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2nd Annual Downtown Claremont Criterium

Claremont, NH

Sunday, May 18, 2003

2nd Annual Downtown Claremont Criterium
Claremont Cyclesport / Arrowhead Recreation Group
Claremont, NH

These results are provided for informational purposes only.� Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Women Cat 1/2/3/4                                                   12 Starters                               35min +5 laps
1          Marianne      Stover           Portland         ME       Gearworks SpinArts                        34:12.0
2          Cassie        White            Lempster         NH       NEBC                                      34:56.0
3          Michele       Smith            Medford          MA       IF/Wheelworks
4          Susan         Maclean          Plaistow         NH       Gearworks SpinArts
5          Amanda        Tucker           Montpelier       VT       Verizon Whireless-Cervelo
6          Tami          Bokir            Winchester       MA       NEBC
7          Karena        Paukulis         Cambridge        MA       NEBC
8          Laura         Herrin           Claremont        NH       Sunapee/Banagans
9          Jennifer      Rhodes           Boston           MA       Dansko/Wheelworks
10         Lori          Whynot           Arlington        MA       NEBC
11         Amy           Wallace          Hanover          NH       Dartmouth College
12         lisa          Maxwell          Windham          ME       IF/Wheelworks

Men Cat 3                                                           36 Starters                               50min +5 laps
1          Edward        King             Middleburry      VT       Bath Bikeman                              57:00.0
2          Dan           Cassidy          Wayne            PA
3          Art           Trapotsis        Arlington        MA       BRC
4          Kirk          Carlsen          Sandown          NH       NHECC/Peerless
5          Orion         Berryman         Newmarket        NH       Chiropractic/Papa Wheelies
6          Duane         Skofield         Plaistow         NH       B.O.B.
7          Christopher   Naimie           Sunapee          NH       Banagans/Sunapee
9          Dan           Vaillancour      Saco             ME       SMCC
10         Nate          Rogers           Lewiston         ME       Bates College

Men Cat 4                                                           32 Starters                               40min +5 laps
1          Jake          Hollenbach       Shelburne        VT       UVM Cycling                               43:00.0
2          Paul          Argetsinger      Tilton           NH       Boston Road Club
3          Jay           Francis          Merrimack        NH       NEBC
4          Christopher   Green            N.Yarmouth       ME       Portland
5          tim           Clement          Hanover          NH       Dartmouth College
6          Thomas        Orsini           Leominster       MA       Gearworks Cycling
7          William       Dillon           Essex Jct.       VT       Louis Garneau Racing
8          Damien        Colfer           Newmarket        NH       NHECC
9          Scott         Staubach         Gilsum           NH       B2C/Community Bicycle Suppply
10         Mike          Wickman          Walpole          NH       NHECC
11         Anthony       Santamaric       Monson           MA       Cyclonauts Racers
12         John          Stonebarger      Jamaica Plain    MA       Mass bay road Club
13         Shaun         Standen          Burlington       VT       Onion River Sports
14         Brad          Sheehan          Campton          NH       NHECC
15         Nicholas      Smith            Surry            ME
16         Nathaniel     Koeppel          Thedford Center  VT       UVM Cycling
17         Bret          Durham           Newton           MA       Boston Road Club
18         Ryan          Temig            Arlington        MA       B2C/Community Bicycle Suppply
19         Edward        Dishang          Francistown      NH       NHECC
20         Bruce         Pierce           Brookline        MA       boston Cycling Club

Men Cat 5                                                           22Starters                                30 +5 laps
1          Thad          Lavallee         Easton           MA       boston road club                          15:00.0
2          David         Day              Antrim           NH
3          Ed            Myer             Hanover          NH       Dartmouth College
4          Mark          Laliberte        Windsor          VT       Sunapee/Banagans
5          Dan           Vigneault        Claremont        NH       Claremont Cyclesport
6          Zachary       Kramer           Burlington       VT
7          Eric          Flaig            Charlestown      NH
8          jason         Perry            North Hampton    MA       Cyclenauts
9          Mark          Schubring        Milford          NH
10         Cameran       Carey            Hadley           MA
11         William       Powers                                     proctor Academy
12         Jake          Grossman         Underhill        VT       Crist
13         Frank         Thum             Dorset           VT       Sunapee/Banagans
14         Jeff          Bousfield        Manchester       CT       Thread City Cyclers
15         Andrew        Mcbrien          Hanover          NH       Dartmouth College
16         Brad          Buckley          Medford          MA       NEBC
17         Christopher   Thornton         Surry            NH       Daigel Corp/NHJCA

Master 35+                                                          23 Starters                               45min +5 laps
1          Daune         Skofield         Plaistow         NH       B.O.B.                                    52:43:00
2          Peter         Vollers          Woodstock        VT       Trek-Volkswagon East Coast Factory Road Team
3          Charlie       Bedard           Goffstown        NH       Sunapee/Banagans
4          Tyler         Munroe           No. Andover      MA       CCB
5          David         Rusnak           Claremont        NH       Gearworks
6          Patrick       Ruane            Cantebury        NH       Sunapee/Banagans
7          Carl          Hitchcock        Portland         ME       Southern Maine Cycling Club
8          Eric          Marro            Nashua           NH       Team BOB
9          Michael       Norton           Monson           MA       Cyclonauts Racers
10         Theo          Padnos           Bridgewater      VT       Killington
11         Brian         Blondin          Andover          MA       BOB
12         John          Corriveau        Bedford          MA       BOB
13         Jim           Pammer           Walpole          NH       NHECC
14         W. Scott      Wade             Putney           VT       Gear Works/Spin Arts
15         William       Nichols          Cape Neddick     ME       Gearworks/Spin Arts Cycles
16         Christopher   Naimie           Sunapee          NH       Banagans
17         Armand        Pantalone        Haverhill        MA       B.O.B./Skofield Builders
18         Danny         Callen           Derry            NH       B.O.B.
19         Mark          Dakoulas         Hartland         VT
20         Tom           Stevens          Saco             ME       Gear Works/Spin Arts

Master 45+                                                          9 Starters                                30min +5 laps
1          James         Veliskakis       Peabody          MA       CCB/Volkswagen                            35:23.0
2          W. Scott      Wade             Putney           VT       Gear Works/Spin Arts
3          John          Corriveau        Bedford          MA       BOB
4          Tom           Stevens          Saco             ME       Gear Works/Spin Arts
5          Mike          Theroux          Claremont        NH       Cyclesport Bike Club
6          John          Freitas          Burlington       VT       TEAM INVENSYS GMBC
7          Cassie        White            Lempster         NH       NEBC/Cycleloft
8          Richard       Sealey           Cornish          NH       Claremont Cyclesport

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