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4th Annual Mount Joy Criterium

Lancaster County, PA

Saturday, August 16, 2003

4th Annual Mount Joy Criterium
Mount Joy, Lancaster County, PA
August 16, 2003

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These results are provided for informational purposes only.� Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.
place FIRST NAME LAST NAME TEAM STATE Pro,1,2,3 1 Bobby Lea Team Fuji PA 2 Kyle Wamsley Team Fuji PA 3 Rafael Urzedowski Watchung Wheelman NJ 4 Shaun O'neill Midland CC PA 5 Trey Reinhardt Team Lite Bites PA 6 Ivan Casas Colombia MD 7 Bejamin Lindsay Norwood CC Australia 8 Dean Rittenhouse Team Lite Bites PA 9 Steve Speaks Team Lite Bites PA 10 Karl Woitas Team Lite Bites PA 11 Nick Shaffer MLC PA 12 Robert Hacker Bicycle Therapy PA 13 Michael Miller Carrera PA 14 John Lenart Team Lite Bites PA 15 Keith Gerber MLC PA 16 Todd Roberts Team Richmond Ciclismo VA 17 Fred Billet Hill Bicycle Club PA place 1st name last name team state cat. 3-4 1 Peter Sargent Team Snow Valley PA 2 John Murray Beans/ Lite Bites PA 3 Rich Straub Guys Racing PA 4 Mike Chauner Team Snow Valley PA 5 Stephen Krisko Cycling NY 6 Kevin Swanson Monex-Hot Wheels PA 7 Secreto Louis Guy's Racing PA 8 Zerial Hayles Jamiaca Cycling fed. Jamaica 9 Daniel Bonora World Cup Ski & Cycle PA 10 Eric Moyer 11 Steve Gergley Lancaster Brewing/Era PA 12 Dan Fry Lancaster Brewing/Era PA 13 Brian Rife Faulkner Honda Racing PA 14 Jeff Dolan Lite Bites PA 15 Chad Young Red Rose Rockets PA 16 John Hamilton Susquehanna Valley Velo Club PA 17 John Smith Green Mountain/Aquafina PA 18 Kenny King Guy's Bicycles PA 19 Rick Tucker all amrican bike club MD 20 Glen Turner Main Line Cycling PA 21 Kevin Kolodziejski Tri-State Velo PA 22 Bill Gros VA 23 John Tegeris Rt. 1 Velo MD Cat.5 place FIRST NAME LAST NAME TEAM STATE 1 Kevin Cramer PA 2 Justin Waynick ET CYCLING PA 4 Calder Daenzer PA 5 Eric Revene PA 6 Dan Fitch unattached PA 7 Michael Bonomo Snake bite OH 8 Steven Hartland Harford Velo MD 9 Kevin Peterson Green Mountain/Aquafina PA 10 Benjamin Bashore PA 11 Don Leavitt Guy's Bicycle club PA 12 Pam Grass SVVC PA 13 Michael Miller PA 14 Bernard Mcdonald Lateral Stress Velo MD 15 David Potena PA 16 Edward Roberts PA 17 Evan Clemmer PA 18 Charlie Payne PA 19 Norm Connelly guy,s bikes NJ 19 Bob Beazley World Cup Cycling PA 50+ place FIRST NAME LAST NAME TEAM STATE 1 Art McHugh Morgan Stanley Cycling PA 2 Tom Kellogg Tri-State Velo PA 3 Dana Ormerod Wilmington Velocity PA 4 Thadeus Lewandowski Tri/State/Velo PA 5 Barry Free ERA Cycling PA 6 Kevin Tuttle Main Line BiKyle PA 7 Jozee Urzedowski Watchung Wheelmen NJ 8 Neil Gussman MainLine Cycling PA Women place first name LAST NAME Team State 1 Kathryn Wilder Los Gatpos B.R.C. PA 2 Pam Gass SVVC PA 3 Marie Landis susquehanna valley velo club PA 4 Eleanor Nagle Artemis MD 5 Jean Marie Roth PA master 30+place FIRST NAME LAST NAME TEAM STATE 1 Jeffrey Gustafson Bucks County Racing PA 2 Garrett Schreier GS Lancaster PA 3 Aubrey Gordon Team Squiggle PA 4 David Black Lancaster Brewing/Era PA 5 Matt Hollenbach Green Mountain/Aquafina PA 6 Kent Wheeler Bike Doctor VA 7 Tim Yost Carrera-Sports Emporium PA 8 John Spittal GS Lancaster PA 9 Theodore Inoue Atlantic Racing club PA 10 Keith Wilson GS Lancaster PA 11 Dwayne Clinton GS Lancaster PA 12 Michael Miller Carrera PA 13 Mike Hebe Carerra PA 14 Peter Phillips Era Cycling PA 15 Michael Zban GS Lancaster PA 16 Brian Trdina Green Mountain/Aquafina PA 17 Brad Ober GS Lancaster PA 18 Mike Carney Faulkner Honda/PRA Racing PA 19 Richard Leibfried Monex-HotWheels/Atlantic RacingPA 20 Ronald Ferrizzi Guy's Bicycles PA 21 Tom Nagy Monex - Hot Wheels PA 22 John Lux First Capital Velo PA Master 40+1 Joe Manaccho Guy's Racing PA 2 Aubrey Gordon Team Squiggle PA 3 Dwayne Clinton GS Lancaster PA 4 Peter Phillips Era Cycling PA 5 Bob Kehl Guy's Racing PA 6 Brad Ober GS Lancaster PA 7 William Gentile Team Harrisburg PA 8 Kevin Kolodziejski Tri-State Velo PA 9 Keith Cramer QCW/Bike Addicts PA 10 Crail Gordon GS Lancaster PA
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