Howard County Double Cross - Races #8 and #9 of the MABRAcross Series

Highland and Elkridge, MD

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Howard County Double Cross - Races #8 and #9 of the MABRAcross Series Presented by Schooley Mill Cross and Rockburn Cross Highland and Elkridge, MD Saturday, November 20, 2010 to Sunday, November 21, 2010
Buerkle and DeWald are Head of the Class at Schooley Mill HIGHLAND, MARYLAND, November 20, 2010�

Schooley Mill Cross, now in its second year as part of the MABRAcross series offered up racers a revamped course on the stellar equestrian grounds of this pristine Howard County park in Maryland. Last year�s course had been lauded by some for its attendance to the needs of so-called power riders. This year that characteristic
was retained but the addition of three distinct technical course features helped neutralize the advantage of those big guns, though if those big guns are big enough they should still win! Ground frost and cool air greeted the cat 4 registrants but by the time the elite races rolled out temperatures reached a balmy 55 degrees. For most of the day, conditions were dry and sunny with occasional strong gust of wind. In the Kelly Benefit Strategies Elite Women�s 1/2 race every racer was guaranteed a podium spot. MABRAcross leader Patty Buerkle (Haymarket/SEAVS) took the holeshot and proceeded to ride away from a chasing Elizabeth Harlow (C3-Athletes Serving Athletes) and Allyson Tufano (NVRC/Cardio Sports Lab). Riding smoothly and efficiently a dominant Buerkle had 12 seconds on the chasing duo at the end of lap one. Harlow led the chase with Tufano dangling for a spell but on lap 3 Harlow bobbled at the barriers and the NVRC/Cardio Sports Lab rider attacked with vigor to open a gap Harlow could not close. Buerkle rolled through the finish with authority for the win, followed by Tufano in second and Harlow in third. The Kelly Benefit Strategies Elite men�s race saw 19 racers toe the line. John Minturn (AXA-CRCA) got the holeshot with Ryan DeWald (Haymarket / SEAVS) and Wes Schempf (C3�Athletes Serving Athletes) in tow. Lap one saw a group of six separate with Sam O�Keefe (C3�Athletes Serving Athletes) and Patrick Blair (Adventures for the Cure) trying desperately to hold on. In short order the 6 were away. Minturn, Schempf, DeWald, Adam Driscoll (Adventures for the Cure), Stephen Cummings (Haymarket / SEAVS) and MABRAcross leader Jared Nieters (Haymarket / SEAVS) worked back and forth to sort out the pecking order. DeWald played the role of instigator, attacking on every rise and charging up the start/finish strip each lap as if it was the last lap, leaving pain and confusion in his wake. On lap four this move stuck and the elastic snapped as DeWald moved away from Schempf and Nieters while Cummings, Minturn and Driscoll worked to reel in the chasing duo. With four laps remaining DeWald�s gap had grown to 27 seconds and the Schempf/Nieters tandem had been reeled in by Cummings and Minturn while Driscoll dangled a few feet behind. With two to go Nieters launched a vicious attack on the starting strip to shatter his group. It stuck as Schempf, Minturn and Cummings struggled. DeWald continued to power forward while Nieters flew solo behind. At the line it was DeWald for the win, followed by Nieters, Cummings, Minturn and Schempf. In the Elite Masters Race Dave Weaver (ALAN) rode clear of the field on the first lap and stayed well away to win the day. Behind him a group of 10 rode their race contesting the last four spots on the podium and battling for series points. With only 19 points separating the top three series racers the pressure was on. The group of 10 stayed together through the mid-point of the race before it began to fracture. Paul Rades (GamJams/ p/b Cutaway Clothing) separated himself from the chase and rode clear. Behind him Kris Auer (C3�Athletes Serving Athletes) secured third while Jay Morali (C3�Athletes Serving Athletes) finished off a great day by out-maneuvering current series leader Michael Birner (Ben�s Performance Bikes) at the line. Auer �s third place over Birner�s fifth place moved the Darth Vader clad C3 boss back into the series lead with only two MABRAcross races remaining. As many of you may have heard, Brian Fouche (ABRT) suffered a serious medical event during the Elite Men�s race. Several racers, including some who were racing right behind Brian in the elite race, responded to render aid. Brian was transported to the hospital and is now much improved. In the words of Mike Hefner (ABRT) �Thank you to those who responded to Brian. You are Heroes�. ABRT will provide more information on how Brian is faring when it becomes available. We join all of the cyclocross and racing community in wishing Brian a speedy recovery. The MABRAcross series holds its championship race next week. The Turkey Chase presented by T.E.A.M. Fuji takes place November 28 in Taneytown, Maryland. Check for more information and a link to the registration page.

