Verge New England Championship Cyclo-Cross Series

Farmington, CT

Sunday, November 24, 2002

Verge New England Championship Cyclo-Cross Series
Round 4 - November 24
Chain Biter 4.0 Cyclo-Cross
Farmington, CT.
UCI Category 3

Gullickson Still Perfect, McConneloug Widens Lead.

On a cool, windy day just outside of Hartford, Connecticut, a fast course
with three dismounts per lap, a rideable sand pit, an exhausting runup and
several slick off-cambers created an excellent stage for the USA's finest
cyclo-cross racers to perform. Perform the certainly did, as Verge Series
leaders Marc Gullickson, who had just flown in from Salt Lake City for the
start, and Mary McConneloug each won their respective races. Behind each of
them though, some new faces emerged, and some older ones re-emerged as the
second half of the Verge New England Championship Cyclo-Cross Series started
to take shape.

The elite men's race started with Josh Anthony ( winning
the start and leading the strung-out field around the first corners and into
the sand pit. Emerging out of the sand pit, the first attack of the day was
from Wheelworks/Cannondale rider Jon Hamblen, looking to exploit his
considerable road strength on some of the straighter, flatter sections of
the course. As the field approached the long runup for the first time,
Gullickson (Mongoose/Hyundai) moved smoothly to the front to lead into the
runup. His long strides and superior fitness enabled him to put the rest of
the group under even more pressure on the runup, causing some immediate
splits. Johannes Huseby (Independant Fabrications) also looked strong on the
runup, staying close to Gullickson. While the field seemed to already have
come apart midway through the opening lap, it regrouped on the paved section
leading into the start/finish into a group of ten led by Huseby, and
containing nearly all the pre-race favorites.

As Huseby continued to lead lap 2, Gullickson simply bided his time until he
repeated his runup pressure for the second time. This time, only Huseby and
2001 Chain Biter winner Mark McCormack (Saturn) could follow. Soon however
even Huseby was forced to drop off the pace, as Gullickson upped the tempo
on every section of the course. Gullickson continued to ride in his
characteristic style, attacking the course at every opportunity, while
McCormack was amazingly able to match every acceleration and claw his way
back. Unfortunately, the Saturn rider had an untimely flat, and had to ride
the better part of lap 4 on a flat rear tire before he could change to his
second bike. By that time, Gullickson was gone for good. "I like to get out
there alone so I can ride my own pace", Gullickson said later. Regardless,
it was off to the races, and a fourth win in the four Verge Series races so
far in 2002.

Meanwhile, McCormack dropped out of the top ten while riding the flat tire.
Closer to the front of the race, Huseby was now locked in a battle with
Shaun Snodolen (Je James), a newcomer to the series from England. This
battle would go on for the rest of the race, with first Snodolen taking the
advantage, then Huseby gaining it back when Snodolen had to change bikes due
to loose handlebars. The two entered the final lap together, but a slip in
the sandpit by the young Englishman gave Huseby the the edge he needed to
pick up his best Verge Series result since winning the 2002 series finale in
Rhode Island. The Indepandant Fabrications rider was understandably
exuberant at the finish, while Snodolen was still pleased with a more than
respectable third place, and the top U23 finisher.

As Mark McCormack drove back up through the field following his flat, he
literally blew apart the groups that had formed in front of him. The final
survivor was fast starter Josh Anthony, who timed an attack perfectly so he
could ride the final 3 laps with the Saturn rider. McCormack rode away for
the fourth spot on the final lap, while the young man from Beverly, MA and was still quite pleased with fifth place, and second in
the U23 classification ahead of such notables as Adam Craig (Giant) and
Jeremy Powers (Balance Bar/DEVO). Powers again astounded all as the only
rider able to consistently ride the long, bumpy, steep runup after hopping
the barrier leading into it.

On the women's side, Verge Series leader Mary McConneloug (Seven Cycles)
started conservatively, trailing US Masters Champion Jodi Groesbeck
(Putney/West Hill) at the end of lap 1. By the next time through though, she
had taken the lead for good. Groesbeck showed her good form by never letting
the gap get above ten seconds though, and forcing McConneloug to truly race
at her limit for the entire 45 minutes.

