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Chiropractic/ Papa Wheelies Crit

Rochester, NH

Sunday, May 4, 2003

Chiropractic/ Papa Wheelies Crit
May 4, 2003
Rochester, NH

These results are provided for informational purposes only.� Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Thank you to everyone that attended our first race. It proved to be an
extremely hard technical race that split all the fields into pieces
(the way racing is suppose to be). The pro 1-2  men�s race show cased
some extremely talented riders from the area. Justin Spinelli (Navigators),
John Page (Prime Alliance), Conor Hurley, John Hamblen (both from Team
West Virginia) and the whole Chiropractic/ Papa Wheelies team. It was a
thrilling race that eventually finished in small groups of less than
five. Thank you to all the sponsors and volunteers. A special thanks
to The Dover Wellness Center, Papa Wheelies, Portsmouth Rent and Ride,, and Michelin who provided all the merchandise and cash awards.

Pro 1-2 Men
1st John Hamblen - West Virginia                    1:04:28
2nd Alec Donahue - NCC /
3rd Eugene Ruitier                                  1:04:52
4th Mike Barton - Chiropractic/Papa Wheelies
5th Isaac St Martin - Chiropractic/Papa Wheelies    1:05:01
6th Kirt Fitzpatrick - Chiropractic Papa Wheelies   1:05:01
7th Mukunda Feldman - NCC /
8th Jeremy Powers - NCC /

Pro 1-2-3 Women
1st Alicia Genest
2nd Sarah Foulkes
3rd Sheila Vibert
4th Cassie White
5th Lisa Maxwell
6th Michelle Smith

Men Cat 3
1st Justin Peters - Chiropractic/ Papa Wheelies       1:05:35
2nd Chris Karam - Portland Velo                       one lap down
3rd Kirk Carlsen - HNECC
4th Nate Rogers
5th Mark Nathe - Chiropractic/ Papa Wheelies
6th John Meerse
7th Tyler Monroe - CCB
8th Orion Berryman - Chiropractic/ Papa Wheelies

Men Cat 4
1st Tim Clement - Unattached                          42:52
2nd Peter Smith - Salem Cycles
3rd Charles McCarthy - IF
4th Geoffrey Johnson - Portland Velo
5th Jay Francis - NEBC

Maters 35+
1st Matt Domnarski - Cyclonauts                       53:11
2nd Charlie Bedard - Sunapee/ Banagans
3rd Craig Harrison

Cat 4 Women
1st Emilie Weed - UNH
2nd Debony Diel
3rd Erin Luckhardt - UNH
4th Tracy Elmes - BRC
5th Lindsay Boyer - Chiropractic/ Papa Wheelies

Cat. 5 Men
1st Thad Lavalle
2nd Tom Temple
3rd Kelson Danielson
4th David Mitchell
5th Jeffrey Garnett - UNH