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Newport Storm Brewery Ninigret Criterium

Charlestown, RI

Saturday, April 12, 2003

Newport Storm Brewery Ninigret Criterium
Charlestown, RI
April 12, 2003

Results Courtesy of Randy Rusk
These results are provided for informational purposes only.� Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.
A lovely spring day in new england, wind-rain and 40 degree temps greeted the racers for the newport storm brewery criterium. The fields were good sized considering the weather with close to 200 riders braving the elements. The sun did finally come out later in the day to dry things out. The main event of the day, the cat 1-2-3 race saw a break of 4 riders go off the front early in the race and motor to the finish. With 2 laps to go, Todd Buckley (arc-en-ciel racing) flated which left it to a 3-man dash to the line. Josh Anthony(cannondale) outsprinted Conor Hurley( west virginia-go mart) and Randy Rusk( arc-en-ciel) for the win. Thanks to all the riders for supporting the race with our nice weather today. cat 1-2-3 1st josh anthony cannondale 2nd conor hurley west virginia-go mart 3rd randy rusk arc-en-ciel racing 4th todd buckley arc-en-ciel racing 5th skip foley trek vw 6th alec donahue NCC / 7th mukunda feldman NCC / 8th isaac st.martin chiropractic/papa wheels 9th jason baer hawley 10th mike dietrich cannondale 11th david young NCC / 12th colman oconnor nebc cat -3 1st- ted d'onofrio 2nd coley cole 3rd-eric marro 4th-peter downs 5th-tobi schultz 6th-mike shireman 7th- scott collins 8th- duane skofield 9th-tyler monroe 10th- sam wheeler cat-4 1st-paul argetsinge 2nd-bruce pierce 3rd- david lapio 4th-dan greenfield 5th-sam pickman 6th-ken( the man) shardlow 7th-bruce mcgowan 8th- john legere masters 30+ 1st-bill yabroudy 2nd- jim walsh 3rd-joel brown 4th-brian schwarzen 5th-robert kramer 6th-david rushak 7th-skip kuzel 8th- tobi schultze masters 40+ 1st-tyler monroe 2nd-gene petrella 3rd- duane skofield 4th- eric marro 5th-dave kellogg 6th-don vesico 7th- skip kuzel 8th- steve marchioro cat 5 men 1st-jonathan ring 2nd-thad lavallee 3rd- scott post 4th-art hengerer 5th-robert menendez 6th- walter lane 7th- franics monteforte 8th- kurt schnabel 9th- brian stone 10th- chris parent women 1-4 1st- brooke o'conner 2nd- mary ann martinez 3rd- hannah sarnow 4th- daria vanderveer 5th- pamela bonin 6th- allerton johnson
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