Gearworks/SRP rider Shauna Gillies-Smith quickly established herself alone
in third place. While the former Canadian Champion was never able to
challenge for the lead, she comfortably held off the various groups behind
her for yet another podium finish in New England. Her teammates Anna
Milkowski and Marianne Stover rode together for most of the race, picking up
the 4th and 5th spots respectively. Such was the presence of the large
Gearworks/SRP team in the race (5 riders in the first 10) that they were
asked by kid's race director Doug Tanner to lead the kids on their
abbreviated lap between the elite races.

U.S. junior national champion Jesse Anthony (Saturn Development) took an
expected victory in the junior race, over GMBC's Jamey Driscoll and CCB's
Konrad LeBas. Joey
Thompson (DEVO/Balance Bar) picked up 4th over his teammate Adam Snyder.

Mike Bernard took his first 2002 Verge Series win in the Men's
35+race,taking the series lead from Sam Morse in the process. U.S. National
Champion Paul Curley picked up the win and retains the Verge Series lead in
Men's 45+. Matt Krause won the men's B race with Matt Hersey keeping the
series lead. The C men's race winner was Paul LaPierre, while Donna Lacassa
won the women's C race and Greg Carpenter the Cub Junior race.

With over $25,000 in prize money, six internationally sanctioned rounds in
five states, and all events world-class, the Verge New England Championship
Cyclo-Cross Series is once again the premier cyclo-cross racing series in
the U.S. Verge, the title Sponsor of the New England Cyclo-Cross Series
produces custom jerseys, shorts, knickers, tights, armwarmers and other
cycling-related accessories.  Look for the Verge New England Championship
Cyclo-Cross Series jersey on the backs of the Series Leaders, and look for
the Verge truck at the races.

Race sponsors include Benidorm Bikes, A full service bike, snowboard and
Cross-country ski shop located in Canton, CT, founded and owned by bike
racers; Braziler Technology, Inc., specializing in
all metal finishing needs.

Other series supporters include Cycle-Smart coaching, promotions &
management; Time Sport USA, designer and manufacturer of cycling pedals,
shoes and forks; The Ride Magazine, exhaustively covering East Coast Bike
Culture; Honey Stinger, convenient honey-based energy foods; and, the premier on-line registration company for cycling events.

Round 5 of the 2002 Verge New England Championship Cyclo-Cross Series will
be the UCI Cat 3 W.E. Stedman Grand Prix of Cyclo-Cross, held on Sunday, Dec
1 in South Kingstown, RI.  Like the first four rounds of the Verge Series,
it is a U.S. team selection event for the World Championships.


