Results » Road » 2003

Susquehannock Road Race

Drumore Lancaster County, PA

Sunday, May 18, 2003

Susquehannock Road Race
Drumore Lancaster County, PA
May 18, 2003

These results are provided for informational purposes only.� Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Pro 1/2
1 Alvaro Tardaquila UPMC URG.
2 Joe Papp UPMC PA
3 Steve Speaks Team Lite Bites PA
4 Monteo Sasso UPMC NY
5 Greg Marini Bike Doctor MD
6 Bartolo Torre LSV/Trek/VW PA
7 Waclaw Godycki Ideal Tile NY
8 Gerardo Castro UPMC NY
9 Ward Solar UPMC NH
10 Stephen Lusby Lateral Stress Velo MD
11 Jason Schneider GS Mengoni/USA NY
12 Eric Slick Lancaster Brewing Pa
13 Ralph Muoio LSV/Trek/VW DC
14 Chris Hardee LSV/Trek/VW DC
15 Robert Hacker Bicycle Therapy PA
16 John Funk Fiordfrutta/Ridgefield Bank Ct
17 Christopher Beck LSV/Trek/VW MD
18 Jeff Miller Nittany Velo Club PA
19 Rob Kane Ambush Racing TX
20 Craig Snydal Bike Doctor MD
21 Stephan Kincaid Team Snow Valley PA
22 Michael White NCVC/Edge Technologies VA
23 Gregory Hodge MLC PA
24 Bill Elliston YSG Racing / Ideal Tile PA
25 Nils Dennis Bike Doctor/Cannondale MD
26 Brian Trdina Monkey Hill Pa
27 Ed Krasnai Bike Doctor/Cannondale MD
28 Andrew Shaw Tri-Speed/ Atlantic Elite Racing Va
29 Peter Stewart Red Lantern Cycling MD
30 John Mcgill NCVC/Edge Technologies MD
31 Mark Warno Evolution Cycling/PedalInsp. VA
32 Andrew Inglis LSV/Trek/VW MD
33 James Wagner DC Velo Club MD

1/2 KoM
1st Alvaro Tardaguila UPMC URG.
1st Andrew Inglis Lateral Stress Velo/Trek/VW MD
2nd Michael White NCVC/Edge Technologies VA

Cat. 3/4

1st Joe Whitman Nittany Velo Club PA
2 Jason Ressler Fat Jimmy's Outfitters PA
3 Todd Cassan Rocinante NY
4 Secreto Louis Guy's Racing PA
5 Brian Donato Monkey Hill PA
6 Jason Cimini Wilmington Velcoity DE
7 Gregg Galletta NY
8 Matt Heitman MLC/Bikyle Flyers PA
9 Dan Fry Lancaster Brewing/Era PA
10 Matt Doyle Wilmington Velcoity DE
11 Chrid Ruhl East Coast Velo PA
12 Mike Sharkey World Cup Cycling PA
13 Scott Sanderson PRA Racing/Faulkner Honda PA
14 Glenn Murray Tri-State Velo PA
15 Edward Brignole Lateral Stress Velo/Trek/VW MD
16 James Landers MD
17 Rich Straub Guys Racing PA
18 Barton Kirk Technocycle PA
19 David Cavallo CRCA/Magic-BlueRibbon NY
20 Ray Clark Dream Racing MD
21 Chris Kuhl Fort Lewis College Cycling PA
22 Andrew Wulfkuhle Wissahicken Cyclery PA
23 Mike Carney PRA Racing/Faulkner Honda PA
24 Thomas Pennell CRCA/Magic-BlueRibbon NY
25 David Taylor CRCA/Magic-BlueRibbon NY
26 Andres Wright All American Bicycle Club MD
27 Samuel Baum Technocyle PA
28 Ben Larson Lateral Stress Velo/Trek/VW MD
29 Nick Johnson NCVC/Edge Technologies VA
30 Scot Willingham Metro Sanchez NY
31 Sam Kirk Technocycle PA
32 Erik Da Silva Wissahicken Cyclery PA
33 Jeff Dolan Lite Bites PA
34 Aaron Pomeroy CRCA/RunMedia NY
35 Nino Misiti Technocycle PA
36 Andrew Hong MD
37 Joseph Reynolds Wissahicken Cyclery NJ
38 Ryan Graff MLC PA
39 Glen Turner MLC PA
40 Nick Kello Century Road Club Association NY
41 Darco Lalevic Bike Addicts/Quaker City Wheelman PA
42 David Smith CRCA/RunMedia NY
43 Spencer Beckett Wilmington Velocity MD
44 Leonard Trolio Bike Line/LWA PA
45 Matthew Harrington MLC/Bikyle Flyers PA
46 Eric Sabo BVF NY
47 Chris Stutz Susquehanna Valley Velo Club PA
48 Charles McDaniel Wilmington Velocity DE
49 Joseph Brazil Run Media/CRCA NY

