breckenmaker   Kevin         Yellow Breeches Racing
46     45+  Piacine        Bob           Guys Racing Club
47          Jancola        Mike          Guy's Racing Club
48     45+  Zeimet         Raymond       Guy's Racing Club
50     45+  Catlin         Donald        Team Danbury Audi/Pedal and Pump
51     45+  Czupryna       Mike          Christiana Care PT+/FSVS
52     45+  Connair        Mike          Christiana Care PT+/FSVS
53     45+  kouri          mark          Peloton Cycles
54          di basi        Nuzio         Yellow Breeches Racing
55          Esempio        Phillip       Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
hebe           mike
Wilder         Patrick       Cyclepath Racing PDX
Morgan         Eric          Wissahickon
Monte-Sano     Alex
45+  McDaniel       Charles       Secret Henrys Team
45+  Hudson         David         Mambo Kings Racing/D&Q
dnf         Pohndorf       Mark          FinKraft Cycling Team

Elite U19 Men

Place                First Name       Last Name           Team
1                    Sam              OKeefe              C3 - Athletes Serving Athletes
4                    Zach             Bender              Cycle-Smart
6                    Noah             GRANIGAN            Team Somerset
2                    Forrest          Conrad              Team Pure Energy Cycling/ ProAir HFA
3                    Nicolas          Catlin              Team danbury Audi/ Pedal & Pump

Master Women 45+

Place                First Name       Last Name           Team
1                    Diane            Grim                C-3 Athletes Serving Athletes
2                    Tammy            Ebersole            Evolution Racing
3                    Leslie           Conrad              Team Pure Energy Cycling/Pro Air HFA
4                    Ivy              Luhrs               Portland Velo Club/CycleMania
5                    Anne             Rock                C3 Athletes Serving Athletes
6                    julia            casals              Van Dessel Sterke Meiden
7                    Sherri           Esempio             Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
8                    Julie            Lockhart            NEBC/Devonshire Dental/Cycle Loft

Master Men 55+

Place                First Name       Last Name           Team
1                    Tony             Bilotta             Van Dessel Factory Team
2                    William          Cantler             Deno's Wonder Wheel
3                    Ed               Troianello          Watchung Wheelmen
4                    bob              perna               beans bikes
5                    Joseph           Kenas               Guy's Racing
6                    Lawrence         Dudek               Team Somerset
7                    Michael          Chizkov             Bicycle Therapy
8                    Richard          Bauch               Colavita Racing, Inc.
9                    JIM              INNES               Guy's Racing Club

B Men

Place                First Name       Last Name           Team
1                    Mike             Festa               Philadelphia Ciclismo
2                    Gerald           Adasavage           Embrocation Cycling Journal
3                    Steven           Ordons              Human Zoom/ Pabst Blue Ribbon
4                    Sean             Smith               0
5                    Fred             Brown      Cycles
6                    Thomas           Mackay              C3-Athletes Serving Athletes
7                    Mark             Flis                Human Zoom/ Pabst Blue Ribbon
8                    Jeffrey          Wat                 Burnham Racing
9                    hunter           pronovost           Cheshire Cycle Racing -
10                   Craig            Lebair              philadelphia ciclismo
11                   Robert           Sheffield           NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
12                   Shane            Watters             Bicycle therapy
13                   John             Beers               Philadelphia Ciclismo
14                   Matt             Harris              Philadelphia Ciclismo
15                   Bill             Showers             Trestle Bridge Racing
16                   Colin            Prensky             Jordan-Zephyr
17                   Marc             Wolman              QCW Cycling/
18                   Charles          Thompson            Rutgers University | Raleigh | Kim's Bike Shop
19                   David            Casale              Tri-State Velo
20                   Brian            Swehla              Wheel Wright Bikes
21                   joe              pigga               Chester County Velo- Smedley/Iron Hill
22                   Blake            Bedoya              Rockstar Racing / Signature Cycles
23                   Matt             Cuttler             CRCA/Jonathan Adler Racing
24                   Paul             Stanton             0
25                   Michael          Gagliano            0
26                   Chris            Mondiek             RIT Cycling
27                   Cody             Gillenwater         QCW Cycling/
28                   Christopher      Esnes               High Gear Cyclery/Watchung Wheelmen
29                   Brian            Quinn     
30                   Jake             Davidson            C3-Athletes Serving Athletes
31                   Dan              Ipp                 RIT Cycling
33                   Bob              Biese               Team Vortex
34                   James            Stevens             CRCA/BH GARNEAU
35                   ken              deitch              Human Zoom\Pabst Blue Ribbon
36                   Matthew          Bathe               Rutgers University | Raleigh | Kim's Bike Shop
37                   Peter            Baiamonte           Brooklyn Velo Force/Gorilla Coffee
38                   Seth             Gunderson           Mason-Dixon Velo/The Cycle Works
39                   John             Glodek              Cycle-Smart, Inc.
41                   Adam             Leman               Team Independence
42                   Angelo           Mascelli            Watchung Wheelman
43                   Joel             Ankeny              RGM WATCHES / RICHARD SACHS CYCLES
44                   Joseph           Hu                  QCW/
45                   Werner           Freymann            Easy Riders Cycling
46                   Julian           Meier               Cyfac-Champion System p/b Revolution Wheelworks
47                   Jason            Parkin              CRCA/Blue
48                   MARCO            MORA                TEAMORA ECUADOR SIDSBIKES NY
49                   Kyle             Robinson            Pure Energy Racing / ProAir HFA
50                   James            Jung                0
51                   Kasper           Ludwig-Larsen       Hudson Furniture Racing Team
52                   Kevin            Plunkett            HOP
53                   Kyle             Wagner              Lehigh University
53                   Ethan            Townsend            C3-Athletes Serving Athletes
54                   Matthew          Kupsky              HEART HOUSE/CADV/CC Evesham
55                   Ed               Medina              Chum Mouse Racing
56                   Jeff             Lorish              Bikesport
57                   Carlos           Cabalu              QCW Cycling/
Colin            Sandberg            Philadelphia Ciclismo
Soren            Klingsporn          Rockstar Racing/Signaure Cycles
Jonathan         Kahler              Human Zoom / Pabst Blue Ribbon
Christophe       Jammet              CRCA/ FGX Racing
Felipe           Leite               SId's Bikes/Cannondale
Andrew           Eckstein            Human Zoom / Pabst Blue Ribbon
Chad             Selberg             NYC Velo
Todd             McLoughlin          Kissena
Mark             Pohndorf            FinKraft Cycling Team
Kyle             Centrella           Dynaflo Racing
Nick             Iacovelli           Colavita Racing
michael          goret               Watchung Wheelmen/High Gear
Zach             Semian              Team Alliance Environmental
Andrew           LoGiudice           skylands
Drew             Karlberg            Chester County Velo - Smedley/IronHill