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Men Cat 4
Place  Time       First Name    Last Name          Team
1      42:15:00   Eric          Sorensen           CycleLife / Raw Talent Ranch Racing
2      42:19:00   Micah         Smith              Squadra Coppi
3      42:21:00   Andrew        Massonneau         Winchester Wheelmen Racing Team
4      43:36:00   Ryan          Jenkins            The Bike Lane
5      43:37:00   Michael       Dishman            Tri - Fam Racing
6      43:49:00   Christopher   Wynnyk             Rensellaer Polytechnic Institute
7      44:22:00   George        Blankenship        NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
8      44:30:00   Robert        George             GS Gamjams
9      44:32:00   Richard       Winkler
10     44:39:00   Mark          Stahl              SEAVS RACING/Haymarket Bicycles
11     44:45:00   James         Dull               Adventures for the Cure
12     44:46:00   Albert        Scharbach          Kelly Benefits Strategies / LSV
13     44:53:00   Devon         Halley             NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
14     44:54:00   Jeffery       Marks              Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
15     45:16:00   Kevin         Luckeroth          Adventure For The Cure
16     45:46:00   Mitchell      Franko             TOMS Shoes p/b KindHuman Sports
17     45:57:00   Charles       Long
18     46:18:00   Jud           Heugel             C3 - Twenty20 Cycling Co.
19     46:18:00   Adam          Lewandowski        The Bike Lane
20                Kyle          Clifford           GrundleStrong
21                David         Battan             Squadra Coppi/IM SAAB
22                Thom          Moore              Potomac Velo/Bike Lane
23                Barry         Pugh               C3-Athletes Serving Athletes
24                Jeffery       Shively            HPC/List
25                Charles       Hagman             NCVC/UnitedHealthcare
26                Ron           Edwards
27                Raymond       Whitney            Adventures for the Cure
28                Will          Saunders           HPC
29                Christopher   Grengs             Squadra Coppi
30                chris         doerfler           HPC
31                Chris         Redmond
32                Alven         Williams           unattached
33                Uwe           Steckhan           Blubberbande
34                Michael       Hoffman            Springhouse Cycling
35                Keith         Buell
36                Michael       Brindza            NCVC/UnitedHealthcare
37                Adam          Austin             Dominion Cycling
38                Craig         Wilson             Hup United
39                Rob           Hermstein
40                jay           neighbours
41                Brian         Dalton
42     -1         Jason         Stephens
43     -1         graham        davis              proteus bicycles
44     -1         Matt          Robinson 
45     -1         Thomas        Poche
46     -1         Warren        Chambers
47     -1         martin        metcalf            Potomac Velo Club
48     -1         Michael       Edmonds            Potomac Velo Club
49     -1         Michael       Wynnyk             Family Bike Shop
50     -1         John          Williams           NA
51     -1         shawn         blumenfeld         Hub Racing
DNF               Lyal          Tressler
DNF               Daniel        McNabb
DNF               Blake         Rubin              TOMS Shoes p/b KindHuman Sports
DNF               Andrew        Cazier
DNS               Stephen       Spencer            1213 Racing/DCBCA
DNS               Andrew        Steele             The Bike Lane
DNS               Patrick       Peoples            TOMS Shoes p/b KindHuman Sports
DNS               Aric Shea     Frederick          Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
DNS               Alistair      Hastings           The Bike Lane
DNS               Benjamin      Blanton            The Bike Lane
DNS               Thomas        Ayd                Shore Velocity
DNS               Mike          Schiavo            Squadra Coppi
DNS               Chris         Hall               WWVC Racing
DNS               Mike          Dori               Adventures for the Cure
DNS               John          Wachter            Los Pariahs