Elite Men
1      MARC           GULLICKSON         MONGOOSE HUNDAI                                BOULDER               CO       55:10:00
2      JOHANNES       HUSEBY             INDEPENDENT FABRICATION/CCB/VW                 MEDFORD               MA       55:31:00
3      SHAUN          SNODOLEN           JE JAMES                                       SHEFFIELD             GB       55:45:00
4      MARK           MCCORMICK          SATURN                                         N EASTON              MA       56:07:00
5      JOSH           ANTHONY            CYCLOCROSS WORLD.COM                           BEVERLY               MA       56:20:00
6      ADAM           CRAIG              GIANT                                          CORINTH               ME       56:59:00
7      MICHAEL        BRODERICK          SEVEN CYCLES                                   CHILMARK              MA       57:05:00
8      TYLER          JOHNSON            CYBC - RICHARD SACHS                           CHESTER               CT       57:05:00
9      JUSTIN         LILLE              TREK/VW                                        W LEBANON             NH       57:21:00
10     MATTHEW        SVATEK             CANNONDALE WHEELWORKS                          CARLISLE              MA       57:22:00
11     ROB            HULT               O'NEILS                                        HARVARD               MA       57:52:00
12     ALEC           DONAHUE            NCC BIKEREG                                    NORTHAMPTON           MA       58:16:00
13     JONATHAN       HAMBLEN            WHEELWORKS                                     DEERFIELD             NH       58:26:00
14     ADAM           HODGES MYERSON     NCC/BIKEREG.COM                                NORTHAMPTON           MA       58:53:00
15     MICAH          THOMPSON           EXCEL SPORTS                                   NATICK                MA       58:59:00
16     BRIAN          ASTELL             CCB                                            HAMPSTEAD             NH       59:02:00
17     JONATHAN       BRUNO              QUAD CYCLES                                    SOMMERVILLE           MA       59:26:00
18     J.D.           BILODEAU           NCC / BIKEREG.COM                              NORTHAMPTON           MA       59:38:00
19     JEREMY         POWERS             BALANCE BAR/DEVO                               NIANTIC               CT       59:42:00
20     TROY           MICHAUD            EUROTEK                                        YORK                  ME       59:44:00
21     TROY           WELLS              BALANCE BAR/DEVO                               KINGSTON              NY       1:00:21
22     EUGENE         RUTER              TREK/VW                                        NASHUA                NH       1:00:44
23     CHRISTOPHER    PECK               CANNONDALE WHEELWORKS                          SOUTHBURY             CT       1:00
24     JEFF           LEAKE              NCC / BIKEREG.COM                              BENNINGTON            VT       1:01:54
25     DANIEL         COADY              NCC / BIKEREG.COM                              DEERFIELD             MA       1-LAP
26     JOHN           FOLEY              BICYCLE ALLEY                                  N BROOKFIELD          MA       1-LAP
27     JOHN           HANSON             NECSA/FRAYSSE'S SPORTS RESORT                  WEST HARTFORD         CT       1-LAP
28     MUKUNDA        FELDMAN            NCC/BIKEREG.COM                                NORTHAMPTON           MA       1-LAP
DNF    JP             PARTLAND           KISSENA                                        MANHATTAN VALLEY      NY
DNF    NATHAN         RICE               CATAMOUNT CYCLING CLUB                         BURLINGTON            VT
DNF    DAVID          WERLING            NECSA/FRAYSSE'S SPORTS RESORT                  WEST HARTFORD         CT

Elite Women
1      MARY           MCCONNELOUG        SEVEN CYCLES                                   CHILMARK              MA       38:35:00
2      JODI           GROESBECK                                                         KEENE                 NH       38:42:00
3      SHAUNA         GILLES-SMITH       GEARWORKS/SRP                                  SOMERVILLE            MA       40:10:00
4      ANNA           MILKOWSKI          GEARWORKS/SRP                                  PUTNEY                VT       40:30:00
5      MARIANNE       STOVER             GEARWORKS/SRP                                  PORTLAND              ME       40:42:00
6      SARA           CUSHMAN            GEARWORKS/SRP                                  NORTH GRAFTON         MA       40:59:00
7      KATHRYN        ROSZKO             NCC / BIKEREG.COM                              NORTHAMPTON           MA       41:32:00
8      ALICIA         GENEST             TEAM RICHARD SACHS                             AMHERST               MA       41:55:00
9      KATRINA        DAVIS              RICHARD SACHS                                  SANDY HOOK            CT       42:04:00
10     SUSAN          MACLEAN            GEARWORKS/SRP                                  PLAISTOW              NH       42:23:00
11     SHELIA         VIBERT             TEAM REDHOOK                                   MT VERNON             NH       42:29:00
12     KERRY          LITKA              NHCC                                           SANBORTON             NH       43:08:00
13     CELESTE        DRUMM              MEAN WHEELS BIKE SHOP                          LENOX                 MA       43:10:00
14     KATHY          SARVARY            CYCLONAUTS                                     LUNENBERG             MA       43:49:00
15     MARYANN        MARTINEZ           NEBC CYCLELOFT                                 CONCORD               MA       44:02:00
16     KATINA         SAYERS                                                            OSWEGO                NY       45:38:00
17     CATHERINE      DUDLEY             UNH                                            NEW IPSWICH           NH       46:10:00
18     KRISTEN        OSBORNE            NEBC CYCLELOFT                                 SOMERVILLE            MA       1-lap
19     STEPHANIE      WHITE              NHJCA                                          BEDFORD               NH       1-lap
20     LAURA          JENSEN             EASTERN BLOC                                   WINDSOR               CT       1-lap
21     MARGARET       THOMPSON           MVBC/AEGIS                                     CLINTON               BY       1-lap
22     ERIN           OLAFSEN            UNH                                            DURHAM                NH       1-lap