3/4 K.o.M.
1st Andrew Wulfkuhle Wissahicken Cyclery PA
2nd Edward Brignole Lateral Stress Velo/Trek/VW MD
3rd Chris Kuhl Fort Lewis College Cycling PA

Jun. 13-15
1 Colton Valentine
2 Evan Daney Lite Bites PA
3 Christopher Moss Red Rose Rockets PA
4 Mitchell Witmer Red Rose Rockets PA

Jun 16-18
1 Mike Chauner Team Snow Valley PA
2 Jonathon Swain Team Snow Valley MD
3 Elliot Gaunt Susquehanna Valley Velo Club PA
4 Andrew Evans Red Rose Rockets PA
5 Chad Young Red Rose Rockets PA
6 Tim Gresh Red Rose Rockets PA
7 Kyle Hammaker Bergwerk U.S.A. PA
8 Nick Pedatella Nittany Velo Club PA
9 Taylor Brown Tri-State Velo PA
10 Syd Lea T.E.A.M FUJI PA

Master 50+
1 Chip Berezny Bike Line/LWA PA
2 Barry Free Era Cycling PA
3 William Care Era Cycling PA
4 Dana Ormerad Wilmington Velocity PA
5 Martin Lorenz Guy's Racing PA
6 Franklin Waters NCVC/Edge Technologies MD
7 Neil Gussman PA
8 Tom Grim Tri-State Velo PA
9 Ken Goebel Quaker City Wheelman PA
10 Rob Lea T.E.A.M FUJI PA
11 Jim Hartnett South Mountain Velo Club PA
12 Leo Pizzini Era Cycling PA
13 Jerrold Adler Quaker City Wheelman PA
14 Tom Kellogg Tri-State Velo PA
15 John Barrett Bike Line/LWA NJ
16 Mike Budjnoski Tri-State Velo PA
17 Jill Waggett Watchung Wheelman NJ
18 Kevin Tuttle MLC/Bikyle Flyers PA
19 John Batchelor NJ
20 Denny Cutler MLC/Bikyle Flyers PA
21 Erica Leister East Coast Velo PA
22 Thadeus Lewandowski Tri-State Velo PA
23 James Bradac All American Bicycle Club MD

Masters 40+
1 Brad Ober GS Lancaster PA
2 Desmond Slattery Quaker City Wheelman PA
3 Peter Phillips Era Cycling PA
4 Kevin Kolodzieski Tri-State Velo PA
5 George Theall Quaker City Wheelman PA
6 Dwayne Clinton GS Lancaster PA
7 Bruce Donaghy MSCT PA
8 Douglas Long Era Cycling PA
9 Bryan Barrett Bike Line/LWA PA
10 Jeffrey Markham GS Lancaster PA
11 Rick Tucker All American Bicycle Club MD
12 Jay Gaunt Susquehanna Valley Velo Club PA
13 Stephen Caffrey First State Velo Sport DE
14 Jere T. Ballard South Mountain Velo Club PA
15 Bob McClennan Tri-State Velo PA
16 Scott A. Kurz South Mountain Velo Club PA
17 Craig Matthews PA
18 David Nesbitt DC Velo MD
19 Kevin Saint Clair Bike Addicts/Quaker City Wheelman PA
20 Bob McClennan Tri-State Velo PA
21 Michael Speranza Quaker City Wheelman PA
22 Kurt Mikeska Wilmington Velocity DE
23 Ted Slack Quaker City Wheelman PA
24 Keith Cramer Quaker City Wheelman PA