DNS               Charles       Kyle               Freshbikes p/b SKANSKA
DNS               Eric          Griffin            Route 1 Velo/Arrow Bicycle
DNS               Duane         Frist              Velo Club Monterey
DNS               Michael       Epshteyn           NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
DNS               Lawrence      Sterrett           Freshbikes p/b SKANSKA
DNS               Matthew       Mead               The Bike Lane
DNS               John          Rohrer             Team BBC
DNS               Craig         Grube              Bayside Velo / Bike Doctor
DNS               Matthew       Hughes
DNS               Henry         Schlitzer          Whole Wheel Velo
DNS               Ron           Benedict           NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
DNS               Scott         Renda
DNS               Rodges        Ankrah             Route 1 Velo /Arrow Bicycles
DNS               Keith         Stephens
DNS               Ryan          Jones              xVx
DNS               milton        rojas              potomac velo club
Men Master 35+/45+ 3/4
Place  Time       First Name    Last Name          Team                                                           45+
1      41:29:00   scott         stahl              Haymarket/SEAVS /BPB                                           X
2      41:35:00   Matt          Carroll            Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster
3      41:38:00   Thori         Wolfe              Route 1 Velo/Arrow Bicycle                                     X
4      42:00:00   Erik          Leaver             NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
5      42:10:00   Andreas       Gutzeit            HPC/List
6      42:11:00   Eric          Sloman             NCVC/UnitedHeath Group                                         X
7      42:15:00   Steve         Klose              Adventures For The Cure                                        X
8      42:26:00   Karl          Kensinger          NCVC/United Health Group                                       X
9      42:29:00   jason         lins               Adventures For the Cure
10     42:40:00   Geoffrey      Beaty              WWVC Racing
11     42:47:00   John          Hostetter III      C3-Athletes Serving Athletes
12     42:53:00   Scott         Cernich            Route 1 Velo/Arrow Bicycle
13     43:00:00   cory          smith              Winchester Wheelmen Race Team
14     43:00:00   Albert        Greene             Yellow Breeches Racing                                         X
15     43:15:00   Brian         Schmierer          DCMTB
16     43:18:00   Marc          Klein              HPC/List                                                       X
17     43:21:00   Ray           Manyoky            Clean Currents p/b Don Beyer Volvo                             X
18     43:22:00   Rob           Campbell           NCVC/United Health Care
19     43:24:00   Todd          Bickling           Bike Doctor/Bayside Velo
20     43:40:00   Bruce         Buckley            The Bike Lane
21     43:43:00   Kenneth       Morris             Winchester Wheelmen Race Team
22     43:49:00   John          Ludicke            AABC
23     43:58:00   Neal          Sapp               Ben's Performance Bikes                                        X
24     44:07:00   GEORGE        SCHULZ             The Bike Lane
25     44:11:00   Michael       Zoeller            NCVC/UnitedHealth Group                                        X
26     44:18:00   Eric          Bae                Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
27     44:23:00   Paul          Bayne              Kelly Benefits Strategies/LSV
28     44:29:00   Jason         Ludicke            Adventures For The Cure
29     44:30:00   Chris         Hall               WWVC Racing
30     44:31:00   Mark          Drajem             DCMTB
31     44:32:00   craig         daly               Adventures for the Cure
32     44:36:00   Joseph        Ashman
33     44:41:00   Will          Wong               NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
34     44:47:00   Rick          Mellendick         JBV Coaching
35     44:48:00   Ryan          Taylor             NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
36                David         Scharff            Kelly/LSV                                                      X
37                William       McCasland          USAF                                                           X