1      MICHAEL        BERNARD            ARC-EN-CIEL                                    MILLBURY              MA       42:12:00
2      SCOTT          WADE               GEARWORKS/SRP TEAM                             PUTNEY                VT       42:21:00
3      TIM            HAITZ              TEAM DUPONT                                    CHARLESTOWN           RI       42:30:00
4      JOHN           MCKONE             GMBC/INVENSYS                                  BURLINGTON            VT       42:45:00
5      JOHN           VERHEUL            TEAM IDEAL TILE                                NORTHAMPTON           MA       42:57:00
6      CHRISTOPHER    LONG               I.F./GOTHAM                                    WOODSIDE              NY       42:58:00
7      SAMUEL         MORSE              MASS BAY ROAD CLUB                             LOHASSET              MA       43:20:00
8      MARK           STOTZ              NCC/BIKEREG.COM                                EASTHAMPTON           MA       43:30:00
9      PAUL           CURLEY             GEARWORKS/SRP TEAM                             TAUNTON               MA       43:30:00
10     MIKE           UMBRELL            MINUTEMAN ROAD CLUB                            WALTHAM               MA       43:47:00
11     PAUL           LYNCH              MISSING LINK BICYCLE CLUB                      MARSHFIELD            MA       43:55:00
12     DAVID          RATH               TEAM GMBC/INVENSYS                             WILLISTON             VT       44:22:00
13     GARY           KEBLISH            CENTURY SBCG                                   BROOKLYN              NY       43:58:00
14     MIKE           SHORE              BOB                                            EXETER                NH       44:35:00
15     MARK           LUEBBERS           STINER SPORTS                                  DELMAR                NY       44:55:00
16     JAMES          WALSH              COX COMMUNICATIONS CYCLING TEAM                WAKEFIELD             RI       45:42:00
17     BRIAN          SWEENEY            GEARWORKS/SRP TEAM                             STERLING              MA       45:52:00
18     GREG           PELICAN            BETHEL CYCLE SPORT CLUB                        NEW MILFORD           CT       46:13:00
19     SCOTT          COLLINS            TEAM CASTERAMA                                 GREENE                RI       46:36:00
20     DAVID          SCHACHTE           PROVIDENCE VELO                                WOONSOCKET            RI       46:39:00
21     ROBERT         KRAMER             MASS BAY ROAD CLUB                             BOSTON                MA       46:47:00
22     MICHAEL        DAMERON            COX COMMUNICATIONS CYCLING TEAM                UNCASVILLE            CT       46:52:00
23     JAN            WIEJAK             VERGE TEST PILOT                                                              47:04:00
24     CHRISTOPHER    SMITH              RAGE/HARPOON/INT.BIKE                          ROSLINDALE            MA       47:15:00
25     PAUL           NYBERG             BENIDORM                                       AVON                  CT       47:28:00
26     KEVIN          CALLAHAN           BICYCLE LINK                                   NORWELL               MA       1-LAP
27     WAYNE          BARLOW             COYOTE HILL                                    LYME                  CT       1-LAP
28     DOUG           ASPINWALL          NCC / BIKEREG.COM                              EASTHAMPTON           MA       1-LAP
29     JOEL           BROWN              COX COMMUNICATIONS CYCLING TEAM                WAKEFIELD             RI       1-LAP
30     JEFF           GAUTHIER           GMBC/INVENSYS                                  BURLINGTON            VT       1-LAP
31     GENE           GORNEAU            MERCY CYCLING TEAM                             ATTLEBORO             MA       1-LAP
32     DAVID          GENEST             RICHARD SACHS                                  PROVIDENCE            RI       1-LAP
33     MICHAEL        TUCKER             BERKSHIRE CYCLING                              PITTSFIELD            MA       1-LAP
34     ANDREAS        DAIBER                                                            HAMDEN                CT       1-LAP
35     JEFF           COHEN              NCC                                            FLORENCE              MA       1-LAP
36     EUGENE         PETRELLA           BEANS-REINHART                                 NORTH ANDOVER         MA       1-LAP
37     T.             KINDERMANS         CYCLOCROSSWORLD.COM                            WALTHAM               MA       1-LAP
38     RICHARD        COSTA                                                             BRIMFIELD             MA       1-LAP
39     MICHAEL T.     TUCKER             BCA/TOOK                                       PITTSFIELD            MA       1-LAP
41     MICHAEL        OSTER              SWAMP YANKEE ROAD CLUB                         NARRAGANSETT          RI       1-LAP
42     BARROWS        HUNT               RICHARD SACHS/CYBC                             HARRISVILLE           NH       1-LAP
43     WILLIAM        KEITH              STAGE ONE CYCLING                              NEW FAIRFIELD         CT       1-LAP
44     RICHARD        SACHS              RICHARD SACHS/CYBC                             CHESTER               CT       1-LAP
45     KENNETH        HOMEL              AFD/DSVC                                       WARWICK               RI       1-LAP
46     BRUCE          THOMPSON           MINUTEMAN ROAD CLUB                            SUDBURY               MA       1-LAP
47     DAVE           MARTEL             RICHARD SACHS/CYBC                             NORTHFORD             CT       1-LAP
48     GARY           DALTON             COX COMMUNICATIONS CYCLING TEAM                WAKEFIELD             RI       1-LAP
49     STEVEN         ABBOTT                                                            TOLLAND               CT       1-LAP
50     LAWRENCE       KING               PROVIDENCE VELO                                CRANSTON              RI       1-LAP
51     ANTHONY        LOPROTO            HNECC                                          STODDARD              NH       1-LAP
52     SEAN           LEBAS              LAUREL BICYCLE CLUB                            ANSONIA               CT       1-LAP
53     G.             MINASIUN                                                          NASHUA                NH       1-LAP
54     PETER          PIEPUL                                                            SIMSBURY              CT       1-LAP
55     DEREK          GRIGGS             RECYCLED SPORTS                                SEABROOK              NH       1-LAP
56     TIMOTHY        BAILEY             BICYCLE LINK                                   BRIDGEWATER           MA       1-LAP
57     RICH           FOLEY              LAUREL BICYCLE CLUB                            WALLINGFORD           MA       1-LAP
58     MICHAEL        ZAHNER             NZ RACING                                      SOUTHWICK             MA       1-LAP
59     JAMES          THEMIG             WAS #328                                                                      1-LAP
60     PAUL           FARNELL                                                           AVON                  CT       1-LAP
61     VINCENT        DONOHUE            WORCESTER CYCLING                              WORCESTER             MA       1-LAP
62     CURTIS         BURWELL            LAUREL BICYCLE CLUB                            NEW HAVEN             CT       1-LAP