Masters 30+
1 Ramon Benitez Tri Speed MD
2 Keith Wilson GS Lancaster PA
3 John Spittal GS Lancaster PA
4 Matt Hollenback Monkey Hill PA
5 Michael Miller Carrera PA
6 Tim Yost Carrera PA
7 Patrick Singletary Allen STreet Athletic Club PA
8 Garett Schreier GS Lancaster PA
9 Michael Zban GS Lancaster PA
10 David Black Lancaster Brewing/Era PA
11 John Mahoney Bike Works PA
12 Mike Hebe Carerra PA
13 Mark Dontigny Nittany Velo Club PA
14 Kirk Reisinger Wissahicken Cyclery PA
15 Tom McMenamin Somerset Wheelman NJ
16 Steven Dontigny Evolution Cycling VA
17 Mark Zach Evolution Cycling
18 Michael Merritt Berks PA
19 Kip Jansen Bike Line/LWA PA
20 Mark Bertucco Athletes by Design NY
21 Richard Debrot MLC/Bikyle Flyers PA
22 Ronald A. Marquette Big Ring Velo PA
23 Nina Strika CRCA/Conrad's NY
24 Carey Steelman Lateral Stress Velo/Trek/VW MD
25 Kelly Cline Wissahicken Cyclery PA
26 John Bowman Bean's PA

Cat. 4/5 men
1 Bryant Carter Wilmington Velcoity DE
2 Charles Denton Red Rose Rockets PA
3 John Wilk PA
4 Joseph Piccilo Evolution Cycling Pa
5 Joaquim Carvalo PA
6 Ron Masotta Baltimore Bicycling Ckub MD
7 Jonathan Royal Wilmington Velcoity PA
8 William Hottenstein
9 Rodney Willimas Jr. AABC MD
10 Eric Stevens European Technologies Cycling PA
11 Pascal Sauvayre CRCA/Magic-BlueRibbon NY
12 David Bacher UNK
13 Joseph Kopena Quaker City Wheelman PA
14 Jim Pomeroy PA
15 Duncan Granger PA
16 Kenny King Guys Racing PA
17 Jared Schneider Guy's Racing PA
18 Tom Bowmaster Liberty Cycle NJ
19 Peter Kennedy Lateral Stress Velo/Trek/VW MD
20 Mike Connair First State Velo Sport MD
21 Gordon Pitt Liberty Cycle NJ
22 Julian Brown VA
23 Mark Harmon SBRT PA
24 Daniel Dougherty University of MD Collegiate Cycling MD
25 Clay Fawthorp PA
26 Brian Berger Brooklyn Velo Force NY
27 Mark Lorie Baltimore Bicycling Ckub MD
28 Ryan Linder-Hess PA
29 Steven Kale PA
30 Chad Smeltzer First Capital Velo PA
31 Craig Stonge First Capital Velo PA
32 Ted Maven PA
33 Mike Devuono Tri-State Velo PA
34 Carlos Marino NCVC/Edge Technologies
35 Michael Hessol Quaker City Wheelman PA
36 Rich ciurlino Quaker City Wheelman PA
37 Lou Zmuda No Cents Racing NJ
38 Wayne Scott First State Velo Sport DE
39 Robert Gaegler MD
40 Jack Bisile MLC/Bikyle Flyers PA

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