38                Jon           Hicks              Winchester Wheelmen                                            X
39                jeffrey       martin             C3-Athletes Serving Athletes
40                Joel          Steen              Route 1 Velo/Arrow Bicycle
41                Alain         Philippe           Adventures For the Cure
42                Delmar        Arnold             Winchester Wheelmen                                            X
43                Jim           Klender            AdventuresForTheCure/TMR                                       X
44                Brian         Archer             NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
45                James         Carlisle           AVC                                                            X
46                John          Nagy
47                Cary          Hunter             Potomac Velo Club                                              X
48                Kemal         Tuncer             Bicycle Place Velo Club                                        X
49                Richard       Elder              Royal Air Force
50                William       Schieken           Route 1 Velo/Arrow Bicycle
51                Robert        Georgantas         Joe's Mt Washington Bike Shop
52                Gustavo       Sanchez            Evolution Racing                                               X
53                Guilherme     Roschke            AABC
54                Chip          Sovek              Potomac Velo Club
55                Richard       Goldberg           C3 - Athletes Serving Athletes                                 X
56                Michael       Mathias            DCMTB                                                          X
57                Phillip       Esempio            Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
58                Mike          Neary              Ben's Performance Bicycles
59                Christopher   Massonneau         Winchester Wheelmen Racing Team                                X
60                Charles       Futcher            Team Iron Hill / WCCC                                          X
61                john          myrick             NCVC/UnitedHealth Group                                        X
62                Joshua        Meyers
63                Mike          Dancel             NCVC/UnitedHealthcare
64                Brown         Sharp II                                                                          X
65     -1         Thor          Engblom            NCVC/UnitedHealth Group                                        X
66     -1         sol           schott             los pariahs
67     -1         Gunnar        Christensen                                                    X
68     -1         John          Maisto             Bicycle Place Velo Club                                        X
DNF               David         Tambeaux           Adventures for the Cure                                        X
DNF               shawn         blumenfeld         Hub Racing
DNF               Steve         Breeden            Winchester Wheelmen                                            X
DNS               Peter         Nicoll             Squadra Coppi
DNS               Kenneth       Woodrow            Squadra Coppi                                                  X
DNS               Michael       West               Adventures For The Cure
DNS               Todd          Bauer              Single Speed Outlaw/Bicycle Escape                             X
DNS               Michael       Randers-Pehrson    WWVC Racing
DNS               Paul          Varga              Clean Currents p/b Don Beyer Volvo
DNS               Kenneth       Han                AABC Racing
DNS               Jonathan      Ivins              Squadra Coppi                                                  X
DNS               Christopher   Gould              WWVC Racing                                                    X
DNS               James         McNeely            Squadra Coppi
DNS               paul          anglin                                                                            X
DNS               Ryan          Douglas            Route 1 Velo/Arrow Bicycle
DNS               douglas       owens              NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
