Verge Mid-Atlantic Championship Cyclo-Cross Series Round 8

Marysville, PA

Saturday, November 30, 2002

Verge Mid-Atlantic Championship Cyclo-Cross Series Round 8
PA Pension Planners/Cycle-Smart Regional Cup
Marysville, PA
November 30, 2002

Pennsylvania 'crossers made it two in a row today when they overwhelmingly won the
second annual Cycle-Smart Regional Cup.  Led by winners in five of seven races,
Pennsylvania finished the day with more than double the point total of second placed
Maryland/DC.  Virginia squeaked by New Jersey to finish third and Delaware snagged
fifth. Maine locked up sixth place with a five-point lead over New York which took
seventh place. West Virginia finished one point back in eighth. New Hampshire, Ohio,
Massachusetts and Connecticut finished ninth through twelfth, respectively.

The Men's Elite race was won by "Flyin Ryan" Leech (PA/Guys Bicycles/Serfs) who rode a
tremendous race.  Leech's comfortable lead going into the last lap was almost decimated
by a surging Gunnar Shogren (WV/Guinness/Fort Frames). Shogren put on an amazing display
of power that brought him within seconds of Leech.  The gap was down to four seconds
with less than a quarter of a lap to go.  Leech cleared the last slick, off camber
section ahead of Shogren and then gave it everything he had left on the last stretch
to the finish line.  He held on to cross the line six seconds ahead of Shogren.
Jeremiah Bishop (VA/Trek/VW) rode a solid race to finish third. Greg
Ferguson (NJ/Wissahickon) held off Ryan DeWald (PA/Beans/Lite Bites) to take fourth.

The course's fast, open layout was perfect for professional road racer Charmian
Breon (PA/Freddie Fu) who took the win in the Elite Women's field.   Breon held
off Kristine Oesterling (PA/Trek) who finished in second.  Finishing behind Oesterling
was Amber Itle (PA/Wissahickon) who continues to put in strong rides week after week.
Itle beat Oesterling and Breon one week ago to win the PA State 'Cross title but was
able to match either one of them today. Marianne Stover (ME/Gearworks/SRP) scored
points for Maine by taking fourth place and current Verge Mid-Atlantic Series leader
Josie Shew (MD/First State Velo Sport) rounded out the top five.

The Masters' race winner was determined by a bike throw as Eric Schlauch (NJ/Somerset
Wheelmen) and Chris Long (NY/IF/Gotham) thrilled the crowd with another one of
their "nail biter" finishes.  Schaluch, Long, Mike Hebe (PA/PA Pension Planners)
and Rob Frederick (PA/Evolution Racing) were together at the start of the last
lap and were still together when they disappeared into the back section of the
course.  When they re-emerged, Frederick was dangling by a second or two.  On the
last technical section of the course, Schlauch attacked Hebe and Long and got a
gap.  It looked like Schlauch had it as he hammered into the last turn but Long
had not given up yet.  Long jumped out of the saddle, dropped Hebe and closed
rapidly on Schlauch.  Luckily, Schlauch realized that Long was coming up fast on
his right side and a well-executed bike throw saved his day.

Hebe rode in for third, Frederick who seems to be on fire lately finished fourth.
Randy Root (VA/Snow Valley) recovered well after an early race mishap to finish fifth.

The Juniors race was won by Nick Pedatella (PA/Nittany Velo). Brant Hornberger (MA/NCC/
soled away to win the Men's B race.  Lisa Most (PA/Wissahickon) took the win in the Women's B race.

The Cycle-Smart Regional Cup is a World Cup-style event where riders from all over the East
Coast represent their states in the battle for East Coast supremacy.  The New England and
Mid-Atlantic Regions view The Regional Cup as a step in the continued drive to develop
national talent and competition at the regional level.

The 2002 Verge Mid-Atlantic Series has over $20,000 of prize money up for grabs and includes
ten races in five states ranging from New Jersey to Virginia. The series started in 1998 as
a grass roots series that emphasized fun and participation.  While still meeting its original
objectives, the series has grown to include three internationally (UCI) sanctioned races that
draw national and international talent. Rockville Bridge, Pennsylvania also had the honor of
hosting both New England and Mid-Atlantic riders in the battle for the Regional Cup.

