SCCX - Sussex County CycloCross

Augusta, NJ

Sunday, November 21, 2010

SCCX - Sussex County CycloCross Presented by Team Bulldog and Skylands Cycling Augusta, NJ Sunday, November 21, 2010

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Men 55+
Place  Name                          Team
1      Ed             Troianello     Watchung Wheelmen
2      Patrick        Kennedy        Liberty Cycle
3      Lawrence       Dudek          Team Somerset
4      Robin          Kinney         Liberty Cycle
5      Kurt           Brenner
6      Gerry          Ryerson        Skylands Cycling
7      Michael        Ferraro
8      Barrie         Drabble        Colavita Racing
9      Ron            Bienstock      Cyclesport

Men 45+
Place  Name                          Team
1      Eric           Schlauch       Team Somerset
2      Al             Blanchard      Westwood Velo
3      David          Kahl           Liberty Cycle
4      Dan            Coleman        Colavita Racing
5      doug           spitz          3D Racing Team/Tom's Atlantic Cyclery
6      Lawrence       Towner         Liberty Cycle
7      Ed             Burgess        Hammer Nutrition
8      Lawrence       Henderson      blackbear cycling
9      mark           salazar        skylands cycling
10     Rick           Anderson       Somerset Wheelmen
11     Christopher    Gozick Cycles
12     Jim            Gould          Van Dessel
13     Larry          Kaufman        Pure Energy Cycling-ProAirHFA
14     bob            kennelly       HALTERS CYCLES   (BTEAM)
15     David          Van Wart       Town Cycle
16     Chuck          Crocco         Team Somerset
17     Marc           Muller
18     Scott          Sugent         Watchung Wheelmen/TMB Racing
19     brian          margarum       blackbear  cycling
20     Ray            Campbell       Watchung Wheelmen
21     Fafar          Bayat          Strictly Bicycles
22     Dusan          Strika         Kissena Cycling Team
23     Craig          Rotile         Tenafly Road Dawgz
24     Jorge          Espimosa       unattached
25     Gary           Mangee         Watchung Wheelmen
26     Louis          D'Amelio       Pure Energy Cycling - ProAir HFA
27     David          Daniel         Black Bear Cycling
28     jerry          truppelli      Colavita Racing
29     bladdymir      coronel        Westwood Velo
30     thomas         kanyak         Around Town Bicycle/TVC
31     Todd           Potter         CRCA/ISF
32     Bruce          Kristiansen    Black Bear Cycling
40     tom            perkins
41     william        pitcher
42     mark           schwartz
43     James          Wilbur         Team Campmor

Men 35+
Place  Name                          Team
1      David          Freifelder     Westwood Velo
2      Chad           Culbertson     Guy's Racing
3      Chris          Facas          Westwood Velo/Trade Manage Capitol
4      Charles        Erndl          Watchung wheelman/High Gear cyclery
5      Jim            Vreeland       Watchung Wheelmen / High Gear Cyclery
6      Myles          Fennell        3D Racing Team/Tom's Atlantic Cyclery
7      Alex           Belgiovine     Westwood Velo
8      Rob            Glick          Team MTBNJ.COM-Halter's
9      george         vlahogiannis   JIMENEZ VELO SPORT
10     Todd           Peterson       Team Bulldog/Cycle Craft
11     James          Furman         Van Dessel
12     Scott          Hemingway      Hemingway Electric
13     Fabian         Autedo         Cycle Craft Racing
14     James          Cunneely

Women Cat 4
Place  Name                          Team
1      Allison        Oishi          Jimenez Velosport
2      katherine      russell        Team Somerset
3      Gerilynn       Kucharski      Team Bulldog/Cycle Craft
4      Jocelyn        Gertel         Montclair Cyclists
5      Jennifer       Alpers         unattached
6      Kerri          Martin
7      Melissa        Latronica      Black Bear Cycling
8      Lynn           Stickle        Black Bear Cycling

Women 1/2/3
Place  Name                          Team
1      Brooke         Wilson         Team Somerset