DNS               Ian           Morrison           Bike Doctor/Bayside Velo
DNS               Ryan          Newill             Squadra Coppi
DNS               marc          wrona              kelly benefits strategies/lsv
DNS               Trevor        Miller             Family Bike Shop, Crofton MD
Men Master 55+ 1,2,3,4
Place  Time       First Name    Last Name          Team
1      50:09:00   Fred          Wittwer            Alan N. American Cycling Team
2                 Jim           Bronson            Patapsco Bike and Sport
3                 Kevin         Breckenmaker       Yellow Breeches Racing
4                 Mike          Connair            Christiana Care PT+/FSVS
5                 Peter         Czapiewski         AMVC/DND Inc
6                 Gregory       Smith              Clean Current
7                 Nunzio        DiBiasi            Yellow Breeches Racing
8                 mark          thompson
9                 Cynthia       Anderson           AMUC
10                James         Briggs             Allegheny Cycling Assoc.
11                Randall       Nixon              Chesapeake Wheelmen
DNF               Rob           Lea                T.E.A.M FUJI
DNS               Mike          Stone              Adventures for the Cure
DNS               Mark          Johnson            Adventures For The Cure
Men 3/4
Place  Time       First Name    Last Name          Team
1      47:04:00   Jameson       Ribbens            C3 - Athletes Serving Athletes
2      47:21:00   Sean          O'Donnell          TOMS Shoes p/b KindHuman Sports
3      47:22:00   Nicholas      Taylor             WWVC Racing
4      47:24:00   Brian         Swehla             Wheel Wright Bikes
5      47:37:00   Thomas        Blonkowski         Squadra Coppi
6      47:37:00   Jake          Grantham           UPMC Cycling Performance
7      47:48:00   Elliott       Caldwell           Route 1 Velo/Arrow Bicycle
8      47:59:00   Matthew       Donahue            DCMTB Continuum Solar
9      48:05:00   Adam          Williams           Winchester Wheelmen Racing Team
10     48:31:00   Andrey        Doroshenko         C3 - Athletes Serving Athletes
11     48:39:00   Greg          Faber              NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
12     48:44:00   Chris         Carraway           NCVC / United Health Group
13     48:57:00   Aaron         Horrath            Princeton University
14     49:10:00   Steve         Fife               Bike Doctor
15     49:10:00   Gary          Bryant             Bike Doctor
16     49:12:00   Ranjodh       Gill               Bike Doctor
17     49:14:00   Ryan          Dudek              TOMS Shoes p/b KindHuman Sports
18     49:29:00   Ellis         Kim                TOMS Shoes p/b KindHuman Sports
19     49:39:00   Nathan        Chenenko           TOMS Shoes p/b Kind Human Sports
20     49:41:00   Chad          Bartlett           TOMS Shoes p/b Kindhuman Sports
21     49:50:00   John          Glodek             Cycle-Smart, Inc.
22     49:58:00   Christopher   Price              C3-Athletes Serving Athletes
23     50:22:00   Charly        Hermanson          Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
24     50:27:00   Matthew       Ringer             District Velocity Racing p/b The Bike Rack
25     50:34:00   Zachary       Bradshaw           Altius
26     50:44:00   Josh          Doorly             Haymarket Bicycles / SEAVS
27     50:45:00   Richard       Hohenbrink         NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
28     50:50:00   Russell       Berryman           Family Bike Shop
29     50:55:00   Joel          Ankeny             RGM WATCHES / RICHARD SACHS CYCLES
30     51:06:00   Todd          Crooks             NYC Velo
31     51:13:00   Michael       Caputi             Adventures For the Cure
32     51:25:00   Benjamin      Toll               PAX Velo
33     51:35:00   Jeffrey       Trinh              Squadra Coppi
34                Matthew       Hennessy           C3-ATHLETES SERVING ATHLETES
35                Travis        Coleman            CycleLife/Raw Talent Ranch
36                Aric Shea     Frederick          Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
37                Patrick       Dolan              Squadra Coppi
38                Aaron         Mongeau            Team BBC
39                Syd           Lea                T.E.A.M. Fuji
40                Ray           Manyoky            Clean Currents
41                Matthew       Brancheau          C3 - Athletes Serving Athletes
42                Aleks         Sverdlov           QCW Cycling/
43                Blake         Rubin              TOMS Shoes p/b KindHuman Sports
44                steven        Nutt               Adventure For The Cure
45                Rich          Zachary            NCVC/UnitedHealth
46                Nick          Sachanda           NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
47     -1         August        Plitt              Adventures For the Cure
48     -1         Michael       Dishman            Tri - Fam Racing
49     -1         Stephen       Riskus             AABC
DNF               Greg          Capelle            Adventures For The Cure
DNF               Tiernan       Mulrooney          Revolution Cycles
DNF               William       Browne             Bike Doctor/Bayside Velo
DNF               Karsten       Walker             Tom's P/B Kindhuman Sports