1      JESSE          ANTHONY            SATURN DEVELOPMENT                             BEVERLY               MA       40:36:00
2      JAMEY          DRISCOLL           GMBC INVENSYS                                  JERICHO               VT       41:05:00
3      KONRAD         LEBAS              CCB INTERNATIONAL                              ANSONIA               CT       43:32:00
4      JOEY           THOMPSON           BALANCE BAR/DEVD                               AVONDALE              PA       44:25:00
5      ADAM           SNYDER             BALANCE BAR/DEVD                               WESTMINSTER           MA       44:55:00
6      KEVIN          WOLFSON            NEBC / CYCLELOFT                               BELMONT               MA       45:17:00
7      CHARLES        MARZOT             CORNER CYCLE CYCLING CLUB                      MIDDLEBORO            MA       46:26:00
8      COLIN          COATES             COYOTE HILL                                    CHESHIRE              CT       1-LAP
9      ETHAN          TIEGER             ESSEX COUNTY VELO                              MANCHESTER            MA       1-LAP
10     TUCKER         OLANDER            PEERLESS/HNECC                                 WINDHAM               NH       1-LAP
11     PETER          STETSON            PORT VELO                                      FALMOUTH              ME       1-LAP
12     ROB            FERBER             NECSA                                          BEVERLY               MA       1-LAP
DNF    SAMUEL         BENSON             BALANCE BAR/DEVD                               MT. SHARON            VT

