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Bryan Park Cycling Series

Tuesday, July 1, 2003

Bryan Park Cycling Series
July 1, 2003

These results are provided for informational purposes only.� Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

The road bicycle event is held on a .8 mile "Criterium" loop in the park.

The 16 mile B-Race completed in 45 minutes and 30 seconds.

Place.) Name (Team)

1.) Asher Rolfe (Wesleyan University Cycling)
2.) Mark Batterson (Richmond Ciclismo)
3.) Frank Blondino (Richmond Ciclismo)
4.) David Wiefling (Richmond Ciclismo)
5.) Matthew Marchal (Richmond Ciclismo)

The 24 mile A-Race completed in 56 minutes and 15 seconds.

1.) Matt Dinsmore (Richmond Ciclismo)
2.) Mark Plourde (Conte�s)
3.) Thomas Gillespie (3-Sport)
4.) Gary Hoffman (D.C. Velo)
5.) Brent Williamson (Richmond Ciclismo)

Matt Dinsmore of Richmond Ciclismo sprinted past two seasoned racers to win last
night�s 24 mile Bryan Park Series A-Race. The three riders broke away from the
main field with only three laps to go. Second place Mark Plourde of Conte�s and
third place Thomas Gillespie of 3-Sport worked together with Dinsmore to keep
the break-away alive.

Dinsmore established himself as one of the best category 4 riders on the east
coast by winning the Reston Town Center Grand Prix this past Sunday.

The peloton chased a little too close for Richmond Ciclismo�s team leader Matt Forbes

Forbes told Dinsmore after the race, "I thought someone was going to jump out and catch you."

Gillespie led most of the final lap as Dinsmore passed in the final turn. Plourde,
who seems to routinely pick the winning breaks, sprinted closely behind Dinsmore.

This year�s A-Race series has yet to finish with a field sprint.

State Criterium champion for the 50+ age group, Gary Hoffman of D.C. Velo sprinted
past four riders to take fourth in the main field. Richmond Ciclismo�s Brent
Williamson took fifth.

Earlier in the evening, the series B-Race trumpeted the return of 46-year-old Mark
Batterson, of Richmond Ciclismo, after taking a 8-year break from racing. Early in
the 16 mile race, Batterson broke away from the pack with the help from his team-mates
who wanted his return to be a memorable one.

Asher Rolfe, of Connecticut�s Wesleyan University Cycling team, was not emotionally
choked up about Batterson�s return. He dried-eyed sprinted past Batterson on the last
lap to win the race.

Rolfe, a Richmond native who recently graduated from Wesleyan, knew he had a chance
to do well when he caught Batterson.

"I took off thinking someone from the pack would chase me," Rolfe said. "I looked back
and I was by myself.

Unlike the A-Race, the B-Race seems to always finish in a field sprint. Richmond Ciclismo
team depth helped change that last night. Racers again and again chased with a Ciclismo
rider tagging along. By the end of the race, fresh Richmond Ciclismo riders Frank
Blondino, David Wiefling and Matt Marchal rounded out the top five.