Verge, makers of custom jerseys, shorts, knickers, tights, armwarmers and other cycling-related
accessories, is the title sponsor the Verge Mid-Atlantic Championship Cyclo-Cross Series. Other
sponsors include Cycle-Smart coaching, promotions & management; Honey Stinger, convenient
honey-based energy foods; and, the premier on-line registration company for cycling events

Round 9 will be Phelps School 'Cross on Saturday, December 7, 2002 in Malvern, Pennsylvania.
Round 10 (the Series finale) will be First State Velo 'Cross on Sunday, December 8, 2002
in Fair Hill, Maryland.

Additional series information can be found at

PA Pension Planners/Cycle-Smart Regional Cup Results
Marysville, PA, November 30, 2002

Elite Men
1 Ryan Leech Guys/Serfs PA 58:33
2 Gunnar Shogren FORT Frames/Guinness WV 58:39
3 Jeremiah Bishop Trek/VW VA 59:30
4 Greg Ferguson Wissahickon Cyclery NJ 1:00:28
5 Ryan DeWald Lite Bites PA 1:00:46
6 Michael Yozell Guys bicycle club PA 1:00:59
7 Mike Kuhn PA Pension Planners PA 1:01:13
8 Gregory Wittwer charlottesville racing club VA 1:02:51
9 Glenn Turner Mainline Cyclery PA 1:03:10
10 Joey Thompson Balance Bar/Devo PA 1:03:28
11 Joe Reynolds Wissahickon Cyclery NJ 1:03:30
12 Tim Gernitis Team Stealth NJ 1:03:40
13 Brendan Marshall Team Beacon NJ 1:04:33
14 Brent Kametz Green Mountain Cyclery, Inc. PA 1:04:56
15 Jesse Semanchik FSVS DE 1:05:12
16 Andrew Wulfkuhle Wissahickon Cyclery PA -1
17 Christopher Hensel TimeCycle Couriers PA -1
18 Al Senft Northern Kentucky Flyers/Montgomery Cyclery OH -1
19 Drew Guldalian Wissahickon Cyclery PA -1
DNF Bobby Lea Fuji PA

Elite Women
1 Charmian Breon PA 47:19
2 Kristine Oesterling Trek PA 47:43
3 Amber Itle Wissahickon PA 48:12
4 Marianne Stover Gearworks/SRP ME 48:39
5 Josie Shew First State Velo Sport MD 49:07
6 Kristy Scheffenacher Team Snow Valley/TSV/ABRT MD 49:20
7 Kerry Litka NHCC NH 49:37
8 Sami Fournier Team Snow Valley/TSV/ABRT MD 51:03
9 Erin North Trek VA 52:20
10 Thais DaSilva Dogfish PA 52:38
11 Bonnie Stoeckl Evolution PA 52:52
12 Tammy Ebersole Evolution PA 53:12
13 Tracy Lea Fuji MD 53:38
14 Donna Anderson Evolution PA 53:43
15 Sheila Senft Morris Trucking Velo OH 53:53
16 Megan Render ABRT/Team Snow Valley MD 54:08
DNF Laura Hanlon Fuji MD
DNF Erica Miller Wissahickon PA

1 Eric Schlauch Somerset Wheelmen NJ 36:36
3 Mike Hebe PA Pension Planners PA 36:37
4 Rob Frederick Evolution Racing PA 36:50
5 Randy Root Team Snow Valley VA 37:09
6 Rick Mihills First State Velo Sport MD 37:38
7 Stephen Caffrey First State Velo Sport DE 37:43
8 John Lux First Capital Velo Club PA 37:43
10 Kurt Dodds Wissahickon Cyclery/Comcast PA 38:02
11 Douglass Gray First State Velo Sport PA 38:45
12 Fred Wittwer 45+ charlottesville racing club VA 39:00
13 Brian Rooff Green Mountain PA 39:05
14 Rob Gallucio First State Velo Sport DE 39:11
15 Christopher Merriam Fuji T.E.A.M. MD 39:23
16 James Szymanski Guy Bikes PA 39:33
18 Kevin Breckenmaker 45+ Team Harrisburg PA 40:26
19 Perren James Guy's Bicycle Racing Club PA 40:56
20 Jim Bronson 45+ Power Mama MD 41:16
21 Leo Pizzini 45+ FSVS PA 41:16
22 Rob Lea 45+ Fuji MD 41:39
23 Gary Dugovich 45+ Allegheny Cycling Association PA 42:25
24 Paul Incognito First State Velo Sport DE 43:09
25 Bob Piacine Guys Bicycles PA 43:27
26 Nunzio DiBiasi 45+ Team Harrisburg PA 45:44
27 Sean LeBas 45+ Laurel Bicycle Club CT -1
28 Tom Ekberg 45+ Liberty Cycle NJ -1
29 Patrick Leonard evolution racing PA -1
30 Karl Dittebrandt 45+ kissena cycling club NY -1
DNF Jim Gould Sports People NJ