B Masters

Place                First Name       Last Name           Team
1                    Eric             Ragot               Kissena Cycling Club
2                    Eric             Robertson           Kissena Cycling Club
3                    Al               Blanchard           Westwood Velo
4                    Christopher      Garges              Lamprey Systems
5                    Paul             DeBartolo           FinKraft Cycling Team
6                    Kevin            Keane               Skylands Cycling
7                    Jonathan         Lombardo            Finkraft Cycling Team
8                    Kevin            Rooney              FinKraft Cycling Team
9                    Adam             Duncan              CRCA/FGX Racing
10                   Dan              Tarrant             Cycle Sports/Doylestown Wheelmen
11                   david            baker               Liberty Cycle
12                   Jason            Reckner             QCW Cycling/
13                   Douglas          Jones               Shirks Racing Masters Team
14                   mark             salazar             skylands cycling
15                   John             Hostetter III       C3-Athletes Serving Athletes
16                   Joe              Lanza               Guys Racing Club
17                   geoffrey         frost               Team BBC
18                   Michael          Kirk                Henry's Bikes
19                   Lars             Jacobsen            cycle-smart
20                   Lawrence         Henderson           blackbear cycling
21                   Myles            Fennell             3D Racing Team/Tom's Atlantic Cyclery
22                   John             Miller              Guys Racing Club
23                   Tom              Mains               Van Dessel Factory Team
24                   Josh             Carter              Tri-State Velo
25                   Travis           Sapsford            Guy's Racing Club
26                   Scott            Demel               Brooklyn Velo Force / Gorilla Coffee
27                   Brent            Longenecker         0
28                   David            Troop               First State Velo Sport
30                   Daniel           McMahon   
31                   Wade             Hess                Cape Atlantic Racing/
32                   Dennis           Dischler            Wooden Wheels Racing
33                   Marc             Bertucco            Kissena Cycling Club
35                   Doug             Nagel               Evolution Racing
36                   Bruce            Hotaling            Main Line Cycling - BiKyle/Mazur Coaching
38                   Mark             Sanford             Bike Line
41                   Dusan            Strika              Kissena Cycling Team
44                   Kurt             Hoff                Bicycle Tech
45                   brian            flynn               team bbc
46                   Marc             Bechtold            0
47                   laurence         etgen               Halter's Cycles
48                   joe              mulligan            Montclair Cyclists
49                   Edward           Moran               Maverickfab Racing
50                   Stan             Riccuti             Danziesen & Quigley
52                   Benjamin         Reid                NA
54                   Louis            D'Amelio            Pure Energy Cycling - ProAir HFA
55                   Gustavo          Sanchez             Evolution Racing
56                   Oscar            Rosales             0
57                   Frank J.         Schlipf III         Guy's Racing Club
58                   Bruce            McLaughlin          Bikesport
59                   Phillip          Esempio             Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
62                   Peter            Bosma               Unattached
63                   Harald           Weigl               Evolution Racing
64                   Gary             Kelley              Bean's Bikes
dennis           smith               Secret Henrys Team
Ian              Landau    
Todd             Peterson            Team Bulldog/Cycle Craft
Chad             Selberg             NYC Velo
Dan              Ryan                Morgan Stanley/Market Edge
Ben              Tufford   's
mitchell         jacaruso            CRCA/Jonathan Adler Racing
Eloy             Anzola              Kissena Cycling Club
Rob              Brown               MSSB/Market Edge p/b Brandywine Cyclery
Chuck            Crocco              Team Somerset
Gary             Snyder              Evolution Racing
mark             fitzwater           the secret henry's team
Rich             Weinstock           Van Dessel
Dan              Killingsworth       HUP United
doug             spitz               3D Racing Team/Tom's Atlantic Cyclery
Dax              Vlassis             FinKraft Cycling Team
Matthew          Graham              3D Racing / Tom's Atlantic Cyclery
Bill             OKeefe              C3 - Athletes Serving Athletes