DNF               Adam          Austin             Dominion Cycling
DNF               shawn         blumenfeld         Hub Racing
DNF               Gerald        Burkett III        Eastern Mobile Cycling Team
DNF               Ron           Benedict           NCVC/United Health Group
DNS               Andrew        Shelby             WWVC Racing
DNS               Colby         Waller             Gripped Racing
DNS               Kimani        Nielsen            Dominion Cycling
DNS               Judd          Walencikowski      GamJams/ p/b Cutaway Clothing
DNS               Bradley       Evans              Squadra Coppi
DNS               Trevor        Shattuck           Tri-speed Multisport
DNS               Matthew       Latyszonek         Fat Frogs Racing
DNS               Gregory       Saylor             Adventures For The Cure
DNS               Terry         Turner             Hefler Performance Coaching/CBC
DNS               Evan          Remington
DNS               Christopher   Hair               NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
DNS               Robb          Hampton            Bike Doctor/Bayside Velo
DNS               Jason         Reckner            QCW Cycling/
DNS               Eric          Lundgren           Iron City Bikes
Junior 15-18 Open
Place  Time       First Name    Last Name          Team
1      53:48:00   Val           Etobayer           Artemis
2                 michael       better             Artemis Racing
3                 Peter         Bond               Artemis
Men Masters 35+/45+ 1,2,3
Place  Time       First Name    Last Name          Team                                                           45+
1      45:23:00   Dave          Weaver             ALAN N. America Cycling Team
2      46:21:00   Paul          Rades              GamJams/ p/b Cutaway Clothing
3      46:45:00   Kristopher    Auer               C3-Athletes Serving Athletes
4      46:46:00   jay           morali             C3-Athletes Serving Athletes
5      46:47:00   Michael       Birner             Ben's Performance Bikes
6      46:47:00   Chris         Mayhew             JBV Coaching
7      46:50:00   Ron           Huebner            Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster                       X
8      46:54:00   johnny        may                C3-Athletes Serving Athletes
9      47:08:00   Randall       Root               Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long and Foster                     X
10     47:35:00   Chris         Harshman
11     47:37:00   Joe           Lillibridge        C3 - Athletes Serving Athletes
12     47:38:00   karl          connolly           Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
13     47:39:00   Evan          Ellicott           Bike Doctor / Bayside Velo
14     48:14:00   Marc          Gwadz              DCMTB                                                          X
15     48:34:00   Roger         Masse              Trek 29er Crew                                                 X
16     48:47:00   Shawn         Downing            C3 - Athletes Serving Athletes                                 X
17     48:47:00   Jay           Lazar              C3-Athletes Serving Athletes
18     49:20:00   Nathan        Goates             Moutainside Racing
19     49:21:00   Jason         Eicholtz           Philadelphia Ciclismo
20     49:41:00   Chris         Nystrom            C3 - Athletes Serving Athletes
21     49:50:00   Ed            Krall              Indiana Regional Medical Center
22     50:06:00   Brian         Poochigian         DCMTB - Family Bike Shop
23     50:26:00   Jonathan      Houghton           Adventures For the Cure
24     50:38:00   Neil          Schirmer           Clean Currents p/b Don Beyer Volvo
25     51:03:00   Werner        Freymann           Easy Riders Cycling
26     51:10:00   David         Blodgett           Ben's Performance Bikes
27     51:21:00   John          Rogers             DCMTB                                                          X
28     51:36:00   Michael       Foster             Manly Warringah                                                X
29     52:03:00   George        Milinkovic         Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster
30     52:03:00   John          Boo                Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV                                   X
31     52:52:00   Galen         Wallace            Kelly/LSV                                                      X
32     53:10:00   Bill          OKeefe             C3 - Athletes Serving Athletes                                 X
33     53:31:00   Chip          Lortz              Kelly Benefits Strategies/ LSV                                 X
DNS               Bernie        Shiao              Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV                                   X
DNS               Blair         Saunders           Ben's Performance Bike's/Ridley                                X
DNS               Keith         Rohr               Adventures for the Cure
DNS               Raul          Rojas              DCMTB-Family Bike Shop
DNS               Jeff          Anderson           HPC/List                                                       X
DNS               Scott         Thompson           Squadra Coppi                                                  X
DNS               Jonathan      Seibold            Family Bike Shop/DCMTB