1 Nick Pedatella Nittany Velo Club PA 39:07
2 Christopher Consorto First State Velo PA 41:02
3 Syd Lea Fuji MD -1
4 James Wittwer CRC Extreme Sports VA -2
5 Kyle Gregg First State Velo MD -3

Men B
1 Brant Hornberger NCC / MA 43:39
2 Matt Hersey Liquid Motion ME 44:22
3 Tom Mains Ready-Pac/Commerce Bank NJ 45:03
4 Barton Kirk Green Mountain Cyclery PA 45:36
5 Scott Staubach Boston Road Club/ATA Cycles NH 45:49
6 Tim Mckay unattached PA 46:38
7 Kelly Cline Wissahickon PA 46:50
8 Nate Deibert PA Pension Planners PA 46:50
9 John Cameron PPP PA 46:57
10 David Flickinger Ashby Street Racing MD 47:11
11 Chris Baker WMW/Adventure Sports MD 47:27
12 Alec Riendeau Highland Park Hermes NJ 47:36
13 Bruce Freehoff Team Beacon NJ 48:00
14 Ryan Rumsey Liquid Motion ME 48:06
15 Eric Morgan Wiss Cycles PA 48:08
16 Nate Bruno PA 48:54
17 Wayne Scott First State Velo Sport DE 49:17
18 Craig Laughman Trim Sport PA 49:54
19 Adam Suzepanski NVC/Serfs PA 50:11
20 Ken Warner Team Harrisburg PA 50:58
21 Chris Johnson Team ABC PA 51:29
22 Chris Stutz PA -1
23 Jay Downs Guiness PA -1
DNF Eric Ragot Kissena Cycling Club NY
DNF Brent Biddle First State Velo Sport DE
DNF Drew Guldalian Wissahickon PA
DNF Larry Wendler Wissahickon PA
DNF F.J. Hughes Bike Doctor/Cannondale MD

Women B
1 Lisa Most Wissahickon PA 29:40
2 Kendra Sharp Nittany Velo PA 30:34
3 Elizabeth Mauldin Wissahickon PA 31:22
4 Jodi Hartlep First State Velo Sport DE 34:13

Men C
1 Sam Kirk Green Mountain Cyclery PA 25:41
2 David Hill Nittany Velo PA 25:57
3 Ron Marquette Big Ring Velo Club PA 25:57
4 Chris Evans Wissahickon PA 26:36
5 John Hostetter Lateral Stress Velo MD 26:56
6 Brian Rife Team Harrisburg PA 27:16
7 Christopher Stine Cedar Bike PA 27:16
8 Steve Heede FIRST CAPITAL VELO PA 27:54
9 David Stauffer Team Harrisburg PA 27:59
10 John Ridd PA 27:59
11 Matthew Peterson HP Hermes NJ 27:59
12 Todd Eroh Big Ring Velo Club PA 28:23
13 Ron Hermann Lateral Stress Velo MD 28:31
14 Robert Sands Evolution Racing PA 29:06
15 Gary Kelley YBR PA 29:09
16 Craig Stein Cycle Funattic PA 29:32
17 Michael J. Arnold Cycle Funattic PA 30:01
18 Jeremy Ney PA 30:13
19 Alan Daum PA 30:31
20 Rodges Ankrah Route 1 Velo MD 30:37
21 Michael Nazmack PA 30:37
22 Glenn Gurchik PA 31:08
23 John Tomasko PA 35:10
DNF Russ J. Padgett Cycle Funattic PA