OVCX Indianapolis Double Cross Weekend

Indianapolis, IN

Sunday, December 5, 2010

OVCX Indianapolis Double Cross Weekend Day 2 Presented by St. Mary's Child Center Cyclocross Indianapolis, IN Sunday, December 05, 2010
December 7, 2010; Indianapolis, IN, USA: After a season of dirt tracks and dust, winter finally engulfed the Zipp OVCX Cyclocross Tour presented by Papa John�s as the series headed for the final weekend of action in Indianapolis. Saturday evening saw six inches of snow fall on the Fort Benjamin Harrison State Park on the east side of the city, the venue for the inaugural St. Mary�s Cyclocross to benefit St. Mary�s Children Center. This did predictable damage to the course so when the Cat 4 men toed the line at 10:30, their bikes were already covered in a sloppy mess of snow, dirt and ice. Conditions did not improve throughout the day, which necessitated Elite riders having to rapidly remember their pit skills as bike changes every few laps were the order of the day. Sunday�s race was both the Indiana State Championships and Zipp OVCX Tour Finale at the classic Brookside Park course featuring the �44 Steps of Pain�. Conditions were colder but a little firmer under wheel, but the entire weekend pleased those lovers of old school cyclocross who say �dirt helps the hurt!�

Elite Men: Mitchell Kersting (Bobs Red Mill) prevailed on both days in the Elite Men�s division but his wins came in very different manners. Saturday saw Kersting attack from the gun and ride solo for the entire hour. Kersting�s Bob�s Red Mill teammate Rob Kendall, Josh Johnson (DRT Consulting) and Drew Dillman (Redzone) battled for the lower steps on the podium before Dillman came out on top. The sloppy conditions will prepare Dillman well for his upcoming stint with the US Euro Camp in Belgium over Christmas. While Kersting went from the gun on Saturday, on Sunday he bided his time in a lead group with Johnson and Kendall, who alternatively applied the pressure on for the entire race. On the final lap, Kersting made his move going shoulder-to-shoulder with Johnson at the top of the stairs to quickly claim a decisive margin. Youngster Johnson held on for 2nd and first Indiana rider ahead of Kendall, Weston Luzzader (NUVO) and Steve Swecker (Lindsey Wilson College). With his two wins on the weekend, Mitch Kersting became the 2010 Zipp OVCX season champion. And though Josh Johnson beat Rob Kendall in both races on the final weekend, he fell just one agonizing point short of overtaking Kendall for second place in the season standings. Even closer was the battle for fourth place overall for the season, with Ryan Gamm (Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Gear Grinder) and Chris Nevitt tied with 638 points apiece at the end of the 15 race series. With the tie, Nevitt became the third Bob�s Red Mill rider in the top five of the season�s ending standings.

Elite Women: It was also a tale of two races in the Women�s Elite division during the Indy DoubleCross weekend, even though Nikki Dallaire (Alderfer Bergen) won out on both days of the weekend. On Saturday Amanda Virostko (Shamrock Cycles) had Dallaire on the ropes and facing a rare defeat when Virostko�s seatpost snapped, forcing a disappointingly premature end to her race. Dallaire was then able to roll in for the win ahead of Becca Finley (Marian University) and Bridget Donovan (Trek Bicycle Store). Normal service was resumed at Brookside where Dallaire took the hole�shot off the long concrete section and was never headed. Virostko took a very strong second-place finish to win the Indiana State Championship and demonstrate the strength that was thwarted by her bad luck the day before. Finley finished third in her penultimate weekend as a Marian racer as she�ll head out to Bend next weekend for Collegiate Nationals. With her two wins, including Sunday�s double-points finale, Nikki Dallaire increased her lead in the point standings to win the Zipp OVCX season championship. Dallaire was so dominant in 2010 that she actually had to drop two wins from her final score because she had more victories than the number of races she could count toward the standings. In fact, the only races on the 2010 Zipp OVCX Tour presented by Papa John�s that Dallaire started and did not win, were won by Katie Compton and Georgia Gould.