B Men
1      MATT           KRAUS              INDEPENDENT FABRICATIONS                       CAMBRIDGE             MA       42:00:00
2      CONNOR         COFFEY             CCB/VW                                         WESTERLY              RI       42:34:00
3      CURTIS         BOIVIN             PROVIDENCE VELO CLUB                           PROVIDENCE            RI       42:35:00
4      MATT           HERSEY             LIQUID MOTION                                  SO. PORTLAND          ME       42:50:00
5      BRANT          HORNBERGER         NCC / BIKEREG.COM                              STOW                  MA       43:23:00
6      RICHARD        RUDE                                                              REDDING               CT       43:54:00
7      ZACH           SOUCY              REDHOOK/SEACOAST VW                            KEENE                 NH       43:56:00
8      NOAH           TAYLOR                                                            PETERBOROUGH          NH       44:01:00
9      BRENDAN        MARSHALL           TEAM BEACON                                    HAMILTON              NJ       44:01:00
10     ERIC           RAGOT              KISSENA CYCLING CLUB                           BROOKLYN              NY       44:01:00
11     BRENDAN        SULLIVAN           BOSTON CROSS                                   ANDOVER               MA       44:08:00
12     MARK           ROBSON             TEAM BICYCLE ALLEY                             WILLINGTON            CT       44:37:00
13     GARY           KEBLISH            CENTURY-SBGG                                   BROOKLYN              NY       44:34:00
14     TOM            HOPPER             REI/TEAM NOVARA                                MEDWAY                MA       44:35:00
15     KURT           SCHEERER           VERGE TEST PILOT                               SAUGERTIES            NY       44:40:00
16     JOHN           BURNS                                                             HUNGHAM               MA       44:44:00
17     ALAN           STARRELT           BIKEMAN BATH CYCLE                             PORTLAND              ME       44:44:00
18     JONATHAN       LAWRENCE                                                          PORTLAND              ME       45:05:00
19     ZACHARY        DALB               SEVEN CYCLES                                   SOMERVILLE            MA       45:10:00
20     WADE           SUMMERS            WEBEVENT.COM / HVVC                            SOUTHINGTON           CT       45:24:00
21     ART            TRAPOTSIS          BOSTON ROAD CLUB                               ARLINGTON             MA       45:27:00
22     CHRISTOPHER    MILLIMAN           PUTNEY WESTHILL                                LYME                  MA       45:30:00
23     DAVID          KEEFE              BOSTON BICYCLE CLUB                            NEWTON                MA       45:30:00
24     JON            ROWE                                                              N BENNIGTON           VT       45:32:00
25     BRANDON        EIFRID             GAP/STRICTLY BICYCLES                          OSSINING              NY       45:38:00
26     KAHLIL         ZALOOM             STAGE ONE                                      DANBURY               CT       45:40:00
27     SCOTT          LIVINGSTON         TEAM HORST ENGINEERING                         VERNON                CT       45:44:00
28     ORION          BERRYMAN           TEAM/REDHOOK                                   NEWMARKET             NH       45:47:00
29     CRAIG          KENNEDY            EASTERN BLOC                                   EAST GRANBY           CT       46:06:00
30     WADE           HESS               BEACON CYCLING                                 OCEAN VIEW            NJ       46:07:00
31     BRIAN          CANTELE                                                           LITCHFIELD            CT       46:13:00
32     SEAN           CAPIZZO            CASTORAMA                                      COVENTRY              RI       46:20:00
33     ETHAN          PARSONS            NCC/BIKEREG.COM                                WESTHAMPTON           MA       46:26:00
