Liberty Forge PA Cyclocross State Championships

Sunday, November 24, 2002

Liberty Forge PA Cyclocross State Championships
Lower Allen Community Park
November 24, 2002

Elite Men
1 Gunnar Shogren Fort/Guiness WV
2 Mike Yozell Guy's Bicycles PA (PA Gold)
3 Ryan Leech Guys PA (PA Silver)
4 Ryan Dewald Beans Lite PA (PA Bronze)
5 Greg Ferguson Wissahickon Cyclery NJ
6 Les Leach Wissahickon Cyclery PA
7 Mike Kuhn PA Pension Planners PA
8 Joe Reynolds Wissahickon Cyclery NJ
9 Rob Hacker Bicycle Therapy PA
10 Bobby Lea TEAM Fuji PA
11 George Menard Snow Valley PA
12 Gerry Pflug Guiness PA
13 Chris Hensel Time Courriers PA
14 Glenn Turner Main Line Cyclery PA
15 Joe Picillo Evolution PA
16 Rick Mihills First State Velo MD
dnf James Connell Mountain Edge VA
dnf Ethan Townsend Red Rose Rockets DE
dnf Larry Wendler Wissahickon Cyclery PA
dnf Eric Slick Monkey Hill PA
dnf Nicholas Shaffer Bicycle Therapy PA
dnf Michael White NCVC VA
dnf Andrew Wulfkuhle Wissahickon Cyclery PA

Elite Women
1 Amber Itle Wissahickon PA (PA Gold)
2 Charmian Breon Freddie Fu PA (PA Silver)
3 Kristine Oesterling Trek/VW/JBL PA (PA Bronze)
4 Josie Shew First State Velo MD
5 Betsy Schaur ESSM/GPOA PA
6 Tammy Ebersole Evolution PA
7 Megan Render Snow Valley MD
8 Tracy Lea TEAM Fuji MD
9 Bonnie Stoeckl Evolution PA
10 Lisa Most Wissahickon PA
11 Donna Anderson Evolution PA
DNF Thais DaSilva Dogfish PA

1 Randy Root Snow Valley VA
2 Mike Hebe PA Pension Planners PA (PA Gold 35+)
3 Rob Frederick Evolution PA (PA Silver 35+)
4 Kurt Dodds Wissahickon PA (PA Bronze 35+)
5 William Alcorn Speedgoat PA
6 Stephen Caffrey 1st State Velo DE
7 John Lux First Capital Velo PA
8 Jeff Putman Bikework/PRC MD
9 Robert Lyon III 1st Capital Velo PA
10 Fred Handel Nittany Velo PA
11 Doug Gray 1st State Velo PA
12 James Szynanski Guys Bicycles PA
13 James Perren Guys Bicycles PA
14 Jim Bronson Power Mama MD (1st 45+)
15 Jon Gaardner First State Velo DE
16 Jeff Guy ACA/Guiness PA
17 Mark Laser YBR PA
18 Kevin Breckenmaker Team Harrisburg PA (PA 45+ Gold) (2 45+)
19 Leone A. Pizzini First State Velo PA (PA 45+ Silver) (3 45+)
20 Gary Dugovich Alleghany Cycling PA (PA 45+ Bronze) (4 45+)
21 Chris Houston YBR PA (5 45+)
22 Ronnie Irvine Team Fuji VA (6 45+)
23 David Albright YBR PA (7 45+)
24 Rob Lea TEAM Fuji MD (8 45+)
25 Bob Piacine Guys Bicycles PA
26 Nunzio Dibiasi Team Harrisburg PA (9 45+)
27 Jay Downs Guiness PA
28 Matthew Pisano Yellow Breeches PA
29 Gene Katapski Lackawana Bike PA (10 45+)
30 Michael Gibbons Evolution PA
31 Charlie Fitzgerald First State Velo PA (11 45+)
DNF Patrick Leonard Evolution PA

1 Nick Pedatela Nittany Velo PA (PA Gold)
2 Chris Consorto !st State Velo PA (PA Silver)
3 Cody Woollett Yellow Breeches PA (PA Bronze)
4 Syd Lea TEAM Fuji MD
5 Nick Bax Artemis MD
6 James Bosch Coppi VA
7 Brandon Drazich First State Velo DE
dns Kyle Gregg First State Velo DE

Men B
1 David Yu Greenblatt Highland Park Hermes NJ
2 Nathan Deibert PA Pension Plannera (PA Gold)
3 James Stone Nittany Velo (PA Silver)
4 Kelly Cline Wissahickon Cyclery (PA Bronze)
5 RayAdams unattached NY
6 Brent Kametz Green Mt Cyclery PA
7 Chris Mayhew ESSM/GPOA PA
8 Tim McKay unattached PA
9 Nate Seymour NORBA MA
10 Brent Biddle First State Velo DE
11 Steve Craig Mercury Atlantic PA
12 John Brown unattached PA
13 Marc Gwadz City Bikes DC
14 Jonathan Gibbs unattached PA
15 Michael Babcock Nittany Velo PA
16 Drew Guldalian Wissahickon Cyclery PA
17 Kirk Reisinger Wissahickon Cyclery PA
18 Wayne Scott First State Velo DE
19 Chris Baker WMW/Adventure MD
20 Eric Morgan Wissahickon Cyclery PA
21 Kandler Smith Nittany Velo PA
22 Andrew Albright Monkey Hill/Aquafina PA
23 Craig Laughman Trim Sport PA
24 Pete Smith Evolution PA
25 Chris Stutz Susquehanna Velo PA
26 Ad Bax unattached MD
27 Gonzalo Escobar Coppi VA
28 Chris Evans Wissahickon Cyclery Pa
29 Mark Drajem unattached MD
30 Leon Chou PoWER MAMA VA
dnf Ray Ignosh Monkey Hill/Aquafina PA
dnf Bill Laudien Monkey Hill/Aquafina PA
dnf James Connell Mt Edge Cycling VA
dnf Stephen Caffrey 1st State Velo DE
dnf Mike Friedman Frayse pa

Women B
1 Elizabeth Mauldin Wissahickon PA Gold
2 Marisa Peacock unattached VA

Men C
1 Sean Mealey Gung Ho Bikes PA Gold
2 Christopher Johnson Team ABC PA Silver
3 Todd Eroh Big Ring Velo PA Bronze
4 John Reade First State Velo PA
5 Eric Martin First State Velo DE
6 Chris Stine Cedar Bikes PA
7 John Ridd unattached PA
8 Matthew Peterson HP Hermes NJ
9 Brian Rife Team Harrisburg PA
10 Todd Chewning LSV/Trek MD
11 Gary Kelley Yellow Breeches PA
12 Steve Heede First Capital Velo PA
13 Robert Sands Evolution PA
14 Don Kessel unattached PA
15 Zachary Kauffman unattached PA
16 Bob McDonald unattached PA
17 Dwight Smith unattached PA
18 John Tomasko unattached PA
19 Paul Ricci Team Harrisburg PA
dnf Roland Peterson HP Hermes NJ
dnf Dennis Smith Wooden Wheels DE
dnf Steve Silsley unattached PA

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