B Women

Place                First Name       Last Name           Team
1                    Tara             Walhart             Team Campmor
2                    KAITLYN          LAWRENCE            C3   Athletes Serving Athletes
3                    Elizabeth        Bonilla             Pro Pedals
4                    Michelle         Bishop              Cannondale Cadence Women's Racing
5                    Erin             Mascelli            Team EPS/CSS p/b Brielle Cyclery
6                    BrittLee         Bowman              Kissena
7                    Rebecca          Frederick           Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
8                    Jennifer         Kraut               Team TBB/Deep Blue
9                    Stacey           Jensen              CRCA/Radical Media
10                   Alaina           Gurski              CAWES p/b Specialized
11                   Becca            Schepps             Jimenez Velo Sport
12                   Molly            Hurford             Rutgers University | Raleigh | Kim's Bike Shop
13                   Ali              Flis                Human Zoom/ Pabst Blue Ribbon
14                   Kathleen         Wulfkuhle           C3-Athletes Serving Athletes
15                   Karen            Bechtold            Team EPS/CSS p/b Brielle Cyclery
16                   Cati             Scheifele           Bean's Racing
17                   Angelia          Fick                0
18                   Leah             Waldman             Pure Energy Cycling - ProAirHFA
19                   MaryBeth         Cochran             Chesapeake Cycle
20                   Heather          Heinrich            Wooden Wheels Racing
21                   Linda            Mattioni            Bicycle Therapy
22                   Bailey           Semian              Team Alliance Environmental
23                   Melanie          Glenn               QCW Cycling/
24                   Diane            Vettori             C3: Athletes Serving Athletes
25                   Jill             Neumann             Evolution Cycling
26                   Victoria         Hanks               Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon
27                   Brandee          Blasi               0
28                   Tamara           Cabalu              QCW Cycling/
29                   Caitlin          Thompson            Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon
30                   Nathalie         Anderson            Bicycle Therapy
31                   Stacie           Freymann            Easy Riders Cycling
32                   Lauren           Festa               Easy Riders
33                   Jessica          Hall                0
34                   Kelly            Longenecker         0
35                   Juliet           Shen                Bicycle Therapy
36                   Giulia           DeProphetis         PBMA
37                   Karen            Skorochod           Bicycle Baby!
Michelle         Lee                 Kissena
Corinne          Karmiel             CRCA/ Comedy Central
Virginia         Solomon             CRCA/Houlihan-Lokey Sanchez
Caroline         Gaynor              Jimenez Velo Sport
Peta             Takai               Kissena
Sharon           Shachar             0
stephanie        busloff             Kissena