Other Classes: The Elite Masters saw a dominant win for Fred Rose (Bikereg.com) on Saturday and an equally impressive ride by Eric Anderson (NUVO) on Sunday. Anderson avoided the worse conditions on Saturday so arrived fresh to do battle for the Indiana State title at Brookside and after riding with Erik Fagerberg (Papa Johns) for the opening couple of laps, dispatched his rival by repeated accelerations on the deceptively tricky uphill asphalt section. Fittingly, both Rose and Fagerberg were able to claim Zipp OVCX season titles. Rose took the 35+ season championship, while Fagerberg won the season title in the 45+ division. Arguably the most enduring battle of the weekend was between Ray Smith (Humana) and Jason Monk (Main Street Velo) in the Cat 3 Open race. They were locked together throughout Saturdays race and, after slip-sliding down the final treacherous descent, Smith won a tight finale after Monk seemed under-geared or (as was common) had pedal issues in the sprint. Smith again prevailed on Sunday where he took the lead earlier in the final lap to have a more comfortably winning margin. But while Smith won the battle, Monk won the war by taking the Zipp OVCX season championship. Other double weekend winners included Nolan McQueen (Cat 4), Cooper Ambjorn (Womens 3/4) and Nick Dietrich (Junior 17/18). A fun, if chilly, weekend was enjoyed by all who participated and was a fitting send-off to another remarkably successful Zipp OVCX Tour presented by Papa John�s. Full season standings and information on the series, which has become one of the Nation�s strongest regional series, are available at OVCX.com.

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Cat 1/2/3 Elite Men/U23

Place  First Name    Last Name      Team                                                       points
1      mitchell      kersting       Bob's Red Mill p/b Focus Bikes                             25
2      Josh          Johnson        DRT Racing                                                 20
3      Rob           Kendall        Bob's Red Mill                                             16
4      Weston        Luzadder       NUVO-Cultural Trail / Marian University                    14
5      Stefan        Swecker        Lindsey Wilson College                                     12
6      ryan          gamm           Kenda Pro Cycling pb Gear Grinder                          10
7      kip           spaude         nova/IScorp                                                9
8      Chris         Nevitt         Bob's Red Mill p/b FOCUS                                   8
9      Alder         Martz          Marian University                                          7
10     Adam          Rodkey         Speedway Wheelmen                                          6
11     Joshua        Prater         Speedway Wheelmen                                          5
12     Zachary       Edwards        DRT Racing                                                 4
13     Matthew       Kiel           Lilly Gray Goat                                            3
14     jacob         virostko       Shamrock/Biowheels Racing                                  2
15     Adam          Leibovitz      Marian University                                          1
16     Tomasz        Golas          DRT Racing
17     Joe           Kukolla        Marian University
18     Johnathan     Freter         lindsey wilson college
19     taylor        ladd           lindsey wilson college
20     edwin         colvin         Trek/BGI Racing
21     Jake          Zimmerman      Ohio Valley Velo EDT
22     Gregg         Shanefelt      ZWS/Cyclesport
23     Isaiah        Newkirk        Marian University
24     David         Yohe           Marian University
25     James         Billiter       BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing
26     Matthew       Dooley         lindsey wilson college
27     Ryan          O'Connor       Barbasol Racing
28     Joshua        Nagode         Lindsey Wilson College
0      Peter         Deucher        Marian University

Cat 1/2/3 Elite Women/U23

Place  First Name    Last Name      Team
1      AnnaJean      Dallaire       Alderfer Bergen                                            25
2      Amanda        Virostko       Shamrock/Biowheels                                         20
3      Rebecca       Finley         Marian University                                          16
4      Gerry         Schulze        BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing                            14
5      Bridget       Donovan        Trek Store Cincinnati/ Seven Cycles                        12
6      Malissa       Petrov         ZWS Cyclesport                                             10
7      Sierra        Siebenlist     Marian University                                          9
8      Jackie        Kurth          Marian University                                          8
9      Allie         Dragoo         Marian University                                          7
10     Bridget       Sempsrott      BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing                            6
11     Brooke        Crum           Lindsey Wilson College                                     5
12     Madison       Mills          Lindsey Wilson College                                     4
elizabeth     cobb           BikeReg.com

Cat 1/2/3 Masters Men 35+/45+

Place  First Name    Last Name      Team
1      Eric          Anderson       Nuvo/cultural trail                                        25
2      Erik          Fagerberg      Papa John's Racing Team                                    20
3      MICAH         FRITZINGER     Schellers Fitness & Cycling                                16
4      Thomas        Brockman       Bicycle Sport Inc.                                         14
5      Frederick     Rose           BikeReg.com                                                12
6      sean          weddell        Way 2 Finish Coaching                                      10
7      Scott         Pardi          Team Hungary                                               9
8      Keith         Lucas          Schellers Racing Team                                      8
9      Brian         Andriot        Bicycle Sport Inc.                                         7
10     shane         nalley         Alderfer Bergen                                            6
11     Mitch         Graham         BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing                            5
12     john          mandrola       Papa Johns Racing Team                                     4
13     John          May, Sr        Papa John's Racing Team                                    3
14     Todd          Nix            Breck's Bicycle Shop                                       2
15     Steven        Bivens         Breck's Bike Shop                                          1
16     Glenn         Francisco      Papa John's Racing Team
17     Peter         Hills          Michelob Ultra Cycling
18     Joe           Bellante       BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing
19     Michael       Schulze        Drake's Coffee
20     Scott         Bond           Speedway Wheelmen
21     Matthew       Koehn          Speedway Wheelmen