DNS               Chris         MCGIll             Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling Team p/b CANNONDALE
Men Jr. 10-14
Place  Time       First Name    Last Name          Team
1      17:51      Tanner        Browne             Bayside Velo/Bike Doctor
2                 Jake          Thompson           Squadra Coppi/IM Saab
3                 Nolan         Yager              Artemis Racing
4                 Jackson       Burns              Haymarket
5                 George 'G'    Schulz III         The Bike Lane
6                 Adam          Fulcher            Artemis
7                 Nate          Sovek              Potomac Velo Club
8                 Chas          Long
DNF               Eli           Clawson
DNF               Layne         Yannes             unattached

1                 Svetlana      Mack               Artemis
2                 Shaina        Adler              Artemis
3                 Nastya        Mack               Artemis
DNS               Avy           Rohr               Adventures for the Cure
Women 1,2
Place  Time       First Name    Last Name          Team
1      41:50:00   Patty         Buerkle            Haymarket / SEAVS
2      43:07:00   Allyson       Tufano             NVRC/Cardio Sports Lab
3      43:46:00   Elizabeth     Harlow             C3 - Athletes Serving Athletes
Women 3
Place  Time       First Name    Last Name          Team
1      45:29:00   Rebecca       Frederick          Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
2      45:38:00   Katy          Curran             Evolution Cycling Club P/B Long and Foster
3      46:37:00   Kristina      Adams              NVRC/Cardio Sports Lab
4      46:45:00   Ainhoa        Perez-Diez         NVRC/Cardio Sports Lab
5      47:35:00   Kate          Schrock            DCMTB
6      47:52:00   Jennifer      Tillman            Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
7      48:19:00   Mary Beth     Cochran            Chesapeake Cycle
8      49:46:00   Lindsay       Dugovich           BBC
9      50:45:00   esther        schaftel           Adventures for the Cure
10                Christina     Huebner            Evolution Cycling p/b Long and Foster
Women 4
Place  Time       First Name    Last Name          Team
1                 Cynthia       Johnson            Artemis
2                 Sarah         Crosskey
3                 Jennifer      Blandford          Adventures For the Cure
4                 Andrea        Bozak              Clean Currents p/b Don Beyer Volvo
5                 Diedre        Johnson            C3 - Athletes Serving Athletes
6                 Alexis        Zink               unattached
7                 Alexandra     Gilman             GamJams
8                 Stacia        Brooks             NCVC / UnitedHealth Group
9                 Rachel        Weaver             Steel City Endurance
10                Stacie        Freymann           Easy Riders Cycling
11                Jessica       Hall
12                Denise        Clearwater
13                Nona          Colburn            ColburnCycle
14                Svetlana      Mack               Artemis
15                Linda         Carlisle           Battlefield Velo
16                Theresa       Romeyn             C3- Athletes Serving Athletes
17                Cerisa        Speight            C3- Athletes Serving Athletes
18                Andrea        Bohmholdt          BBC
19                Sherri        Esempio            Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
20                Jennifer      Linko              Deep Dish Unlimited
21     -1         Carly         Keane              Winchester Wheelman
DNF               Rachel        Weatherly          NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
DNS               Laurie        wrona              kelly benefits strategies/lsv
DNS               Doron         Petersan           c-3: Athletes Serving Athletes
DNS               Lauren        Peterson           NCVC/UnitedHealthcare

Men 1,2,3
Place  Time       First Name    Last Name          Team
1      1:04:57    Ryan          DeWald             Haymarket SURVAS
2      1:05:08    Jared         Nieters            Haymarket SEAVS
3      1:05:12    stephen       cummings           Haymarket Bicycles / seavs
4      1:05:15    John          Minturn            AXA-CRCA
5      1:05:28    Weston        Schempf            C3-Athletes Serving Athletes
6      1:06:43    Adam          Driscoll           Adventures For the Cure
7      1:07:48    Patrick       Blair              Adventures For the Cure
8      1:08:08    Tom           Jeffrey            Team Natures Path/3Sports
9      1:09:51    Matthew       Bartlett           TOMS Shoes p/b Kindhuman Sports
10     1:10:55    Kurt          Wolfgang           CycleLife USA/RawTalentRanch
11     1:12:01    Andrew        Welch              Squadra Coppi
12     -1         Jack          Sparks             Bikeworks Racing
DNF               Sam           OKeefe             C3 - Athletes Serving Athletes
DNF               Brian         Fouche             ABRT
DNF               Stephen       Mull
DNF               Ryan          Hardy              C3-Twenty 20 Cycles
DNF               Callvan       Ingram             unattached
DNS               Taylor        Jones              Your Ad Here p/b Bicycle Pro Shop
DNS               David         Bozak              Clean Currents p/b Don Beyer Volvo