34     JEFF           MURRAY             EXPO WHEELMEN                                  ROCKY HILL            CT       46:30:00
35     EUCLIDES       AMADO              COX COMMUNICATIONS                             PAWTUCKET             RI       46:06:00
36     JEROME         HUGHES             REI/TEAM NOVARA                                FRAMINGHAM            MA       46:34:00
37     KEVIN          CALZIA             C AND C RACING                                 AMHERST               MA       46:38:00
38     KARL           KRANTZ             STAGE ONE                                      BETHEL                CT       46:39:00
39     DAVID          EBELTING           WEBEVENT.COM / HVVC                            POUGHKEEPSIE          NY       46:43:00
40     KEITH          BUTTON                                                            NOTTINGHAM            NH       46:47:00
41     JOHN           LEGERE             EASTERN BLOC                                   BLOOMFIELD            CT       46:58:00
42     BRIAN          CLARK              EXPOSITION WHEELMEN                            MANCHESTER            CT       47:00:00
43     COREY          PISCOPO                                                           MADBURY               NH       47:25:00
44     BRIAN          KEEGAN                                                            BRISTOL               NH       47:25:00
45     MICHAEL        MAGUR              TEST PILOT                                     CORNWALL              NY       47:27:00
46     RICHARD        BROWN                                                             PLAISTOW              NH       47:33:00
47     DAVID          DRUMM              MEAN WHEELS BIKE SHOP                          LENOX                 MA       47:34:00
48     MATTHEW        JAMIESON                                                          CHESTER               CT       47:53:00
49     RYALL          KUMSEY             TEAM LIQUID MOTION                             PORTLAND              ME       48:13:00
50     DANIEL         ABBE               MOUNTAIN CITY                                  WARREN                MA       48:18:00
51     JOHN           FREY               NCC / BIKEREG.COM                              NORTHAMPTON           MA       48:23:00
52     PETE           MARTEL             NCC / BIKEREG.COM                              LEBANON               NH       48:23:00
53     DAVID          SCHACHTO           PROVIDENCE VELO CLUB                           WOONSOCKET            RI       48:23:00
54     LEYTON         MURRAY             EAST END CYCLING TEAM                          BROOKLYN              NY       48:23:00
55     PAUL           NYBERG             EASTERN BLOC                                   AVON                  CT       48:23:00
56     JEFFREY        CAPOBIANCO                                                        CONCORD               MA       48:23:00
57     CHARLES        LA PUNZINA         KISSENA CYCLING CLUB                           BROOKLYN              NY       48:23:00
58     IAN            STREVER            TEAM BETHEL                                    NEW MILFORD           CT       1-LAP
59     MARK           WYSOCKI                                                                                          1-LAP
60     RICHARD        BATTAGLIA          SOUTHERN MAINE CC                              ARLINGTON             MA       1-LAP
61     RYAN           FLEMING            SUNAPEE-BANAGANS                               KEENE                 NH       1-LAP
62     BRADLEY        SHUFORD            NCC BIKE REG                                   EAST HAMPTON          MA       1-LAP
63     DARRIN         BEEK                                                              JAMAICA PLAIN         MA       1-LAP
64     SAM            STEVENS            BERLIN BIKE, EAST BERLIN CT                    MIDDLETOWN            CT       1-LAP
65     DARREN         CUIPI              HNECC                                          BROOKLYN              NY       1-LAP
66     BRIAN          BURGESS            TEAM BEACON                                    PETERSBURG            NJ       1-LAP
67     JEFF           PAPINEAU           BOB                                            WESTFIELD             MA       1-LAP