Cat 3 Men

Place  First Name    Last Name      Team
1      Ray           Smith          Humana/Cycler's Cafe                                       25
2      Jason         Monk           Main Street Velo                                           20
3      cory          swihart        team indiebike P/B Ortho Indy                              16
4      Ryan          Kiel           Lilly - Gray Goat Cycling                                  14
5      Andrew        Boneff         Jay's Bikes                                                12
6      John          Francisco      Red Zone Juniors Cycling                                   10
7      William       Sherman        Shamrock Cycles                                            9
8      Tony          O'Neill        Cannondale Midwest Racing                                  8
9      Jesse         Roberson       Scheller's Racing                                          7
10     James         Walter         Fort Factory Team                                          6
11     Dustin        Jones          indiebike.com p/b OrthoIndy                                5
12     Jaden         Sempsrott      BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing                            4
13     John          Woods          DRT Consulting                                             3
14     Dan           Lach           Cyclesport/Zephyr Wheel Sport                              2
15     Timothy       Brown          Road Racing Project                                        1
16     Martin        Meadows        Speedway Wheelman
17     John          Callahan       J's Bikes Racing
18     Luther        Prater         Speedway Wheelmen
0      Samuel        Dobrozsi       QCW Lionhearts
0      Matthew       Kiel           Lilly Gray Goat
0      Kerry         Nordstrom      Team Hungry!!1
0      Cooper        Simon          Red Zone Cycling
0      Trent         Donat

Cat 3 Men 35+

Place  First Name    Last Name      Team
1      Brian         Collier        BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing                            25
2      Steven        Gers           BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing                            20
3      Bo            Sherman        Michelob Ultra Cycling                                     16
4      Scot          Herrmann       Michelob Ultra Cycling                                     14
5      Josh          Biven          Louisville Firefighters                                    12
6      Mark          Farmer         Ohio Orthopedic Center of Excellence/Moro Cycling          10
7      jeff          schoeny        Michelob Ultra Cycling                                     9
8      Gregory       Fasig          Zephyr / Cycle Sport                                       8
9      Andrew        Allwein        Seven Hills Racing                                         7
10     nathan        mirus          Biowheels/Reece-Campbell Racing                            6
11     Kirk          Grynwald       Road Racing Project                                        5
12     Duane         Walker         BikeClicks.com/Team Louisville                             4
13     Matt          Stierwalt      Rogue Racing Project                                       3
14     Jeff          Cyrus          Rogue Racing Project                                       2
15     Chip (Otto)   Schug          Team WebCyclery.com                                        1
16     mark          trousdale      Rio Blanco
17     Butch         Farrell        Rogue Racing Project ::513::
18     Christian     Ambjorn        Reser Fusion Velo Experience
19     James         Turner         Team IPRO
20     Rick          Maier          Michelob Ultra Cycling
21     David         Aukerman       Indiana Hand Center
22     Jerry         Hayes          Queen City Wheels
23     Scott         Murschel       BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing

Cat 3 Men 45+

Place  First Name    Last Name      Team
1      Mark          Hooton         RogueRacers.org                                            25
2      tony          franklin       BioWheels /Reece Campbell Racing                           20
3      Brad          Wunderlich     Main Street Velo                                           16
4      Scott         Belcher        Shamrock Cycles/7 Hills Racing                             14
5      Lou           Beckmeyer      7 Hills Racing                                             12
6      David         Lane           Main Street Velo                                           10
7      Jeffrey       Schepper       Speedway Wheelmen                                          9
8      Rick          Toler          Team Hammer Nutrition                                      8
9      Michael       Seiler         Rogue Racing Project                                       7
10     john          schmitz        Speedway Wheelmen                                          6
11     Kay           Ohta           Main Street Velo                                           5
12     mike          otting         7 hills racing                                             4
13     Lars          Andersen                                                                  3
14     Charles       South          Men of Steel Racing                                        2
15     John          Downey         Gears 4 Beers                                              1
16     John          Harris         Rogue Racing Project
17     Craig         Reynolds       Some Guys Cycling/Indiana Hand Center
18     Steve         Vorderman
19     Bryan         Smith          McDonalds Cycling Team
20     Doug          Hamilton       BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing
0      Martin        Bearden        McDonald's Racing Team
0      Wes           Harris         Speedway Wheelmen
0      Jim           Havey          Commonwealth Eye Surgery / Pedal the Planet