Place  Name                          Team
1      Noah           Granigan       Team Somerset
2      Raymond (RJ)   Reisen         Colavita-Baci U19
3      Dillon         Van Wart       Team Town Cycle
4      Phillip        Truppelli      Colavita-Baci U19
5      Zack           Hutchins       Colavita-Baci U19
6      Stephen        Spiller        Colavita-Baci U19
7      Ekaem          Ayhan          Team Bulldog
8      Conor          Schaar         Death Row Velo
9      Perry          Andre'         Team Somerset

U19 women
Place  Name                          Team
1      Erin           Stickle        Black Bear Cycling

Men's C Race
Place  Name                          Team
1      Dylan          Gallagher      Team Overlook Mtn Bicycles
2      Tom            Elliot         Guys Racing
3      Breogan        Alvarez        CRCA/NYVelocity
4      Sean           Tarricone
5      joseph         petrarca       Team Martys
6      Jason          Fenton / Halterscycles
7      RJ             Reisen         Colavita
8      Marcos         Picchio        Rutgers University | Raleigh Cycling | Kim's Bike Shop
9      Erik           Kristiansen
10     Joseph         Mundi          Watchung Wheelmen
11     Bob            Swart          Dark Horse Cycles
12     Sean           Runnette       CRCofA
13     Joseph         Kosa
14     Daniel         Suhr           Martys of Hackettstown
15     Sean           Pasieka        Getaway Cycle Center
16     Robert         Perazzo - Halter's
17     Bogert         Kisch          Team Town Cycle
18     Robert         LoGiudice      Skylands Cycling
19     chris          santalucia     MTBNJ-Halters
20     Eric           Noonan         Team Marty's
21     Marc           Innella        Westwood Velo/Trade Manage Racing
22     Mike           Lukowiak       Team Bulldog
23     Peter          Ognibene       GS Park Ridge/Cyclesport
24     Daniel         Scerra
25     Scott          Sugent         Watchung Wheelmen
26     Seth           Gallagher
27     Eric           Marowitz       Pete's Bike / Century Road Club of America
28     walter         reynolds       DARK HORSE CYCLES
29     Eric           Sandrow        Pete's Bike / Century Road Club of America
30     jake           kovalcik - halters cycles
31     David          Hart           Pete's Bike / Century Road Club of America
32     Tyler          Kristiansen
33     Jeff           Stickle        Black Bear Cycling
34     John           Szalus
35     Henry          Lehman         Pete's Bike / Century Road Club of America
36     James          Ambrosini
37     Nick           Tambe          Getaway Cycle Center
38     Mark           Menter         Watchung Wheelmen/ High Gear Cyclery
39     Peter          Mihalick       Giant HBG E.13, Smith, 5.10
40     Joseph         Latronica      Black Bear Cycling
41     Matt           Lefkowitz      Watchung Wheelmen
42     Bruce          Kristiansen    Black Bear Cycling
44     Matthew        Warbrick       Rensselaer Cycling Team
45     Jeff           Dunlup
46     Andrew         Gamper
47     Doug           Alpers         Team Marty's
48     George         Volker         Pete's Bike/Century Road Club of America

Men's B Race
Place  Name                          Team
1      Nick           Iacovelli      Colavita
2      Dag            Anderson       Team Somerset
3      Joseph         Zurawski - Halter's
4      Andrew         LoGiudice      Skylands Cycling
5      Eric           Oishi          Jimenez Velo Sport
6      Steven         Persak         Liberty Cycle
7      Christopher    Esnes          High Gear Cyclery/Watchung Wheelmen
8      William        Atkison        Halters Cycles
9      Ted            Haack          Team Bulldog/Cycle Craft
10     Jon            Kameen         Skylands Cycling
11     daniel         sturm          black bear cycling
12     daniel         Coleman        Colavita
13     Bill           Romolino       black bear cycling
14     Noah           Granigan       Team Somerset
15     Christopher    Dietrich       Fuji Bikes
16     Matt           Sordill        High Gear Cyclery/Watchung Wheelman
17     michael        goret          Watchung Wheelmen/High Gear
18     brian          bieger         High Gear Cyclery

Men's A Race
Place  Name                          Team
1      Bill           Elliston       Van Dessel Factory Team
2      Ryan           Heerschap      Team Bulldog/Cycle Craft
3      Brian          Lariviere      Team Bulldog/Cycle Craft
4      Cam            Mancuso        DeathRow Velo
5      noah           meineke        Team Bulldog/Cycle Craft

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