C Men

Place                First Name       Last Name           Team
1                    Ilya             Cantor     - Halter's Cycles
2                    Caleb            Holmes              0
3                    Gregory          Ahnert              Lamprey Systems
4                    Martin           Beels               Lamprey Systems
5                    Breogan          Alvarez             CRCA/NYVelocity
6                    Michael          Perlberg            Kissena Cycling Club
7                    Tom              Elliot              Guys Racing
8                    Darrin           Miskiewicz          Philadelphia Ciclismo
9                    Dan              Lavelle             Philadelphia Ciclismo
10                   Blake            Rubin               TOMS Shoes p/b KindHuman Sports
11                   Scott            Hendrickson         Philadelphia Ciclismo
12                   Nick             Rogers              QCW Cycling/
13                   Daniel           Hauber              Pro Pedals Team Express
14                   Anthony          So                  Team Independence
15                   Jason            Cole                Philadelphia Ciclismo
16                   Ben              Kiel                0
17                   Robert           Botto               S-Jawn/Trophy Bikes
18                   Alexander        Eysymontt           Mudfoot
19                   Richard          Henning             Kissena
20                   Joaquin          C de Baca           KISSENA CYCLING CLUB
21                   John             Linvill             Guy's Racing Club
22                   Scott            Green               Spud Racing
23                   Jeff             Owens               Kissena
24                   Sean             Mooney              Action Wheels p/b Viking Yachts
25                   Chris            Buonomo             QCWcycling/
26                   Tim              Graham              0
27                   Harry            Brown               Team Somerset
28                   larry            everett             0
29                   Mike             Barbone             Bike Line
30                   Robert           LoGiudice           Skylands
31                   Max              Nacheman            0
32                   Bob              Campbell            Tri State Velo
33                   Eric             Marowitz            Pete's Bike / Century Road Club of America
34                   George           Weiler              0
35                   jared            borowik             Pure Energy Cycling-ProAirHFA
36                   Edward           Hickey              0
37                   Jerry            Troiano             0
38                   Marcos           Picchio             Rutgers University | Raleigh Cycling | Kim's Bike Shop
39                   rob              raichle             Phoenix Cycles
40                   kevin            dillard             C3-Athletes Serving Athletes
41                   Eric             Sandrow             Pete's Bike / Century Road Club of America
42                   Ian              KING                0
43                   Scott            Feather             Team Vortex
44                   Benjamin         Jewell              0
45                   Steven           Wittig              QCW Cycling/
46                   josh             robeson             0
47                   Michael          Ciunci              Human Zoom/ Pabst Blue Ribbon
48                   Adam             Ankers              Speedgoat
49                   Arthur           Gorka               Philadelphia Ciclismo
50                   Frederick        Grim                CRCA
51                   Joshua           Ferrer              QCW/
52                   Isaac            Spingarn            Stevens Institute of Technology
53                   Barry            Young               Cape Atlantic Racing/
54                   Robert           Sands               Evolution Racing
55                   Zach             Conrad              0
56                   Damon            Strub               0
57                   T.J.             DiTullio            Action Wheels p/b Viking Yachts
58                   Michael          Cotton              Unattached
59                   Sean             Refsnider           Keswick Cycle
60                   BARRY            MURRAY              All-Fill p/b Firetone
61                   Boyd             Garrision           0
62                   William          Underwood           0
64                   Jonathan         Pressman            Signature Cycles/ Rockstar Games
65                   Mike             Granigan            Team Somerset
66                   Scott            Cullen              Summitt
67                   Raymund          Calaquian           Evolution Racing
68                   kenny            fetsurka            Philadelphia Bicycle Messenger Association
69                   Timothy          Weiler              0
70                   Andrew           Farkas              856 Racing
71                   Andrew           di Michele          Kali Yuga Cycling
72                   Gerard T         Remsen III          Skylands Cycling
73                   Benjamin         Weller              0
74                   Joseph           Feeney              0
75                   Joshua           Caesar              Kissena Cycling Club
DNS                  Oliver           Yeh                 Christiana Care PT+/FSVS
0                    AARON            BITTERS             Kissena
0                    Tom              Haimowitz           Newtown Sunrise Cyclists
DNS                  adam             rosenthal           CRCA/Kingpin Racing-HJD
DNS                  Douglas          von Bushberger      CRCA/Kingpin Racing-HJD
DNS                  James            Mernin              CRCA/Kingpin Racing-HJD
DNS                  Jose             Maldonado           Philadelphia Ciclismo
DNS                  Joseph           Mundi               Watchung Wheelmen
DNS                  Thomas           Roth                Fuji
DNS                  Eric             Cutting             Cycle Sports/Doylestown Wheelmen
DNS                  Ian              Hertzler            Pure Energy Cycling-ProAirHFA
DNS                  Max              Knee                Team Independence p/b
DNS                  Sean             Cunningham          Caffeinated Cyclist
DNS                  Benjamin         Fackler             CRCA / Luzzo's
DNS                  Scott            Hemingway           Hemingway Electric
DNS                  Ali              Aslam               Bull City Cycling
DNS                  scott            cullen              0
DNS                  Curtis           Miller              Team TBB/Deep Blue
DNS                  Andrew           Rose                Human Zoom /Pabst Blue Ribbon

Amateur U19 Men

Place                First Name       Last Name           Team
1                    Jimmy            MAURER              C3 Athletes Serving Athletes
2                    Phill            San Clemente

Amateur U19 Women

Place                First Name       Last Name
1                    Drew             San Clemente