Cat 3/4 Women

Place  First Name    Last Name      Team
1      Cooper        Ambjorn        Reser Fusion Velo Experience                               25
2      Elizabeth     cobb           BikeReg.com                                                20
3      Sarah         Swallow        ZWS Cycle Sport                                            16
4      Carrie        Cochran        Reser Fusion Velo Experience                               14
5      Jayne         Prater                                                                    12
6      Kristy        Matherly                                                                  10
7      Emily         Monk           Main Street Velo                                           9
8      Julie         Herrmann       Michelob Ultra Cycling                                     8

Cat 3/4 Women 35+

Place  First Name    Last Name      Team
1      Staci         Mandrola       Papa Johns Racing Team                                     25
2      Karin         Reed           Michelob Ultra Cycling                                     20
3      jeni          roosen         Seven Hills                                                16
4      Sherri        Thompson       Rogue Racing Project                                       14
5      Karen         Hamilton       BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing                            12
6      Tiffanie      Hills          Michelob Ultra Cycling                                     10

Cat 4 Men

Place  First Name    Last Name      Team
Danny         Moeller
1      Nolan         McQueen        Red Zone Cycling Team                                      25
2      Ashton        Wischmeier     DRT                                                        20
3      Kyle          Perry                                                                     16
4      Thomas        Swallow        none                                                       14
5      thomas        waggener       main street velo                                           12
6      Ben           Glover         Red Zone Cycling                                           10
7      Justin        Yoder          Indiebike.com p/b OrthoIndy                                9
8      Duncan        Russell        Echelon                                                    8
9      David         Morse                                                                     7
10     Spencer       Petrov         QCW Lionhearts                                             6
11     Ian           McShane                                                                   5
12     BENJAMIN      CLEMENS        Wild Card Cycling                                          4
13     David         Rose           Team Bikes and Moore                                       3
14     Ryan          Elpers         Indiebike.com P/B Orthoindy                                2
15     Andy          Paskins                                                                   1
16     Houston       Ward           Red Zone Cycling
17     Zach          Deitch         Speedway Wheelmen
18     Matt          Harbaugh       Queen City Wheels
19     Andrew        Smith          Reser Fusion Velo Experience
20     Erik          Albers         Speedway Wheelmen
21     Darrin        Grosch         Rogue Racing Project 513
22     steven        matherly       Main Street Velo
23     Daniel        Dickinson      Main Street Velo
24     Brandon       Charles
25     Galen         Denney
26     Daniel        Bartholomew
27     Kyhle         Porter         Jay�s Bikes
29     Saxon         Porter         Jay�s Bikes
0      Will          Bain           BikeClicks/Team Louisville
0      Eric          Buchakjian
0      Mike          Frankeberger   Cycler's Cafe
0      Gary          Manis          none
0      Jared         Preston        Michelob Ultra
0      Brad          Sheridan       indiebike.com p/b OrthoIndy
0      Mike          Stumpe         indiebike.com p/b OrthoIndy Trauma

Cat 4 Men 35+

Place  First Name    Last Name      Team
1      Kirk          Grynwald       Rogue Racing Project                                       25
2      Tracy         Segar          Queen City Wheels                                          20
3      Chip (Otto)   Schug          Team WebCyclery.com                                        16
4      Brad          Hayes          J's Bikes                                                  14
5      Doug          Voss           BikeClicks/Team Louisville                                 12
6      Tim           ODonnell       Shamrock Cycles                                            10
7      Larry         Pethick        BikeClicks/Team Louisville                                 9
8      David         Hack           Team Bikes and Moore                                       8
9      Joseph        Van Denburg    J's Bikes                                                  7
10     Bryan         Dalman         Speedway Wheelmen                                          6
11     Bob           Butsch         Zephyr Wheel Sports                                        5
12     Tom           Mulpagano      Shamrock Cycles                                            4
13     Scott         Perry          Speedway Wheelmen                                          3
14     John          Gretz          Trek Bicycles                                              2
15     Dave          Placke                                                                    1
16     Eric          Schilling      Speedway Wheelmen
17     Jason         Garneret       Rogue Racing Project
18     Robert        Prewitt        Queen City Wheels
19     Evan          Clark
20     john          Petrov         QCW
21     James         Foster
22     Mike          Conaway
23     Justin        Forbes         Men of Steel Racing
24     Scott         Lyle
25     Thomas        Standers       Indiana Hand Center/Some Guys Cycling
26     brian         segal          Rogue Racing Project
27     Gerald        Rusin          Team Nebo Ridge
0      Bryan         horton         Reser Fusion Velo Experience
0      Geraint       Parry          Scholars Inn Bakehouse Team Tortuga