C Men
1      PAUL           LAPIERRE           CVC PIG IRON                                   GLASTONBURY           CT       27:02:00
2      WAYNE          MACEYKA            HARRIS CYCLERY                                 W. NEWTON             MA       27:04:00
3      DAVID          FREDRICKSON        UNATTACHED                                     STONEHAM              MA       27:14:00
4      JOHN           WRIGHT             BRC                                            ARLINGTON             MA       27:26:00
5      JONATHAN       PARROTT            WEST HILL                                      LAKE PLEASANT         MA       27:28:00
6      MATTHEW        SHOEMAKER          WHEELWORKS                                     WATERTOWN             MA       27:59:00
7      DAVID          TRANT              WHEELWORKS                                     BEDFORD               MA       28:06:00
8      KENNETH        HAMEL              AFD/OSVC                                       WARWICK               RI       28:13:00
9      KEYNAN         HOBBS              BETHEL CYCLE                                   BETHEL                CT       28:15:00
10     LYTON          MURRAY             EECT                                           BROOKLYN              NY       28:28:00
11     HAROLD         CHAD               WEBEVENT.COM                                   MALDEN                MA       28:28:00
12     PETER          RONDINONE          NHCC                                           GOFFSTOWN             NH       28:28:00
13     NATHAN         MEALEY             NCC/BIKEREG.COM                                WESTFIELD             MA       28:38:00
14     PETER          HUTCHINS           NCC/BIKEREG.COM                                NORTHAMPTON                    28:38:00
15     MICHAEL        HARNEY                                                            WATERFORD             CT       29:03:00
16     VINCE          RIDEL                                                             WEST GRANBY           CT       29:11:00
17     ROBERT         BAUER              MINUTEMAN ROAD CLUB                            NATICK                MA       29:15:00
18     BRIAN          GILMORE                                                           WALPOLE               MA       29:17:00
19     BRIAN          BICKI              TEAM HAWAIIAN                                  CHEPACHET             RI       29:33:00
20     FRANCIS        BLAKE-DILLON       TEAM NOVARA/REI                                BROOKLINE             MA       29:34:00
21     WILLIAM        DOONAN                                                            CUMBERLAND            RI       29:35:00
22     JESSE          BUSHNELL                                                          PROVIDENCE            RI       29:46:00
23     PAUL           BRAIS              TEAM HAWAIIAN                                  CHEPACHET             RI       29:49:00
24     MARK           WEST               NCC / BIKEREG.COM                              NORTHAMPTON           MA       29:49:00
25     DAVE           BEALS              CBRC                                           NISKAYUNA             NY       29:59:00
26     DAVID          SPORE              CAPITAL BIKE                                   DELMAR                NY       30:04:00
27     LAWRENCE       KING               PROVIDENCE VELO CLUB                           CRANSTON              RI       30:05:00
28     MICHAEL        NILSSON            UNION VELO                                     ATTLEBORO             MA       30:06:00
29     JEFF           BOUSFIELD          THREAD CITY CYCLERS                            MANCHESTER            CT       30:11:00
30     DON            MARSH              BLUES CITY RIDERS                              CONCORD               MA       30:23:00
31     LYLE           FULKERSON          BOSTON CROSS                                   WELLESLY              MA       30:44:00
32     RICHARD        PINTO                                                             NEW YORK              NY       30:46:00
33     PAUL           CARRIER            NCC/BIKEREG.COM                                EAST HAMPTON          MA       30:46:00
34     RAY            HOFF                                                              EAST HADDAM           CT       30:57:00
35     MATTHEW        CARPENTER          BIKERS EDGE                                    CANTON                CT       31:11:00
36     RICK           COMSHAW            CAPITAL VELO CLUB                              MIDDLETOWN            CT       31:39:00
37     ERIC           LOWENSTEIN                                                        JERSEY CITY           NJ       31:39:00
38     ROBERT         DESHOSIERS         TEAM HAWAIIAN                                  WOONSOCKET            RI
39     MIKE           ROMANOWSKY                                                        KINGSTON              NY
40     JAMIE          GONZOLEZ                                                          WESTBROOK             CT
41     MICHAEL        KEGAN              ICYCLE.COM                                     NEW HAVEN             CT
42     JOE            SCONZO                                                            TRUMBULL              CT
43     JOSE           MONTERROSO         UNION VELO                                     ATTLEBORO             MA
44     JOHN           CATON              PRO CYCLES                                     WAKEFIELD             MA
45     MARK           HOLLAND            CYCLONAUTS                                     WINDSOR               CT
46     PAUL           SALERNI                                                           DOUGLASTON            NY

C Women
1      DONNA          LACASSA            BCA                                            MARBORO               MA       33:07:00
2      DARIA          VAN DERVEER        EXPOSITION WHEELMAN                            MANCHESTER            CT       33:48:00
3      CHERYL         PAYNE              UNION                                          WRENTHAM              MA       34:02:00
4      SAMANTHA       SLATTERY                                                          BEDFORD               MA       35:45:00
5      SARAH          BERLINGER          PUTNEY BIKE CLUB                               LITTLETON             MA       LAPPED

CUB Juniors
1      GREG           CARPENTER          BIKERS EDGE                                    CANTON                CT       13
2      RYAN           BARLOW             COYOTE HILL                                    LYME                  NH       13
3      KYLE           FOLEY              LAUREL BIKE CLUB                               WALLINGFORD           CT       12
4      SILAS          ANTHONY            ECV                                            BEVERLY               MA       12