Cat 4 Men 45+

Place  First Name    Last Name      Team
1      Eric          Lovins         Team Bikes and Moore                                       25
2      Jeff          Hardin         Rogue Racing Project                                       20
3      Eric          Schumacher     7 Hills Racing                                             16
4      lance         brown          Darkhorse Racing                                           14
5      John          Wischmeier     Bicycle Station                                            12
6      Yngvar        Brynildssen    Speedway Wheelmen                                          10
7      Tim           Casady         Team Nebo Ridge                                            9
8      John          Weber          Colavita Racing, Inc.                                      8
9      John          Hartman        Indie Bike/Ortho Indy                                      7
10     Frank         troiano        Hero's                                                     6
11     Keith         Morlen                                                                    5
12     John          Wheeler II     Moore Gray Goat Sports                                     4
13     Peter         Lytle          Gears 4 Beers                                              3
14     John          Rademacher     Queen City Wheels                                          2
15     Mark          McKenney       7 Hills Racing                                             1
0      Matt          Curry          Team Nebo Ridge
0      Paul          Kane

Juniors 10-12

Place  First Name    Last Name      Team
1      EDWARD        FRITZINGER     Red Zone Cycling                                           25
2      William       Bobrow         Red Zone Cycling                                           20
3      Thomas        Francisco      Red Zone Cycling                                           16
4      Jackson       McNear         Red Zone Cycling                                           14
5      Alex          Christian      QCW Lionhearts                                             12
6      Enzo          Allwein        QCW Lionhearts                                             10
7      Cate          McShane                                                                   9
8      Zane          Ash            QCW Lionhearts                                             8
9      Cameron       Fisk           RedZone                                                    7
10     Evan          Segar          QCW Lionhearts                                             6
11     Gabriel       Dobrozsi       QCW Lionhearts                                             5
12     Nicholas      Petrov         QCW Lionhearts                                             4
13     Matthew       Grolmes        QCW Lionhearts                                             3
14     Jacob         Krynock        QCW Lionhearts                                             2
15     Madeleine     Green          QCW Lionhearts                                             1
16     Emma          Hayes          QCW Lionhearts

Juniors 13-14

Place  First Name    Last Name      Team
1      JEDIDIAH      FRITZINGER     Red Zone Cycling                                           25
2      James         Francisco                                                                 20
3      Will          Mandrola       Red Zone Cycling                                           16
4      Rachel        Dobrozsi       QCW Lionhearts                                             14
5      Robert        Prewitt        QCW Lionhearts                                             12
6      Mackenzie     Green          QCW Lionhearts                                             10
7      Zachary       Ross           QCW Lionhearts                                             9
8      Eden          Webb           Red Zone Cycling                                           8
9      Andrew        Rademacher     QCW Lionhearts                                             7
10     Corbin        Schmitz                                                                   6
11     Katherine     Santos         Red Zone Cycling                                           5
12     Jacob         Weisgerber     QCW Lionhearts                                             4
13     Nathan        Ross           QCW Lionhearts                                             3
14     Emily         Falk           Red Zone Cycling                                           2
15     John          Morris         QCW Lionhearts                                             1
16     Gruenwald     Michael        QCW Lionhearts
0      Michael       Gruenwald      Lionhearts

Juniors 15-18

Place  First Name    Last Name      Team
1      Nick          Dietrich       Red Zone Cycling                                           25
2      Daniel        Santos         RedZone Cycling                                            20
3      Strom         Porter         Jay�s Bikes                                                16
4      Amy           Czerwonka      Red Zone Cycling                                           14
5      Catherine     Hollibaugh     Team Nebo Ridge                                            12

Single Speed

Place  First Name    Last Name      Team
1      jacob         virostko       Shamrock/Biowheels Racing                                  25
2      Michael       Schulze        Drake's Coffee                                             20
3      John          Harris         Rogue Racing Project                                       16
4      Aaron         Hawkins        Winston's Brand Cycling Skincare                           14
5      David         Aukerman       Indiana Hand Center                                        12
6      Luke          Stifler                                                                   10
7      Scott         Murschel       BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing                            9
8      brian         segal          Rogue Racing Project                                       8
0      Corey         Green